Best shampoo for oily scalp

Do you feel difficulties in maintaining oil hair? The greasy look on the hair dull your overall appearance. Even your voluminous hair looks thin due to over oily content sticking on the hair strands. Your scalp becomes oily due to over-accumulation of sebum. Eventually, you will observe hair loss and dandruff formation.

The common causes for hair fall are poor hair care routine, genetics and unhealthy eating habits. Get a solution to stop your hair fall permanently by using the right shampoo.

We have listed some of the best shampoos for oily scalp. Read out the features of brand and pick the best one that can give a permanent solution to your hair fall and other problems

Top 14 shampoo for oily hair


1. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo

The Elvive Revive is specially formulated for oily scalp. This product is infused with 3 refined clays that can supply hydration to the hair strands continuously for 48 hours. It can moisturize your hair and leave healthy hair from roots to ends.

For best results, try out a pre-shampoo mask. Massage your hair with the shampoo and rinse out with water after some time. This shampoo is suitable for all types of scalps but gives excellent results for one with oily scalps.

Main ingredients

3 different refined clays


  1. Sebum control in the scalp
  2. Fresh feel to hair for 2 days
  3. Affordable price


  1. Unpleasant fragrance
  2. It might feel heavier compared to other anti-oily scalp shampoos

Bestseller (lists)

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo, 12.6 fl; oz; (Packaging May Vary) Beauty

  • Shampoo for oily roots and dry ends
  • Up to 48HR purified roots plus hydrated ends*
  • Fresh flowing hair
  • Purifies and hydrates
  • L'Oreal Paris Hair Expert is now L'Oreal Paris Elvive - new look, same amazing formula ... Read More

2. Maple Holistics Degreaser Shampoo For oily hair and scalp

If you want to remove the greasing look on the hair? Try this awesome product. Maple Holistics degreaser Shampoo will remove the residue sticking on to the hair and gives a fresh look. The clarifying formula of this shampoo will prevent the accumulation of oil on the scalp.

The perfect blend of the Rosemary and Cypress maintains the oil levels on the scalp and promotes hair growth. And also, the other ingredients like the extracts of basil leaves and lemon strengthen the scalp and balances the pH level on the skin and hair. Most importantly, this product will boost the hair volume by uplifting the hair follicles.

Main ingredients

Rosemary, Cyprus oil, extracts of lemon and basil leaves, Peach Kernel Oil and Botanical Keratin.


  1. Natural ingredients
  2. Sulphate free
  3. Paraben free
  4. Cruelty free


  1. A bit expensive

Bestseller (lists)

Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair Care - Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair and Oily Scalp Care - Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Scalp Cleanser for Build Up with Natural Essential Oils for Hair Degrease Shampoo Beauty

  • Oily Hair Shampoo - Degrease is one the most popular purifying shampoo oily hair formulas that can tackle some of the most common hair concerns making it a top greasy hair shampoo for oily scalp care
  • Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up - Say hello to one of the best clarifying shampoo sulfate free formulas around packed with the best natural hair care products like pure rosemary oil for hair care
  • Oily Scalp Shampoo - Healthy hair begins at the scalp and our oily and dry scalp sh... Read More

3. Honeydew Natural Oil Hair Shampoo

Do you prefer only organic hair products? This is the product you are waiting for. The therapeutic grade formula of the oil from Honeydew will decrease the hair and prevent from the accumulation of residues.

The formulated shampoo with Provitamin B5, Jojoba Oil and the lavender oil nourishes the hair without causing irritation to the scalp. Plus, the product contains Rosemary oil to promote healthier hair from roots to ends. The essential nutrients from Primrose carrier oil and Linolenic acid will give a best solution to hair fall. And also, the Yarrow oil extracts will regulate the production of sebum of the scalp.

Main ingredients

Red thyme oil

Organic Lavender oil

Primrose oil

Yarrow oil

Rosemary oil


  1. Organic ingredients
  2. Perfect for oily scalp
  3. Eco-friendly


  1. Only consistent use can show better results
  2. Might cause mild irritation on sensitive scalp

Bestseller (lists)

Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair Care - Rosemary Essential Oil Scalp Treatment and Oily Hair Shampoo for Men and Women - Sulfate Free Shampoo for Color Treated Hair with Lavender Essential Oil Beauty

  • Shampoo oily hair care - Our cleansing oily hair shampoo is enriched with lemon essential oil and cypress essential oil for a gently clarifying scalp treatment for lustrous vibrant and healthy hair
  • Shampoo for greasy hair - Support a healthy hair and scalp with our deeply nourishing paraben free shampoo oily hair women and mens formula made with peach and basil essential oils for luxurious hair
  • Curly hair care shampoo - Not all curly hair products are created equal that is w... Read More

4. Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Hair

If you are dealing with itchy scalp or greasy hair? This is the product you are looking for. Tea Tree Shampoo really works well for oil scalp.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the Tea Tree oil will help the hair to get rid of dandruff. This natural shampoo infused with vitamins and antioxidants will promote hair growth. Massaging the scalp with essential oils will control the sebum production. Tea Tree shampoo is eco-friendly as it is free from parabens and sulphate.

