Best Pink Eye shadow Palette

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Every day, our lives are filled with colorful things, places, people and a whole lot of bright things. Eyes are one of the most beautiful creations that help to see this colorful world every day. So, doesn’t it deserve a colorful decoration? Among all the color shades, a specific shade that gives an elegant, romantic and attractive look to your eyes is “Pink”. It is a color that connects us emotionally and sensibly. Very importantly, it represents a feminine principle.

Yes! For a woman, the only favorite color from school to the current date is Pink. This article is exclusively for Pink lovers. Above all, it is a treat for those who are looking for an eye shadow palette that comes in pink color.


You might have questions like

Where to get the best pink shades for your expressive and magical eyes?

Is it budget-friendly?

Is it suitable for all occasions?


At the end of the article, the space for all the doubts will be filled. Probably, you will be in an urge to place your favorite pink eye shadow palette on the best ecommerce sites you could ever find.


Table of contents


  1. DE’ LANCI Pink eye shadow palette
  2. Ecofavor Red pink eye shadow palette
  3. KAJA Beauty mini pink eye shadow palette
  5. BINGBRUSH Glitter eye shadow Pink palette
  6. PHYSICIANS FORMULA Pink eye shadow palette
  7. CLIO Pro eye shadow palette
  9. ROMAND Korean eye shadow palette


Top Pink eye shadow palette trending in market


1) DE’ LANCI Pink eye shadow palette




If you want to feel like stardom by stealing the show with expressive eyes, DE’ LANCI Pink eye shadow palette is a good choice for you. This mini eye shadow palette gives you the best gorgeous look to your eyes. Nowadays, we must wear a mask to cover the face. The only visible art on the face is the eyes. So you must present your eyes in a beautiful way. Try this product to bring all the beauty together on your face. Very importantly, this eye shadow palette from iMANSON has recorded maximum customer satisfaction.


The product consists of four shimmers and eight mattes that is perfect for any occasion. Along with this, there is a range of pink shades for a colorful look. In addition to this, this compact eye shadow palette is travel-friendly. The dimension is an advantage of this product. You can gift this vibrant eyebrow palette to your loved ones.


Since eye shadow deals with sensitive parts of the body, the ingredients are carefully chosen and supervised under micro-level for attaining high quality. In addition, the waterproof formula will protect the eye shadow from fading for long hours. For additional highlights, you can have a coat of Barbie pink to your lids.


iMANSON PINK/peach /coral/deep fuchsia 5.78*4.41*0.4 120 gms



Highlights of DE’ LANCI Pink eye shadow palette


  1. The hyper pigmented pink shaded perfectly blends with your skin tone and gives a rich look.
  2. This product is the best choice for fashion lovers. It fits the bag of a beautician who owns a professional salon.
  3. The waterproof technology safeguards the eye shadow from getting into a solution.
  4. The pink eye shadow palette is easy to carry and fits perfectly in the handbag for its size.
  5. The product consists of only safe ingredients that are free from allergy. Moreover, this eye shadow palette is vegan and not tested on animals.



2. Ecofavor Red pink eye shadow palette



Are you searching for a combination of red and pink shade suitable for all occasions? Then, try out the Red pink eye shadow palette from the house of Ecofavor. This product is a good choice for those who are more specific in selecting cosmetics. It is also suitable for beginners. In fact, a dual combination of red and pink gives your eyes a fierce look. We assure you that this product can give you a bold and beautiful look.


This product is very cute and travel-friendly. You can carry this lightweight product wherever you go. The eye shadow palette consists of seven matte colors and five shimmers. So, it is easy to change the eye makeup according to the costumes.

The finely powdered ingredients will stick firmly on the lids and are completely waterproof. So you don’t have to give a touchup frequently.

Ecofavor RED PINK (apple) 6.26*5.28*0.75 4.97 Ounces


Highlights of Ecofavor Red pink eye shadow palette


  1. There are about 12 shades in the palette. So, you can perfectly match your eye makeup to any costumes
  2. The creamy powdered form will give a long-lasting effect on the eyes
  3. This product is suitable for people with normal skin
  4. With waterproof technology, you don’t have to spare time to reapply
  5. Ecofavor Red pink eye shadow palette is 100% vegan and user-friendly
  6. The product is skin-friendly and is not tested on animals


3. KAJA Beauty mini pink eye shadow palette




KAJA is about to give you an elegant look. This brand focuses on people who like to have simple eye makeup. Very importantly, KAJA is an award-winning beauty product in the year 2019. The glitter arrangement technology will give an elegant look with one swipe of shimmer. Moreover, applying on the corners of the eye will define the shape of your eyes, thus making it more attractive.


The notable feature of this product is its size. Although it has four different shades of shimmers, the bite-sized shimmer stacks occupy less space in the handbag. As a result, it is very handy and mall in size compared to your wallet.


