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We all have faced dry and brittle nails now and then. It may be due to the winter season, the peeling of your pedicure, or you are just getting older. Yes. You read that right. Just like our skin and hair, nails can also show signs of aging. If your hand is exposed to constant hand sanitizing, nail polish removers your nails become weak. All you need is the best nail hardener now and then to keep your nails healthy and prevent them from breaking. Nail hardener or sometimes called a nail strengthener contains essential vitamins and minerals that keep your nails strong. According to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), around 20% of people have brittle nails. There are few hand treatments like strengthening varnish, efficacious hand creams, and serum strengtheners to keep them strong. These treatments and serums contain urea and lactic acid, which increases your nail's hydration. 

While selecting the best nail hardener, avoid products with formaldehyde. They might give your nails an instant strength for the moment, but in due course, they make your nails weak. Some people also have allergic reactions to formaldehyde. There are various nail strengtheners on the market, and they are "must have" products during your weekend "stay in spa" days. These gel and serum bathe your nails with immense nutrients and minerals and prevent them from splitting. As there are different variants with the same purpose, it is difficult for you to choose just the right one for you that fits your type. I have gone through those tough times, but you shouldn't. That is why I have prepared this article to benefit anyone looking for the best nail hardener to make their nails stronger. We hope this article helps you to find the right product. 

Best nail hardener:

  1. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
  2. Sally Hansen Mega Strength, Hardener
  3. Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream
  4. Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 
  5. Nail Magic - Nail Hardener & Conditioner
  6. Ellie Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Nail Polish Treatment 
  7. Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2, Nail Strengthener
  8. Prolana Nail Optimizer One-Step Multi-Use Nail Fortifier, Nail Hardener
  9. ella+mila Nail Care, Nail Strengthener 
  10. Sally Hansen Mega Strength
  11. duri Rejuvacote 1 Original Maximum Strength Nail Growth System

1. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

OPI nail strengthener provides your nail with maximum strength and avoids breakages. The calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein in this nail strengthener gives your nails the required nourishment to be hard, long, and natural. The calcium and protein will make your nails "manicure ready," and you can apply your nail polish at ease. You can use this nail strengthener as a standalone product or use them as your baseline for nail polish. OPI brand also has nail polish, nail polish top coat, and manicure nail oil if you are willing to try them. It is a premium beauty product and comes in ten different styles on Amazon. 

The best way to use this product is to apply two coats of this nail strengthener at the beginning and add one coat every additional day. At the end of the week, remove them with OPI nail polish remover and repeat this process to achieve brittle-free nails. Some people will get bubbles during their manicure process because they might have applied the base coating wrong. This is due to air bubbles being trapped in between the coat polish. Allow the nail strengthener to dry for a few minutes before applying the nail polish. This product might be pricey, but the results are worth paying for. 

Bestseller (lists)

OPI Nail Strengthener, Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Treatment, 0.5 Fl Oz Beauty & Personal Care

  • Item Form Gel
  • Brand OPI
  • Color Nail Envy - Original
  • Finish Type Natural
  • Age Range (Description) Adult
  • Liquid Volume 15 Milliliters... Read More

2. Sally Hansen Mega Strength, Hardener   


Do you want a combination of both color and strength on your nail hardener? Then Sally Hansen's Mega strengthener is the apt choice for you. This mega-strength contains some potent formula that protects your nail from breakage and peeling. This can be used as both base and overcoat on your nail and gives you stunning results. This gets easily absorbed on your nail, and they are easy to take off too. It is very budget-friendly, and for the price you pay, you get the best value product on the market. You can try them with Sally Hanse's nail polishes. 

There are over 30 different color options in this nail hardener. It has pink, blue, lavender and red, etc. This wide range of color options is excellent for looking for both protection and strength for their nails. While going through my Instagram feed, I came across an Instagram user who said that this nail hardener had kept their nails from cracking and helped their nails to grow longer without any breakage. It dries faster, and the consistency of this nail hardener is thick and has rich colors. Some users said that this nail hardener did not suit their nail polish. So we advise Sally Hansen nail polish for Sally Hanse's nail hardener. Always buy the same nail polish and hardener and don't mix and match your nail's safety. 

