Best Korean serums

 Who else doesn’t like glowing skin? In fact, naturally glowing skin and hair gain more attention than a face full of makeup. You all doubt where does the glow come from. Do you ever longed for a shiny glow like professional models?
Definitely, you can become a star among your friends with glowing skin. The serum is the reason behind the flawless skin. The active components included in the Korean serum give a shiny coat to the body skin and the hair.
 These serums are lightweight and are rich in antioxidant properties. So, Korean experts have selective natural ingredients with good hydrating properties.
We have shortlisted some of the best Korean serums that nourishes your body and skin. Have a look at the highlighted features of each brand. Get ready to select one that suits well to your body and hair. 

Top 15 Korean face and hair serum available in the market


1.SeoulCeuticals Vitamin C serum

A perfect blend of vitamin C and herbs will execute the fantastic healing properties on the skin. SeoulCeuticlas Vitamin C serum gives you the best results with its effective formula. It is highly recommended for all types of skins. All these infused ingredients will fight acne and pores. It uplifts a bright complexion on the skin.
Since the serum is watery and light, its fast-absorbing power infuses vitamin C deep into the skin. So, your skin gets a shiny look. And also, the vitamin helps in the production of albuminoid. It is a significant ingredient that gives anti-aging effects on skin
1. Watery and lightweight formula
2. Perfectly blended ingredients with 5% of vitamin C
3. Good absorbing power
4. Enhances the bright complexion on the skin
5. Affordable price

2. BIOSSANCE Squalane serum for skin

If you are looking for a serum with fast healing properties, BIOSSANCE Squalane serum is the one that shows you excellent results. The BIOSSANCE Squalane serum contains a wide range of ingredients. For example, the ingredients like Centella Asiatica soothen the skin. The hyaluronic acid and  glycol boosts the hydration level on the skin. The polypeptides take care of protein production.
The oligopeptides contains fast healing properties. It can restore the natural texture of the skin.  Consistent usage of this serum will retain your natural healthy skin. The serum can prevent the skin from acne, pimples, facial blemishes.
Plus, it can protect the skin from sunburns caused by environmental issues like UV rays. The ingredients like the extract of grapes and the Yuja are the natural suppliers of vitamin C. They give instant wetness, calming, and soothing effects on the skin
In simple words, the BIOSSANCE Squalane serum is a two-drop wonder on the skin. It contains no added colors and flavors. Most importantly, this product is cruelty-free. It creates wonders on dry skin with enriched vitamin C.
1. Gives a soothing effect to the irritated skin
2.  Power-Packed with ingredients that have high healing properties
3. The water-soluble Vitamin C gives an instant glow to the skin
4. Shrinks the pores and protect the skin from any external attack
You must add on distinctive ingredients to witness ultra-effective results


3. D’iMYOOR Anti-ageing collagen serum



 Are you searching for a body serum that reflects a youthful appearance? Use D’iMYOOR Anti-ageing collagen serum that contains a macromolecule. This molecule increases the collagen production. This fluid contains the extracts of Retinol, Aloe Vera, cucumber, and vitamin C and E.
This product can give instant refreshment to the skin. Simultaneously, this serum reduces the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. The nutrient present in the serum is rich in anti-aging properties. Plus, the natural extracts of succulent gel cucumber contain vitamin C. It adds glow to the skin.
1. Contains anti-aging macromolecule
2. Removes the wrinkles and restores the elasticity
3. Refreshes the skin

4. KLAIRS Freshly juiced Vitamin serum


 KLAIRS Freshly juiced vitamin C serum is highly safe to heal the irritated skin.. The infused ingredients gives excellent nourishment to the affected part of the skin. 
The water-soluble vitamin will cleanse, calm and soothe the skin. The natural extracts of grape, Vitamin C maintains the hydration level on the skin. The lightweight formula of the serum helps in easy penetration of the ingredients
1. Shrinks the pores and removes the acne
 2. Reduce the wrinkles and supplies nutrients to the new tissues
 3.Good hydrating properties
 4. Rich in antioxidant properties

5. O’sum Korean Organic Hyaluronic Acid serum


Are you looking for an organic serum? O’sum Korean hyaluronic acid serum contains seven essential organic ingredients for the skin. The core ingredient is the hyaluronic acid and is known for its hydrating effects. A healthy skin requires a consistent supply of hydration. When you apply this serum to the skin, the hyaluronic acid will boost the hydration level.
The hyaluronic acid seals the moisture barrier and restores the lost water on the skin. Other ingredients will protect the skin from any illness, inflammation, and irritation.
A perfect blend of sodium hyaluronate and herbals activates the skin cells. It also provide instant refreshment. We recommend this serum especially for sensitive skin.
1. Contains organic and natural ingredients
 2. Good hydrating effects
 3. Acts as a moisture barrier and retains the lost hydration
 4. Protect the skin from weather damage
We recommend not to use the product if your skin is allergic to hyaluronic acid. 

