10 Best OPI Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish is the easiest option that will give you the most elegant and gorgeous look to your nails. All girls would love to paint their nails in almost all occasions. During our childhood almost all girls have the experience of trying out our mother’s nail polish when she is not around us. OPI is one of the top most brands in producing good quality nail polish and make our every moment colorful. They are having many color options available and my personal favorite would be their signature red color. It will go well with all your outfits and make your nails effortlessly beautiful. So after a long research and analysis we have come up with the most fantastic ten shades of OPI Nail polish. Here we are going to discuss about the best shades and colors of OPI Nail polish for user’s convenience.

Mostly all girls would love to try different colour options when it comes to nail polish. Also they prefer their nail polish colors should be unique. It makes the whole look complete and elegant. For them, OPI will be the best option to choose on. They have wide range of nail polish collections and their colors all are of different shades with unique colors. They provide good quality nail polish to make sure the health of the nails. OPI Nail polish has soothing textures, they didn’t give you thick or runny consistency. Most of their collection contains dry fasting formula that will last long without any chipping. OPI nail polish comes in affordable price range and totally worth of your money.

Unfortunately OPI Nail polish is not available on India but we can order it through many online websites. It is available in all the top most cosmetic online application so it will not be the problem for the users to get it. It contains wide range of nail polish collections and we could find every possible colour options and different shades among the world in their collections. There are few shades that will definitely made users stunned when they use it. Here we are going to discuss about some of the shades that every girl should try once in their lifetime.

List of 10 Best-selling OPI Nail polish:

  1. OPI Big Apple Red:

OPI nail polish contains best red collections and this is one among the shade named “OPI Big Apple Red” which provides you crème finish to your nails. It is often described as “bright, shiny and ready to take on the world” colour. People who are known to this OPI brand nail polish would obviously try this effective red colour at least once. Experts call this as Ruby Woo of nail paints which means this shade offers you absolute red colour without tinge of any other colour in it. It is suitable for all kind of skin tones and it also helpful in making your nails super classy. Red is the most common colour like by many peoples so this shade is a hit option among their best collections.

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  1. OPI Barefoot in Barcelona:

This Nude shade of OPI nail polish named as OPI Barefoot in Barcelona which is often described as “luscious shade of nude with a Spanish sole”. This shade is a chic nude perfect shade for any outfit. This nude nail polish offers a smooth and glossy finish to your nails. It provides an unbeatable shine to the nails. People who would prefer nude shades should definitely try this shade. This shade is one of the favorite shades among many girls.

  1. OPI Be There In Prosecco:

Be there In Prosecco is another nude shade from the OPI nail polish collections. It is a gel based nail polish that gives user subtle look on their nails. It is described as “I’m living in the moment and in this opaque crème”. It offers a perfect finish to the nails. Some people will not like their nails to look bare also they are not fond of bright colours. In that case this shade will be the best option, it offers user an exquisite look on their nails. This nude shade gel nail polish contains tinge of pink in it. So it will be liked by most of the girls.

  1. OPI Malaga Wine

OPI Malaga Wine is another bright shade among the collections. It is a gel nail polish which gives user affluent wine red colour to the nails. We could see this nail shade wear by many Hollywood celebrities in their movies which gives classy look on their nails. People who would like to have that look on their nails can definitely try this option. This nail colour is long lasting and offers the best gel-like finish to the nails.

  1. OPI Baroque…But Still Shopping!

OPI Baroque shade is another favorite among many girls because of their glitz finish. It offers glazing, shimmery look on the nails. It gives gold like finish to the nails which looks super elegant and will be suitable for any occasions. Every girls would prefer the sparkling look at least on one of their nails. The little shimmery particles present in this shade offers a brilliant spark to the nails which looks super cool on the nails.

  1. OPI Dutch Tulips:

OPI Dutch Tulips is another beautiful shade from the collection of OPI Nail polish. Pink is the colour which is more attractive to girls. Every girls would like to have one pink shade in their nail polish collections. This is the highly recommended shade for those who love to paint their nails pink. Dutch Tulips is the brilliant combination of two shades, one is cherry red and another one is fuchsia pink. This shade will suit for all types of skin tones. It can give elegant look both for the hand nails and toe nails.

