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Are you so concerned about taking care of your beauty? You have visited the right site to gain knowledge for covering up your aging spots. When you apply foundation, it fails to give an even skin tone. That’s why we use concealers to hide the dark spots on the face.


A concealer also makes the dark potion under the eye match the overall tone of the skin. While selecting products, most of them search for the term “Korean beauty products”. Apart from having shiny skin, Korean girl’s skin looks damn healthier. The ingredients they chose perfectly blend with the skin to produce amazing results. Let’s discover the hidden secret formula lying behind the Korean concealers.


Top-rated Korean concealers


1. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip concealer




If you are a person who watches beauty blogs then this name might not be a new name you see. Most of the beauty bloggers on YouTube prefer this product.  From this, you can understand the effectiveness of this concealer.  The quality is extremely good and is available at an affordable price.


The Saem Cover Perfection Tip concealer can spread to the nook and corner of the face and gives an excellent finish. The highlight of this product is that there are eight different types of concealers that suit any type of skin tone.  Note, cover the dark circle with a brighter color concealer compared to the skin tone and while applying on the freckles, use a sponge to spread over for an even look.



  1. Protects the skin from sun rays
  2. Good coverage
  3. Long-Lasting
  4. Reasonable price



  1. The heavy consistency of the concealer might block the pores




2. CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer




CLIO brand is very much popular in Korea for its unique foundation and concealers. This product easily spreads through the face thus covering up all the dark sports existing on the face. Remember, this cream dries so fast that you need to hurry your makeup.

CLIO never fails to give the best results. An added plus of this concealer is that it can control the sebum production thus leaving a matte finish to the face.



  1. Fully covers the dark spots
  2. Control oil production
  3. Long-lasting makeup



  1. Dryness



3. Etude House Big Cover Pot Concealer Pro


The texture of the cream will fully cover the deep dark spots on the face. Only a small quantity is required to get glowing skin. Many of them prefer to use Etude House Pro cover concealers for its affordable price. Unfortunately, this product comes in limited shades and only suits lighter skin tone.



  1. Excellent coverage
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Good skin texture



  1. The packaging is not satisfying
  2. Limited color shades


4. Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer



Innisfree Mineral Concealer’s sticky consistency gives a natural and flawless look. The mini-size concealer is easy to carry anywhere. The blended formula of the cream is soft so that it spreads easily over the face. Most importantly, the blending period of the cream is less. The major drawback of this products, it is not a perfect match for tan skin.



  1. Creamy consistency
  2. Satisfying packaging
  3. Good finish
  4. Medium Coverage



  1. Oxidized after few hours
  2. Available in limited shades



5. Salmon Dark Circle Concealer cream



Are you the type of person who gets satisfied only after using organic products? This is the one you must try. Salmon dark circle concealer cream is infused with the extracts of salmon oil, retinol and fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids give a shiny coat to the skin.

Although it can give full bright coverage to the face, it is high=ly recommended to use under the eyes. Plus, it gives a long-lasting youthful appearance despite oily skin. With many excellent features, the thin texture of the cream pulls down the overall rating on the list. This is because it is very hard to blend.



  1. Organic ingredients
  2. Satisfying results
  3. Fresh look





  1. Thick consistency of the cream
  2. Time delay to blend
  3. Smells fishy


6. Missha Soon Soo pure & Weightless concealer



You might be worried about putting on heavy makeup as the concealer can make your face a bit bulge. The lightweight formula forms only a thin layer on the face with no compromise on covering the dark circles and blemishes. Essential fats like lecithin improve the skin complexion and hide all the dark spots.


Most importantly, the concealer is free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. This product can give a smudge-free makeup lasting for almost 9 hours. Also, it has the capability to heal skin irritation.



  1. Gives a youthful appearance
  2. Suits well for sensitive skin
  3. Lightweight and creamy texture
  4. Treats skin irritation and breakouts





7. Forencos Tattoo Waterproof Scar concealer



One of the most efficient concealers that can satisfy all your expectations is the Forencos Tattoo waterproof concealer. As the name suggests, it has the ability to cover up tattoos and pigmented areas. The highlight of this concealer is that it is absolutely waterproof. You can have a bold and confident walk on the road day and night. The moisturizing factor of the cream will give you a long-lasting and stunning look.



  1. Long-wear effect
  2. Lightweight formula
  3. Covers permanent tattoos
  4. Good moisture effect




  1. Available only in limited shades


8. Hanskin Blemish full coverage concealer


This concealer has an air-fitting texture that makes the skin breathable. The product has a creamy texture thus offering full coverage with a matte finish. The advantage noted in this beauty product is, it can blend perfectly with any skin type. The formulated ingredients of the cream will make your skin soft and shiny. This product can keep your skin hydrated for many hours



  1. Breathable
  2. Flawless finish
  3. Gives an even skin tone
  4. Maintains the hydration level on the skin




  1. Available only in three different shades.


9. BLACK MONSTER Concealer stick






The long-lasting smudge-free properties of the BLACK MONSTER are the main reason for its top ratings. The infused ingredients like the extracts of the tea tree oil cover the acne and pores on the face. The skin absorbs the essential nutrients from Vitamin E. The core highlight of this concealer is, it has control over sebum production. This beauty product is highly recommended for people who battle acne, pores, and dark circles.




