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What state will you be in if someone says “Age is just a number for you”? After your late twenties, your face turns dull and seems to be aging. But you can regain your lost confidence by applying shea butter on your face. Shea butter is an extracted fat from the nuts of a shea tree. Basically, shea butter is ivory colored or white with a creamy consistency. The texture of the cream just gets easily spread on your face.


The vitamins and the fatty acids blended in the right proportion make it an ideal ingredient for softening skin. On looking at the merit side, shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties. Applying shea cream on the face smoothen your skin.


1. Unrefined African Shea Butter



A ready apply Unrefined African shea butter removes deep scars and gives a shining glow to the skin. The cream is freshly made from high-quality shea nuts. And also, if you keep on applying shea butter face cream, problems like eczema will get rid of and boost the collagen content thereby increasing the blood flow throughout the face.

Shea butter varies in colors like ivory, yellow, pale gray due to its raw texture. This shea butter can heal acne without causing any breakouts or pores. You are free to use this cream any season and moreover, it suits well to any type of skin too.


Brand Better Shea Butter
item form Butter
Scent smokey
Skin type All type skins




  1. Smooth and gentle
  2. Vegan ingredients
  3. Apt to apply on any skin type
  4.  Long-lasting texture



  1. Strong scent



2. Perfect Body Harmony Raw Shea Butter



A perfect cream to protect your skin comes in a double-walled jar with UV protection. Actually, the blend is enriched with vitamins like A, E, D, and F. The product is totally unrefined and satisfies the essential needs of your skin with antioxidants. Remember that, you can apply anywhere on the body like face, body, hair, and skin. Without a second thought, we can assure you that it is a good ingredient to blend in the manufacture of soap, lotion, and body butter.



Brand Perfect Body harmony
item form Butter
Item dimension (LxWxH) 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 (in inches)
Skin type Sensitive skins, irritated skin


  1. Pure cream
  2. Preferred for sensitive skin
  3. Nongreasy texture
  4. Non- comedogenic (ability to wipe out the block in pores)



  1. Unpleasant smell.



3. Sky Organics Unrefined moisturising shea Butter



An organic cream that can greatly condition your skin by giving deep moisture and smoothening is Sky Organics raw shea butter. After using consistently, you will observe a vibrant golden glow on your skin. Adding a spoon of shea butter to your daily skincare routine gives deep penetration of the antioxidants to your skin. The highlight of the product is 100% vegan.



Brand Sky Organics
item form Butter
Ingredients USDA Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
Skin type Face butter, Scars, Acne, Dry, Damaged skin




  1. Irritation free
  2. Ready to apply all over the body
  3. Free from adulterants



  1. Rotten complaint


4. Jergens body conditioning Shea Butter

The lightweight formula of the Jergens enriching Shea butter gives a warm scent and prevents extra oil secretion on your face. This cream has the capability to fix the moisture barrier and clean the sticky dust residing on the face. The finely blended ingredients while spreading over the face and gives life to the dry and dull skin thus providing 3x radiant skin. And also, the formulated hydralucence blend gives long-lasting hydrated skin with healthy skin tone and texture.



Brand Jergens
item form Lotion
Main Ingredients Butyrospermum Parkii
Skin type Face butter, Scars, Acne, Dry, Damaged skin



  1. Lightweight
  2. Tempting fragrance
  3.  3x radiant skin
  4. Laboratory tested



  1. At times, the fragrance is too annoying
  2. Expensive for its size



5. OKAY non-irritant Shea Butter



The OKAY shea butter contains 100% natural sources that originated in Africa. The product prevents wrinkles, eczema, sunburns, and dermatitis. When applied to the face, the product gives excellent nourishment to the skin and increases the flexibility of the skin.

This smoothening cream removes the dead cells retaining on the skin and cracks on the feet. Most importantly, applying OKAY shea butter daily can help out pregnant women by erasing the stretch marks. The trio of beneficial products (nourish, replenish and heal) gives good improvement to the hair as well as the skin.



Brand Okay
item form Butter
Ingredients Butyrospermum Parkii
Skin type Acne, Prone


  1. Erase stretch marks
  2. Removes cracks on the skin
  3. Lightens the dark patches on the skin
  4. Non- comedogenic



  1. Smells like plastic silicone.




6. Premium Nature Raw and Natural Shea Butter




An apt product to apply on sensitive or itchy skin is the Premium Nature Organic Shea Butter. Deep penetration into the skin gives an intense result with a radiant glow on the face. You will feel the rejuvenation due to the presence of vitamins A and E after applying the cream.

