Best Volumizing Mousse


Do you have very thin hair? There are many treatments to make your hair thick and voluminous. But who cares? Everyone is seeking for fastest results. Is that practically possible? Yes! It is. After the head bath, your hair will be looking too thin. Keeping this in mind, a hair mousse came into existence. This hair styling product can give instant volume and texture to the hair. We have listed some of the top 11 volumizing mousses that can drastically add volume to your hair.


Top Volumizing mousse available in market

1. Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse


The lightweight formula of the Design essentials mousse detaches each hair strand and adds density to the hair. This Mousse is specially made for fine curly hair. It consists of natural ingredients that can penetrate deep into the hair and create a voluminous look to the hair.

The Mousse can completely remove the stickiness from the hair and gives a shiny coat. Importantly, the Mousse is free from harmful chemicals.

Main ingredients

Almond oil: The richness of fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 gives a radiant shine to the hair. The infused wheat protein nourishes the fine hair.

Avocado Oil: The combination of biotin and Vitamin B maintains the hair’s smoothness and supplies instant moisture. The extracts of avocado protect the hair from damage.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein: It can strengthen the hair by improving elasticity. The protein supply to the natural hair fibers helps in preventing hair damage.

Olive oil and Vitamin B: These supplements give a shine to the hair.


  1. Free from parabens and sulfate
  2. No alcohol contents
  3. Made of natural ingredients
  4. Nonsticky
  5. Petroleum and mineral oil-free
  6. Separates each hair strands


1. Feels heaviness on the hair

2. Contains silicone

2. Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse


The long-lasting effect of the Mousse on the hair gives a flexible touch and gives a sleek look to the hair. The medium-hold formula of the Mousse provides an amazing hair volume. The ingredients involved in the Mousse will reduce the fizziness of the hair. 

Main ingredients

Argan oil: The specialty of the oil is that it can penetrate the roots of the hair and can supply all the required essential nutrients to the hair. This deep root supply of essential nutrients can improve the hair elasticity and protect the hair from any damage when exposed to pollution. 


  1. Non greasy
  2. Lightweight
  3. Long Lasting moisture
  4. Flexible hold


  1. Defective nozzles

3. Aussie Headstrong Volume mousse



Mostly, hair is very thin at the ends. To add more volume at the hair ends, apply volumizing Mousse from the house of Aussie. Applying the Volumizing Mousse on the hair gives an excellent shape to the hair, thereby making it look bouncy. Infused ingredients like Australian Kakadu plum and bamboo increase hair growth.

Main ingredients

  1. Bamboo extract: This extract is a powerful source to supply moisture to the hair’s dry areas. The bamboo extract can also increase the blood flow all over the scalp, thereby showing good hair growth. 
  2. Australian Kakadu Plum: The Plum is highly rich in antioxidants and can help in collagen production. The main feature of antioxidants is to protect the hair from any damage.


  1. String hold
  2. Long-Lasting hair texture
  3. Provides shine to the hair
  4. Lightweight formula


1. Greasy

4. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam 


If you’re fed up with fizziness, you can get a better solution by consistent application of Mousse’s volumizing from Paul Mitchell. The foam infused with natural ingredients gives smoothness and controls the moisture barrier of the hair. The extracts supply moisture to the dry strands and give a shiny finish. Organic ingredients like lemon and rose can calm your mind.

Main ingredients

White Ginger Root extract: Applying the extracts of white ginger can increase hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles. 


  1. Paraben and gluten-free
  2. Control moisture
  3. Pleasant aroma
  4. 100% natural ingredients


  1. Not recommended for very fine hair
  2. Greasy

5. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse



The 3 in 1 formula of the volumizing Mousse from John Frieda can uplift the hair’s beauty by giving fullness, thickness, and overall strength. Your hair becomes very soft on consistent application of the Mousse. The polymer technology incorporated in the foam will protect each strand of the hair from any damage. 

