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Keratin is a type of protein found in nails, hairs, and some internal organs. They are natural proteins that are less prone to tearing up than other cells in our body. Keratin is very effective in keeping your hair healthy and smooth. But the result depends on your hair type and your hair's health. Best keratin treatment products are very effective in keeping your hair strong, smooth, and fluffy. There are various kinds of keratin treatments like keratin-infused shampoo, conditioner, and salon treatments. Some of the keratin products might contain formaldehyde which causes dry hair, so read the ingredients before purchasing one. The best way to have keratin treatment is by at-home keratin treatment products, which are inexpensive and easy to use. But also not that DIY keratin treatment only protects your hair for a week or two. 

Everyone has different types of hair, and you should purchase keratin products that suit your hair better. While purchasing, look for products that moisturize your hair and keep them hydrated. These keratin treatment products bring out the lost protein of your hair and stimulate the production of new ones to keep your hair intact. If you have dry hair or scalp, these keratin treatment products are the ones your hair needs right now. Keratin treatment works on frizzy hairs too. There are different types of keratin products like shampoo and conditioner, which make your hair strong. There are also few keratin supplements in capsules and powder which claim to distribute the protein to your hair follicles. You can choose from various options online, but we have made a list of the best keratin products to make your search easy. 

Best keratin products:

  1. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner
  2. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit
  3. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion 
  4. L'ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil 
  5. Pure Biology Premium Reviva Hair Shampoo with Biotin for Hair Growth
  6. It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin Spray
  7. LA'DOR Keratin LPP Shampoo
  8. OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Fortifying Anti-Frizz Conditioner
  9. Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask by Natural Formula
  10. PURE BRAZILIAN Anti-Frizz Daily Conditioner

1. Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

Brand Product weight Suitable for
Vitamins hair cosmetics 9.52 Ounces All Hair Types

Vitamins hair cosmetics have been in the industry since 1943 and have given some innovative hair care products to strengthen and make your hair smooth. Vitamin keratin hair mask has natural ingredients like keratin, argan oil, and coconut, which gives you stunning soft and silky hair. It is an intensive hair care treatment that nourishes and repairs even color-treated hair and brings them back to health. It is an effective healing recovery treatment that will treat even the most brittle hair. The combination of biotin and castor oil is an excellent moisturizing and hydrating agent that boosts your scalp and makes them healthy. 

If you use various hair products like gel, cream, and color to treat your hair, your hair might lose its natural nutrients, making them weak. It would be best if you had effective keratin treatment that will revive your weak hair. This vitamin keratin hair mask strengthens and repairs your hair from root till the end. This keratin treatment is suitable for curly hair people too. It will boost your hair volume and get rid of split ends. The keratin will shield your hair from heat damage and prevent them from breaking. It is a weightless formula that absorbs your hair follicles quickly and gives your hair a refined look. It has no alcohol, paraben and cruelty-free too. 

Why we love Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner:

  1. It makes your scalps healthy and boosts hair volume. 
  2. This hair mask is suitable for color-treated hairs too. 
  3. Biotin and castor oil are excellent moisturizing agents. 
  4. It controls frizzy and brittle hair. 

Bestseller (lists)

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner - Biotin Protein with Castor Oil Repair for Dry Damaged and Color Treated Hair - Conditioning Treatment for Curly or Straight Thin Fine Hair Beauty & Personal Care

  • STUNNING SOFT SHINY SILKY HAIR IN MINUTES - Professional Renewing Silk Softener With Keratin Collagen Moroccan Argan & Coconut Oils for Sleek Smooth Natural Beauty & Shine & Luxury Salon Perfect Hair
  • INTENSIVE DEEP CONDITIONING REPAIR FOR DAMAGED HAIR - Nourishing Therapy Solution Restores & Hydrates Color Treated Dry Hair to Health. Best Intense Healing Recovery Nutrition for Extremely Brittle Hair

2. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit

Brand Product weight Suitable for
Kerazon professionals 10.23 Ounces All hair types

Sometimes, your hair needs a combination of keratin shampoo and conditioner to make your hair stronger and shiny. Kerazon keratin treatment contains pre-treatment shampoo, keratin treatment, and an intensive hair mask that helps your hair recover its natural strength. It promises to give your hair immediate results, and it is safe on color-treated hairs too. The unique keratin formula will revive your dry hair and stop them from breaking. You will have shinier and stronger hair within days after using this keratin hair treatment. The alkali pH formula will detox your hair and remove the impurities from deep into your scalp. It helps your hair grow stronger and volumize. 