6. COSRX Propolis Light Ampule

Are you worried about having sensitive skin? Try out COSRX Propolis Light Ampule to get instant remedies. .The ingredients infused into the serum have antibacterial effects. This product nourishes your skin and boosts collagen production. The formulated ingredients restores the lost elasticity, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. You get glowing and plumpy skin within a short time.
COSRX Propolis Light Ampule is perfect for dehydrated and sensitive skin. An added advantage is, the serum works well with other makeup products. Note that the serum is not tested on animals. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like Parabens. 
 1. Dermatologist tested
 2. Paraben-free
 3. Good antibacterial properties
 4. Cruelty-free
 5. Lightweight formula
 6. Suits well for sensitive skin

7. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule consists of 80% of Snail mucin. We know that snail mucin is the essential ingredient for curing skin acne. This serum is formulated with a perfect blend of snail mucin, peptides, and vitamins. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and cocoa supply sufficient amounts of hydration and antioxidants. This serum repairs the damage and gives firmer skin. For effective results, apply the serum in the morning and evening regularly
It is one of the best Korean serums that is free from parabens and fragrances.
1. Snail mucin is the key ingredient
 2. Rich in antioxidants
 3. Repairs the damaged skin
 4. Lightweight formula
 5. Fragrance-free
 6. Contains no harmful ingredients like paraben and sulfates


8. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum for damaged hair

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum is a perfect solution for damaged hair. If you are obsessed with hairstyles, you might have used hot flat irons many times on your hair. When excessive heat is applied to the hair, there is a risk of hair damage. Mise En Scene comes up with a serum for protecting the hair from heat, humidity, and other external issues.
The serum contains a perfect blend of oils extracted from Camellia and coconut . The primary function of this serum is to repair the hair and detangle each hair strand. You can observe the results within three days of use. Apply a few drops of serum on your towel-dried hair. This serum adds strength, moisture, and elasticity to each hair strand. 
 1. Repairs hair damage
 2. Acts as a heat protector
 3. Humidity resistant
 4. Reduce split ends
1.Strong and unpleasant fragrance
 2.Not recommended for all hair types

9. Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair serum

 Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair serum is crafted for chemical treated hair. The infused ingredients not only protect the hair but also add volume and firmness. The ideal formula of this serum will seal the moisture on the scalp and gives extra shine to the hair. 
This product leaves a pleasant fragrance on the hair. Apply the serum thoroughly on the hair, especially on the ends for effective results
1. Improves shine and thickness
 2. Acts as a moisturizing barrier
 3. Remove hair split ends
 4. Smoothen the hair
1. The sticky texture of the serum

10. Holika Holika Biotin Damage Care oil serum



Holika Holika Biotin Damage Care Oil serum contains ingredients like Argan oil, Jojoba, Sweet almond, and camelia. These ingredients are enriched with nourishing properties. All the infused ingredients in the scrum will maintain the hydration level of the hair. Along with this, the lightweight formula of the serum repairs the hair damage. 
This product serves you as the perfect solution for dyed hair. It fixes the damaged hair strands by supplying essential nutrients and antioxidants. In addition to this, the serum is free from paraben and mineral oils. 
1. Provides nourishment to damaged hair
 2. Smells good
 3. Paraben-free
 4. Good hydrating properties
Not recommended for all hair types


11. Klairs Rich moist Soothing Serum

 We know that hydration is the basement for healthy skin. Klairs Rich moist soothing serum is formulated with ingredients enriched with hydrating effects. The cooling features of the serum lowers the surface temperature of the skin. This helps to achieve fresh, plumpy, and hydrated skin. Generally, skin gets dry after cleansing. We recommend applying this serum to boost the hydration level. The extracts of Centella Asiatica will give you intense moisturizing effects. 
Apply two drops of serum and massage well on your face for instant refreshment.
1. Vegan
2. Cruelty -free
 3.Free from harmful chemicals like paraben
 4. Silicon fee
 5. Contains no artificial fragrance
1. Contains Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

12. Mizon AHA Peeling Serum for dry skin

Mizon AHA peeling serum removes the dead skin cells and promotes new skin cells. The formulated blend consists of 8% glycolic acid. It helps in removing the facial blemishes. This serum acts as an exfoliator and keeps your skin rejuvenated throughout the day. The serum consists of ingredients like the extracts of Papaya and aloe Vera. The infused nutrients will penetrate deep into the skin to boost the hydration level. The anti-inflammatory properties of the serum protect the skin from any microbial attack. We recommend using the product on a regular basis to get a healthy skin.
1. Laboratory tested
2. Hypoallergenic
3. Anti-inflammatory properties
 4. Hydrating effects
1. Contains Parabens

13. Neogen Dermalogy oily serum


A perfect solution for aging skin is the Neogen Dermalogy Oily serum. The unique oily texture of the serum will penetrate into the skin and give an instant radiant glow. The serum has an active ingredient, White truffle. This ingredient is known for maintaining skin hygiene. The microfluidic dispersion technology in the serum balances the oil on the skin.

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