Main ingredients

Tea Tree oil

Lavender oil

Argan oil

Rosemary oil

Jojoba Oil


  1. Eliminates the dandruff
  2. Soothes the scalp
  3. Recommended for all hair types
  4. Natural ingredients


  1. Shows best results only after consistent use
  2. Limited quantity

Bestseller (lists)

Refreshing Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Scalp and Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair - Cleansing Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Flaky Scalp Cleanser for Build up with Essential Oils Beauty & Personal Care

  • Tea Tree Oil for Hair - Go green with our tea tree oil hair shampoo for oily hair women and men’s formula with scalp care ingredients that help make our purifying shampoo for greasy hair so popular
  • Tea Tree Shampoo - Looking for the best shampoo for oily hair then try our oily hair shampoo for dry hair that also works well as a greasy hair shampoo to help your hair find balance volume and shine
  • Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up - Elevate and enhance your oily scalp care ... Read More

5. Tree to Tub Peppermint Shampoo for oily hair

Tree to Tub Peppermint shampoo suits the best for oily scalpel as it can remove the greasiness and soothe the scalp. Importantly, the shampoo is made of only natural sources and is free from any harmful chemical substances.

The natural lather will make your hair soft and shiny and maintain the moisture on the scalp. The ingredients like Argan oil, aloe vera and olive leaves keep the scalp hydrated for long hours. Note, the Tree to Tub shampoo with antibacterial formula never fails to meet the standard pH level on the skin. A pleasant aroma of the peppermint blend gives a “feel fresh” state to the individual using it.

Main ingredients

Peppermint oil

Aloe vera

Olive leaves

Organic Moroccan Argan oil


  1. Effective natural lather
  2. Pleasant peppermint scent
  3. Consists of natural ingredients


  1. Expensive
  2. Comes in small bottle

Bestseller (lists)

Shampoo for oily hair by tree to tub - pH 5.5 balanced peppermint shampoo. Gentle for all hair types, with argan oil, wild soapberries 8.5 oz Beauty & Personal Care

  • SOFT HAIR WITHOUT GREASINESS: Most natural shampoos usually forget one important thing––your skin! While your hair may feel soft, your scalp and skin tend to become oily with a pungent smell. That's why this oily hair shampoo uses the wild soapberry, also known as mother nature’s nourishing lather! Now you can finally have smooth shiny hair, with balanced moisture to match. Whether you're a man or woman, this shampoo for oily hair works wonders on your hair, scalp, and sk... Read More

6. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo

Need more volume? You know the common problem with oily hair. You are restricted to try out amazing hairstyles due to the greasy look of the hair. Make your hair look stronger and denser with Neutrogena Anti-Residue clarifying shampoo.

The gentle clarifying formula of the shampoo can remove 90% of the existing residue from the hair thereby enhancing the hair volume by uplifting the flattened hair follicles.

You can get best results either by using this shampoo once in a week or along with regular shampoo as a part of treatment.

Main ingredients

Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Sodium Chloride

Citric acid


  1. Gives non greasy effect
  2. Add volume to the thin hair


  1. Not recommended for daily use
  2. Comes in small bottles

Bestseller (lists)

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Hair Build-Up & Residue, 6 Fl Ounce Beauty

  • 6-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo to help remove up to 90% of heavy, dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners & styling products
  • This non-irritating clarifying shampoo gently cleanses your hair and helps boost volume by instantly rinsing away build-up
  • Use our anti-residue shampoo only once a week to see your favorite daily shampoo work even better, and help stop bad hair days
  • Weekly clarifying shampoo features a gentle a... Read More

7. St Clements Ethique eco-friendly solid shampoo for oily hair

Are you interested in eco-friendly products? Prefer using ecofriendly solid shampoos to dumping of plastic bottles on earth. The natural ingredients like lime and orange create a fresh aroma.

