When it comes to nail polish, women's hearts always flutter. Nail Polish makes you look pretty, clean, stylish, fresh, and neat. It makes you attractive, and your hands look pretty. Not only that, adorning your nails will make you happy. If you are looking for the best nail polish, given below are the best ones in the market. These nail polishes make you look beautiful. We have done huge research on the nail polish brands and chosen the best options. Therefore, you can select the best one which suits you without any hesitation. Let’s have a look at this page for more information.

10 Best Nail Polishes 

  1. Sheer Enamel Nail Polish – Best of the Best.


Essie is the best out of the best nail polish in the market. Its high gloss value has it to stand out from its competitors. Testers, consumers, and experts certified that Essie Nail polish is too good as it remains shiny until it's removed. Its added advantages are a wide range of colors, easy application, and removal. Above all, absence of yellow stains.

Bestseller (lists)

Essie Nail Polish A-list Beauty & Personal Care

  • Salon quality nail polish that goes on smooth and is streak free
  • Catchy and creative names make sure you remember your favorites
  • Professional nail polish quality leaves you with the perfect thickness... Read More

  1.  New York Color Show Nail Lacquer – Nail Polish of Best Value.


A budget-friendly nail polish. It longs longer than other nail polishes. It longs nearly a week without any base or topcoat. It is also shiny like Essie. This nail polish is best even if you do heavy work like planting, pot-scrubbing, and vessel washing. Even after several days of work, it looks best.

Bestseller (lists)

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer, Green with Envy, 0.23 Fluid Ounce Nail Polish Beauty & Personal Care

  • Runway ready colors
  • Show-stopping shine
  • High fashion finishes... Read More

  1. Miracle Gel – Best in Gel Nail Polish


Gel nail polish is in trend nowadays. It is an innovative gel nail polish, which does not need a light to cure. It is also a top coat duo. Colors are deeper and fabulous even with a single coat. Its lacquer dries fast and chipped less. It lasts longer than a normal nail polish but not more than 14 days as the brand advertises.

Bestseller (lists)

Sally Hansen Insta Dri, Zip Wine, 0.31 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 1) Beauty & Personal Care

  • 1 Stroke and 1 Coat
  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Formulated with a base and a top coat for extended wear and stunning shine... Read More

  1. Nail Lacquer – Best Fast-Drying Nail Polish


When it comes to dry time, OPI stands out from other nail polishes. It gets dries within one and a half minutes after application. This one has the best coverage, and a single coat is more than sufficient to look pretty.

Bestseller (lists)

OPI Nail Lacquer, Rated Pea-G, Green Nail Polish, Hollywood Collection, 0.5 fl oz Everything Else

  • Brand OPI
  • Color Rated Pea-G
  • Special Feature OPI Nail Lacquer is available in 200+ NAIL POLISH shades, and provides up to 7 days of wear.
  • Age Range (Description) Adult
  • Liquid Volume 15 Milliliters
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.37 x 1.37 x 3.19 inches
  • Item Weight 0.14 Pounds... Read More

  1. Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss – Best Chip-Resistant Nail Polish.


If you are looking for chip-resistant nail polish, then cover girl polish is the best. Without any issue, it lasted nearly a week time. If the first shift is done on the 4th day of application, this nail polish lasts for six and a half days or more.

Bestseller (lists)

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish, 97 Nuclear, 0.37 Ounce Beauty & Personal Care

  • This advanced nail formula provides glassy, long-wearing shine
  • A precision brush applies the ideal amount of polish in a single sweep, allowing for a smooth application
  • It helps to protect and care for nails... Read More

  1. Toxin-Free Nail Polish – Best 6 Free Nail Polish


COTE is GH's editor's favorite. It's the editor's favorite because of its super-glossy finish and fast drying. It looks amazingly professional even without applying a topcoat. It doesn't look streaky when applied because of its high pigmentation. It's cruelty-free and six-free. And one more advantage is it's a vegan product.

Bestseller (lists)

Cote Toxin Free Nail Polish (No. 106 Blue and Purple Mix (Shimmery)) Beauty & Personal Care

  • cruelty-free, vegan and free of the major toxins associated with nail polish: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, camphor, formaldehyde resin and triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)
  • 0.4 oz per bottle
  • Côte polishes are proudly made in the USA
  • vegan & cruelty free... Read More

  1.  Nail Lacquer – Best Luxury Nail Polish.


April Franzino, the Beauty Direct director of GH, says you cannot find a color like minimalist putty shade anywhere. This nail polish can be custom-matched. They complement each other like power couples.

Bestseller (lists)

Nuria X Paintbox Glowing Skin & Bold Nails Kit Complete with 2 Nail Polish Lacquers, 1 Calm Daily Face Moisturizer, 1 Calm Face Mist, & 1 Cosmetics Bag, Self Care Gifts for Women and Men Beauty & Personal Care

  • Skin Care & Nail Kit Essentials - Our nourishing facial moisturizer and mist now comes in a glamorous self care bundle! Keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated and nails on point with our nail polish set and skin care set in one!
  • Hydrating & Soothing Facial Mist - Formulated with rose water, our Nuria revitalizing facial spray works wonders on dry and sensitive skin. It contains safe and natural ingredients that are gentle and refreshing without disrupting your makeup.
  • Hydratin... Read More

  1. Olive and June - Best Nail Polish for a home manicure.


If you are doing a manicure at home, then Olive and June nail polish is a must-have. It lasts for a longer period. Its brushes are fan-shaped, which helps to apply easily. This nail polish bottle is patented, helps paint your nails comfortably, and is mess-free.

