Best Korean Sunscreen

Are you scared of going out in the scorching sun? Many people hide their skin using umbrellas, gloves, cloth, etc. It is time to say goodbye to all the accessories. Walk or drive freely and confidently with a heat protectant sunscreen. Korean skincare products are known for their natural ingredients. Here are the best Korean sunscreens to shield your precious skin from excessive heat exposure. 

Who needs sunscreen?

 Sunscreen is recommended for daily use. There is a myth stating that people with dark complexion don't need melanin. They have melanin enrichment. But melanin can't save the skin from UVA rays. This cream also protects the body from skin-related issues like skin cancer, tans, wrinkles, fi ne lines, and dehydration. 

We strictly do not recommend sunscreens for babies below age one. Their sensitive skin might react to the chemicals of the sunscreen.  

Top 10 Korean Sunscreens in market

1. Etude House mild finish sunscreen lotion SPF50+ / PA +++

It is one of the top-rated sunscreens available in the market. This formulated cream easily absorbs into the skin and keeps your skin nourished. The main ingredient hyaluronic acid, boosts the moisture level, thereby giving a plumpy look to the skin. The perfect blend of lemon, aloe, and extracts of sunflower seeds gives a youthful appearance to the skin


  1. Cruelty-free
  2. Free from harmful chemicals like paraben



       1. Not recommended for sensitive skin

        2. The alcohol percentage is considerably high

Bestseller (lists)

ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ / PA+++ | Sebum-free, Non-Sticky, Long Lasting Protection, 100% Mineral Based Sunscreen | Kbeauty Beauty

  • SEBUM-FREE, NON-STICKY SUNSCREEN. This is a sun milk that softly blocks the ultraviolet rays without worrying about white cast for a long time
  • MILD AND SAFE. Contains 100% mineral ingredients for gentle use on sensitive skin
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS TO MAKE YOUR SKIN HEALTHIER (LESS SUSCEPTIBLE TO SUNLIGHT): Sunprise Mild Airy Finish contains 20 plant ingredients: Carex Humillis Root Extract & Sunflower seeds for UV protection effect, Acerola (Barbados Cherry) + Acai Berry fo... Read More

2. APIEU Sun cream for daily use SPF45/ PA+++

Do you think only UV rays can damage your skin? It is wrong. There are other factors like pollution that might be very harmful to the skin. Doesn't it sound good if your sunscreen contains protecting properties from both UV rays and pollution? A'PIEU sun cream is one of the dual-tasking sun creams you're looking for. This product will keep your skin hydrated for an extended period. It leaves no residue so that you can put on the makeup comfortably. We recommend this product for sensitive skin and dark skin.


  1. No residues are left 
  2. Good for sensitive skin
  3. Nourishes the skin


  1. Strong fragrance

Bestseller (lists)

A'PIEU Pure Block Daily Sunscreen Cream SPF45/PA+++ 1.69 fl oz (50ml) | Non-Greasy No White Cast Korean Sunscreen for Face Beauty

  • SPF 45 / PA+++ SUN PROTECTION: Protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • NON-STICKY, NON-GREASY & NO WHITE CAST: Our fast-absorbing formula has a dewy & refreshing finish perfect for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, ALL-DAY FORMULA: You can wear it indoors or outdoors, and on bare skin or under makeup.
  • HYDRATING SUNSCREEN: Korean sunscreen wears like a moisturizer or cream while providing all the benefits of traditi... Read More

3. COSRX Soothing aloe vera sunscreen cream

People will pick the product without a second choice if it contains Aloe vera. The extracts of aloe vera are typical healing ingredients for the skin. The COSRX Soothing sunscreen contains this natural ingredient to soothe the irritation caused by the UV rays. This product shows the best result on sensitive skin and can bend with other makeup products. It gives a matte finish and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. 