This hair treatment contains green keratin gained from cereal protein and combined with amino acids and buriti oil, making your hair smooth and strengthening your hair strands. This is a perfect hair treatment if you flat iron or curl your hair often. Heat applications might strip your hair's natural protein and make them prone to damage. This keratin treatment is the perfect choice to restore your hair's nutrition. This keratin treatment has a pleasant smell of its own. But if you straighten your hair, it might produce some unpleasant smell. It comes with a budget-friendly price, and it is the best value for money.

Why we love Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout KERAZON kit:

  1. This kit contains keratin shampoo, treatment, and an intensive hair mask. 
  2. It contains green keratin, which strengthens your hair. 
  3. The amino acids and buriti oil will make your hair smooth and shiny. 

Bestseller (lists)

Tratamiento de Keratina Queratina Brasileña para Alisar KERAZON Kit Importada - Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout Beauty

  • 100% seguro en cabellos decolorados y tenidos
  • Formulado con Aceite de Buriti, Manteca de Karité, Proteína de Soja Hidrolizada, Proteína de Trigo Hidrolizada y Proteína de Maíz Hidrolizada
  • ✅ Aplicación rápida, sólo 90 minutos; Apto para todas las texturas del cabello; Protege elasticidad del cabello permitiendo el movimiento natural
  • Sin pruebas en animales / Sin ingredientes de origen animales ... Read More

3. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion 

Brand Product weight Suitable for
Chi 6.24 Ounces All hair types

Chi keratin silk infusion combines the strengthening properties of keratin with silk to give you solid and smooth hair. This keratin treatment will leave your hair firm and give you long-lasting results. Keratin in this infusion will rebuild your hair cuticle, and the silk will capture and lock in the moisture, making them smooth and silky. This keratin silk infusion is best for people with ultra-dry and ultra-damaged hair types. You can use this treatment before blow-drying or after and still get the best results. Protein deficient hair is prone to breakage. This keratin treatment will provide your hair with essential nutrients to keep them healthy. 

It also improves your hair's elasticity and prevents them from future breakage. If you are tough on your hair and use various hair products, you also need the perfect hair treatment to keep them healthy. Hair products like gel, sprays, and color might make your hair brittle. Keratin treatments are the best way to regain your hair's lost strength. They can also be helpful for people who like to curl and straighten their hair. This product also has a fantastic smell making you want to use them more often. Just put a generous amount on your palm and massage through your scalp, and leave for a few minutes. Wash them off and have healthy and shiny hair for hours. 

Why we love CHI Keratin Silk Infusion:

  1. The keratin will make your hair stronger. 
  2. The natural silk will make your hair shiny and smooth. 
  3. It has a pleasant smell. 
  4. Suitable for dry and brittle hair too. 

Bestseller (lists)

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion, 6 Fl Oz Beauty

  • Heals and hydrates dry, damaged hair
  • Improves elasticity and prevents future breakage
  • Promotes long-lasting, healthier hair ... Read More

4. L'ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil 

Brand Product weight Suitable for
L'ANZA 3.2 Ounces All hair types

L'anza keratin oil will add shine to your hair and help them grow. It builds strength from the roots and increases your hair's elasticity. This contains the next-gen keratin protein with Phytho IV complex, which treats all types of hair. It makes your hair more lustrous and delivers optimal strength. You will get the results within days after using this hair treatment, and it is a must-have in your haircare collection. The Phytho IV contains a blend of four botanical ingredients such as Abyssinian flower oil, acai fruit oil, coffee seed oil, and babassu kernel oil. This combination of fatty acids is made with a 3:1 ratio better than any other essential fatty acids. 

Abyssinian flower oil adds shine and luster to your hair. The fragrance is delightful and makes the process heavenly. Acai fruit oil contains Vitamin c, B1, B2, and B3, which improves your hair strength and helps reduce split ends. The coffee seed oil is rich in antioxidants that protect your hair from external pollution and improve hair elasticity. Babassu kernel oil will add moisture to your dry hair and give them a softer feel. This keratin oil has a shorter dry time, and it is easy to apply too. Overall this keratin hair treatment oil is the best one in the market that strengthens your hair and gives you a good hair day.  

