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If you get a chance to explore a women’s bag, the first thing you pick up the front rack is a “Lipstick.” The universal fact that we can’t deny is the “Women are obsessed with lipsticks”. There is an indescribable bond between beauty and lipstick. But, there is a small crack in it. Lipsticks are meant to fade as time passes by. So, women are often worried about that. And also, these lipsticks might cause some side effects when swallowed accidently. Many brands have come up with better solutions by introducing a variety of lipstick with advanced features. Let’s enter into the colorful world of lipsticks.

Top Lipsticks available on the market

1. Maybelline New York Creamy lipstick for matte finish



Looking for a lipstick that can maintain the moisture on the lips? Maybelline has brought you a unique velvety finish matte lipstick. The infused ingredients like honey nectar provide moisture and keep the lips away from getting dry. This creamy matte finish lipstick is available in 30 different shades ranging from nudes to dark red. The lipstick shade consistency gives a smudge-free look and carries your beauty throughout the day.


  1. Affordable price
  2. Recommended for dry lips 


  1. Two or three coats are necessary for a fine finish

2. Lakme Absolute Argan oil lip color

Worried about the fading of the lipstick? No more worries, the Lakme Forever’s longlasting formula gives a fresh matte finish for about 16 hours. You will observe a stunning appearance once you put on this lipstick. The highlight of this product has the high-resolution color that can add extra beauty that can enhance the overall beauty of the lips. Thus, you gain self-confidence to communicate with people. The super-compact lipstick is easy to carry anywhere


  1. Gives elegance you expect
  2. The super smooth texture of the lipstick is easy to apply
  3. The natural argan oil extract will prevent the lips from side effects
  4. The shiny finish gives a defined look to the lips
  5. Available in 15 shades


  1. Comes in lesser quantity compared to counterparts

3. Revlon Lipstick



Losing your self-confidence with darker lips? Use Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick is an apt one for you. The lightweight formula of the lipstick gives you extra shine and smoothness. Every day is perfect for you with this amazing product. You will be the talk of the town. The shiny reflecting liquid of this lipstick will give a radiant glow finish. The ingredients like Vitamin E and avocado oil keep the lips hydrated for up to 15 hours. 


  1. Silky smooth look
  2. Evenly spreads on the lips
  3. Your look is all set within seconds
  4. Lightweight Formula


  1. Color might vary while seeing through the naked eye

4. Wet’n Wild Liquid Matte Lipstick



If you are a person who likes to put on lightweight makeup, you can try out liquid matte lipstick from Wet n Wild. In addition, an amazon matte finish acquired with superior quality lipstick gives an elegant look to the face. You need to apply a little quantity on the lower lip and press against the upper lip. This technique never empties the lipstick, so you need not spend more expense on buying lipsticks often. The super hold formula of the lipstick retains the stain for about 15 hours or even more


  1. Affordable price
  2. Even rare shades like coral and peach are available
  3. Waterproof technology
  4. Nonsticky finish
  5. The solid texture gives a completely matte finish to the lips


  1. A little bit washes of after application

5. L’Oreal Paris Matte Liquid Lipstick

The brand L’Oreal has a separate fan base. This reputed company never fails to amaze us with its beauty products like creams, shampoos, and lipsticks. In fact, this lipstick has good attention among the people for its oil in water formula. The hand-picked ingredients give a longlasting matte finish. 


  1. The lightweight formula perfectly blends to the lips
  2. This well-known brand gives the product at an affordable price
  3. All the available shades can suit any skin tone


  1. This liquid lipstick takes time to dry
  2. The effectiveness won’t long last

6. Sugar Cosmetics Lipsticks

Looking for a lipstick that can work to meet all your expectations is the Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick. This superior quality of this product will give a drastic transformation to your dull lips. The water-resistant formula makes you truly comfortable while eating or drinking. Like shampoos, this lipstick is free from chemicals like parabens. To your satisfaction, this product has undergone laboratory tests to ensure no side effects.


  1. Water-resistant formula
  2. Free from parabens
  3. Compact and easy to carry
  4. Budget-friendly
  5. Smooth and shiny and recommended for daily use


  1. Due to its low moisture efficiency, apply lip balm for a glossy base.

7. NYX Full Throttle lipstick

Try to recreate a professional look makeup? NYX Full Throttle lipstick is the apt one for an amazing look. This product fills the uneven portion of your lips and delivers a stylish outcome within minutes. The waterproof technology employed in this lipstick will keep the lip stain throughout the party. 


  1. Easy to use
  2. Cruelty-free
  3. Transfer free


  1. Only limited shades are available

8. Christian Dior Addict Lacquer Stick 487 bubble


Use the high-quality lipstick from Christian Dior to get a dark, deep lip color with a single swipe. The vibrant lipsticks can take your look to the next level. A fine layer of this

Lipstick lasts for many hours. Gain your confidence level just by sliding down the new-generation lacquer lipstick. 


