Top 10 Best Korean Lip Tints

You might play around for the best lipsticks to feel comfortable all the way. Do you find yourself difficult to choose? Or Does nothing fulfil your expectations?

Usually, creamy-based products won’t be effective for some, especially during summer days. So, you may feel uncomfortable with those products.

Are you looking for the best alternative for lipsticks? Then, switching to lip tint is a great choice as it is lightweight, long-lasting, available in multi colors, and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

We recommend you go for Korean lip tints when it comes to lip tints because they don’t dry or dark your lips.

Here are some of the best Korean Lip Tints to help you choose the one that suits you.

Lip Tints vs. Lipsticks

What is the difference between Lipsticks and Lip tints?

This is a common doubt among many people. Are you also confused? Then, here is the answer for you.

The main difference lies in their formulation.

Generally, the lipsticks are formulated with waxes and oils, making them creamier and more moisturizer, while lip tints blended gel or liquid. But you can find so many low-quality lipsticks on the market today, which will not offer the same effect that a high-quality one gives.

The lip tints, on the other hand, last too long, and no need for re-touch-ups during the day. Besides, a small amount is enough to achieve your desired effect for a long time because it sticks to the lips more effectively than lipsticks.

10 Best Korean Lip Tints

1. Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Our Pick

Etude House is one of the most popular brands on the market for its good aspects. This has been on the market for over 50 years, still continues delivering its high-quality skincare products and different cosmetics.

The Etude House Water Gel Tint is one of its lip products, comes with a doe-foot applicator. As this name implies, it is a gel-based lip tint, easy to apply, and absorbs quickly.


  • Available in multi shades
  • Hydrates the lips
  • Last longer effect
  • Fruit scent
  • Kissproof


  • At times, it may stick upon application

Bestseller (lists)

[Etude House] Dear Darling Water Gel Tint 4.5g #OR202 Beauty

  • Water Gel Tint with fruity, juicy, moist, and vivid coloring. ... Read More

2. Missha Wish Stone Tint

Great for Dry Lips

This Missha lip tint has the aspects that everyone wishes for. The great fact about this product is it comes in two different textures: velvety and glossy.

This is developed with three different active ingredients: sunflower seed, apricot seed oil, and honey extract making the lips healthier and plumper.


  • Contains sunflower, apricot seed oil, and honey extracts for fuller lips
  • Incredible package design
  • Comes in two different options


  • Color lasts only a certain period

Bestseller (lists)

Missha Wish Stone Tint (Velvet) - BR01 (Limited Line Edition 2019) Beauty

3. A’pieu Water Light Tint

Best for a Natural Look

If you want to grab a natural look, then A’pieu water light tint may be the one for you!

You’ll definitely love the natural and healthy flush that the product gives. They give you one of the best colors you’ve ever seen in other lip tints, which is subtle with amazing effect.

If you look for the MLBB shade (my lips but better), then this would be the right tint for that!

What’s great about this product is its multi-functionality, so it can be the best alternative to blush. There is no need to carry blushes along with you.

With this product, you’ll have natural and rich lips!


  • Rich and natural look
  • Comes in 16 different shades
  • Alternative for blush


  • Some won’t like this smell
  • Some shades will carry the bitter tastes

Bestseller (lists)

A'PIEU Water Light Tint New (4g) Moisturizing, Glowing, Korea Cosmetic (RD07) Beauty & Personal Care

4. BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint Note Series

The Korean Lip Tint from BBIA comes with amazing color shades, ranging from simple to seductive.

A great aspect of this product is its formulation, and they are fine particles, blur effects with a velvet finish.

However, be careful when you buy this online. Make sure you have chosen the right color shades.


  • Formulated with very fine particles for flawless lips
  • Last longer effects
  • Velvet finish


  • It might not be a perfect one for dry lips
  • Be mindful when buying different color shades online.

