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Are you looking out for the best hair rollers? Women are always obsessed with long hair. Who else won’t like super curls bouncing out on your shoulder? A natural curl is not at all defined and seems messy. Using hot rollers, you can opt for trying different casual and party hairstyles at your home.


Confused about which brand of hot rollers to buy? Ok! Let us come to the point. We have listed the top 10 most searched hot rollers on the internet. Just look into the features of each one and make up your mind to buy the best one that suits you.


Top 10 Hot rollers for long hair

1. Con air Compact Multi-size Hot rollers



No worries about your hair length, the Con air compact multi-size hot rollers fit hair of any length. This hair roller set is enclosed with 20 rollers of multi sizes which are extremely tangle-free. In detail, the box has 8 small, 6 average sizes, and 6 large-sized rollers. These curls can perfectly fit in a place with color-coded stainless-steel clips. You can focus on other works without worrying whether the curls get out of shape. The clips prevent the pulling out of hairs from the rollers. The base red light on the box indicates that the rollers are ready to use on the hair.



  1. Availability of 20 multi-size rollers and clips
  2. Dual voltage
  3. The Roller set box is compact and easy to handle
  4. Grippy design on the roller



  1. Not safe to use if aerosol products (hair spray) are used




2. Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter


The wax-made thermal rollers of the Remington Ionic Conditioning hair setter create defined curls. A coat of wax on the roller retains the heat and adds density to the curls. The roller’s inbuilt ceramic technology prevents the hair from fizziness and adds more shine to your long hair. The roller set comes with 20 thermal wax rollers available in three different sizes, you can get your hair done with customized hairstyles based on the occasion you choose. And also, the J-clips firms the rollers in place.



  1. The box comprises 20 rollers with 3 different sizes
  2. A thermal indicator
  3. J-clip for string hold
  4. Color-coded clips



  1. Time delay in heating the rollers



3. Con air instant heat travel hair setter with Jumbo rollers







Generally, when the rollers are big, more volume is added to the hair. Con air never disappoints to give more density to thin hair. Most of them are worried that their hair would get damaged due to heat application.  No more fear, the highlight of the Con air rollers is the extreme heat protection to the hair. The grey velvety texture of the roller surface gently rolls up the hair without any damage. Unlike other brands, Con air comes with extra-large rollers whereas the counter brands are limited with large rollers. For their dual voltage feature, these rollers have no restriction to use anywhere around the world. The base of the roller box is connected with a 5feet long power cord for safety.



  1. Availability of Jumbo rollers
  2. The surface is velvety and smooth
  3. Exclusive power cord
  4. Dual voltage



  1. You might miss tight curls due to the non-availability of small rollers


4. Remington H1016 Compact Ionic and Ceramic Hot Rollers



A familiar ceramic hot roller incorporated with dual (ceramic and ionic) technology is the Remington H1016 hot hair setters. Get your healthy curls free from fizziness using Remington rollers. The rollers are enclosed in a compact package that is easy to carry anywhere. Women who run out of time can take the roller set to any place and create their own hairstyles. The J-clips of the roller set helps to avoid creasing. Although the roller gets heated up within 90 secs, the ends are cool to touch with bare fingers.




  1. Dual technology (ceramic + ionic)
  2. Prevent the hair from frizz
  3. Dual voltage for worldwide travel
  4. Rapid heat of rollers in less than 90 seconds
  5. Affordable price




  1. The J-clips don’t fit tightly to the hair.


5. INFINITIPRO by Con air Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers



From classic tight curls to large defined curls, any type of curls in an instant is done by INFINITIPRO Con air rollers. The ceramic technology embedded in the roller distributes the heat eventually on the roller. The kit comes with half dozens of small and medium rollers and 8 large rollers that help in attaining any type of hairstyle. Create your own dynamic curls with adjustable temperature settings. In addition, argan oil is provided for hair conditioning and the easy fold cord helps for easy handling purposes.