  1. Perfectly blend with all makeup products
  2. Lightweight formula
  3. Good soothing effect


  1. Contains some percentage of alcohol

Bestseller (lists)

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++, 50ml Beauty

  • Sun-moisturizer: The aloe soothing sun cream is similar to a light moisturizer, unlike other sunblocks that leave the skin dry and stripped.
  • Key Ingredient: Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract - soothes and moisturizes skin at the same time.
  • Texture: With Lightweight and moisturizing texture, the sun cream absorbed into the skin fast without feeling greasy or leaving a white cast.
  • How to Use: (1) Apply a generous amount on over face 30 minutes before sun exposure. (2) Re... Read More

4. IOPE Super Vital cushion Sunscreen compact powder

One of the best compact powders that work excellent as a heat shielder is the IOPE Super Vital cushion sunscreen compact powder. The extract of the golden plant contains high antioxidant properties and makes your skin glow in the sunlight. The coverage components included in the compact powder evenly disperse the moisture on the skin. In parallel, it also gives a perfect shiny coat to the skin by covering up the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. 

Ingredients like golden pearls with high mineral content and oils gives a long-lasting glow to the skin.


  1. Antioxidant-rich properties
  2. Blocks fine dust
  3. It contains Butylene glycol for moisturizing effects
  4. Adds brightness to the skin


  1. Doesn't suits oily skin
  2. Not recommended for sensitive skin too

Bestseller (lists)

IOPE SUPER VITAL CUSHION SPF 50+, PA+++ 16g X 2 (#23 Beige) Beauty & Personal Care

  • Strong coverage cushion that creates flawless skin with firmer and tighter appearance.
  • Anti-aging cushion to restore the elastic radiance of the skin It contains Bio-glycan component from IOPE Super Vital Line, and deeply nourishes the skin and boosts the elasticity and radiance of the skin, and helps the skin to stay healthy by antioxidant action of the gold plant complex.
  • Covers skin flaws perfectly without fine wrinkles, freckles and blemishes In order to increase the cov... Read More

5. BANILA CO UV protection sunscreen Primer

The only skin primer that can perform 3 in 1 action formula (boosts water+moisturize+ condition) to protect the skin from the attack of UV rays is the BANILA CO UV protection sunscreen Primer. The lightweight formula of the primer resists the natural texture of the skin. In addition to this, the product is also known for its healing properties. The formulated blend of white flowers will prevent the skin from any environmental attack. You can blend this primer with a foundation for a better look. This product is free from harmful chemicals like paraben, mineral oil, sulfates, and Phthalates.


  1. Lightweight formula
  2. Works well with other makeup products


  1. High price
  2. Doesn't support controlling sebum production

Bestseller (lists)

BANILA CO Prime Primer Sun SPF 50+ PA+++, UV protection, daily makeup base, Sunscreen, Sunblock, All skin types, 30ml Beauty & Personal Care

  • This hybrid skin primer contains moisturizing emulsion ingredients to boost + moisturize + condition while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Prolongs and enhances the look of makeup, this lightweight multi-functional primer reduces the appearance of wrinkles, refines your skin texture with formulations with sebum control powder and emulsion properties.
  • Formulated with white flower complex to help protect skin from external environmental stressors. WITHOUT Paraben, S... Read More

6. Face shop moisturizing sunscreen for UV protection

Do you know that SPF(Sun Protection Factor) plays a vital role in determining the efficiency of sunscreen? A sunscreen with a high SPF level is the Face shop moisturizing sunscreen. This product can give good protection to the skin from the Ultra violet rays. It is also highly recommended for oily skin to control the excessive oil on the face and provide a matte finish. Importantly, the ingredients like chia seeds and cotton supply continuous moisture to the skin. 

The packaging is so satisfying and easy to use. You find no difficulties in taking this product wherever you go.