Bestseller (lists)

BBIA Last Velvet Lip Tint Note Series, MLBB Sweet Red (21 Real Note) 0.18 Ounce Beauty & Personal Care

  • Korean cosmetics brand "Bbia"
  • A super-close velvet texture that adheres like a magnet. It gives you a clear and sharp colored lip with just one touch
  • Fine content that applies smooth and easily / Creates a blur effect / Expressed in sensual lips wrapped in velvet texture
  • With special long lasting tint effect / The color will remain as long as tattoo. Yet mild and gentle to the skin
  • How to use : Take an appropriate amount and gently spread on you... Read More

5. Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip

If you want to feel weightless, then the lip tint from Mamonde would be the right choice for you!

This Korean lip tint is packed in a tube, making you squeeze this tint easily and quickly. And you’ll also feel refreshed with its rose water.

Also, you’ll never feel something there on your lips as it is weightless and non-sticky.

This also contains cherry on the top, providing a water gradient effect on your lips!


  • Lightweight
  • Packaged in a tube for easy use
  • Includes rose water for refreshment


  • This may dry out your lips if it’s worn for too long, so make sure that you’ve applied lip balm before using lip tint.

Bestseller (lists)

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Crayon Lipstick 13 Velvet Rose, 2.5 g Beauty & Personal Care

6. The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint

Here is another lip tint for watery lips!

This is packed in a candy-like container, and its taste is also the same as candy!

This is formulated with honey and hyaluronic acid for adding moisture to your lips.

As this is a water-based lip tint, it is easy to apply and remove and absorb quickly.

This will coat your lips with a pleasant pop color!

However, you have to carry this with you because you need to reapply for this during the day!


  • Includes hyaluronic acid and honey
  • Easily absorbed into the skin


  • No kiss-proof
  • No long-lasting effect
  • Easily removed off when eating food

Bestseller (lists)

[The Saem] Saemmul Water Candy Tint 10g #03 Red Mango Beauty

  • lip make-up like a sweet candy ... Read More

7. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint

Are you a lover of matte finish lip tint? Then, the Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint might be the best choice!

This is lightweight and gives you a sheer matte finish.

Many users attest to one of the aspects, which is its durability. This can last throughout the day, so you can use this when spending your time outside for a longer period.

However, be careful when you apply this, as it is hard to remove.

They contain three different active ingredients: argan, jojoba, and rosehip oil, which add nourishment to your lips all day.

These color shades can be buildable, so you can go for any color that you wish!


  • Offer a sheer matte finish
  • Formulated with argan, jojoba, and rosehip oil
  • Buildable


  • Difficult to remove once it’s applied, so it is important to apply it without any mistakes

Bestseller (lists)

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint Set, 3 Count Premium Beauty

8. Peripera Ink Airy Velvet

The Korean lip tint by Peripera is designed like a dropper, which is pretty amazing.

They are lightweight and provide a velvet finish.

However, you need to clean your lips before using this because it may leave dry patches on your lips!


  • Dropper like design
  • Lightweight
  • Velvet finish


  • It is a big size lip tint, so it’s difficult to hold the wand
  • May cause dry patches

Bestseller (lists)

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint | High-Pigmentation, Lightweight, Soft, Moisturizing, Not Animal Tested | Hotspot Red (#01), 0.14 fl oz Beauty & Personal Care

  • [ROMANCE YOUR LIPS - SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT COLORS] Our Ink the Airy Velvet Lip Tint is a must-have item. It’s reminiscent of soft pillows and blooming flowers. Its adhesive formula with highly pigmented colors leaves a beautiful and even stain on your lips.
  • [TWO DIFFERENT LOOKS, ONE TINT] Soften the look of your lips by applying a gradient layer of color or go bold by applying a thicker layer across your lips.
  • [MOISTURIZING FORMULA] The formula that blends in the perfec... Read More

9. Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

The first amazing thing about this lip tint is its design, and it comes with a cute wine bottle. You’ve never ever seen such amazing designs in Korean lip init products.

This has a longer effect, so it can stay up to 6 hours on your lips.