Bestseller (lists)

Sally Hansen Mega Strength, Hardener, 0.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) Beauty

  • Our Strongest Formula
  • Strengths your nails while you wear
  • Strengthening Formula ... Read More

3. Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

Onyx Professional has been in the business for over twenty years, and they are best known for their nail hardener products. Hard as Hoof nail hardener by Onyx conditions the cuticles and strengthens the nails. This product promises to prevent chips, peels and splits on even the most challenging nail surface. This cream is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and emollients which help for better cuticles. Some nails might have suffered damages due to hard nail polish, and this nail hardener helps those nails restore strength. If you want longer nails that last long, your nails need to be solid and safe from splits. This cream gives them enough nutrients to keep them hard. 

The key ingredients in this nail hardener are Vitamin A, C, E, D, jojoba oil, calcium, and beeswax. This unique blend of nutrients makes Hard as Hoof a kind in the nail hardener category. Apart from keeping your nails strong, they also help your nails to grow quicker and longer. You can use this nail hardener on both your fingernails and toenails. You can use them as a standalone coat, or you can use them with nail polish. This specially made USA nail hardener is a 100% cruelty-free product. Haile Brake from the US said that this product was a miracle to her and used them all the time. This is a must-have nail hardener in your makeup kit for people who are into makeup and beauty. 

Bestseller (lists)

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener, Nail Growth & Conditioning Cuticle Cream Stops Splits, Chips, Cracks & Strengthens Nails, 1 oz Nail Strengthening Products Beauty & Personal Care

  • Proven formula has been strengthening nails & conditioning cuticles for over 25 years
  • Prevents splits, chips, peels & cracks on even the most severe cases
  • Soft and fragile nails will quickly grow to new lengths
  • Gives nails high endurance & long lasting strength & Coconut Scented
  • Conditions cuticles & nails with calcium, vitamins & hydrogenated jojoba oil ... Read More

4. Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

Quimica Alemana nail hardener gives you strong and hard nails after four to eight weeks of use. You will get beautiful, strong nails suitable for your manicures. This nail hardener is highly effective for treating your nails gently and making them strong. This Columbian nail hardener prevents your nails from cutting, peeling, and damages. Applying this is an easy task, and you can remove this with any nail polish remover. For solid and brittle-free nails, use this product for a week. Apply two coats over your nails and a single coat every day for a week. Remove them by the week and do this process regularly. You will get excellent results. 

Some people apply the nail hardener and expect their nails to become hard instantaneously (no product does that). Nail strengthening is a gradual process, and you have to be patient with the product for positive results. For a perfect manicure, long and sturdy nails are a must. So if you want to have long-lasting nails, you have to use the right kind of product. Some users online have had issues like they had pain while applying this nail hardener. It might be due to sensitive skin. If you experience any discomforts, we advise you to get advice from your nearby dermatologist.

Bestseller (lists)

QUIMICA ALEMANA Nail Hardener (protective barrier prevents chipping, peeling and splitting) - Size 0.47 Fl.oz (Pack of 2) Beauty & Personal Care

  • One of the greatest nail hardeners on the market! Use it daily. 100% guarantee to grow your nails healthy and strong. Watch the difference only after a week of use.
  • The Original Quimica Alemana Nail Care Product is imported directly from Colombia. There is no better product on the market today for long-term nail care.
  • Positive results appear almost instantly and in a matter of a short few weeks the benefits of longer, harder, stronger, beautiful and permanent nails will beco... Read More

5. Nail Magic - Nail Hardener & Conditioner

As the name implies, Nail magic will do magic on your nails. Literally. The unique combination of vitamins and minerals will boost your nail's growth and keep them from breakages. This product has been in the market since 1960 and is one of the top products for revitalizing and rejuvenating your nails. This nail hardener is specially designed to treat even the weakest nails. This is a unique blend to both condition and hardens your nails. Splitting nails is a common cause of nail breakage, and this nail hardener allows you to prevent them.