  1.  Water-resistant
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Matte finish
  4. Natural look



  1. Not recommended for dark skin complexion


10. MISSHA Cover Maestro Stick Concealer

Get an incredible look after using MISSHA Cover Maestro stick concealer. This concealer can evenly spread all over the skin and gives a good finish. The formulated bend can reach any difficult ones and cover up all the visible acne and pores. The extracts of green tea seed oil can heal the breakouts and skin imperfections



  1. Silicone free
  2. Long-Lasting
  3. Fast blending texture





11. Peripera double Longwear cover concealer



The aqua fitting system of this Peripera concealer gets stuck to the skin tightly but its breathable. This product gives a mild finish and the enclosed applicator ensures dabbing the correct amount of the cream on the areas under the eyes and lips. Since this product is laboratory tested, it is suitable for sensitive skin also.



  1. Dermatologically tested
  2.  Hides the fine lines and dark circles
  3. High coverage]





12. JUNGSAEMMOOL essential concealer




If you are looking for a perfect coverage concealer then JUNGSAEMMOOL is the right product to try. The infused ingredients like silicone elastomer gel will clear the blemishes and pores to give a flawless look. This product is recommended for any type of skin



  1. Perfect coverage
  2. Flawless skin
  3. Erase proof effect
  4. 6 shades are available



  1. Consists of silicone


13. A’pieu Moist creamy concealer SPF30


The smooth texture of this concealer easily blends with your skin. There is no more waiting time to try out all the available shades of this brand. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is considerably high in this product thus protecting your skin from sun damage. This concealer is suitable for both oily and dry skin.



  1. Covers up the dark circles under the eyes
  2. Hides blemishes and pores
  3. Longlisting





14. PONY EFFECT Colorstay Liquid Concealer




One of the best brands known for their premium quality ingredients is the PONY EFFECT Colorstay liquid concealer. Although the concealer is in liquid form, it finally gives a matte finish. And also, the liquid consistency of the cream keeps the face hydrated for long hours.


Though it is stamped as a medium coverage concealer, it gives high coverage on adding an extra layer on the face. The soft texture of the cream doesn’t cause any irritation while adding additional layers to the skin. A dip is enough to cover all your skin imperfections. For best results, tap the concealer on the area to cover using a sponge or brush.



  1. Super quality ingredients
  2. Medium to high coverages
  3. Contains twisted applicator
  4. Suits any type of skin



  1. A bit expensive


Is concealer necessary for all skin types?

If you have really good and clean skin and but have acne projecting in random areas, you can replace the fountain and use only a small quantity of concealer to cover up the affected portion. It takes only five to six minutes to get a radiant look.

On the other hand, if your skin is dealing with many skin defects like dark circles, dark circles the concealer plays an incredible part in maintaining the beauty of the skin. Obviously, it covers the acne and pores and leaves no scars.


How to select a suitable Concealer?


People who say that they are not satisfied with the concealer might have ended up in choosing the wrong one for their skin type. First of all, get to know your skin type. Take a note on the concealer that suit best for the different skin types

Oily skin

Any type of concealer either creamy or liquid form is suitable for oily skin.

Dry skin

Select liquid concealers with high moisturizing properties. Only the liquid concealer can penetrate deep into the skin and give moisture to eliminate the dryness of the skin.


Next, list out your skin problems. There are brands that especially treat each skin-related issue. Selecting a concealer that has the feature you look for fetch you much better results in a very less time.

Applying a concealer in a proper way also describes the effectiveness of the product. Rubbing or spreading the concealer over the freckles might clog the pores. So let have a step-by-step analysis of how to use a concealer


What areas can I use concealer?

You are free to use the concealer anywhere on your body. The most common darker regions on the face are the region below the eyes, lips, and corner of the nose. Apply darker shades to cover the high pigmented region.



How to apply concealer?


  1. Clean your face with a cleanser and apply moisturizer. Now apply the concealer. The concealer will approach even the difficult zones like the corner of the lips. The moisturizer will hold back the infused ingredients of the concealer for a longer time.


  1. Draw an inverted triangle under the eye using the concealer stick. This is a popular technique used by beauticians to cover the dark circles under the eyes


  1. Use a brush to spread the concealer on the face. It will help you to cover up the visible pores and acne. Avoid using fingers as there is a risk of bacterial or fungal attack on the skin.


  1. Finally, use a setting spray to set the makeup. Dab powder on the areas where you use the concealer to get a smudge-free effect.