  1. Matte finish
  2. Maintains the hydration level
  3. Good packaging


  1. It doesn't suit dry skin

Bestseller (lists)

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 1.69 fl. oz. Beauty & Personal Care

  • This versatile sun cream protects the skin from both UVA and UVB and works as a mattifying and pore smoothing primer.
  • Formulated with extracts of sebum absorbing Cotton Seed and Chia Seed, which is known to carry up to 10 times its weight in moisture, it hydrates and absorbs excess shine at the same time.
  • SPF40 ... Read More

7. MISSHA Soft finish sunscreen lotion

Are you looking for a sunscreen that can give you a glossy look? Use MISSHA Soft finish powered sunscreen lotion for hiding the fine lines and the facial blemishes. 

The extracts of Althaea Rosea flower root acts as a moisturizer barrier. The other ingredients like Helichrysum flower water soothe the skin. Please note that applying this powder makes your skin pinkish. So, if you want a natural appearance, better look for some other products.


  1. Non-Greasy
  2. Waterproof
  3. Lightweight formula


  1. Stearic acid is included
  2. Skin tone becomes pinkish

Bestseller (lists)

All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+/PA+++ 70ml - more mild and powerful sun milk that is good for daily use without leaving any oily residue Beauty

  • Double Layer UV Blocking System Holds Up to Water and Sweat - New Double Layer UV Blocking System provides long-lasting and impenetrable UV protection, even as the humidity rises
  • Silky Porous Powder Creates a Smooth Base
  • Corrects Skin's Natural Tone and Texture ... Read More

8. Earth's Recipe Sunscreen gel

Are you searching for a moisturizing sunscreen gel? The lightweight formula of the Earth's Recipe Sunscreen gel has good absorbing properties. The infused ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and supply all the essential nutrients. This product will prevent the skin from premature aging.


  1. High hydrating power
  2. Lightweight formula
  3. Contains Britain's Harrogate sparkling water


  1. It might clog the pores (comedogenic)
  2. Not suitable for oily skin

Bestseller (lists)

Earth's Recipe Waterful Sun Gel 50ml SPF 50+ PA+++ Facial Sunscreen with S.Pellegrino Sparkling Water Rich Watery Essence Broad Spectrum Moisturizing Sunblock Oil-Free Light Aqua Fragrance Non-Tinted Beauty

  • ✔️ THE PERFECT SUNSCREEN TO WEAR UNDER MAKEUP - Most sunscreens are thick and heavy, blocking pores and inhibiting breathability. Waterful Sun Gel has been testified by thousands of ACTUAL users and influencers of its amazing serum-like and weightless fresh appliance. Your skin will be safely protected from harmful UVA UVB rays and you won’t even notice the cream on your skin!
  • ✔️ LIGHT AND FRESH SUNSCREEN - Another huge pain with sunscreens is the white cast they leave b... Read More

9. Dr.Jart+ Everyday sunscreen fluid

No one likes aging. We strongly recommend you to use Dr.Jart+ everyday sunscreen fluid for anti-aging effects. The five main ingredients involved in the product protects the skin from harmful sun rays and stimulate hydration. This product moisturizes well and gives a youthful appearance to the skin. 

Dr.Jart + everyday sunscreen lotion has a shield made of cations that can repel the dust settling down on the skin. In simple words. This sunscreen lotion acts as a non-comedogenic moisturizer.


  1. Anti-aging properties
  2. Good moisturizing properties
  3. Oppose fine dust from deposition


  1. Not recommended for oily skin

Bestseller (lists)

Dr.Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Sun Fluid Broad Beauty

  • A sunscreen with a fresh feeling that protects from UV rays and fine dust.
  • This formula provides powerful sun protection and a cationic shield that blocks fine dust to protect the skin. By utilizing the characteristics of magnets that repel each other, it is designed to have the same electrical charge as fine dust in order to form a protective skin barrier.
  • Cypress water and seaweed extract purify the skin while soothing and moisturizing. The liquid gel formulation is moist ... Read More

10. Neogen Day-light sunscreen protection lotion

Are you looking for a sunscreen that can give maximum protection to the skin? The Sun Protection Factor strikes high for Neogen daylight protection lotion. The SPF is high as 50. The lightweight formula will easily blend on the face and give a soothing effect. The infused rose and raspberry extracts highly nourish the skin and can create wonders on dry skin. 