This nail hardener can be used as a top coat, clear, and base coat. Before applying this nail hardener, shake well for the solution to settle in. If you have any nail polish remove them and apply a single or double-layered coat on your nails. Use this nail strengthener twice a week and repeat the process for about eight weeks for better results. Once you have covered the eight weeks, reduce the product to once a week. Eden from the US said that this nail strengthener made her nails look strong and healthy. There are a lot of positive reviews online and on social media like Facebook, and the price is very affordable. 

Bestseller (lists)

Hardener & Conditioner Parent (0.25 Fl Oz) Nail Strengthening Products Beauty

  • NAIL MAGIC - The authentic Nail Magic nail hardener for stronger natural nails
  • BENEFITS BRITTLE, WEAK NAILS - Specifically developed to strengthen even the weakest, most brittle nails.
  • NAIL HARDENER and CONDITIONER - A unique blend to condition, harden, and strengthen your natural nails.
  • REDUCES BREAKING and CHIPPING - Formulated to help you harden your natural nails and reduce breaking nails
  • REDUCES SPLITTING NAILS - Strengthens your nails to reduce pain... Read More

6. Ellie Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Nail Polish Treatment

Ellie Chase nail strengthener works excellent on split and broken nails that do not have any flexibility. Like we said earlier, formaldehyde is a harmful ingredient, and select the one that does not have them. This nail hardener does not contain formaldehyde, DVP (dibutyl phthalate), and Toluene. The unique formula helps you gain stronger, harder nails suitable for the toughest manicure jobs. It works excellent on nail plates and allows you to achieve naturally longer-growing nails. You can use this as nail treatment, topcoat, or base coat. But no matter how you wear this, it will provide your pin an intensive treatment. 

The magic ingredient in this Ellie Chase nail strengthener is horsetail. Horsetail is a plant that is rich in minerals. And when this plant is mixed with silica, it gives extreme rejuvenating properties, promoting healthy nail growth. This product is not tested on any animals, thus cruelty-free. Susan Russ from the USA said that she has paper-thin nails which are always prone to break. But after using this product, it had made her nails grow stronger without breaking. Apply dual coating for added benefits and use them twice a week. You will see visible results within weeks of using it. 

Bestseller (lists)

Ellie Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Nail Polish Treatment With Horsetail Grass Extract, 0.5 Fl oz - No Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP - Can Be Used as Base Coat or Top Coat Beauty

  • No formaldehyde, toluene or DBP
  • Works great on nails that break, crack, chip, split and have no flexibility
  • Specialized formula conditions, strengthens & hardens nails while also promoting nail growth.
  • Helps normalize the natural nail plate so nails grow longer & stronger
  • Horsetail is rich in nutrients & high in silica to promote strong healthy nails.
  • Use as basecoat, topcoat or alone as a nail treatment
  • 0.5 Fl oz Made in U... Read More

7. Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2, Nail Strengthener

Sometimes, intensive therapy is what your nails need to make them grow stronger and breakage-free. Nail Tek intensive therapy is the proper treatment for nails, from regular nails to weak and damaged nails. The protein formula in this nail hardener promotes your nail with flexibility and nourishment to grow naturally. If you have normal hair and want them to look good, add two thin coats for maximum shine. This formula contains calcium that makes your nail grow stronger and thicker. Just apply them evenly on your nails and watch them do the magic. 

This nail hardener is a "go to" product for beauticians. If you are a makeup lover, then this product is a must-have in your makeup kit. All the products of Nail Tek are cruelty-free and made with the best natural ingredients to give you the best results. Now and then, your fingernail may break. If you want a more extended fingernail to do your dream manicure, you need the right kind of nail hardener for the job. And that is what this Nail Tek intensive therapy does. It makes your nails strong and helps them grow longer. 