This also comes with eight different color shades, allowing you to choose the one that you wish!

They deliver a rich pigment, and many users love this effect!

As this is formulated with Sepivinol wine extract, it would taste exactly like wine! So, if you are a wine lover, this might be the right one for you.

However, if you do reapply , it may clump up. So, it is better to apply it properly at the first swipe!


  • Cute design
  • Packed in a wine bottle
  • Tastes as wine
  • Lasts longer effect


  • Can nasty when it’s applied too much

Bestseller (lists)

[LABIOTTE] Wine Lip Tint RD01 (Shiraz Red) 7g Beauty

  • A long finishing lip tint containing extracts from France premium wine for a stronger moisturizing and covering effect.
  • The wine tint helps maintain a moist shiny gloss with the deep wine color.
  • A must-have wine bottle shaped lip tint. Premium wine bottle shape makes it a must have item you want to expose.
  • volume : 7g ... Read More

10. Lilybyred Bloody Liar Coating Tint

The Korean lip tint from lilybyred is formulated with hydration capsules to keep moisture level in your lips.

This also contains oil-based ingredients for prolonging glossiness and dewiness!

It comes with six different color shades, which provides a juicy finish that means you’ll look like you sipped a fruit juice.

This is the most popular trend in Korea.

However, you have to apply this faster before it dries because it won’t blend with the skin if it dries! But it doesn’t smudge with its fast-drying effect!


  • Kissproof
  • Contain hydration capsules for lips nourishment
  • Formulated with oil-based ingredients for glossiness
  • Provides rich look
  • Smudge-free


  • Dries faster than other lip tints

Bestseller (lists)

[lilybyred] lily by red Bloody Liar Coating Tint (#05 Grapefruit) Beauty

What Are Lip Tints?

Lip tints are nothing but cosmetic products, which can be used for natural or real lips color. They last longer than lipsticks, leaving your lips a glossy or shiny finish.

Lips tints are more popular in Korea because of their younger vibes. They are lightweight, making you feel a natural effect on your lips!

Most Koreans are light in color, so their lips should be brighter for an attractive look! So, this brings life to their dull lips.

In order to get a natural look, going with lip tints is the right choice.

There are many lip tints to choose from, then, why Korean lip tints? This is because they are formulated with a lot of nourishing ingredients than others to hydrate the skin all day.

The added benefit of this Korean lip tint is it acts as a sunscreen and protects lips from sun damages.

How to Apply Lip Tints?

All you need to do is exfoliate the lips to remove dead cells before applying any lip tints. This is an important step to help a tint absorb into the skin easily, so do not skip it for any reason!

So, you’ll never have any drying effect further.

We advised you to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or gentle brush. And don’t be too forced on your lips.

Once you exfoliate your lips, dry off with a tissue or towel. It is better to apply lip balm to moisturize the lips after it dries completely if you have dry lips.

Finally, you can apply your favorite lip tint that suits you!

How to Remove Lip Tints?

Usually, it is hard to remove lip tints from your lips, especially if they have a longer-lasting effect.

Some remove lip tints hardly by exfoliating them or using cleansers. But, it’s not fair and should be avoided because they may dry your lips terribly!

To remove them easily without any problems, take a minimal amount of makeup remover, rub it on the lips gently, and wipe the lip tint off.

If you don’t have any makeup remover, you can use a cotton pad along with any beauty oil. All you need to do is use two or three drops of oil onto the cotton pad, rub it on the lips for a few seconds, and wipe it off.

If you follow these steps, you can remove the lip tints without being too harsh on the lips!

Lip Tint Types

As discussed, there are many Korean lip tints out there, so you’ll need to follow some facts for the best lip tints. The lip tints are categorized by many, but here we will discuss the main three categories: liquid lip tint, peel-off lip tint, and lip tint sticks.

1. Liquid Lip Tint

The liquid lip tint is one of the most popular types as it is water-based and absorbed into the skin quickly. This is usually packed with a doe-foot applicator or brush. Sometimes, they will also come in a cushion form.