Main ingredients

Caffeine: It can stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. Caffeine can strengthen the hair from roots and helps in good hair growth. 


  1. Free from alcohol
  2. Provides nourishment
  3. Extremely safe for damaged hair
  4. Strengthen the hair from the roots
  5. Lightweight formula


  1. Retains residue on hair

6. Giovanni Air-Turbo Charged Hair Styling Natural Mousse


The Giovanni Air-Turbo charged styling hair mousse could give instant styling to the hair. The natural ingredients of the Mousse can give a good texture and volume to the hair by deep penetration of the extracts into the hair follicles. The form can easily blend with the hair strands and gives a shining texture to the hair

Main ingredients

  1. Aloe vera Leaf Juice: The aloe vera gel’s key function is to remove the excess oil content from the hair strands. The vitamins like A and C nourish the cells and protect the hair from any oxidative damage.
  2. Vitamin E: The antioxidants from vitamin E prevent the hair from any chemical damage. 
  3. Soybean seed extract: The extracts of these seeds contain amino acids that can increase collagen production and elasticity. 


  1. Highly recommended for color-treated hair
  2. Paraben and sulfate free
  3. Mild lavender aroma
  4. Provides smooth and shine to the hair
  5. 100% vegan


  1. Sticky
  2. Defective nozzle and pump

7. Tresemme Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse



You can get a salon-type hairstyle with high density from Tresemme hair styling mousse. With too many advanced features, Tresemme shocks you with its reasonable price. The perfect blend of the foam with the hair locks adds more strength and smoothness. It consists of a vitamin complex that can block humidity and other damages approaching the hair.  

Main ingredients

  1. Panthenol: It is a provitamin that deeply penetrates the hair and supplies moisture. The damaged locks become healthy with their useful features. 
  2. Keratin: The major supplier of amino acids can smoothen the hair ends and give an overall shine to the hair. The keratin can nourish the hair from the roots to the ends. 
  3. Vitamin E: It acts as a shielding agent and protects the hair from oxidative damage. 
  4. Nicotinamide: It adds the volume of the hair. This vitamin will boost the blood circulation on the scalp and paves the way for hair growth.


1. Acts as a moisture barrier

2. Make the hair roots very strong

3. Supports hair growth

4. Provides a shiny texture


  1. Greasy

8. Pureology Clean Volume Weightless Mousse



The lightweight formula of the Pureology Volumizing Mousse maintains the natural color of the hair. The aromatherapy blend of organic oils like citrus and cedarwood supplies good nourishment to the scalp and the hair roots. 

Main ingredients

Sunflower seed oil: The antioxidants and the fatty acids nourish the dry scalp. The sunflower seed oil extracts act as a moisture barrier and shield the hair from radical damage. 

Soy protein: This protein penetrates the hair strands and retains moisture. The vegetable protein will reduce the fizziness and prevent the hair from breakage. 


  1. 100% vegan ingredients
  2. Paraben And sulfate free
  3.  Silicone free
  4. Promotes hair growth


  1. Strong aroma

9. Joico JoiWhip Firm-Hold Designing Foam



A perfect solution for chemically damaged hair is the Volumizing Mousse from the brand Joico JoiWhip. Applying this hair foam can create long-lasting volume to the hair and enhance the hair’s natural smoothness. You need not worry about the pollution; a layer of Joico JoiWhip volumizing foam can protect the hair from radical damage. 

Main ingredients

  1. Kukui Nut oil: A balanced ratio of oleic acid and linoleic acid in 29% and 42% acts as sealing moisture. This oil can promote hair growth by strengthening the hair strands at the roots and the ends. Deep cleansing of the oil extracts can stop premature hair loss. 
  2. Bio-advanced Peptide Complex: An alternative source of keratin complex is the Peptide complex. This bio-advanced peptide complex seals the moisture. 