Bestseller (lists)

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2, Nail Strengthener for Soft and Peeling Nails, 0.5 oz x 1-Pack Nail Strengthening Products Beauty & Personal Care

  • Hail to the nail strengthener for soft, thin, peeling nails! Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 has a unique protein formulation that seals the layers of the nail together while improving weak, thin, soft or peeling nails. It reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.
  • Promote healthy nails! Perfect nail treatment to prevent damaging, peeling, or breaking your nails. This nail treatment ensures top-tier effectiveness which promotes firm stronger nails that you ca... Read More

8. Prolana Nail Optimizer One-Step Multi Use Nail Fortifier, Nail Hardener

Nail Optimizer by Prolana is the one-stop solution for your weak nail problems. This nail hardener is clinically proven to give effective results and helps you to grow strong and healthy nails. The protein and calcium combination on this nail hardener will nourish your nails and help your nail grow naturally. If used regularly, you can say goodbye to splitting, peeling, and weak nails. Use this nail hardener on clean and dry nails and remove all the nail optimizers after a week. Repeat this process for two to three weeks for the best results. Once your nail strength improves, apply them every day for nail protection. 

Use this nail hardener as a base coat for a manicure for effective results. With twenty years of experience in the nail industry, Prolana surely knows the best way to treat weak nails. This is a 100% vegan product and does not test on animals. It does not have DBP or Toluene, which are harmful to your nails. But this product does contain formaldehyde in a small dosage. It provides you with shiny nails, and the formula instantly dries on your nails. Nobody likes when their nails break after you spend days growing them for a perfect manicure. That is why you need to choose a suitable nail hardener to protect them from breakage. 

Bestseller (lists)

Prolana Nail Optimizer One-Step Multi Use Nail Fortifier, Nail Hardener, Nail Strengthener - Optimum Strength Nail Treatment (Refill Size) 4 oz/ 120 ml Nail Strengthening Products Beauty

  • Enriched Nail Hardener Formula That Contains Protein and Calcium to Grow Healthy Nails, Strong Nails, and Flexible Nails
  • Repairs thin nails, cracked nails, and peeling nails with regular use. Nail Optimizer is recommended with regular manicure application as a base coat.
  • Provides a high shine finishing with instant dry time.
  • Does NOT contain Toluene or DBP. Contains Formaldehyde at a minimal dosage
  • Refill Size for longer lasting dosage ... Read More

9. ella+mila Nail Care, Nail Strengthener 

Vitamin E gives your nails strength and helps them grow harder. Ella+mila nail hardener treats your nails gently and keeps them nourished for solid growth. This nail hardener does not contain any formaldehyde or Toluene, and other harsh chemicals that will be harmful to your nail. This is suitable even for weaker nails that are prone to splitting and damaging. There are a lot of trendy color options from Ella+mila nail care which promises you pretty nails. They come in different sizes, and they are safe to use on your nails. They quickly dry out on your nails, which makes the nail hardening process much more manageable. 

Apply a single-layer coat on your clean, dry nails. Leave them for seven days and remove them using non-acetone remover. Repeat this process for another week. And once you finish the two-week mark, apply this nail hardener every other day. This is not only extremely safe but also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which means they have never been tested on innocent animals. This product is certified by animal rights organization PETA and made specially in the USA. Kristen McCauley from the US said that this nail hardener smells incredible and hasn't been chipped one bit. 

Bestseller (lists)

ella+mila "First Aid Kiss" | Nail Strengthener & Growth Treatment | Stops Peeling, Cracking & Splitting | Repair Weak, Brittle, Thin & Damaged Nails | Contains Vitamin E Beauty & Personal Care

  • First Aid Kiss (nail strengthener and growth formula)
  • Products do not contain: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP)
  • Vegan & Animal cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA
  • ella+mila polishes are certified by PETA! ... Read More

10. Sally Hansen - Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish, Hardener

This is the second Sally Hansen product on our list and a gentle nail hardener for your soft and weak nails. Good Kind Pure nail strengthener is a purely plant-based product that makes your nails firmer and radiant. They are free from sixteen harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, acetone, and xylene, etc. They not only protect your nails from breakage. This nail hardener also improve your nail's looks and seal fragile nails. They don't compromise on the quality, and all the ingredients are plant-based which gives your nails the natural strength it needs. There are more than thirty color options available, so choose your favorite color. 