This solid shampoo is like a bar soap. The procedure is very simple. Just you have to slope down the bar from roots to ends for around 4 times. Wash the lather and dry to feel the smoothness of your hair. The highlight of this product is, one bar is equivalent to bottles of other brand liquid shampoos

Main ingredients

Lime oil

Cocos Nucifera Oil

Orange oil

Theobroma Cacao Butter


  1. Zero waste
  2. Highly organic
  3. Long use


  1. Heavier while handling
  2. It might not suit well for colored hair

Bestseller (lists)

Ethique Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair, St. Clements - Sustainable Natural Cleansing Oily and Greasy Hair Shampoo, Plastic Free, pH Balanced, Vegan, Eco-Friendly 100% Compostable & Zero Waste, 3.88oz Beauty

  • MISSION: We're on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste while offering our customers 100% sustainable, ethically sourced products, made from natural and effective ingredients. Better for you. Better for the planet.
  • PROBLEM: Plastic. Over 40% of plastic comes from product packaging (We're changing that!) 80 Billion plastic bottles disposed of around the world each year are from shampoo & conditioner alone. 8 Million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. 9/10 fish ... Read More


8. Aveeno Scalp Soothing Apple Cider vinegar and oat combo shampoo

A good product that can nourish and soothe the scalp is the Aveeno Scalp Soothing shampoo. The perfect blend of Apple cider vinegar and oat shampoo can remove the oiliness from the hair strands.

This product is available at an affordable price and has many benefits like sebum production control and preventing the hair from any external fungal or bacteria attack. It involves multi-tasking like adding dense, shine and strength to the hair strands.

Main ingredients

Apple cider vinegar



  1. Affordable Price
  2. Gives life to hairs
  3. Free from paraben and sulphate


  1. The fragrance might disturb some people
  2. It takes time to form lather

Bestseller (lists)

Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Balance & High Shine, Daily Clarifying & Soothing Scalp Shampoo for Oily or Dull Hair, Paraben & Dye-Free, 12 Fl Oz Everything Else

  • SHINE & VOLUME: Oat is the first ingredient in this scalp-soothing, farm-fresh inspired shampoo infused with apple cider vinegar to clarify the scalp and add high shine and volume to dull hair.
  • CLARIFYING BLEND: Infused with apple cider vinegar, this shampoo cleanses and reinforces shine from root to tip. It's free of sulfates, dyes & parabens & safe for all hair types & color treated hair.
  • FARM FRESH INSPIRED: We make hair care products that promote healthy ... Read More

9. TruePure Natural Caffeine Shampoo

Obsessed on having a thing and long hair? Speed up your hair growth using the Caffeine extracts from TruePure Natural shampoo. This product helps in rejuvenation of hair thus giving a non-greasy hair look.

The right ratios of red clover, organic aloe vera prevents the hair from stripping. The natural formula of the shampoo gives a soothing effect on the scalp and keeps away from any of irritation.

Main ingredients

Red clover

Aloe vera

Jojoba oil

Saw Palmetto


  1. Caffeine will regenerate hair growth
  2. Free of artificial fragrance, parabens and sulphate
  1. Wash out the excess oil deposited on the follicles


  1. Highly expensive

Bestseller (lists)

TruePure Caffeine Shampoo, Treatment Contains No Sulfates or Fragrance For Healthy Hair Growth and Hair Loss Prevention, Unisex Dht Blocking Formula For Normal To Thin Looking Hair, 8oz Beauty & Personal Care

  • STIMULATING CAFFEINE HAIR SHAMPOO | Infused with a hair essential combination of caffeine, red clover, and niacin, our vitamin-rich shampoo for women and men promotes healthy hair growth and vibrance.
  • GENTLY REINVIGORATES FOLLICLES | A DHT blocker that offers hair loss prevention and support, the organic Aloe Vera soothes a dry scalp while invigorating follicles for root to tip strength.
  • PURITY AND REVITALIZATION | No parabens, no sulfates, and no cruelty, our... Read More

10. BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalpsync Shampoo

Do you like the smell of mint? Well, this is the product to try. The extracts of the mint leaves have antibacterial properties that can cure the irritation prevailing on the scalp. The cooling effects of the mint will clean the oil residing in the scalp thus giving a smooth and lightweight hair look as an end result. When you are rinsing the hair, you feel so cool and relaxed. Although it is expensive, the top-notch ingredients make you realize that it is worth buying.