Benefits of a concealer


Blur fine lines

Fine lines are natural signs of aging. A makeup base without a concealer can define fine lines on the face and give a dull look. Choosing a concealer that suits best for your skin type is up to you. Take a few dots of the concealer and apply them under the eye. For best results, gently dab with a sponge



In fact, not everyone has even skin tone. It seems dark near the nose and hollow portion of your cheek. Choose a brighter shade of concealer to match your natural skin tone. It is better to prefer a concealer with a creamy texture and use a setting spray at the end process so that the concealer remains smudge-free.


Cover dark circles

When you wake up in the morning after staying awake for longer hours at night, you will observe dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. No worries, you can use dots of concealer to hide them. This helps in eliminating the dull look in the morning. By the way, your eyes get a radiant look.




Highlights the cheekbones

A simple and best way to have an overall youthful look to the face is to apply concealer to the cheekbones. It covers a major part of the face. When you highlight the cheekbones, it fools the yes by giving a tight shape to the face.


Hide Blemishes

If blemishes occupy the major part of the skin, you must go for a concealer that contains salicylic acid. This acid will reduce the size of the acne thereby giving a neat look. Spread out the concealer using a sponge or brush to avoid bacterial attacks on the affected area.


Prime Lids and Lips

Concealers will act as a primer for lips and eyes. Dab the concealer on the eyes and the lips before applying eyeshadow and lipstick to smooth the surface. Also, it gives an even base to your eyes and the lips


Five common mistakes you do while using concealers


Some of them are not satisfied with the finishing of the makeup. If you don’t put the concealer in a proper way, it might spoil the entire makeup. Her, we give you tips that you should not do at any cost while makeup session


No proper preparation of eye contour

We know that the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive. So, it is very important to give additional care to the region. If you fail to moisturize this area properly, then the concealer doesn’t show good results. Moisturizing cream can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. Therefore, the applied concealer gives maximum hold to the skin.


Using lighter shades

To get a neat and natural look, try using lighter shades that match your skin complexion. In rare cases, if you are unable to cover up your dark circles and dark spots go for darker shades.   


Applying concealer at the wrong time

Start to apply concealer once you are done with your foundation. The foundation becomes the absorbent of the concealer and keeps the makeup undisturbed for long hours. Most importantly, spread the concealer before doing eye makeup.


Applying it in a defined shape

Apply the concealer in a half-moon shape under the eye. This can give you full coverage makeup under the eye. As we discussed earlier, it is better to put an inverted triangle under the eyes. Spread out the concealer using a sponge or brush. Finally, dab power on the concealer to get a sunny look.


Applying concealer with your fingers

The skin portion around the eyes is twice as sensitive as the cheeks. If you use your fingers to spread out the concealer, it’s a total waste. Nearly, half of the quantity will stick to your finger and your skin becomes oily. So, avoid using fingers.


Factors considered before buying the concealer



Whenever you search for concealers, keep the term “type” in mind

You must choose the best type that suits you

  1. A stick concealer is easy to use and carry, moreover provides good coverage. Unlike other concealers, a liquid concealer takes less time to blend. So that it easily gets absorbed by the skin.
  2. Pencil concealer creates wonders by covering deep dark spots existing on any part of the body
  3. And finally, if you don’t like any of the above-mentioned concealers, go with a balm concealer. Most of them prefer to use balm concealer for its excellent coverage properties


An important factor that can either give a flawless look or spoil the makeup is the color. You must be very conscious of choosing the color. Picking up the wrong shades can spoil your beauty. Select a concealer that is a bit lighter than your skin foundation. Otherwise, it might end up highlighting the dark circles under the eyes.



Use high coverage concealers for dry skin type. This is because high-level concealers have more oil content compared to their counterparts.

If you have planned for heavy makeup used ultra-high coverage concealers. These types can stay for longer hours and enhance your beauty during photoshoots. But this concealer type is not recommended for daily use as it makes the skin nonbreathable and can clog the pores

Instead of using light concealers, use medium coverage concealers. We bet you that, medium coverage feels light on the face. You can get high coverage by adding extra layers

If you are so much concerned about having healthier skin, use low coverage concealers. You can just apply dots of low coverage concealer to cover your dark spots and blemishes. The lightweight formula of these types of concealers keeps the skin very fresh and soft.



Final thoughts

Every woman’s dream is to get a flawless natural look. To achieve a radiant skin glow, use any one of the brands mentioned in the article. We have bought you the best organic products to save you from any harmful chemical, bacterial or fungal attack. We know that you are at high risk while dealing skin products in sensitive areas. If you don’t observe any betterment on your face, please do change the product. Read out the features as well as pros and cons to get better chastity on each product. Anyhow, we are very confident in giving products with high ratings also. Go and try our awesome products suggested above. Let you be the star in places you go.






























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