Indoor tan lotion reviews

Get sun-kissed and glow up indoors.

People say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". But a little cosmetics does not hurt anybody. Everyone is beautiful in their ways, but few of us like to experiment with our looks. Tanning is a great way to get clear skin, and there are two main types of tanning done, namely indoors and outdoors. Tanning your skin makes you feel like you have aesthetic appeal and makes you feel fresh. Most of us want to achieve that tanning either indoors or outdoors. But with the current scenario, an indoor tanning session will be a suitable choice. If done right, an indoor tanning session will be a blessing for you. Before you go on a tan session, you need to have the best indoor tan lotion for some beautiful results. Use correct indoor tan lotion to gain more value from tanning sessions. 

Finding a suitable indoor tan lotion that suits your skin type can be a challenging task. If the outdoor tan is not done right, you might get sunburns and uneven tan patches. This is why an indoor tan session is best and safe for beginners. You can do indoor tan sessions on tan beds or even spray tans. But only when you choose the best lotion for these sessions, you can get the most for your money. With endless products online, you will be baffled to choose one. Finding the one that suits your skin may sound easy, but it is an important task. We have reviewed some of the best indoor tan lotions and gone through various experts' opinions. After hours of crucial experiments, we have come to this list of some of the best indoor tan lotion available on Amazon. 

Best indoor tan lotions:

  1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion
  2. Millennium Solid Black 100x
  3. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Accelerator Plus 
  4. SunGodz Apollo/Artemis Indoor Tanning Lotion 
  5. Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark 

1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Best indoor tanning lotion for dark skin.

Brand Item weight Suitable for (skin tone)
Ed Hardy 1.1 pounds VeryDark, Fair, Medium, Dark

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden tanning lotion is a suitable choice for dark-skinned people. The coconut milk, coconut oil and cocoa butter will help your skin to stay hydrated. This lotion is ideal for tattoo people too. Apply them to your tattoo, and it will help them prolong their lives and help them from fading too soon. It has two key ingredients: "Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze, " which increases melanin formation. 

The scent of the lotion is essential to make your tanning process a paradise. The company promises to make your skin firm, thus making you look younger. The cellulite reduction makes your skin firm. The lotion goes well on your skin, and you will feel great and refreshing after your tanning process. 


  • Reduces cellulite for young and glowing skin. 
  • Increases the life of your tattoos. 
  • The coconut milk and coconut oil will keep your skin hydrated. 


  • The lotion is thicker than others in the market. 
  • Does not have SPF protection. 

Bestseller (lists)

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz Beauty

  • Ultra-Darkening Skin Hydrating Intensifier: Contains coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to improve skin hydration. Delivers a dark golden tan without the use of bronzing agents.
  • Tattoo Fade Protecting Formula: Helps prolong the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.
  • Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze: Stimulates and increases melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.
  • Coconut Paradise Fragrance: An intoxicating light coconut ... Read More

2. Millennium Solid Black 100x

Best indoor tanning lotion for fast results. 

Brand Item weight Suitable for (skin tone)
Millennium Tanning Products 0.95 Pounds Combination

Millennium Solid Black 100X is one of the best tanning lotions for indoor tanning sessions done in a salon. The 100X tan technology will help you achieve bronze results a lot faster than other ordinary tan lotions. The silicon bronzer will keep your skin glow up and smooth. The long-lasting tan is one of the sole reasons many people go for this Millennium Solid Black 100X. Also, the pricing is very affordable, making it a worthy contender. 

If you are looking for a lotion for a darker tan, then this is it. Like hemp oil, walnut seed oil and sunflower oil, the main ingredients will keep your skin nourished. It also contains silicone which will make your skin smooth and soft. The orchid blush fragrance of the tanning lotion will help you have a pleasant tanning experience. On the whole, this Millennium Solid Black is a miracle and works wonders if used properly. 


  • Comes with 100X darkening technology. 
  • The Silicone emulsifier will keep your skin smooth and soft. 
  • Has long-lasting results. 


  • If not washed properly, it may leave orange stains on your hands and streaks. 
  • The package is tiny. 

Bestseller (lists)

Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion, 100x, 13.5 Fl Oz Beauty

  • Easy to Use - Rub the tanning lotion evenly & step into a tanning bed to have that beautiful glow!
  • Quick Results - Show-off your already tanned skin 1 hour after application of this bronzing lotion!
  • Long-lasting Color - Flaunt your skin for weeks when you use Millennium 100X indoor tanning lotion.
  • Painless Tanning - No need to endure painful tingling sensations with our tanning bed lotion.
  • Moisturizes Skin - Let your skin breathe even while using an i... Read More

3. Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark 

Best smelling tanning lotion with 15X tan speed. 