Use your fingers to apply on the eyelids and at the corner of the eyes. If the single layer is not enough, you can apply multiple layers to project your eyes in an attractive way.  Importantly, the customers prefer this product for its compact packaging. Plus, people give more importance to Korean made skin products. One such Korean pink eye shadow palette that creates wonders on the eyes is the KAJA pink eye shadow palette.  This product works well for all kinds of events like weddings, parties, social events etc.



Highlights of KAJA Beauty mini pink eye shadow palette

  1. The perfect amount of glitter will not spoil your eyes.
  2. The glitter technology gives a uniform look matching to the skin tone
  3. You can decorate your eyes with matte or shimmer. It is completely based on your choice. Plus, you can mix colors together to get a fancy look.
  4. The trio mini palettes are lightweight and come in handy. So, you can carry it wherever you go.
  5. This powdered form will stay for a long period without smudging






AFFLANO PINK PALETTE is perfect for those who are looking for smoky eye makeup. This product is suitable for any skin type. In addition to this, it has about 12 shades. A wide range of pink shades is available so that you can match with any pink costumes. This palette consists of light pink to dark peach. So, you can get a metallic finish.


The silky texture of the eye shadow shades gives a sparkling look. Very importantly, the soft texture of the eye shadow will provide long-lasting effects without causing a crack. Moreover, you can hide your fine lines with these beautiful pink shades. Despite your skin tone, a wide range of pink shades in this palette will give a vibrant look to the eyes.


The perfect packaging is easy to carry for any occasion. This product is suitable for bridal makeup, party makeup, professional makeup etc. So you can gift and surprise your best ones. Since women are obsessed with pink shades, they would really like your present.


AFFLANO 12 SHADES OF PINK 6.65*5.47*0.75 4.97 Ounces




  1. The creamy butterfly formula feels so soft on the skin
  2. You might not feel heavy even if you coat multiple layers
  3. The high pigmented pink shades project your eyes in a beautiful way
  4. The perfect mix of dark and light pink shades gives a rich look
  5. It is suitable for any skin type, and it is travel-friendly


5. BINGBRUSH Glitter eye shadow Pink palette



BINGBRUSH Glitter eye shadow Pink palette is one of the products that give a natural look to the eyes. It is highly pigmented with vibrant pink shades. This product is exclusively for people who like bold pink with a purple-tinted shade. In addition to this, it gives your eyes a unique style compared to regular pink shades.


This eye shadow palette includes matte and shimmer combinations. All the colors available in the box are perfect for any occasion. The highlight of this product is its compact size. Women tend to avoid eye shadow palettes since it occupies more space in the vanity. But, the compact size of this product will fit in your pockets. Very importantly, the premium quality ingredients are hypoallergenic and don’t cause any irritation on sensitive skin. Moreover, this product is not tested on animals. BINGBRUSH glitter pink shades blend well and give full pink coverage to the eyes.


BINGBRUSH 12 SHADES OF PINK 5.12*3.86*0.51 2.89Ounces


Highlights of BINGBRUSH Glitter eye shadow Pink palette


  1. BINGBRUSH’s pink shades will give a unique look to the eyes
  2. The product is compact and is easy to carry
  3. The powdered form will provide a rich, velvety finish
  4. The eye shadow is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. It suits any skin type


6. PHYSICIANS FORMULA Pink eye shadow palette




As the name suggests, Physicians formula eye shadow is made of clinically tested ingredients. So it is safe and does not cause any irritation on the skin. In simple words, you can have a healthy makeup look.

Since this product contains many natural extracts, you can apply to the sensitive area without any hesitation. Physician’s Formula eye shadow is a good choice for those who are very much concerned about their skin. In the same way, this product is safe for people who are allergic to chemical-based skin care products.


These pink shades easily stick to the eyes, cheeks and lips to give a glitter look. The patented formula will protect the skin from any kind of irritation. The ingredients will blend thoroughly, thus giving 360-degree protection to the skin from harmful sun rays and blue light screen.


The Physician formula offers full coverage, thereby giving a flawless finish to the eyes. Very importantly, this product is free from harsh additives and color developers. Moreover, it is safe for sensitive skin since the infused ingredients are hypoallergenic. Furthermore, customer reviews and ratings are high. It is enough to show the quality of the product.



PHYSICIAN FORMULA 12 SHADES 0.45*3.63*3.65 3.2 Ounces



Highlights of PHYSICIANS FORMULA Pink eye shadow palette


  1. Physician’s formula eye shadow contains extracts of rose and vitamin C. The former soothes the irritated skin, and the latter gives a glossy glow.
  2. The sticky texture long lasts for many hours without depositing the glitters into the fine lines existing on the skin
  3. This product is carefully crafted and tested. So. it doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin
  4. The product carries a good smell thus, you get
  5.      afresh feel throughout the day


7. CLIO Pro eye shadow palette



Do you want to get a natural pink finish? Go with this product. CLIO Professional claims that there is no creasing or fallout. Of course, you can suggest this product for anyone who is looking for a posh look. Very importantly, you can buy this product at an affordable price. In addition to this, the shades available in the eyebrow palette gives a glittering shimmer look. You can highlight the shape of your eyes using high pigmented shades.