Main ingredients

Mint leaf


  1. Antibacterial properties
  2. Fresh mint smell
  3. Removal of excessive oil from the scalp


  1. No recommended for people who don't like the mint smell
  2. Very costly

Bestseller (lists)

BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalpsync Shampoo | Cleanses Excess Oil From the Hair & Scalp | for Oily Hair & Scalp | 33.8 Fl Oz Matrix Premium Beauty


11. Park Avenue Beer shampoo

Are you confused on seeing the term “Beer” on the bottle? Yes! Park Avenue comes with a hair shampoo that has Beer as the main ingredient. Beer is best known for its volumizing properties. The deadly combination of Beer, lemon and apple cider vinegar stimulate the hair growth from the roots.

The 5 in 1 conditioning formula of this shampoo gives 5 times more nourishment to the hair. The ingredients infused into this product can supply essential nutrients to each hair strand thus boosting the overall hair strength. This product is suitable for both men and women. Remember, apply this shampoo only on wet hair for preventing the hair from damage.


Main ingredient



  1. Anti-dandruff properties
  2. Amino Acids will nourish the hair
  3. Strengthen the hair follicles



  1. Contained in small bottle

Bestseller (lists)

Park Avenue Damage Free Hair Beer Shampoo For Men, 180ml Body Piercing Products Beauty

  • Ship from India, delivery time will be 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Park Avenue
  • Beauty & Personal Care, Products, Hair Care, Shampoo & Conditioner, Shampoos ... Read More

12. Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh purifying shampoo

Does daily shampooing cause dryness to the hair? Yes, but not with Biotique Bio Green Purifying shampoo. The mild ingredients in this product will maintain the pH levels on the scalp. The essential nutrients from the extracts of green apple degreases the sticking residue and purify the hair.

This shampoo is recommended for daily use and it is suitable for all hair types. The detoxifying ability of the apple can leave the hair fresh throughout the day.

Main ingredient

Green apple

sea algae



  1. Retains the standard the pH levels
  2. Suits all type of hair
  3. Acts as purifier


  1. Quantity of the bottle is low

Bestseller (lists)

Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Scalp and Hair, 180ml Beauty & Personal Care

  • Purifies and nourish the scalp and hair; Quantity: 180 ml
  • Contains the effects of both the shampoo and conditioner
  • Usage: Apply liberally to wet hair and work lather through strands, from scalp to ends. Rinse well with water
  • Special pH balanced formula; Leaves hair refreshed
  • Hair Type: Suitable for all hair types ... Read More

13. TRESemme Purify and deep cleanse shampoo

You must be aware of the dust particle sticking on to your oily scalp. To get rid of this problem, we introduce the brand-new product from TRESemme. We know that a healthy scalp is the basement for the emergence of healthy hair. When you apply TRESemme’s purifying shampoo, it can wash out the excessive oil from the scalp by giving a deep cleanse and purifies the dirt remaining in the hair follicles. The grape and lemon extracts of the shampoo provide deep hydration and moisture to rejuvenate the roots. Along with this, the vitamin C will supply essential nutrients to promote hair growth

Main ingredients

Grape and lemon extract


Citric acid


  1. Deep cleanses the scalp
  2. Restore the lost moisture
  3. Removes the residue



Bestseller (lists)

TRESemmé Shampoo, Purify & Replenish Deep Cleansing, 28 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) Beauty & Personal Care

  • TRESemmé Purify and Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo gently removes build-up and heavy residue from waxes, pomades, creams, sprays and more
  • TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo is enriched with vitamin C
  • TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse anti residue shampoo will purify your hair for that fresh, just-left-the-salon feel
  • Professional, affordable salon-quality deep cleansing and clarifying shampoo without the salon pric... Read More

14. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo For oily hair

Searching for a good conditioning shampoo for oily hair? Without a second choice, you can choose Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo. The Pro-V action formula of the shampoo repairs the cellular level hair damage. It is truly recommended for daily use to prevent the accumulation of oil on the scalp. In parallel, the shampoo will not strip away the natural oils that are essential for supplying moisture.

Main ingredients

Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Sodium Citrate


Citric acid


  1. Cleans the scalp
  2. Pleasant fragrance
  3. Prevent the hair from dryness
  4. Affordable price
  5. Good packaging



Bestseller (lists)

Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo, 675ml Beauty

  • Quantity: 675Ml
  • Item Form: Foam
  • Protects Hair Against Future Damage
  • Leaves Hair Feeling Smoother And Shinier
  • Hair Type: Normal Hair ... Read More

Why is the scalp oily?


The production of oil on the scalp is due to the overactive glands called sebaceous gland. Other reasons for oily scalp are due to the attack of skin diseases like Eczema and psoriasis that can result in the formation of dandruff forehead acnes.