Bestseller (lists)

essie expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish, Precious Cargo-Go!, Olive Green, 0.33 Ounce Everything Else

  • Quick Dry Nail Polish: This fast drying nail polish dries in about a minute so you can grab, apply, and dry on the fly
  • One Step Nail Color: Apply 2 coats of any expressie color on clean nails and let dry for about a minute; No base or top coat needed
  • Easy Application: This nail polish features our first ever angled brush for easy self application with both hands, including your non dominant hand; To switch, simply flip the brush and angle it down
  • Wide Selection of Colo... Read More

  1. Sundays – Best 10- Free Nail Polish 


This nail polish is also best for a home manicure. It's 10-free and cruelty-free. It is also a vegan polish. It also comes in the form of manicure kits which makes it look more professional.

Bestseller (lists)

Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish. No.11 Watermelon Pink, Long Lasting, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, 1.7 oz

  • Item Form Liquid
  • Brand Sundays
  • Finish Type Glossy
  • Age Range (Description) Adult... Read More

  1.   Pear Nova – Good Nail Polish

A brand made in the U.S. It has gorgeous shades and we'll-known for its great volume. It's 10-free, vegan and cruelty-free. This nail polish is renowned for its classic finish and creamy polish effect in the gel.

Bestseller (lists)

Pear Nova Holiday Essentials Nail Set Beauty & Personal Care

  • A Pear Nova Holiday Essentials Nail Set featuring 4 luxe shades, top coat and green tea cuticle oil. Nail shades included range from nudes to neutral to red - perfect for the season.
  • Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020
  • 10 Free Vegan + Cruelty Free
  • Made in USA... Read More

Buying Guide – Best Nail Polish

Nail Polish Ingredients

Nail polish is primarily made of various chemicals, of which few are toxic in nature and may have harmful effects on the human body. Nowadays, Nail polish brands have been using less hazardous chemical ingredients which are eco-friendly or bio-based. Most nail polishes available in the market today have common ingredients with a few differences. Hence customers should be aware of these toxic chemicals to make an informed decision while purchasing their nail polish products. A few toxic ingredients are explained below:

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): It is one of the common chemicals present in nail polishes. It acts as an additive to prevent nail polish cracking. Several Medical experiments have been conducted on animals using DBP, which resulted in organ damage and reproductive system impairment in them, which may have a similar effect on human beings as well. Some Countries have imposed a ban on the usage of DBP in FMCG products. Hence it is advisable not to use nail polishes that have DBP in their formulations.

Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde resins: It is the second most widely used chemicals in nail polish manufacturing as it acts as a preservative and a hardener. In simple words, it makes the nail polish more durable for usage. Though it is a natural chemical present in the human body, it doesn't pose a threat due to its negligible presence. These nail polishes have higher proportions of them which could cause cancer, asthma, convulsion and nausea. Skin allergies with tingling of nerves is another common side effect. Hence formaldehyde and DBP free nail polishes are safe for human usage.


We always prefer nail polish should be flawless as in pedicure or manicure. Toluene is mainly used here to serve the same. Anyhow, gases emitting out of toluene poses a threat to humans. Some of the common side effects are neurological damage, nausea, breathing and hearing difficulties. Other toxic chemicals to stay away from are Camphor, xylene and triphenyl phosphate (TPHP).


Due to the presence of the above-explained harmful chemicals in nail polishes tends to last for 14 days or more without chipping. Nail polishes become safer without these chemicals' presence, but it comes at a price of durability. Few brands have made their nail polishes safer without compromising much on durability that lasts for 5 to 7 days. Therefore, choose wisely a nail polish brand that is durable and safe for use.


Strong odor can make most humans feel dizzy, suffocated and have headaches. Harmful chemicals in nail polishes can create an odor that spoils the atmosphere. Hence it is advisable to choose a nail polish with mild or no smell.


The ultimate criteria for choosing a nail polish are the color. However, these colors seem to vary from brand to brand originally. There are varied shades of a particular color available in the market as pink isn't just pink. There are a few famous brands that are popular for their unique and attractive color options, such as glam pink, big apple red etc. So be appropriate while choosing the nail polish.

Note:  It is recommended to take the trail of a particular shade using a test sample as these colors tend to look different in the real world due to differences in lighting.

Above mentioned details have to be taken into account while choosing a nail polish brand. The health of the nails and the well-being of the body shouldn't be compromised, which requires paying close attention to the details provided in the nail polish package. For your next perfect manicure, it is advised to consider the explained details while selecting a particular nail polish brand.


We hope you’ve found the one which looks you for long. Since they are from reputable brands, you can have them without any fear. Apart from that, the listed are free from toxic chemicals like parabens, so it is safer for your skin. However, we advise you consider the important factors before selecting the best nail polishes. If you want to enjoy the result for longer, durability is important. Select the best option by keeping all these minds. Place the order now on eCommerce sites and enjoy the best deals.

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