  1. The highest SPF 50
  2. Free from silicones
  3. Moisturizing properties


  1. Not recommend for oily skin

Bestseller (lists)

DERMALOGY by NEOGENLAB UVA/UVB, SPF50+ Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen, Essence type, Ultra Light, 50ml / 1.69 oz (50ml / 1.69 oz, Day-Light Airy Sunscreen) Premium Beauty

11. 9Wishes nonsticky moisturizing sunscreen

 Are you tired of dealing with oily skin? You must take additional care while selecting Korean Sunscreen for oily skin because most sunscreen could pave the way for excess oil production. Only some sunscreen meant for oily skin can keep the oil in control. One such product that extremely nourishes the face and maintains oil production is the 9Wishes nonsticky moisturizing sunscreen. The ultra-light formula of the cream doesn't feel heavy when applied to the body. The cream easily gels with the skin, thereby giving a matte finish. The main ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba seed oil, and niacinamide soothe the skin and soften the skin's texture. Overall, the nonsticky moisturizing cream protects the skin from harmful sun rays.


  1. Nongreasy
  2. No white cast 
  3. Easy absorption
  4. Long-lasting nourishment


  1. Very thin texture of the cream

Bestseller (lists)

Non Greasy Sunscreen [9wishes] Sun Moisturizer SPF50+ PA+++ 1.7Fl. Oz 50ml Effective Sun Defense for Sensitive and Dry Skin - Chemical-Free & Natural Ingredients Beauty

  • Triple Functional Sunscreen : Effective Sun Defense SPF 50, Skin Moisturizer (Keep Skin Hydrated) and Soften Wrinkles.
  • Sun Defense SPF 50 and Skin Moisturizer : 9 wishes Sun Moisturizer provides highly effective SPF 50 UV protection. Antioxidant infused sunscreen for Men and Women helps protect skin and anti-aging effect.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract : Rich source of Antioxidant and Vitamin that help protect, soothe and moisturize skin.
  • Non-Greasy and Not-Sticky Sunscree... Read More

12. Innisfree Intensive 24/7 moisturizing sunscreen

Some sunscreen products lose their natural tendency to resist the sun's harmful rays. When sweat generates, the antioxidants will get washed out from the skin. So, you must carefully select water-resistant sunscreen lotions. Innisfree Intensive long-lasting moisturizing cream is designed for people who are involved in outdoor activities. The product comprises ingredients like the extracts of hazel leaf, citric acid, and camellia japonica leaf to calm the skin, thereby protecting the skin from UV rays effectively. Along with the sweat, it removes excessive oil production.


  1. Waterproof technology
  2. Velvety finish
  3. User friendly


  1. It comes in limited quantities

Currently, the above product is unavailable in amazon. Kindly refer to the link below for similar product

Bestseller (lists)

innisfree Aloe Vitalizing Soothing Gel Hydrating Face & Body Moisturizer Beauty & Personal Care

13. Make P: Rem UV shield sunscreen for face and body

If you want to retain the skin's natural texture even after hours of direct sunlight, you can try out the Make P: Rem UV shielding sunscreen. The extracts of Rubus Arcticus play the main role in improving the skin texture. The nonsticky formula of the cream maintains the moisture barrier on the skin. This product is that the cream is recommended for use all over the body since the active ingredients are harmless.  


