Best top coat nail polish

 Are you having a self-obsession with nail polish? A true nail polish lover will get irritated if the finish is a flaw. Generally, women use a base coat and a top coat for a perfect outlook. Obviously, your favorite nail polish remains sage between the two coats. When it comes to the topcoat, a glossy finish is possible only when you slide a layer of topcoat nail polish. Are you interested to know the importance of topcoat nail polish? Keep reading. Apart from this, we introduce you some of the top trending top coat nail polish. We assure you that you will definitely place your favorite order before you finish reading the article.

Top five importance of using a top coat nail polish

  1. A layer of topcoat prevent the dullness of the nail polish
  2. The top coat nail polish will increase the nail polish’s lifespan
  3. A single swipe of topcoat promotes nail growth
  4. If you expose your nail polish without a topcoat, it will easily break, chip or peel
  5. Topcoat will enhance the beauty of the nail polish and gives a rich look

Table of contents

  1. Smith and Cult Top coat nail polish
  2. Essie good to go top coat nail polish
  3. Seche Vite fast-drying top nail polish
  4. CND VINYLUX Top coat nail polish
  5. Orly Top coat nail polish

 Best top coat nail polish available in the market

1. Smith and Cult Top coat nail polish

If you expect longlasting protection then try out the Smith and Cult Top coat nail polish. It fetches you good results surpassing your expectations. A glossy finish will increase the overall personality of the nail polish. After nail stamping, you can apply a layer of topcoat to protect the art you pressed on the nails.

This top nail polish's main highlight is it is free from eight different toxic ingredients. Those harmful ingredients are Toluene, Camphor, formaldehyde, Ethyl Tosylamide, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, Triphenyl phosphate, and xylene. In addition, it is cruelty-free and vegan. The lightweight formula eventually glides over the nails and gives a glossy look.

Moving on to the exterior, the nail polish bottle looks more than like a perfume bottle. The golden cap gives a classy look. The brushes are so soft and give good coverage on a single swipe. An extra glossy look will last for many days. Plus, a layer of topcoat will protect the nail polish from chipping. This topcoat can protect the nail polish and keep it fresh for about four days. The glossiness will last longer for ten days if you maintain your hands gently.

What we like in Smith and Cult Top coat nail polish 

  1. It gives an extra glossy finish
  2. The bottle gives a rich look
  3. It is a reputed brand with many positive reviews
  4. You can use this top coat after nail stamping
  5. It is free from eight toxic ingredients
  6. It is not tested on animals

2. Essie good to go top coat nail polish

Essie good to go top coat nail polish is free from harmful ingredients like DBP, Toluene, and formaldehyde. It is quite fast drying, and you can easily carry on with the other works. This nail polish instantly gives a flawless look. For ultra long-lasting effects, you can reapply the top coat nail polish once in two weeks. A single swipe will keep your manicure free from chipping. You can go with any color nail polish and apply a top layer with this nail polish for a brilliant finish.

If you are looking for a salon-type finish, you can go ahead with this nail polish. You can self care your nails and keep them healthy for many days. Moreover, Essie has been one of the top-class companies selling manicure products. With over 35years of experience, it is still in the award-winning nail polish queue. It shows that the product satisfies the customers to a great extent.

What we like in Essie good to go top coat nail polish 

  1. It has a fast-drying tendency. So, you don't have to wait much
  2. A single layer of this nail polish seals the manicure
  3. It prevents chipping, breaking, or peeling
  4. It is an award-winning brand of nail products

3. Seche Vite fast-drying top nail polish

Do you want to showcase your nails as fresh and glossy? Put a coat of Seche Vite fast-drying top nail polish for the best outlook. It gives a fantastic finish and protects the nails from getting yellowish. In addition, it stimulates healthy nail growth. The fast-drying formula will give a glossy look within a moment. So, you can get back to your normal routine within seconds. You get a shining finish, even skipping the UV/LED light for drying.

This topcoat nail polish effectively seals your nail art and protects the nails for many days. So, you can maintain your manicure without fading, chipping, or peeling. A single layer of topcoat will give an excellent finish and protect the nail polish for over a couple of weeks.

A glide over the nails spreads uniformly and provides an even finish. Seche Vite fast drying nail polish is one of the top-notch topcoat finishes across the globe. This formulated topcoat is extremely safe on the nails. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and contains no parabens, triclosan, and sulfates. A swipe of this top coat nail polish will prevent the nails from fading and yellowing.

Moving on to the brand's history, Seche Vite was founded in 1991. It provides a sheer range of premium quality nail care products.

What we like in Seche Vite fast-drying top nail polish

  1. It has an ultrafast-drying formula
  2. This nail polish will enhance the personality of your nails
  3. It is free from toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates and triclosan
  4. It prevents nail chipping and peeling
  5. This reputed brand sells high-quality manicure products

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 4. CND VINYLUX Top coat nail polish

One of the best top coat nail polishes that fetch you promising results is the CND VINYLUX top coat nail polish. It gives longlasting effects on the nails. Though this nail polish resembles a gel, it is completely an air-dry lacquer. One thing is for sure, you will get the same durability as the gel nail polishes.

The long-wearing formula of any nail polish depends on the type of your nails. But, this top coat nail polish guarantees longlasting effects. It is a standard product that stays long when compared to other top nail coat brands. The lightweight formula gives a perfect uniform glossy look on the nails within minutes.

Like gel polish bottles, this top nail coat comes in opaque bottles. This air-dry nail polish doesn't need any UV/LED lamp for drying. Some nail polishes contain polymers that change the natural color when exposed to light. Thanks to CND VINYLUX Top coat nail polish as it is free from polymers and non-reactive to light. When you expose this nail coat to light, the lacquer hardens and gives long-lasting effects.

What we like in CND VINYLUX Top coat nail polish

  1. The lacquer hardens and provides long-lasting effects
  2. It is one of the trustable brands in the market
  3. This nail polish has lightweight formula and dries quickly
  4. It doesn't require a UV or LED lamp for drying

5. Orly Top coat nail polish

Orly Top coat nail polish works well compared to other topcoats in terms of quick drying. It proves that there is no point in waiting for the nail polish to dry for more than minutes. You can use your hands to hold things without any nail polish chipping. To get stunning results, it is great to apply once the nail polish gets completely dry. Put a top coat of this lacquer for ultra-glossy effects.

What we like in Orly Top coat nail polish 

  1. The liquid remains to stay with the same consistency within the bottles
  2. It comes with a quick-drying formula
  3. The bottle's cap is quite easy to open

Tips for taking care of your manicure 

  1. Prepare your nails by wiping out the dust from the nails using a cotton
  2. Apply a high-quality base coat
  3. Select your favorite nail polish and apply on the nails evenly
  4. After drying, apply a layer of topcoat for a glossy effect
  5. Let it dry for a few minutes
  6. Now, your manicure is all set to go

Final words 

We hope that you have got a better clarity on top coat nail polishes. Apart from the brands mentioned above, there are many other reputed brands available in the market. You can refer to the reviews before placing the orders. Keep in mind any nail polish can last for many days if it undergoes proper maintenance. Plus, apply the topcoat and base coat uniformly for the best results. You can place your orders at eCommerce sites for fast delivery.






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