What’s great about this type is it is lightweight, leaving a natural look on lips. This can also be applied as a blush on cheeks.

Though it is a form of liquid, it may dry the lips sometimes. This is why we recommend you moisturize the lips with lip balm before using it.

You should notice on this tint type that this can last too long, so there is no need to reapply tint frequently.

2. Peel-Off Lip Tint

Peel-off is also one of the amazing types of Korean cosmetics. This type is completely new to the people and innovative. Peel off lip tint leaves a thick layer on your lips, which will take up to 10 minutes to dry off completely. It is water, smudge, and kiss-proof.

You can also remove this easily by peeling off the film on your lips.

All you need to do is peel off the layer on your lips once it’s dried because your lips absorb its color pigment, so there is no need to keep the thin film.

After it’s done, it will leave a deep and juicy stain on your lips, which lasts around 12 hours without any touch-ups.

3. Lip Tint Stick

As its name implies, this is the best alternative to lipstick. Most of these features are similar to lipsticks. They are lightweight, creamy, and formulated with more moisturizing ingredients. This might be perfect for someone with dry lips than liquid lip tints.

Just like others on this list, this also lasts too long with the same initial shine and effect.

Different Lip Tint Formulas

Different lip tint types owned different lip tint formulas. The most common bases are cream, water, oil, and gel. Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Water

Water-based lip tints are watery in nature and versatile. They are buildable and blendable, allowing you to add another layer for a vivid look.

However, they will leave a natural look on your lips as this won’t be effective in a glossy finish.

This is great for someone who loves natural color shades and finishes.

They won’t hydrate or moisturize your lips, so you have to apply lip balm before using a lip tint with water as a formula.

2. Gel

Gel-based lip tints are jelly-like textures that are very comfortable to apply and remove. The lip tints that are gel-based are heavily pigmented than water-based lip tints, offering a glossy finish, but they are less pigmented than creamy.

Since this is effective in providing a glossy finish, it might wear it off quickly.

3. Creamy

As mentioned, creamy is more pigmented than all others.

In general, the more the lip tints are formulated with water, the more they are less pigmented.

In order to grab the last longer effect in lip tint, you should consider buying a lip tint with creamy based.

However, creamy lip tints may dry your lips as they lack moisturizing aspects like water-based lip tints. So, try to apply lip balm before using this creamy lip tint.

4. Oil

Recently, oil-based makeup products are more popular. Now, you’ll never see the cosmetic products that shouldn’t end up with oily type. So, there is no exception for its lip tint!

However, they have a more moisturizing effect than other formulations,

This is ideal for someone with dry lips and suitable for all during the summer season.

They leave a subtle and glossy shine on your lips. Just like gel, this also may fade out easily, so shake the product well before every time you use it. Then only the oil will mix with pigmentation and will stay a little bit extended.

Lip Tint Application Effects

There are some tricks to avail a diffused, gradient, and full coverage on your lip when you apply a lip tint.

To avail gradient effect, use a lip tint only to the inner surface of the lips. And spread a color a bit by pressing lips together, but use a small amount of lip tint because you’ll need only to cover the inner corner of the lips.

To get a diffused look, apply a lip tint over the lips, but avoid using the tint on the sides or edges. Then, achieve a diffused effect by spreading the lips together.

For full coverage, apply a lip tint as same a liquid lipstick and spread over the lips and their edges as well.

You can add some shimmers or gloss to the layer for better effect, but the lip tint alone offers a great finish. So, use such additions only if you want them.


Lips tints are more popular recently than lipsticks with their unique aspects. The lip tints on these lists look more natural, no retouch-ups, and last longer than standard lipsticks and glosses.

The Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint on this list has a huge fan base with its hydrating, kiss-proof, and long-lasting effect.

The runner-up lip tint is from Missha because we all will love this nourishment effect. This perfectly works on the dry lips and stays for a longer period. For the thicker effect, you can reapply this lip lint when you need it.

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