Fake nails for kids

 In this modern world, kids are adorning themselves. They love to explore things, and it is not only limited with education or entertainment. Many kids want to dress up like a Rapunzel with all matching hairbands, bangles, necklaces, etc. One of the main areas they focus on is nail art. Rests of the other accessories are easy to match with the dress they wear. We can't encourage customized nail art for a sudden planned party. It will consume ample time, and cut-edging design is not guaranteed. To make the nails colorful, we have ready-made nails in the market. This article is all about fake nails for kids. Are you excited to know more about fake nails? Keep reading without any skip.

Why do we prefer fake nails?

Women are very much concerned about their nails, and they grow and maintain them passionately. In contrast, kids also love to beautify their nails. But as a parent, you will trim their growing nails frequently.  At times, you can go with press-on fake nails exclusively available for kids. In addition, you can gently cover any broken nail with a fake nail. As a whole, fake nails enhance the overall personality.

Table of contents

  1. Maitys 240 Pieces Children fake nails
  2. Maitys 144 Pieces Children pre-glued fake nails
  3. JANYUN Pre-glued fake nails for kids
  4. SIUSIO Acrylic press-on fake nails

 Best fake nails for kids in the 2022 market

 1. Maitys 240 Pieces Children fake nails

With 240 fake nail pieces, you can create wonders on your kid's tiny ten-finger nails. This kit holds ten boxes with 24 fake nails in each. A total of 240 pieces of false nails come with vibrant colors and patterns. In addition, these fake nails come in different sizes ranging from 6.5mm to 16mm. You can choose the best fit for the nail.

Each box has different designs and patterns like hearts, pandas, dots, etc. You can even mix between the designs and give a unique look to the nails. If you want to add on, just put your favorite pattern on the pressed false nail.

It is very simple and easy to use. These nails come with pre-glue at the backside. The only thing to note here is to pick the perfect false nail for the nail size. Before pressing the fake nails, ensure whether the nails are clean. Then, you stick the exact false nail and press on gently. These fake nails are made of ABS material and last for many years. Plus, the fake nails will give a clear finishing with an aesthetic touch.

The non-toxic material is safe for sensitive natural nails. You can remove these fake nails and reuse them when required. But, it looks so fresh every time you wear it.

What we like in Maitys 240 Pieces Children fake nails 

  1. The fake acrylic nails are easy to use and long-lasting
  2. It comes in different colors, patterns, and sizes
  3. The pre-glued nails stick perfect on the nails
  4. You can create magical nail art with 240 pieces of fake nails

2. Maitys 144 Pieces Children pre-glued fake nails

Moving on to the next from the same brand, you will get a whole kit with 144 pieces of false nails. Maitys firmly believe that pre-glued fake nails are more comfortable. The press and stick-type fake nails are not a mess. The 144 pieces of fake nails come in different sizes and colors. So, you can choose a suitable size and stick it on the nails. The nails are pre-glued and easy to use. You can combine different colors and patterns and present your nails in a creative way. The nails are made of ABS material and come with a surface UV coat. So, they are non-toxic and odorless. Children can go ahead in creating their magical nails without hesitation. It is very important to confirm the size before you stick it on the natural nails. Proper placement of fake nails will give a realistic look. Moreover, the durable nails guarantee no skin and nails allergies.

This kit is an ideal gift for kids joining any birthday parties. Plus, it is useful for matching the costumes during any festivals or school dramas.

What we like in Maitys 144 Pieces Children pre-glued fake nails

  1. You can try out creative styles with 144 pieces of vivid fake nails
  2. The ABS material is non-toxic and do not harm the tiny nails
  3. The adhesive glue is safe for sensitive nails
  4. You can combine different patterns to get a unique style

 3. JANYUN Pre-glued fake nails for kids

The next brand on the queue is the JANYUN Pre-glued fake nails. The kit comes with four boxes, and each box has 24 pieces of false nails in different sizes and colors. You can gift your kids on their birthday. These fake nails have colorful patterns to give a pleasant look to the natural nails. It comes in a fine shape to give a smooth finish. You can gently press the fake nails for about five seconds. Then, it is all set to go. Unlike other brands, you don't have to purchase nail glue. The pre-applied glue on these fake nails makes your work easy. Importantly, you don't have to monitor your kid while they make these false nails. The ABS material is completely safe and lasts for many days. This kit is suitable for kids as well as teenagers. While removing, you put your hands in lukewarm water for two minutes. Then, it is easy to detach the fake nails. On the other hand, the adhesive glue will leave marks on the nail surface.

What we like in JANYUN Pre-glued fake nails for kids

  1. The fake nails are durable and non-breakable
  2. Vivid colors with unique patterns will give a rich look to the nails
  3. It is very easy to use and gives a great finishing touch
  4. The pre-glued fake nails come with different sizes
  5. It is easy to remove once you dip your nails in lukewarm water for two minutes

 4. SIUSIO Acrylic press-on fake nails

With SIUSIO fake nails kit, you can create your dreamy patterns. Obviously, your kids will adore their fake nails. These false nails are suitable for kids above age 5, pre-teens, teenagers, and girls. All fake nails come with glue at the back for an easy press-on. So, there is no requirement for additional nail polish or gel polish. This brand's highlight is that the false nails are made from premium quality ABS material. So, it will not cause any harm to the natural nails and skin. In addition, these fake nails are odorless and eco-friendly. And also, fake nails give a natural look with a creative touch. This kit is widely used in Salon and DIY art.

What we like in SIUSIO Acrylic press-on fake nails 

  1. It is available in 12 different sizes with magical designs
  2. The fake nails are made of premium quality fake nails
  3. It is user-friendly and safe to use
  4. The pre-glued false nails are comfortable to use

Buying guide

 Since fake nails deal with kid's sensitive nails, you have to go through the buying guide to get better clarity on nail extensions. Here, we list some of the important factors. Have a look at those factors to end up buying the best fake nails for your kids.

Non-toxic material 

Check whether the materials used in making nail glue or the adhesive are safe. Some toxic material might irritate the natural, sensitive nails of kids. If you are not satisfied with any brand's explanation, consult a doctor to prevent any allergies.


Never settle for any fake nail extensions that lose their adhesive power within a few days. So, you can look for fake nails with improved durability. So, your kid can show off those beautiful nails for many days.


We know that all the finger sizes are not the same. Ensure that your favorite brands provide a variety of sizes. So, you can press the suitable size on your fingers. Hence, it gives a natural look to the baby-soft nails

 Aesthetic sense 

We have customized nail arts. But, you don't have much time to think and form patterns in an instant. So, you can go with fake nails that match your party dress. It is very much time-saving and gives a rich look within minutes.

Final words

We hope that you have got a better clarity on fake nails. You can either buy a fake nail kit for your kid or gift someone on their birthday. Apart from giving an aesthetic sense, kids can develop creative minds. In addition, the super quality ABS material is safe to use on the adorning tiny hands. Although you are now familiar with different fake nail brands, it is very important to read the buying guide before you start working with the fake nail kit. A clear understating of the product use will help you from uninvited problems. You can place your orders at ecommerce sites for fast delivery.



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