  1. Prevents the hair damage
  2. Promotes hair growth
  3. Shields the hair from any damage
  4. Recommended for color-treated hair


  1. Feels heavy on the hair
  2. Unpleasant fragrance

10. Thermafuse Fixxe Extreme Volume Mousse



An instant remedy to fine-thin hair is obtained from Thermafuse Fixxe extreme volume mousse. The natural formula embedded in the Mousse can supply all the essential proteins to the damaged hair strands. The selective ingredients of the foam will protect the hair from any damage. The stronghold of the foam can provide incredible results on the hair. A perfect blend of blackberry vanilla, green mandarin, and apple gives life to the hair locks. 

Main ingredients

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: It boosts the volume and conditions the hair

Polyquaternium-11: It provides long-lasting luster to the hair. 

Panthenol: It can retain the moisture on the hair


  1. Detangles the hair locks
  2. Pleasant fragrance
  3. Paraben and sulfate free
  4. Acts as a moisture barrier
  5. Super and long-lasting hold



11. Nexxus Mousse Volumizing Foam



Looking for a salon standard volumizing Mousse? Nexxus Mousse volumizing foam gives a salon touch up to your curly hair. Along with this, it protects the hair from any chemical damage. The super standard ingredients of the foam nourish the hair from roots and uplift the good hair follicles. 

Main ingredients

Keratin Protein: The hair’s natural conditioning agent can maintain the natural texture of the hair and enhance the smoothness and shine of the hair. 

Ceramides: The protectors of the outermost layer of the hair can strengthen the roots. These lipids improve elasticity. 


  1. Lightweight foam
  2. Protects the hair strands from humidity



Best Volumizing Mousse for men

Men often have a comb on their pockets to fix their hair in place. Say goodbye to your comb henceforth. We introduce the best volumizing Mousse exclusively for men available in the market. The main feature of the volumizing Mousse is to hold back the hairstyle even in the wind blows. This hair styling product can work for salon-type hairstyles with an ultra-voluminous look.

Let’s have a look at the top volumizing mousse brands for men.   

1. Kenra Extra Volume Mousse


Volumizing mousse is available for men too. If you are looking for the best volumizing Mousse for men, you have landed on the right site. The super-hold formula of this product will give you a long-lasting volume and shine to the hair. The formulated ingredients flow easily throughout the hair strands and uplift the hair from the roots. The other excellent features include thermal protection and a humidity shielder. By the way, the foam is free from alcohol and parabens.


  1. Protects the hair from thermal heat
  2. Acts as humidity shielder
  3. Holds the moisture for a longer time
  4. Free from alcohol


Suits better for men

2. OGX Coconut curl enhancing Mousse

Men are concerned with their short length of hair. An exclusive mousse that retains the curls and enhances the hair volume is the OGX coconut enhancing curls Mousse. This product contains extracts of shea butter and coconut oil. These infused ingredients can take up your curly hair to the next level by giving good nourishment to the hair. 

The lightweight formula of the volumizing Mousse leaves no residue on the hair, thus giving a matte finish. Moreover, this Mousse shows excellent results for men with fine hair. This product’s main function is to lift the flattened hair from the roots and results in getting long-lasting hair volume.


  1. Suits well for hair of any length
  2. Acts as a thermal protector
  3. Keeps the hair away from disturbance.


  1. Unpleasant smell

3. Brylcreem Hair conditioning cream



Brylcreem is a classic hair styling product that can give a creamy texture to the hair. This product will hydrate each hair strand and give a healthier look to the hair. The light-hold formula of the styling cream maintains the hair’s soft texture by degreasing the dust retained in the hair strands. 

Although it is not termed as Mousse, it works well as a mousse with its extraordinary features. The ingredients of this product can penetrate deep into the roots to boost the hydration level. The wow factor that attracts the people is the classic aroma and gives a classic salon look. The light-hold formulated cream is apt for short hair for a classy appearance. 