  1. The ingredients are safe to use
  2. It suits well to all skin types
  3. Calming effect
  4. Skin barrier care


  1. A bit harsh while washing off the Sunscreen 

Bestseller (lists)

MAKEPREM Moisture Mineral Sun Cream UV Defense SPF 50+ PA++++ Reef-safe, Ocean Friendly Sunscreen Sunblock - 2.02 Fl Oz, UV Protection, Non-nano, Hybrid Sunscreen, 88% Hydrating Ingredients, Under Makeup Sunscreen Dry-Touch Non-Greasy, Korean Sunscreen Beauty

  • Hydrating Sunscreen Formula: The formula contains 88% hydrating ingredients and a blend of physical and chemical sunscreen for sun protection from both UVA and UVB (SPF 50+ PA++++).
  • It feels like a moisturizer as it provides so much and lasting hydration without white cast. Quickly absorbed into skin.
  • A perfect makeup base as it provides not only the sun protection but also a radiant glow over face for hours.
  • Perfect Under Makeup! Containing non-nano mineral filter... Read More

14. Dr. G Brightening Sunscreen

The skin of the people who roam outside gets tanned easily. Will you ever reject a product that can not only protect the skin from UV rays but also increase the brightness of the skin? Dr. G Brightening cream is the only product that has this 2 in 1 formula. The special SPF50 PA+ formula applied in this product keeps the skin clean and bright. 

It is nongreasy and prevents excess sebum production. The main function of the Dr. G Brightening cream is to mask the skin from pollution and add smoothness to the skin. The lightweight formula keeps your skin hydrated all time.  


  1. Brightening effects
  2. Keeps the sebum production in control
  3. Recommended for daily makeup



Bestseller (lists)

Dr G Brightening up Sun Cream SPF50 PA 1 69 fl oz 50 ml (Brightening Sun) Beauty

  • SPF50 PA 50ml
  • Antioxidant effect Skin tone improvement Sebum control
  • Outstanding sebum control without greasiness
  • A fresh and light finish
  • Prevention of redness by UV rays ... Read More

What is SPF?

 Sun Protection Factor or SPF determines the capability of the sunscreen that can effectively protect the skin from the harmful UVB or UVA rays. These UVB rays focus on damaging the epidermal region of the skin, whereas the UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause skin cancer. 

What is the right SPF value for you?

 You must look for SPF with a minimum value of 30. The higher value you go, the more protection your skin feels. If you stay indoors for a long period, you can use Sunscreen with SPF 15.

Use Korean Sunscreen to shield UVA, UVB rays, and oiliness.

Honestly, the products that come for the namesake from non-Korean countries are not up to the mark than Korean skin products. 

The Korean sunscreen products not only focus on UV shielding but also the SPF and PA(Protection Grade). Importantly, most Korean products are designed to protect only the UVB rays. But in reality, the UV rays are composed of UVA rays and UVB rays. What is the use of preventing only the UVB rays from attacking the skin? UVA rays are very dangerous.

Original Korean products never fail to filter out the UVA and UVB rays reaching the skin. An excessive heat exposure results in excessive sebum production. So, look for Korean products that are exclusively made to deal with oily skin. The lightweight consistency of the product makes the ingredients get quickly absorbed by the skin. In addition to this, the mild fragrance adds beauty to the product.

What is PA+++ in sunscreens?

Previously, we discussed the UVA and UVB rays. The SPF rating can protect your skin only from UVB rays. So, what about UVA rays? How to escape your skin from those harmful rays?  

Here are the PA ratings that show the effectiveness of the cream against the UVA rays. The term PA is accompanied by a "+" sign that denotes the protection level of the cream. Get a better clarification by understanding the points given below

  • The minimum protection level from UVA is PA+
  • Medium level UVA protection is PA++
  • High UVA protection leveL is PA+++
  • A very high level of protection against UVA is PA++++

How to choose a Korean sunscreen for oily skin

People prefer using Korean products for their excellent oil and moisture balance properties. Before choosing any Korean products, you must be familiar with SPF, UVB, UVA, and PA+ factors. Once you know the hidden benefits behind these terms, you can easily filter out the product you are searching for. 

We have discussed earlier the terms and their uses. Korean Sunscreen always labeled with these factors are good for the skin.

Consistency of the cream is the major factor to be considered while searching for Korean sunscreens. It plays a vital role in deciding whether the cream has good absorbing properties. When you use creamy or gel-type sunscreen, it can greatly keep the oil production in control. Using water-type sunscreens also works great for the skin.