Brand Item weight Suitable for (skin tone)
Australian Gold 0.53 Pounds All types of skin

Australian Gold is known for creating top-quality skincare items. Sinfully Black 15x is one of their best-appraised things with regards to indoor tanning. Indeed, even the individuals who think it's not easy to tan have seen remarkable outcomes utilizing Sinfully Black 15x. It contains bronzers which give you the most obscure and most profound tan. Getting a golden earthy-coloured base tan is simple on the off chance that you utilize this. 

I need to reveal that this is perhaps the most utilized and best tanning moisturizer for tanning beds. Numerous salons use it for most of their clients and have seen colossal achievement. Because of its profound saturating activity, it can make your skin luxurious. The berry flavoured scent will delight your nose, and you can't wait to get to the next tanning session. All the natural ingredients on this lotion will rejuvenate your skin. 


  • The fragrance is very pleasing. 
  • The natural ingredients glow up your skin. 
  • Give you a darker and deeper tan. 


  • Your hands will get greasy after applying so wash them properly.

Bestseller (lists)

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion, 8.5 Ounce Tanning Oils Beauty

  • Product Type:Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:3.9 " L X2.4 " W X6.9 "h
  • Item Package Weight:0.99 ozs
  • Country Of Origin: United States ... Read More

4. SunGodz Apollo/Artemis Indoor Tanning Lotion 

Best indoor tan lotion for people with tattoos. 

Brand Item weight Suitable for (skin tone)
SunGodZ 0.85 pounds All skin types

SunGodz is a fantastic brand when it comes to indoor tan lotion. Their latest Apollo Artemis comes with showerproof technology so you can shower with peace of mind. Tha anti- run off ingredient helps your tan to stay longer. This bottle comes with the best bronzer so that you can have silky smooth skin in no time. If you are a tattoo person and looking for a tan lotion that is safe and also anti-fade, then you have come to the right place. 

Whether you are going out to a beach or chilling down indoors for a tan session, this product is suitable for both occasions. Plus, the unisex refreshing spell will keep you confident and active all day. This lotion is subtle, leaves your skin glowing and makes them soft. You can rinse without worry, and your tattoo is protected from the sun's UV rays. Overall this product is the best value for money with some promising results. 


  • Fantastic product for tattooed people. 
  • Refreshing unisex scent. '
  • The showerproof technology will help you bathe in peace. 


  • May not work well for very dry skins.

Bestseller (lists)

Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds - Dark Tan Accelerator and Pro Tan Lotion Uses the Best Bronzer & is the Luxury Sunless Tanning Lotion for Skin Tanning - Highest Quality Beauty & Personal Care

  • SUPERIOR SHOWER PROOF TECHNOLOGY – Your Premium bottle of indoor tanning lotion is specifically engineered with Anti-Run Off ingredients so you can Shower with peace of mind (your new tan accelerator not only lasts in the shower, but also Feels Silky Smooth!). Did we mention that your New Sexy Dark Tan shows up Extra Fast! You’ll get a Dark Tan in no time. You wanted a Sexy , Fast , Silky , and Top Quality silicone tanning lotion with bronzer…and now you have it!
  • L... Read More

5. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Accelerator Plus 

Best tanning lotion for all skin types.

Brand Item weight Suitable for (skin tone)
Australian Gold 0.35 Pounds All skin types


Australian Gold Cheeky Brown tanning accelerator plus is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which will keep your skin hydrated and help you have a fantastic tan experience. It has no mineral oils, which is an added advantage because some people will have allergic reactions. People opting for a natural tan with fast results; this tan lotion is a must buy. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is a plus. 

The Australian Gold tan lotion has had some devoted buyers over the years and their new edition, "Cheeky Brown", is a cherry on top for them. The results are excellent for fair skin people after two tan sessions. And the "cocoa dreams" fragrance will help you to have a peaceful tanning session. It uses mostly native Australian oil, which will leave your skin glowing and smooth. The results are faster, and your tan session experience is made easy. 


  • The cocoa dream fragrance is pleasant. 
  • The tan texture is impressive for fair skin people. 
  • The lotion will not leave any oil residue on your skin. 
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E will keep your skin hydrated. 


  • Works average on very dry skin.  

Bestseller (lists)

Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers, Tanning Bed Lotion 8.5 oz Tanning Oils Beauty & Personal Care

  • The No. 1 dark tanning lotion Now with Bronzer!
  • Native Australian oils, Vitamins A and E create a skin-hydrating formula for a maximum tanning experience.
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Fragrance: Cocoadreams
  • 8.5 oz ... Read More


Remember that indoor tanning lotions are for your skin during your tanning sessions at salons or indoor tanning beds. But some of the tanning lotions are good even for the outdoors. The indoor tanning lotion differs from outdoor tanning lotion based on the ingredients. Most indoor tanning lotion does not have SPF protection, whereas outdoor tanning lotions contain mineral oils. Fix your budget before purchase, and also check whether the lotion suits your skin type. Most indoor tan lotions are suitable for all skin types. Protect your skin and keep them moisturized and feel up all day. 


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