Six Steps to degrease your hair


Shampoo your oily hair

Select lightweight shampoos to purify your hair from excess oiliness. Prefer using clarifying shampoos to remove the residues sticking on the hair strands.

Treat dandruff with antibacterial shampoo

Dandruff is due to the accumulation of yeast on the scalp. The dandruff flakes are oily substances that stick on the scalp. This is why your scalp looks oily when you have dandruff. Use shampoos that have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Care conditioning

Pick conditioners that feature conditioning gel technology. These conditioners have a lightweight formula that is perfect for treating oily hair. Apply conditioner in the most affected areas of the hair like the tip and mid end portion.

Use little amount of dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo can prevent the greasiness sticking to the hair. You can avoid the built up by using dry shampoo weekly once. We strongly say not to use dry shampoo frequency as it can damage the natural texture of the hair.


Style your hair using volumizing mousse

When you use lotion or cream while styling your hair, it can only add on the oil content to the hair. Mostly, all of the creams and lotion are oily so stick to mousse or gel.


Don't touch your hair

Have you heard someone saying not to touch the hair using your hands frequently? That’s absolutely true. When your finger touches the scalp, it results in excess oil production. Eventually, this might be the start for the formation of dandruff.

Another important point is to keep all the hair styling tools like combs, styling iron and brushes clean to protect the hair from any external microorganism attack.


Factors to be considered before choosing shampoo

Although you read the features of each branded shampoo, only you know what you expect. There are certain factors that you need to focus before buying any type of shampoo. We have lined up a series of factors that has to considered before the purchase

  1. Price

Once you start surfing for hair care products, you must forget about the price. What is the difference between a low budget shampoo and an expensive one? Low grade shampoos fool us by forming a high lather. They don't produce good results either. So read out the ingredients involved in the making of the product and choose the best one that suits your scalp.

  1. Read the label

Instead of considering the brand name, look into the ingredients from which your favorite shampoo is made of. Ingredient plays a vital role in deciding the effectiveness of the shampoo. Some of the brands are not recommended for oily hair. So, pay attention to the ingredients labelled on the bottle.

  1. Sulfates in Shampoos

Try to avoid shampoos containing sulphates. They will remove the natural moisture resting on the hair strands and result in creating excess dryness to the scalp. It is better to stick on organic products. Most of the organic shampoos don't contain sulfate or paraben.

We have a simple trick to find out whether the shampoo has sulphates or not. Turn the bottle around and look at the ingredient list, if it is mentioned as “sulfate free” then the shampoo does not contain sulfates. If the company fails to claim the term “sulfate free” then the shampoo contains sulfates.

  1. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type

The biggest challenge you deal while selecting the haircare products is “the right shampoo for your hair type”

First of all, a shampoo is used to remove the dirt, excess oil content from your hair. All branded shampoo does the same. But the results you observe is completely based on the type of the hair and the brand you choose. Remember, if you choose a wrong shampoo for your hair then it shows worse results like nonstop hair fall.

For oily scalps, avoid creamy shampoos. Go for shampoos that have the potential to volumize your hair and it should not damage the hair with frequent use. A healthier option is to use organic products as you need to shampoo your hair frequently.

  1. Dry shampoo

You can use dry shampoo weekly once as a part of treatment. Choose dry shampoos having oat milk to avoid over dryness on the scalp. The only use of a dry shampoo is to wash out the oil content filled in the empty gaps of the hair follicle.


  1. Anti-dandruff shampoo

The ingredients like salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc and selenium sulfide are responsible to remove the dandruff from the scalp. When you choose an anti-dandruff shampoo, look for these ingredients in the label. The bend of these three ingredients gives effective results.

  1. Shampoo for colored hair

Along with the hair type, you must also consider the present condition of the hair. If you have undergone any haircare treatment like coloring, look for shampoos that are formulated to hold back the color on the hair strands.

Naturally, your hair becomes weak after any chemical treatment. So, the main goal of the shampoo is to supply essential nutrients to the weaker region. Try out shampoos with high protein content extracted from wheat and soy.


  1. Low pH value

Picking up shampoos having low pH is a wise decision rather than choosing high pH shampoos as high pH content can damage the hair cuticles. Shampoos with high moisturizing content have low pH value. Opt for shampoos with a high moisturizing effect.


When you change the texture of the hair, it has a great impact on your beauty. Oily hair flattens the hair follicle and gives a dull look to your face. When you have an oily scalp, it reflects in your face too. Try any one of the above-mentioned branded shampoo and get amazing results. Keep in mind, hair type and the right shampoo is the core factor to be considered. Say goodbye to hair fall and dandruff and gain a stunning look.


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