A good ointment to prevent dry scalp and restores the moisture in the hair and skin. Add a small quantity of shea butter to coconut oil or aloe vera while making DIY (Do It Yourself) balms or hair masks.




Brand Premium Nature
item form cream
Ingredients Organic shea butter
Skin type Dry




  1. Smoothen the skin
  1. Gives instant refreshment to the skin.
  2. Can be used for any type of skin



  1. The smell is not pleasant.



7. PlantOrigin Shea Butter





The shea butter from PlantOrigin is ivory in color and made from 100% organic products. Fortunately, the product is totally chemical-free and additives like parabens. From wholesome African-origin shea nuts, this cream is a good solution to remove wrinkles. By the way, it also enhances collagen and protects the skin from anti-aging. To shield the skin from sunburns, the formulated blend’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor) ranges between 6-10.



  1. 100% vegan
  2. Non-comedogenic
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Free from chemicals like Hexane, paraben



  1. The aroma is a bit unpleasant.


8. Palmer’s Shea Formula



A formulated cream made from raw shea butter is Palmer’s Shea butter. While massaging, the raw shea butter can instantly spread over the face and gives an immediate refreshment. Most of us feel for the black patches on the elbows, neck, and anklet. The vitamin E in the creamy substance makes your skin radical-free. The involved ingredients like soybean oil will maintain the skin hydrated. Importantly, the plant-based ingredients help to smooth the face, hands, lips, and feet.



Brand Palmer’s
item form Balm
Age range Adult
Skin type sensitive



  1. Recommended for daily use
  2. Gives your skin 24-hour moisture
  3. Zero mineral oil content
  4. Free from sulfate, phthalate and gluten



  1. Sometimes, it might feel gritty.


How to Choose Good Quality Shea Butter

  1. Color

    An easy step to identify the raw shea butter is the color. The raw shea butter will be in pale white or ivory color and has a chocolatey smell whereas the refined butter will be whitish color and don’t have any aroma.

  2. Preparation

    Generally, handmade butter has more quality. The butter is extracted from shea fruit which is a quite long process. You can increase the quality by applying less heat. This is because the heating process will destroy the active ingredients and lose the texture of the butter.

  3. Consistency

    You can get to know whether the shea butter is raw or refined by looking at the consistency. The shea butter starts to melt at a temperature of more than 38℃. So that the creamy butter will spread with a good flow on the face. Don’t forget to note the consistency level before buying the product.

  4. Ethical Sourcing

    Shea butter is harvested by tribal women in areas like Ghana and Nigeria of Africa. It is very important to select an ethically sourced shea butter as this helps in women’s empowerment. Search for the team “shea buttercream” on the product label.


How to apply shea butter on the face?

The best time to apply the shea butter is at night. Since the shea butter has oils and fat, it is not recommended for the morning routine as the makeup might get spoiled due to the oil content from the butter.

So, better you apply the shea butter directly on your face before going to bed. A face mask made of shea butter is also a good choice for regular use. After the mask removal. Wash off your face with lukewarm water.


For making a mask, mix the following ingredients together

  1. Pure shea butter
  2. Raw honey
  3. A few drops of grapeseed oil


Blend all the items well and apply all over your face. Leave the mask undisturbed for 15 minutes. Then, gently wash the face with water and wipe with a soft cloth.


Where to use the shea butter on the body


1. Apply at the end of the hair

The major reason for slow hair growth is the split ends. Applying the shea cream at the ends prevents the hair from split ends. If your hair is nonvoluminous avoid using the cream at the roots as it makes the hair too thin due to the oily content.


2. Fully body moisturizer

The best way to moisturize your skin is to apply the shea butter all over your body. This will protect your skin from drying. Take a small amount of shea buttercream and rub it all over your body until it gets penetrated deep into the skin.


3. Warm the butter in your hands

Since the shea butter is solid, you must rub the cream on the hands to make it warm and give a semi-liquid consistency to get applied on the face.


4. Use unrefined shea butter

Any product if it is highly processed tends to destroy all the active enzymes. So, it is good to use raw shea butter so that the enzymes will satisfy the needs of the skin.

Earlier, we have discussed the trick to find out the difference between refined and unrefined shea butter.