Use this nail hardener as a topcoat for radiant nails. The key natural ingredients are corn, potato, sugarcane, and wheat. They also have a 100% vegan brush, which is made from castor bean oil. They work very well on hard and soft nails and give you a perfect look you wish to achieve. This nail hardener is a 100% vegan product from their formula to their packaging. Jess from the United States said that with just two coats, she achieved the desired color. Since it contains acrylates, people who are allergic to it should be warned. It gives you excellent results, and a little goes a long way. 

Bestseller (lists)

Sally Hansen - Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish, Hardener Beauty & Personal Care

  • GOOD.KIND.PURE.: Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Hardener makes nails more radiant and healthy-looking
  • NATURE IN A BOTTLE: Natural, plant-based, and 100% vegan
  • 16-free: No formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, xylene, acetone, phthalates, camphor, parabens, ethyl tosylamide, or triphenyl phosphate
  • CLEAN BEAUTY: Improves the look of ridges and imperfections, while sealing fragile nails
  • NO COMPROMISE: Easy application with 100% natural, plant-based... Read More

11. duri Rejuvacote 1 Original Maximum Strength Nail Growth System

Duri Rejuvacote is the intense nail treatment your weak and brittle nail needs now. This nail hardener creates a shield over your nail to protect them from breaking and helps them to grow faster and longer. They seal the naturally produced collagen and fatty acids in your nails to help them grow naturally. For your nails to grow stronger and sustain any breakages, they need to be flexible and pliable. This nail hardener gives your nails the required flexibility to sustain damages. The critical nutrient formulas in this product are hydrolyzed wheat protein, keratin, calcium, and hydrolyzed soy protein. You can see positive improvements just after two to three weeks of use. 

We all use our hands to do the work for most of the day. We work, clean, and do our dishes, and little by little, it leads to weakened nails. So to save our pins from chipping and breaking, we need the right kind of formula that keeps our nails healthy and breakage-free. You can use this with the nail polish or use them as a standalone product. Use them for about three to four weeks for best results. The calcium and protein in this formula will stimulate natural nail growth and keep them healthy. There are tons of very positive reviews with 4.6/5 ratings. Our advice is, please do not peel off this nail hardener without any nail polish remover. You will be delighted with the results, and you will be glad that you came across this product. 

Bestseller (lists)

duri Rejuvacote 1 Original Maximum Strength Nail Growth System Base, Top Coat - Treatment, Nail Repair Beauty

  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENTATION : Rejuvacote 1 original maximum strength nail strengthening formula was designed by our in-house chemists to help clients with problem nails, nails that do not grow due to exposure to outside elements and nails affected by acrylics and gels
  • ADVANTAGE : This amazing base and top coat nail growth system is enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed soy protein and calcium to stimulate healthy nail growth
  • FEATURES : Creates a protective layer ove... Read More


Your nails might need occasional support for solid growth, and use any nail hardener mentioned above for help. The best way to select a suitable nail hardener is to check whether it is clinically proven or not so that you won't waste your penny on ingredients that won't work. The next thing to look for in your nail strengthener is whether it has the right kind of ingredients, making your nails stronger. The key elements are calcium and protein, which make your nails naturally stronger. Even after all these product descriptions, you still might have doubts like "Does nail strengthener actually work?". Absolutely yes, but it works only if you use them correctly. Experts suggest that you should use these nail hardeners once every week for positive results. With the help of the products on our list, you can say goodbye to your weak nails.

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