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Waterproof
  3. Bold colors


  1. Strong scent

9. YSL Tatougae Couture Matte Stain Lipstick



The matte finishing formula of the lipstick gives you a rich look. The lipstick stain lasts for at least eight hours. It is the reason why people approach this product. You will forget that you are wearing lipstick as it feels very light on your lips. In fact, matte lipsticks give a heavy look on the lips. But, YSL Tatougae Couture Matte stain lipstick feels very light on the lips. The product is extremely lightweight and gives a stain effect on the lips. There are about 28 shades available on the market.


  1. Transfer free
  2. Lightweight formula
  3. Ultra matte finish



10.  Peripheral Ink Airy Velvet Lipstick

 Do you like to have blurry lips? Try Peripheral Ink Airy Velvet lipstick for your expected lip texture. The high pigmentation formula of the product gives a smooth finish. If you are interested in light shades, put a single strike on the lips using this lipstick. On the other hand, apply two to three strikes for bold shades. It consists of elastomer, a chemical component that can fill the vertical lines on the lips and even tone. 

This product is transfer-free, and the stain can last for an extended period without any smudges. There are about eight different vibrant shades available on the market. 


  1. Gives a blurry look to the lips
  2. You can even use the lipstick shade to blush your cheeks
  3. Waterproof
  4. Non-Sticky



11. Firstfly nutritious moisturizing lipstick 

The highlight of the Firstfly moisturizing lipstick is the color-changing properties. The lipstick shade becomes light and dark based on the temperature of the body. The ingredients like beeswax, essential oil, and cocoa butter will moisturize and hydrate your skin. In addition to this, the extracts of olive oil, Vitamin E give waterproof properties to the lipstick. Firstfly longlasting nutritious lipstick can add glamour to your personality despite the location.


  1. Color changing properties
  2. Good moisturizing properties
  3. Longlasting and safe.


  1. Only limited shades are available

12. Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick


Are you obsessed with Korean products? Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick is a well-known brand for lipsticks in Korea. Generally, high pigmentation lipsticks look heavy on lips. But, this product has a lightweight formula but gives a dark stain on the lips. 

The creamy texture of the lipstick blends well with lips and keeps your lips hydrated for long hours. Most importantly, there are about 57 shades available in the market. You can never skip buying this brand for colors. This lipstick is extremely safe for use and can work well with other colors also. It looks too thin and gives a natural nude look on the lips.


  1. Thin texture
  2. A wide range of color shades are available
  3. Gradient look effect
  4. Transfer free
  5. Good hydrating properties



13. CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet Lipstick


A perfect product designed to follow the curvy lines of the lips is the CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet lipstick. Start filling the color by starting from the middle of the lips. Gradually, slide the lipstick to the corner of the mouth. This way gives an even finishing to the lips. 

The color may differ based on the skin type. This product features a chroming effect that delivers a bright color with a single swipe. 

There are about ten different shades available in the market. All of them give only a matte and velvety look.


  1. Chroming effect
  2. Gives a stylish finish
  3. Highly pigmented matte lipstick


  1. This brand’s lipsticks offer an only matte finish

14. BOM Orange shade Korean beauty lipstick



An original Korean-made lipstick, BOM ( Beauty Of Majesty), stands as the No 1 brand in the cosmetics category. People prefer to try all the available colors for its ingredients. We all know how healthy Korean products are. Natural ingredients like Apricot seed oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil adds beauty to the lips. 

Apricot seed oil is well known for its moisturizing properties. In contrast, the other two ingredients keep the lips so lively and energetic. 

About seven different shades of BOM lipsticks are available. Each shade has unique health properties. For example, the orange color gives a bright and youthful appearance, whereas the red color offers a high pigmentation stain on the lips. 


  1. Longlasting for 24 hours
  2. Maintains the hydration level on the lips
  3. 100% natural ingredients



15. Holika Holika- Heartful melting Cream Lipstick



Holika Holika- Heartful melting cream Lipstick is nonsticky and longlasting. Before applying this lipstick, put an outline using a lipliner. After that, fill the lipstick in the gap to get a classy look. Since the texture of the lipstick is creamy, it might not give a defined shape. There are two versions available; one is the melting version, and the other is the Chiffon version.

If you like to get glossy shiny lips, opt for a melting version. In contrast, if you want a matte finish, stick to the chiffon version. 


