Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes

When it comes to nail polishes, they are made with many chemicals, which in some chemicals would be toxic and allergic to the skin. If you don't consider chemicals and apply them to your nails, which may cause harmful effects on the human body. This is because you must have to pay attention to the ingredients that are added to the nail polishes. However, there are many brands that still have less hazardous chemicals in their ingredient lists, which are bio-based and eco-friendly. On this page, we are going to review such nontoxic nail polishes.

They have been into the market after going through many research. The company ensures that they are safe for the human body. Most nail polish brands on the market have common components with a few differences. Thus, we advise you to be aware of toxic chemicals while purchasing nail polishes. Here are a few toxic chemicals explained below for your reference. Read the entire article for more information.

Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish:

The Argan Oil formulated Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail polish enhances and furnishes your nails. The enduring capacity presents in Sally Hansen nourishes the nails resulting in healthier nails and cuticles while restoring and rejuvenating. It comes with 40 ravishing shades, which are suitable for all seasons.

O.P.I Infinite Shine2 Long-Wear Lacquer:

The O.P.I. Infinite Shine2 Long-Wear Lacquer offers you a magnificent look on your nails. It has a lustrous finish. The Pro-Stay technology used in O.P.I offers you a smooth and silky look that will sustain up to 11 days.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish:

CND Vinylux is fully loaded with Vitamin E, Keratin and Jojoba oil which is beneficial for nails and also enhances the beauty of nails. It delivers week long wear of fresh, flawless color without chipping. Topcoat toughens over time with exposure to natural light, creating time-released durability. Usually, it will last up to 7 days without losing its color.

Ambition Yulyna Candy Nail Polish Set:

Ambition Yulyna Candy set consists of 12 bottles in different colors. The affluent color of this nail polish allows you to adapt to any occasion. This is harmless and eco-friendly. Also, the unique formula makes it quickly dry in about 60 seconds without lamp baking. Due to its enduring capacity, it will not fade off easily and gives you an efficient look with a single swipe.

Ownest My-Dance Nail Lacquer Set:

This nail polish set contains six beautiful and exquisite color that offers you a mist like Matte finish on your nails to attract attention on any occasion. All shades of this set have a long-enduring capacity. Some of the natural adhesive used in this formulation makes this nail polish harmless and also makes the nail polish thinner and more breathable. You can get a glossy look effortlessly.

Wet n Wild Fast Dry A.F. Nail Color :

As the name specifies, Wet n Wild fast dry nail color dries super-fast in just 40 seconds which is perfect when you are in a hurry. You only need a single coat that will give you the best coverage, and it can last up to 5 days. This contains ingredients rich in calcium which helps to enhance the nails and is also safe for the skin. Wet n Wild gives your nails a professional finish.

 Lokar Maxine Matte Nail Polish Set:

This set of nail polishes contains six different colors, which will give you a Matte finish. The range has everything from pastels to violet and pinks. The high-quality ingredients used here let the nails to breathe, which will assure the health of the nails. This easily applicable nail polish only needs one swipe, and it will flow smoothly on your nails and gives you an ample look.

 Golden Rose Wow! Nail Color Set:

The shades of Golden Rose Wow create an ultra-shiny and lustrous look on your nails that gives you a salon-like effect. It has wide bristles, which provides you with a one-stroke application with its good drying time and shine effect formula. The main characteristics of the Golden Rose Wow are their endurance and fade-proof quality. This nail set is perfect gift for all occasions.

Eternal Nail Enamel:

Eternal Nail Enamel contains a set of four Nail Polishes that makes your nail look elegant. This nude shade set elevates your nail look, and that will match anything you wear. Some of the Colorant used here provide you with high coverage and a glazed finish. These nail enamels are long-lasting, crack-free and advisable for all kinds of nails. Eternal Nail enamel is harmless and cruelty-free so that it secures your nails from any disruption.

 Essie Gel Couture Nail Color:

This Glossy Nail polish provides flawless coverage and outstanding durability. Exclusive Contour brush comes with this package that fits every nail size for clear-cut application all over the nails. The formulation used in this nail polish possesses a glossy look, and it dries super-fast. It can be removed easily with any kind of remover.

Buying Guide - Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes

Active Ingredients

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): This is one of the common chemicals present in most nail polishes. DBP has been used as an additive ingredient in nail polishes to prevent nails from cracking. In doubt, there have been many medical experiments conducted on this chemical and found that it may cause damage to organs and the reproductive system of the body. Since the experiment was conducted on animals, when it's used by humans, it may cause similar effects on humans as well. Therefore, many countries banned the usage of DBP in FMCG products. This is because it is advisable not to use it on nail polishes.

Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde resins: It is the most commonly used chemical in nail polishes since it has preservative and hardener aspects. In simple words, it makes the nail polish stay for a longer period. In other words, it increases nail polish durability. Though it is one of the components of the human body, it doesn't pose a threat due to its negligible presence. However, it has been added a higher proportion to the nail polishes, which would be harmful to the human body and could cause cancer, asthma, convulsion and nausea. Skin allergies are major side effects of these chemicals when used high. However, if it's used optimal, these are safe for humans. So, many companies are producing nail polishes keeping in this mind that such are safe for the skin and body as well.


As a nail polish lover, you will always prefer nail polish with flawless for doing both pedicures and manicures. Toluene is one of the chemicals that has been used to deliver the result of flawless tone. Anyhow, gases emitting out of toluene pose a threat to humans. They may cause some damage to the human body, such as neurological damage, nausea, breathing and hearing difficulties. This is because you'll have to consider this chemical proportion before purchasing the nail polishes. Still, there are many toxic chemicals such as Camphor, xylene and triphenyl phosphate (TPHP). You should avoid purchasing nail polishes with such chemicals.


Choosing nail polish color would be a daunting task nowadays since there are many colors available on the market right now. However, these colors seem to vary from brand to brand originally. There are varied shades of a particular color available in the market, as pink isn't just pink. There are a few famous brands that are popular for their unique and attractive color options, such as glam pink, big apple red etc. So be appropriate while choosing the nail polish.

Note:  It is recommended to take the trail of a particular shade using a test sample as these colors tend to look different in the real world due to differences in lighting. Above mentioned details have to be taken into account while choosing a nail polish brand. The health of the nails and the well-being of the body shouldn't be compromised, which requires paying close attention to the details provided in the nail polish package. For your next perfect manicure, it is advised to consider the explained details while selecting a particular nail polish brand.


Durability is one of the chemicals you should consider before purchasing nail polishes. The chemicals that above explained tend to last for up to 14 days or more without chipping. Nail polishes become safer without these chemicals' presence, but it comes at a price of durability. Still, many other brands offer nail polishes safer without compromising their durability. Such brand nail polishes may last for up to one week. Therefore, choose nail polishes that are safe for the body and durable at the same time.


A strong odor can make most humans feel dizzy, suffocated and have headaches. Harmful chemicals in nail polishes can create an odor that spoils the atmosphere. Hence it is advisable to choose a nail polish with mild or no smell.


We hope you've found the one which you have looked for long. Since they are many reputable brands, you can buy them without any fear. Apart from that, the listed are free from toxic chemicals like parabens, so it is safer for your skin. However, we advise you consider the important factors before selecting the best nail polishes. If you want to enjoy the result for longer, durability is important. Select the best option by keeping all these minds. Place the order now on eCommerce sites and enjoy the best deals.

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