Cause and effects of using shea butter


As per the research, shea butter has a low risk of causing allergies. It is proven that most skin using shea butter has better results than any other cream. This is because the low tree oil content in shea butter triggers acne and allergies. Some of the symptoms are listed below which is very rare for better clarity.

  1. Itchy skin
  2. Vomiting sensation
  3. Headache
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Weakness


Benefits of Shea Butter

  1. Hydration

    - The ingredients in the shea butter cream penetrate into the skin and keep it hydrated. So, if you walk out of the house in the scorching sun, your skin is damn protected from the UV rays by the very own shea butter.

  2. Weather resistance

    - Normally, skin gets dry during the winter season due to lack of water intake.  Applying shea butter for a while can give immediate good results by giving good nourishment and moisture to the skin.

  3. No more scars

    - The major cause for using shea butter is its potential to remove the acne and pores on the face. A layer of shea butter will protect the skin from aging and excess heat exposure.

  4. Best Ointment for lips

    - Lips are 3x more sensitive than skin. Using shea butter for a lip balm can prevent the lips from drying and promote the plumpness on the lip. Consistent application of shea butter makes the lip too smooth to touch.

  5. Fragrance

    - Not all the brands, some of the branded A class shea butter smell too good. The aroma gives a pleasant feel.

  6. Lowers Cholesterol

    - One interesting fact about shea butter is that it is edible. Many of the Africans use a spoon of shea butter while preparing the food. This is because the butter will lower the cholesterol level in the blood. The lipoprotein and plasma protein level is controlled by the fatty acid present in the buttercream.

  7. Nasal inflammation 

    This might sound awkward but this hack will work. Whenever your nose is blocked, apply on the nasal portion. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in the cream will heal the inflammation and unblock the nose. It is proven in a study that shea butter can clean the nostrils in less than 90 secs.

  8. Rheumatism 

    A disease that causes serious muscle joint pain and stiffness. Put the shea butter ointment on damaged parts to get relief.


How to store Shea Butter

Enclose the shea butter in an airtight container and palace it in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight. To increase the validity of the butter, add vitamin E at a regular interval of time. Pure shea butter will expire after two years unless you use any artificial additives for a pleasant smell.



Buyer’s guide: Points to remember

Keep the following points in mind while selecting the shea butter from the market


  1. Search for the term “unrefined shea butter” on the food label
  2. Most probably, you can choose a shea butter that has a pleasant smell. Some of the branded shea butter has a chemical aroma.
  3. Ensure the shea butter you are about to buy is not ivory or pale white color. These colors show that the butter has undergone some refining.
  4. If it is possible, get a touch of shea butter on to your arm to know how smooth the cream is to apply
  5. Look for a brand that claims that the shea butter is cruelty-free and eco-friendly.


Nutritional content in Shea butter

Definitely, you will be astonished to see the benefits of shea butter. Now a question strikes out your mind what would be the total nutritional value of the shea butter. Let’s have a quick look at the nutritional chart


Vitamin A, E, and F

The Tocopherol (Vitamin E) concentration varies depending on the climate changes. Other natural sources of vitamins like A and F will help to sort out skin diseases like dermatitis, aging, etc.


Fatty acids

Basically, shea butter consists of five types of fatty acids viz oleic, stearic, arachidic acids, palmitic and linoleic. The majority of 85-90% portion is because of stearic and oleic fatty acids. These acids in various proportions decide the consistency and hardness of the shea buttercream.



Shea butter has 10 types of phenolic compounds. These compounds are best known for their antioxidant properties. The unrefined shea butter has a higher concentration of phenolics than the refined ones.


Where to get Shea butter?

Shea butter is readily available on all e-commerce websites. Most of the shea butter brands sell raw, refines, and organic butter. You can also check out the nearest departmental store or pharmacy.



Shea butter is super beneficial for any type of skin. The plus of the shea butter is that it gives an anti-aging effect to the skin. No wonder, once you complete reading the article you will get into some of the e-commerce sites to have one. None will hesitate to buy shea butter ingredient-based products as it has ultra-level pros with the least cons. Let me tell you a trick if it didn’t work out on the skin. You can just finish off the bottle by using it while preparing food. Why wait? Definitely, you would have planned to buy one of the mentioned brand products from the article. Use shea butter and make others get jealous of your ever youth skin.
















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