Why we love L'ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil:

  1.  It contains next-gen keratin with essential fatty acids. 
  2. The Phytho IV oil combination makes your hair healthy and detangles. 
  3. It protects your hair from UV rays and external pollution. 
  4. It has a shorter drying time. 

Bestseller (lists)

L'ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment Healing Oil, Abyssinian Flower Oil, 3.4 Fl Oz L'anza Premium Beauty

  • Product Benefits Builds strength with concentrated healing actives.
  • Provides flexible body & bounce.
  • Scent Abyssinian Flower Oil
  • Hair Type All... Read More

5. Pure Biology Premium Reviva Hair Shampoo with Biotin for Hair Growth

Brand Product weight Suitable for
Pure Biology 10.41 Ounces Curly hair, straight hair, grey hair, blonde hair

Pure biology shampoo is packed with essential oils like coconut oil and castor oil, reducing hair loss and giving your hair nourishment. The nutrients like Biotin, keratin, and Vitamin B adds volume to your hair and reduces hair breakage. It is gentle on your scalp and gives you healthy hair. Hair loss is the main problem this shampoo tackles. It is a scalp treatment that makes your hair and scalp healthier and makes them radiant. This shampoo is a unisex shampoo providing volume to your hair. It also has a pleasant smell and makes you feel refreshed.

Amino Kera NPNF Keratin complex is the key ingredient which repairs your damaged hair and strengthens it. It improves your scalp's overall looks and gives your hair the nourishment for better hair growth. This shampoo is safe for all hair types but works best if you have a dry and itchy scalp. Vitamin B will supply essential nutrients to promote hair growth. If you are a gym-going member or an excessive worker who tends to sweat a lot, it will create a dirty scalp. A dirty scalp may slow the hair growth process, and you should clean them with the right shampoo. This shampoo provides you with a clean scalp for natural hair growth. 

Why we love Pure Biology Premium Reviva Hair Shampoo:

  1. This shampoo is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  2. It contains green tea extract and castor oil which promotes hair growth. 
  3. Give you thicker and shiny hair. 

Bestseller (lists)

Pure Biology Premium RevivaHair Hair Growth Shampoo | Biotin Shampoo with Clinically Proven Procapil; DHT Blocker Keratin Complex | Shampoo for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss, Women & Mens Shampoo 8oz Beauty

  • Revive and Restore Beautiful Hair; Our clarifying shampoo is a clinically proven complex and hair growth serum that promotes stronger hair, thicker volume, and less thinning, split ends and breakage. Give your damaged and thinning hair the hair growth vitamins it needs for that natural moisture and radiant shine you grew up with. Use our shampoo for men and women as a hair loss treatment and for premium deep-cleansing.
  • Natural Ingredients; One of the secrets for hair volume is the reg... Read More

6. It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin Spray

Brand Product weight Suitable for
It's A 10 Haircare 8 Ounces All hair types

Miracle leave-in spray by It's a 10 is a perfect hair care treatment that should be on your daily hair care routine. It makes your hair silky and strong. This lightweight spray will go deep into your hair and rebuild any dry and damaged hair from roots till the hair ends. The keratin in this spray will protect your hair from heat and UV damage and makes your hair healthier from the inside out. You can use this hair spray after your shower or can be used as heat protectant spray. This hair spray is suitable for all hair types, from dry to frizzy hair. It helps you have soft and frizz-free hair. 

If you are into the hairstyling business, you should try out this hairspray as it improves your hairstyle. It replaces the lost protein of your hair and revitalizes them into shiny, new solid hair strands. This hair spray is cruelty-free as they believe the alternative to animal testing is cheaper and very much effective. Jervis from the US said that it makes her hair soft and makes the brushing process much more manageable. 

Why we love It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin Spray:

  1. This hair spray reviews your hair's lost protein. 
  2. It gives your hair p[rotection from sunlight and UV rays. 
  3. It detangles and adds luster to your hair. 
  4. This hair spray is suitable for all hair types. 