Along with this, you will get subtle and light shades too. You can mix up with dark pink color or add additional layers as per your requirements. You can mix and match these shades to bring out unique customized combinations. As a result, you get a perfect eye-catchy look.


CLIO PROFESSIONAL SIMPLY PINK (10 shades) 4.92*4.92*2.95 3.17 Ounces


Highlights of CLIO Pro eye shadow palette


  1. The nude shades will give a well-defined shape to your eyes.
  2. Around ten shades are available, and all the shades match your skin tone. It sinks perfectly on all occasions.
  3. The eye shadow palette consists of a wide range of colors ranging from classic pink to bold matte shades.
  4. The soft texture of the eye shadow spreads over the eyelids and gives full courage without any flaws.
  5. This product consist of a high-intensity crystal glitters to give a brilliant finish to the eyes




 If you are seeking for an impressive look, then the eye shadow palette from Revolution is a good choice. Are you dressing for a romantic candlelight dinner? Your eyes will speak love when you put on the pink shades from the Revolution eye shadow palette. Moreover, you can gift this eye shadow palette to your loved ones to impress them.


This product is one of the best-selling eye shadow palettes in the market. There are about 15 shades, so you get all your favorite colors within a single compact box. However, for best results, we advise you to prepare your eyelids by applying primer.


After applying the eye shadow, you can put on mascara or fake lashes to highlight your eyes. Finally, you can use dark shade at the eye edges to take the eye makeup to the next level.


MAKEUP REVOLUTION 15 SHADES 0.7*4.3*3.1 inches 0.74 ounces



  1. The product consists of several unique colors and is available at an affordable price
  2. The ultra-blending formula of the pink shades gives full coverage to the eyes
  3. You can get a rich look with the best color combinations
  4. To enhance the beauty of the eyes, you can put eyeliner and mascara for a black outline
  5. The shades available in the palette work well with any skin tone. So, you will never regret buying the eye shadow palette


9. ROMAND Korean eye shadow palette




People always prefer Korean products for their natural ingredients. ROMAND eye shadow palette is a Korean product that makes your eyes colorful. This product suits the best for the people who choose a pink theme for an event or a regular day. If you are planning for a pink day, i.e., you select a pink hair clip to pick shoes, these pink shades can work well with the customers. No matter how hard you try to match all the accessories with pink, the perfect communicator of your pink theme will be your eyes. So, you need to care extra while decorating your eyes.


The simple, compact box contains beautiful pink shades. You will get a matte finish. So, there is no need for a touchup periodically. Moreover, you will get sharp, powerful eyes. You can pat the eye shadow using your finger to minimize the fallout.


MAKEUP REVOLUTION DRY ROSE PINK 2.7*2.6*0.7 inches 5.29 ounces


Highlights of ROMAND Korean eye shadow palette

  1. You will get a stunning matte finish with this eye shadow palette
  2. The four selective rich shades will carry your eye makeup to the next level
  3. Use a soft brush to get a neat and smooth finish on the lids.
  4. This Korean made product cares for your eyes. So, it is safe to use, and it is hypoallergenic




You will observe a classy look after using the eye shadow palette from HUDA BB. The powdered texture is easy to blend over the lids without any crack. It can also cover your fine lines, thus eliminating the dull look. Furthermore, the matte and shimmery shades add an additional glow to the lids. The unique feature of this eye shadow palette is, it is free from parabens. So, you can glide over the lids without any hesitation. Try this product to add more pink to your look. Definitely, you will love this product.


HUDA BB 9 shades of ROSE AND PINK 3.35*3.19*0.55 inches 9.88 ounces




  1. This product is paraben-free, so you can just strike off the worries about added cosmetic preservatives.
  2. The powder form blends well and gives a flawless look to the eyes
  3. You can highlight the corners of the eyes with dark shades for an elegant look


Tips to get a perfect eye look


Firstly, use a primer as a base. Then, use a good quality brush so that you can blend your favorite shade easily. Choose the shade that suits your skin tone. Next, apply base shades with nudes. Now, use dark shades near the eye corners. Finally, apply dark colors to your lash line. You are all set with the eye makeup.


To conclude, you may wonder why most people prefer pink shades for eyes rather than other dark or lighter colors. This is mostly due to the fact that not everyone has perfect and natural lids with an even natural pinkish tone.

Pink color has the power to hide all the dull aspects of our eyes and lids and give the brightest look to your eyes. No matter what the occasion or the costume, it goes well with anything and anyone. All the above-described products are the most preferred ones with high reviews. So we guess the next thing you are going to do is order one of them. GO ALL PINKY!


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