  1. Lustrous look on the lips
  2. Natural moisturizing formula
  3. Two versions are available (melting and chiffon version)
  4. Brightening effect



  Types of lipsticks

You might have repeatedly came across the words like matte, gloss etc. Actually what does it mean? Do it suit your face?  You will find an answer to all these questions after reading the section given below

Gloss lipsticks

Glossy lipsticks adds shine to your lips. Even a little quantity adds more glow to your lips

Liquid lipsticks

This lipstick is accompanied by a brush that helps in better swiping over the lips. Fill the lips using a liquid lipsticks after giving a outline to your lips.

Matte lipstick

Although lips shaded with matte lips gives a non shiny look, it nevr fails to enhance the overall face beauty.



Top 10 factors to be considered before buying a Lipstick

Women are never satisfied with lipsticks. Although they have plenty of lip shades, their eyes still waver for new shades. Every girl who uses only a little makeup never fails to swipe a coat of lipstick before attending any functions. Often, women end up picking the same lip shades.

Some factors must be considered while buying lipsticks

Skin tone

Always try to match the lipstick and the skin tone. Some shades work well with a dark and light complexion. In contrast, some shades doesn’t suits your skin tone. So it is very important to do a patch test before buying the lipstick.


It is not a wise decision to spend lavishly on lipsticks. It is better to keep the budget in mind before selecting the lipstick. These products must be worth buying. We cannot assure you that only quality lipstick is tagged with a high price. 


There is a wide range of brands for lipsticks. As with the brands, the price also varies. If you are so much concerned about safety, buy lipstick from a well-known brand.  

Date of expiry

Every product has an expiry date. Most of the people are less aware of checking out the expiry date of cosmetics. It is commonly misunderstood that cosmetics can be used till the bottle gets empty. But in reality, all cosmetics products have an expiry date. If you flip up the lipstick case, you see a 24M format indicating the number of months valid to use the product.

Patch test

Buying lipstick for the sake that you like the shade is completely wrong. You must strike a thick line on your palm to know whether the lipstick matches your skin tone. Otherwise, you can only showcase the lipstick.


Lipsticks are available in many forms like liquid, glossy and matte. You can change the liquid lipstick to matte in summer. Moreover, it’s up to you to decide which suits the best for your face.


Local lipstick vendors often claim that their brand is the best one. Don’t fool yourself by buying those products. Think, you buy lipstick to cover your dark lips. So the point is, when you apply low-grade products, it even darkens your lips. Trust the quality always.

Online purchase

 When you are ready to purchase the lipstick online, read out the reviews first. These reviews help you a lot to identify the quality of the lipsticks. An important point to note here is, the shade may slightly vary from the shade depicted in the picture.

Don’t buy similar shades

The human mind often ends up picking the same shades. So, open your makeup box and take all your lip shades. While buying a new one, choose a color you don’t have.


 Don’t go for any lipstick that contains harmful ingredients. There is a risk of losing the natural soft texture of the lips. Make sure that your chosen lipstick is paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

How to apply lipsticks without a flaw

 We have come to the much-awaited section of the article. Is choosing lipstick alone can enhance your beauty? Does it make sense? Your skill matrix is based on the knack you apply the lip shades without any flaws. The lipstick case only has the brand name and manufacture date, not the tutorial on how to apply. 

Read out the steps below and follow the steps to get an elegant look.

Prepare your lips

 First of all, you must prepare your lip for absorbing the stain from the lips. Gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush and boost the hydration level on the lips using a lip balm. We recommend using a lip primer to avoid fading the lip stain.

Apply a base

Ensure that the lip stain does not penetrate deep into the lips. So, it is always safe to apply a concealer that matches your lip color. Spread the concealer using a brush to get an even tone. After that, apply some compact powder over the concealer shade to avoid smudging.

Mark “X” on the lips

Get a lip liner and strike down the line from the highest point of the lips to the base. Follow the same step from another highest point. Now, you see an “X “on your lips. 

Define bottom lip

Now, you see that the “X” lies exactly above the bottom lips. Use a lipliner to highlight the margin of the bottom lips. 

Draw “V “shapes

 Draw a “V” shape at each corner of the lips to connect the edges of the top and bottom lips.

Fill your lips

After connecting all the lines, you get a defined outline on your lips. Now, fill the area using lipstick. Finally, you can press your top lip against the bottom to spread evenly.



Although lipstick enhances your personality and self-confidence, they have certain side effects too. So, it is very important to choose the best brand free from harmful chemicals and elements. Always have some basic knowledge of the product you purchase. In that case, we hope that you have gained some information about the lipsticks through our article. We have classified the lipstick based on the available form. You know better what to choose and what no to. Always remember, choosing the wrong brand can give the worst result. A good brand of lipstick will only highlight the natural lips and not make you sick. Choose wisely and be the star among the crowd. 



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