Bestseller (lists)

It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin Spray, 10 fl. oz (10 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1)) Health & Personal Care

  • Convenient spray-in, leave-on product is an enriched formula that conditions and softens while also adding an extra layer of protection and smoothness.
  • The It's a 10 Keratin Collection builds stronger, shinier, smoother hair beginning with it's most vital components.
  • The versatile compound shields against damage-causing environmental stressors and heat, locks in moisture, guards against humidity, and restores lost smoothness to dry or brittle hair.
  • Features Keratin... Read More

7. LA'DOR Keratin LPP Shampoo

Brand Product weight Suitable for
LA'DOR 1.12 Pounds Dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair

La'dor keratin LPP shampoo is a professional hair care treatment which brings miracle to your scalp. La'dor shampoo is famous across Europe and America due to the practical results they provide. They make your hair silky smooth and keep them hydrated and nourished. La'dor has different hair care products from lotion to conditioner etc. Harmful ingredients like silicon and sulfate damage your hair follicles and make your scalp dry. But this keratin-infused shampoo is the protein care your damaged hair needs. They make your hair more vital for an extended period. You can treat this shampoo on all kinds of hair like dry, oily, and chemically treated hairs too. 

Hydrolyzed keratin is 20 times stronger than regular protein. They balance the pH value of your hair and provide nutrition to your scalp and roots. If you have healthy deep cleansed hair and scalp, it will benefit your subsequent hair care treatments. You can use this shampoo on color-treated hairs too. It will preserve the color of your hair without damaging it and prevents your hair from split ends. Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and massage through your hair and scalp, and work deep into the roots. Leave for one full three minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. 

Why we love La'dor keratin LPP shampoo:

  1. Deep cleaning treatment for damaged hair. 
  2. Contains quality protein ingredients to keep your hair healthy. 
  3. Suitable for color-treated hairs too. 
  4. Gives your hair professional salon care. 

Bestseller (lists)

LA'DOR Keratin LPP Shampoo (17.9 fl.oz.) | Nourishing Silk and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Shampoo for Dry, Damaged, Colored, Permed Hair Beauty

  • Hair Type Oily, Dry, Normal, Damaged
  • Liquid Volume 17.9 Fluid Ounces
  • Recommended Uses For Product... Read More

8. OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Fortifying Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Brand Product weight Suitable for
OGX 14.4 Ounces Dry, Thick, Color-Treated, Damaged, Frizzy, Coarse/Textured

OGX anti-frizz conditioner is loaded with keratin and argan oil, strengthening your hair and reducing frizziness and split ends. This conditioner nourishes your hair and scalp and prevents them from breakage. Natural hair growth is a strong solution for frizzy hair, and this conditioner will promote them and thus restores and repairs frizzy hair into healthy and more nourished hair. The key to solid hair is elasticity. If there are times that a simple comb to your hair causes hair fall, then you should try changing your shampoo and conditioner. This conditioner will give enough nourishment to your hair follicles. 

These are some of the best-selling products on Amazon and give you good results after regular use. One user from the USA said that it leaves their hair smooth, silky, and shiny. They have been using this product for quite some time and recommend this product for people with frizzy hair. Just like frizzy hair, split ends can also be a problem for dry hair. This conditioner strengthens the hair's ends without causing any breakage. The tropical orange scent is very pleasing for your nose, and on top of that, it does not have any harsh ingredients like sulfate and paraben. 

Why we love OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Fortifying Anti-Frizz Conditioner:

  1. Sulfate and paraben-free. 
  2. This conditioner has a pleasing scent. 
  3. It contains keratin and argan oil to boost hair growth and make them smooth. 

Bestseller (lists)

OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Fortifying Anti-Frizz Conditioner for Damaged Hair & Split Ends, with Keratin Proteins & Argan Oil, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free Surfactants, 13 fl oz Beauty & Personal Care

  • Indulge, fortify & strengthen your tresses with damage repair conditioner Formulated with keratin & argan oil, the fortifying conditioner helps prevent breakage, strengthen split ends & reduce frizz
  • INDULGE, FORTIFY and STRENGTHEN: This 13-fluid ounce bottle of OGX Anti-Breakage + Keratin Oil Fortifying Conditioner leaves hair feeling nourished and fortified from within while smoothing and reducing frizz
  • PREVENT BREAKAGE and SPLIT ENDS: The anti-frizz conditioner... Read More

9. Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask by Natural Formula

Brand Product weight Suitable for
Natural formula 11.8 Ounces Heat damaged, dry, brittle hair

This premium hair mask treatment contains fibrous protein that strengthens your hair and restores them to its natural state. This advanced keratin treatment acts quickly as you apply them to your hair, improve your hair's structure, and improve your hair's elasticity. It will provide extra moisture to dry hair and makes them easier for hairstyling. The panthenol enhances the keratin and improves your hair's durability, and avoids unnecessary hair breakage. If your hair is damaged due to any heating process like curling or straightening, this hair mask treatment helps restore them. 