  1. Best for short hair
  2. Alcohol-free
  3. Light hold formula
  4. Removes the residues
  5. Pleasant aroma


  1. Some people don’t like the aroma

4. L’Oreal Paris Hair Care Volume Mousse

Are you a person who is afraid to go out because of pollution? L’Oreal Paris has come up with a permanent solution to protect your hair from excessive heat and polluted air. The stronghold formula of this volumizing Mousse creates wonders on the thin hair. The moisturizing ingredients bring life to the dry hair strands. This product can enhance the hair’s existing volume and acts as humidity resistant, and protects the hair from environmental pollution. 


  1. Stronghold
  2. Humidity shielder
  3. Promotes the hair growth
  4. Boots the volume


  1. Waxy consistency

5. Sexy hair humidity resistant Volume Mousse 




Preferred for using humidity resistant shampoos? Sexy hair humidity resistant volumising Mousse is the one you are looking for. This foam is specially formulated for men having thin hair. The infused organic ingredients will nourish and prevent the hair follicle from damage. This humidity resistant Volumizing mousse detangles the locked hair strands along with these features and gives volume and shine to the hair. Get a wet finish with a continuous hydration supply from the nutrients involved in this product.


  1. Sulfate-free
  2. Light formula
  3. Long-Lasting hold
  4. Acts as detangler
  5. Rich aroma


  1. Some people might not like the strong fragrance

Why a hair mousse for thin hair?

Thin hair spoils the overall beauty of the face. When you apply Mousse at the roots, the foam will uplift the hair from the roots and add density to the hair. And also, the Mousse shields the hair from humidity and promotes hair growth. The super quality ingredients supply essential nutrients to each hair strand.

To buy the best suitable volumizing Mousse, you must consider some of the factors that would help you clarify hair styling products.

Buying Guide


The antioxidants present in the Mousse will protect the hair from external damages.


It is 100% safe to use organic ingredient-based volumizing Mousse. Pick a mousse that can seal the moisture, retain elasticity and give a good texture to the hair. The extracts of sunflower seed oil, argan oil, and aloe give excellent nourishment to the hair. 


You must look into the super-holding potential of the hair mousse. Even if the Mousse contains high-quality ingredients, the time taken by the ingredient to stay on the hair decides the effective results of the Mousse.


You would have come across the term “lightweight” many times in this article. This formula itself shows how important it is. Lightweight foam volumizing mousse is easy to apply without giving a greasy look to the hair. In comparison, the creamy Mousse will protect the hair from residue deposition. For dry and damaged hair, we recommend alcohol-free Mousse. 

How to properly apply volumizing Mousse on hair

You can define the volumizing Mousse’s effectiveness by adding the number of hairstyles that is possible with the volumized hair.

The main reason for a rise in complaints from people using branded volumizing is the lack of awareness about “How to use a volumizing mousse.” Proper application of Mousse is also a key factor that decides the effectiveness of the Mousse

Let us clarify how to apply the mousse o your hair to get the hairstyle that suits your face.

Wash your hair

You should avoid applying volumizing Mousse directly to your hair before conditioning. Firstly, wash your hair with an optimum quality shampoo. People believe this initial process of cleaning the hair gives more volume in the end. Note, don’t massage your scalp with a conditioner to make the scalp oil within a few hours. 

Tie your wet hair with a towel

To speed up the drying process, gently squeeze the hair using a towel immediately after showering. 

Use a hairdryer

Don’t forget to apply serum for thermal protection before blowing the hot air from the dryer. Use a medium setting to dry your hair to avoid hair damage.

Apply volumizing Mousse

 A small quality is enough to apply all over the hair. Too much volumizing Mousse will weigh down the hair. Using a round brush to enhance the volume of the hair. 


 Get stunning salon-type hairstyles using a standard volumizing mousse. Forget about the price; your hair is your treasure. Preserve your hair for ages using the best suitable hair volumizing mousse. The point we keep insisting on is that hair can enhance your beauty. If you don’t take care of your hair properly, you might regret it later. A high-quality volumizing mousse can show up your defined hairstyles. 




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