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 Are you a crazy nail polish lover? Do you have a full rack of vibrant nail polishes? Generally, you will go for premium quality nail polishes. So, they don’t easily break, chip or peel. If you want to change the polish color for a different outfit, you can go for a nail polish remover. All of a sudden, it is difficult to choose the best nail polish remover. No worries. After deep research, we have rounded down to the top five nail polish removers. These nail polish removers are carefully formulated without using toxic ingredients like acetone. Read the entire article to know more about nail polish removers.

Advantages of using an acetone-free nail polish remover

As the name suggests, a high-grade nail polish remover doesn’t contain any harsh solvents. It is suitable for nail polish removal and for cleaning the nails after removing the false nails. The major highlight of using an acetone-free nail polish is, it will infuse additional nutrients into the nails. And also, it will not strip the nail’s existing nutrients. As a result, your nails remain healthy and undamaged.

Table of contents

  1. Pretty Nails nail polish remover
  2. Piggy Paint toxic-free nail polish remover for kids
  3. Karma organic Store organic nail polish remover
  4. Diamond Wipes Store nail polish remover pads in box
  5. ZOYA nail polish remover

1. Pretty Nails nail polish remover

 Pretty nails nail polish will wipe out any stubborn nail polish with ease. The nail polish will easily dissolve like salt in water. The ultra-conditioning formula of acetone will remove the polish effortlessly. This nail polish remover is a good choice if you want to wipe out the smudges with ease. The main highlight of this product is the sponge. The sponge evenly absorbs the liquid. So, you can use this sponge to wipe off the existing nail polish from your fingernails. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the remover spillage. Generally, nail products brands offer a sponge in common to wipe out the stain. But Pretty nails stand out of the crowd by providing separate sponges for toes.

What we like in Pretty Nails nail polish remover 

  1. It wipes off the nail polish stain cleanly
  2. The cotton pads distribute the removes liquid on the nails uniformly
  3. It is travel-friendly
  4. The product box contains extra sponges for removing toes polish

2. Piggy Paint toxic-free nail polish remover for kids

When it comes to a nail polish remover, we all expect some basic requirements like chemical-free, odorless, non-toxicity etc. In addition, the nail polish remover must go well with any variety of nail polishes and remove the stain with ease. Piggy paint nail polish remover is something that everybody looks for. This nail polish remover has the ability to work on any nail polish. It can effortlessly remove the stain without causing any damage to the sensitive nails. Plus, it is odorless and allergy-free. Kids can use this nail polish remover under parent supervision.

Basically, acetone is the solvent that dissolves the nail polish stain. To be non-toxic, Piggy Paint replaces acetone with ethanol. This ethanol spirit is used in alcohol has a simple formula. Though acetone has a mild wine smell, it is far better than acetone.

Bear one thing in mind, ethanol is inflammable. So, you keep the nail polish remover away from fire products. Apart from ethanol, this remover consists of other ingredients like aloe vera and Vitamin E. A perfect blend of natural ingredients will protect sensitive nail cuticles.

What we like in Piggy Paint toxic-free nail polish remover for kids

  1. It uses ethanol instead of acetone
  2. Its low odor doesn’t cause any respiratory issues
  3. This nail polish remover is eco-friendly
  4. It consists of Vitamin E and aloe vera to care for the cuticles
  5. This nail polish comes with a warranty of three years

3. Karma organic Store organic nail polish remover

As we discussed earlier, no premium quality nail polish remover uses acetone as an ingredient as it causes damage to sensitive nails. But the truth is, you have to double your efforts while using an acetone-free nail polish remover. We suggest the best acetone-free alternative product that wipes off the nail polish stain with ease. Try out the organic nail polish remover from Karma Organic Store. Generally, chemically formulated nail polish removes the stain but leaves your nails dry. On the other hand, the organic ingredients of this remover will nourish your nails, thereby maintaining healthy nail growth. The nourishing formula of tea tree oil will keep your nail cuticles clean and healthy.

The primary ingredients of this nail polish remover are the oil extracts of lavender and soybean oil. The toxic-free formula will be gentle enough on the nails and stimulates healthy nail growth. The vitamin-enrich formula will wipe off the nail polish stain completely. This nail polish remover is free from toxic ingredients and is safe for sensitive nails and skin. You can use this nail polish remover with cotton tissues for the best results.

It is very important for a nail polish remover to be odorless. You can simply go for this product as it has a pleasant smell after opening the cap. Unlike other brands, this glass bottle is completely recyclable and uses labels printed with soy-based ink. Last but not least, this nail polish remover is not tested on animals and is completely vegan.

What we like in Karma organic Store organic nail polish remover

  1. The involved ingredients are completely organic
  2. It is an acetone-free nail polish remover
  3. The ingredients are non-toxic and allergy-free
  4. It is cruelty-free and 100% vegan
  5. It has a sweet and pleasing lavender odor

4. Diamond Wipes Store nail polish remover pads in box

Are you looking for a travel-friendly nail polish remover? Nail polish remover pads from Diamond Wipes store is really good to go for awesome results. You can easily turn your nails nude with these high-quality nail polish remover pads during a car trip without making the seats nasty. In addition, this box is a perfect fit for your handbag.

With a single pad, you can wipe off the nail polish stain from 10 fingers which is absolutely great. So, you can use the whole box for a long period of time. The pads are infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. Hence, you can definitely expect healthy nail growth. Moving on to the basic expectations, this USA-made nail polish remover pads are GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices) and not tested on animals.

What we like in Diamond Wipes Store nail polish remover pads in box

  1. One acetone-infused nail polish remover pad is perfect for ten fingers
  2. It is available at an affordable price
  3. This nail polish remover pad box is travel-friendly
  4. It is GMP certified and is TSA approved

5. ZOYA nail polish remover

ZOYA nail polish is one of the reputed brands for nail products. It three in one formula will keep your nails nourished all time. The acetone-free formula is extremely safe for little sensitive nails. Some of the poor-quality nail polishes will strip important nutrients from the nails and leave your nails unhealthy. But, ZOYA focuses on infusing additional nutrients to stimulate healthy nail growth.

This nail polish remover is formulated without using acetone to give a toxic-free finish. The ill effect of acetone is, it will be harsh on the nails and cause damage to the natural nails. Apart from lacking acetone, ZOYA has the potential to remove the nail polish effortlessly.

ZOYA is strongly recommended by beauty enthusiasts. It has 4.5ratings on Amazon with almost positive reviews. The lavender smell gives a pleasant feel and will not cause any respiratory issues. Plus, the user-friendly packing will ensure zero spillage.

What we like in ZOYA nail polish remover 

  1. ZOYA is a popular brand for nail products
  2. It infuses essential nutrients into the nails
  3. The acetone-free formula is safe for sensitive nails
  4. It comes in satisfying packages and guarantees no spillage

Final words

We hope that you have got a better understanding of nail polish removers. Apart from the above mentioned five products, there are several other top nail product brands. Before shortlisting the products, ensure whether the nail polish remover is free from harsh solvents. You can place your orders at ecommerce sites for the best deals and offers.




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