This hair mask has a rich texture and is perfect for heat-damaged hairs. Some of the keratin products contain high amounts of formaldehyde which might damage your hair in the longer run. But this hair mask treatment is free from such harsh ingredients. It is sodium chloride salt-free, paraben-free, etc. the hair treatment lasts three times longer than ordinary keratin infused products. Natural formula also has keratin intense shampoo and conditioner for you to try. Lisa from the United States said that it gives her hair softness and makes them smooth. 

Why we love Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask by Natural Formula:

  1. The rich keratin formula will make a protective coat over damaged hair. 
  2. The result lasts three times longer than other keratin-infused products. 
  3. It is free from sodium chloride salt and paraben. 

Bestseller (lists)

Keratin Repair Hair Mask - Keratin-Infused Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Hair Mask - Deep Conditioning and Repair Treatment for Straightened, Dry and Damaged Hair - Sodium Chloride Free Beauty & Personal Care

  • Keratin Hair Serum & Intense Repair Hair Mask: This bundle includes Keratin Intense Hair Serum, formulated to rebuild strands from within and forms a protective coating around straightened hair. And Keratin Hair Mask, formulated to restore, nourish and strengthen hair. Acts as soon as you apply it to your hair, restoring the structure of the hair to renew elasticity, shine, and softness. Includes a 4.8 oz Keratin Hair Serum & 11.8 oz Repair Hair Mask.
  • Keratin Intense Hair Seru... Read More

10. PURE BRAZILIAN Anti-Frizz Daily Conditioner

Brand Product weight Suitable for
PURE BRAZILIAN 14.4 Ounces Frizzy, color treated hair

The anti-stripping formula in Pure Brazilian daily conditioner is the perfect hair treatment for people with curly hair problems. This conditioner is enriched with nutrients and keratin to give you a rich and hydrated hair day. The keratin in this conditioner helps reduce split ends and less hair breakage. This conditioner gives your hair a radiant shine and can be used on color-treated strands too. They make your hair color pop up and shine. With this hair conditioner, you can get a salon-quality hairstyle at home. 

This conditioner strengthens the hair and adds shine. Though it fights dry hair, this product can be used by all types of people. There are no harsh ingredients like sulfate and paraben. You can see the visible results after weeks of usage, and you will surely see a difference after using this conditioner. This highly moisturizing conditioner will repair the damaged hair and prevent split ends. This product is climate pledge friendly, so this conditioner protects not only your hair but also our environment. The positive results of this conditioner will make you come back for this product frequently. 

Why we love PURE BRAZILIAN Anti-Frizz Daily Conditioner:

  1. Infuses nutrients into your hair follicles and strengthens them from their core. 
  2. Safe on color-treated hair. 
  3. Gives you shiny anti-frizz hair within weeks. 

Bestseller (lists)

PURE BRAZILIAN Anti-Frizz Daily Conditioner, 13.5 Oz Standard Hair Conditioners Beauty

  • ANTI-FRIZZ DAILY CONDITIONER: PURE BRAZILIAN Anti Frizz Daily Conditioner is rich and moisturizing, specially formulated to create luxurious softness and shine for your hair. This anti-stripping formula makes it the perfect hair treatment.
  • ENRICHED WITH KERATIN, VITAL NUTRIENTS AND BAMBOO: PURE BRAZILIAN Anti Frizz Daily Conditioner is enriched with Keratin, Vital Nutrients, and Bamboo. This formula protects and strengthens the hair cuticle and preventing split ends and breakage. Read More


Keratin treatments are essential for people with dry and brittle hair to improve its strength and make them lustrous. The above-mentioned keratin products are easy to use, and you can treat your hair from home. They provide your hair with great strength and protect them from the sun and environmental damages. There are also salon keratin treatments that are proven to be effective for damaged hairs. You can take keratin treatment every few months to keep your hair healthy and smooth. 

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