  1. OPI Gelato On My Mind:

OPI Gelato on my mind shade offers a perfect pastel blue shade to the nails. It looks super cool on every nails and gives a pleasant look to others. Now a days Pastel become the trendy shades among every girls. For those who prefer subtle yet elegant look to the nails can definitely give this shade a try. It will elevate the whole festive look of any girl and will be suitable for any outfit. First coat was quite opaque so one should go for the second coat for the finished look.

  1. OPI My Private Jet:

Black is the most attractive colour for many of the girls. And when it comes in nail colour that will be the obvious hit shade among the girls. OPI private jet comes in an impressive black colour with glints of glimmer in it. It looks beautiful on the nails and offers a classy look. It gives a jelly-like Smokey black with a sparkling finish to the nails. It is a trendy shade that will be suitable for any occasions.

  1. OPI Russian Navy:

Russian navy is another gorgeous collection comes from the OPI brand. It gives a deep navy blue shade to the nails. This is the best option for the people who prefer their nails to be bright and glossy. Russian Navy shade elevate the whole look and helps to make the nails look slim and fair. It is the best shade that gives a classy and rich look to the nails. It will be suitable for all occasions.

  1. OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go:

Another eye captivating shade of the OPI nail polish collection named as Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go. As the name denotes it provides a mango colour shade to the nails. This colour is the unique one and it will be the best option for those who would prefer elegant and different colour shade on their nails. There are wide range of orange shades available in the market but nothing beats this shade from OPI. This shade often describes as Mango Smoothie by the experts. This shade of orange nail polish would be the perfect choice for any summer occasions. On wearing this shade to the nails, it will get you the best compliments from the people around you. It will make the nails beautiful and offers you an elegant look to the nails.

So the above are the best ten OPI nail polish colors that are available in the market. OPI’s every shade is to die for and they have wide range of collections. Their every shade is unique and elegant. We couldn’t imagine of the shades they have in their nail polish collections. Every girls who would love to try different shades for their various occasions, can definitely go for choosing the OPI nail polish. They are having various products with commendable quality. Some shades are affordable and some are quite expensive but for their quality products, the money we spend on their product is all worth.

  • Pale or Light Skin Tone:

People who are having the pale or light skin tone, they should choose the bail polish wisely that should elevate their nails. They can go for pink or pastel blue shades. Dark colour should be avoided because it makes their skin even lighter. It will not give them their desired look. So for these skin tones pastels and nude shades suits them perfectly.

  • Fair Skin Tone:

People with fair skin tone have wide range of colour options available. Because mostly all colour shades will suit them perfectly. But colors like bright red or orange-red, green shades and yellow-based shades should be avoided as these shades can intimidate a fair complexion. So choose your option wisely and elevate the look of your nails.

  • Tanned Skin Tone:

Tanned skin peoples should avoid neutral shades because it looks same like your skin. Best option is to try wearing bright colors that will helps to complement your nails. Bright shades of pink, purple, yellow undertone shades and blue is highly recommended for these skin tone people. It is the safer option to avoid golden colour nail polish.

  • Medium or Olive Skin Tone:

Medium or Olive Skin tone people can go for either gold or peach. They can also try warm yellow undertone shades and look inclined with metallic shades of silver and blue. They should avoid colours like red, darker purple and navy blue shade.

  • Dark Skin Tone:

People with Dark skin tones can try shades like mocha, maroons, and dark red or dark greens. Colors like a lighter shade of chocolate brown also looks best on their nails. Brighter shades like white, silver, orange and pinkish colour shades should be avoided as it will make dark skin even darker, dull and aged.

Some of the following should be consider before choosing the nail polish:

  1. The odor:

Odor plays a major role in choosing nail polish. Some nail polish contains strong odor that will cause various health issues on regular usage. The odor of nail polish should not disturb the people around you. When you are in any official meeting or with your colleagues the nail polish odor should not be disrupt them. Nail polish odor should be pleasant and good so that it will not be the problem for the people around us. So check the odor before choosing the nail polish.

  1. Ability to glitter:

Some nail polish will give us a shiny look when it exposed to sunlight or any kind of light. That will gives us a best glossy finish to the nails. So people who would like to have their neighbors attention, they would choose the nail colour with the ability to glitter when you exposed to any kind of lights.

  1. Color combination:

Choosing the nail polish with perfect colour combination elevate the whole look of the nails. The colour we are choosing for our nails will makes us stand out from the people around you. So take required time while choosing the nail colour combination because the best colour of the nail polish will makes you more confident about yourself and that will helpful in getting the professional looking nails.

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