Don't forget to check the waterproof technology in the product. The main reason for oil generating on the skin is due to sweat. This sweat mix-up up with oil can block the pores. 

Some of the sunscreens contain ingredients that might clog the pores. Use unclogging ingredients for oily skin to avoid oil accumulation in the pores. 

Prefer using sunscreen with ultra-lightweight formula as it gives a lighter and fresh feeling to the skin throughout the day.  

Factors considered before buying a Korean sunscreen

Don't fool your eyes just by purchasing the labeled products with "made in Korea." There are certain factors to be considered to differentiate the key functions you are looking for.

  1. Firstly, identify your skin type. It is a total waste of money if you buy dry skin sunscreen to remove oiliness. Moreover, a sunscreen that is right for your skin fetches your faster results.
  2. Next, check out the ingredients mentioned on the label. We hope that you might have gained some knowledge after reading the products listed in the article. You know the ingredients and their healing properties. So, we are sure that you will excel in choosing the best product.
  3. Now, search for the terms like SPF, PA+, etc. You are clear with these terms. Look for sunscreens having a minimum SPF 30 for better protection from Ultraviolet rays.
  4. The place where you work is also a factor. If you frequently step out of the house, you must go for water-resistant sunscreens.
  5. Suppose you are a person who puts sunscreen as a base for makeup. Stick to products that can easily blend with the makeup. We have mentioned some of the Korean sunscreen products that can work well with makeup.
  6. Last but not least, check the expiry date. People often forget to do this step. Skipping this step might show results exactly opposite to what you were expecting. 

When to apply sunscreen

  1.  Applying sunscreen just a minute before stepping out will not work. You must at least prepare your body to face the sunlight. So, use an hour before you go out. 
  2. You must reapply the sunscreen on the body if you are involved in activities that made your body sweat. Reapplying the sunscreen helps in supplying the washed away nutrients again into the skin.
  3. If you engage in outdoor activities, we recommend using sunscreen every 2 hours.

How to apply sunscreen? 

  1. Before squeezing the bottle, you must shake it as all the ingredients are accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. For easy use, prefer using a stick type or spray type sunscreen.
  2. Take enough quantity of sunscreen that covers the entire body. 
  3. Mask up all the areas that are prone to rays and pollution using sunscreen. Cover the important parts of the body like ears, shoulders, knees, and legs. 
  4. Spread the sunscreen throughout the body
  5. Take additional care while applying sunscreen around the eyes. 

Benefits of using a sunscreen

  1. A high-quality sunscreen protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  2. You need not fear the sun and worry about the premature aging look
  3. Maintains the hydration level for long hours
  4. Your skin's natural texture is restored

Risks caused by a sunscreen

Oily appearance

Sunscreen is recommended for daily use. But continuous usage might make your skin oily. But, you can easily get rid of this issue by choosing sunscreen specially designed for oily skin. Better use watery-type sunscreens.

Clogged pores

Sometimes, sunscreen causes acne. So, opt for sunscreens that can prevent acne or breakouts


 The sunscreen gives effective results only if you apply an hour before your routine activities.

Seasonal use

 Sunscreen is not only meant for summer. Many people have misunderstood that applying sunscreen on a cloudy day is not necessary. But, the main aim of sunscreen is to prevent UVA and UVB rays. Although the sun is hidden on cloudy days, these rays exist in the air. So screen your body all day despite the seasons. 


We hope that survey-level information is flashed out in our article. As a professional dermatologist, you are now completely trained to differentiate the products by looking at the label and the ingredients. Don't be budget-minded; your skin is your treasure. It is ok to lose some coins from your pockets. Conversely, don't think that expensive products always show good results. Use a pinch of sunscreen on the hands and wait for the reaction. If it doesn't harm your skin then you can apply the sunscreen on sensitive areas like the face. We can't guarantee you whether the chemicals involved in the sunscreen are harmless to your skin. There are skin products available at an affordable price but show better results. Know your purpose and think twice before investing in sunscreens.



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