  1. Inbuilt ceramic and ionic technology
  2. 12 Adjustable temperature settings
  3. Takes less than 2 mins for heating
  4.  Clips are included



  1. A bit expensive


6.Caruso Steam setter



Attain bouncy curls for long voluminous hair by using the Caruso steam setter. Place the roll of your wish on the steam setter and leave it for a few seconds. After that, if the roller is hot on touching then take out and roller the hair over it. To get dynamic curls, put the cap over the roller. Try unlimited styling methods using 30 types of hot rollers ranging from small to enlarge. Definitely, you can get the curl you dreamt of having for the party. The dual voltage feature enables it to travel around the world.



  1. The foam rollers are too smooth on the hair
  2. Easy to store using a storage bag
  3. Suitable for any type of hairs
  4. Dual voltage
  5. Compact and less weight



  1. You can heat only one roller at a time


7. BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter





Babyliss is earning its popularity among the hair setting products. This is because of its unique nano titanium technology with infrared heat as it can distribute uniform heat. Although the heat is applied, your hair is safe from damage. The velvety surface definitely makes your hair voluminous, curly, and shiny. The roller set consists of 12 rollers with 12 butterfly clips that clip the roller on the heat strongly, plus you will have metal clips for additional support.



  1. Employs nano-titanium technology
  2. Far-infrared heat prevent hair damage
  3. Includes 12 velvety rollers with respective clips
  4.  Additional 12 J-clips for grip



  1. Expensive


8. John Frieda Jumbo Hot Rollers for Long Hair




A flagship of hair curling products is none other than John Frieda. With advanced ionic conditioning, the hot rollers of the pack promote healthy and bouncy curls. A set of 5 rollers made of element titanium is incorporated with ceramic technology to protect the hair from damage. The set of 5 rollers comes with super quality butterfly clips for better hold. The 3-temperature setting of the base setter helps in attaining easy and bouncy curls. The roller box is too handy and can be carried to any place you go.



  1. Embedded with ionic technology
  2. High-quality butterfly clips
  3. The case is compact and simple
  4. 5 large titanium rollers




  1. These rollers don’t give tight classic curls.


9. Remington Pro hair setter



The rmaluxe advanced thermal technology of the Remington Pro hair setter will circulate the heat in and out of the rollers thus making it possible to heat up within minutes. The dual heating capability of the pack helps in achieving stylish salon-style hair curls. The compact design of the box is so comfortable to carry and sets 20 rollers into the box with minimum space.



  1. Rollers are coated with ceramic
  2. Compact size
  3. Multiple rollers (more than 15)
  4. Led light indication for ready to use


  1. At times, the curls might no last long.
  1. 10. Con Air Instant Heat Compact Rollers


Compact ConAir rollers heat up too quickly with the applied ceramic technology. The roller pack includes 0.75inch medium-sized rollers and 1inch large-size rollers. You can take the roller kit worldwide as it is a dual voltage roller. For getting the finest curls, heat the roller for a few minutes and place the clip over the roller. The fabric pouch is so soft that it is easy for carrying to any place.



  1. Smooth fabric pouch
  2. Even distribution of hat by ceramic technology
  3. Dual voltage with 12 rollers
  4. Included hair clips



  1. Expensive compared to other hair styling rollers


Factors to be considered while choosing Hot Rollers


Temperature levels

Temperature is the primary feature to be considered. Avoid choosing rollers which have only standard temperature as all the type of hair cannot withstand the standard temperature. Rollers with adjustable temperature settings are a good choice. If you have very thin and brittle hair, apply low heat. Although you have dense hair avoid using high-temperature rollers.



Most commonly used hot rollers are made of ceramic material. These rollers gain in temperature by using infrared energy. Based on the reviews, ceramic-made rollers are best for hair. Other rollers include Tourmaline hot rollers neutralize the positive ions on the hair by the negative ions from the rollers thus maintaining the natural moisture of the hair. Obviously, your hair is free from any damage and frizz. If you are in demand of having very long curls, go for form rollers and wax-coated rollers.


Number of Rollers

The rollers set consists of many rollers of different sizes. It is wise to choose a hot roller pack that has at least 10 types of rollers. Anytime you can change the styling methods based on the outfit you wear for outdoor parties.


Methods to use hot rollers

 1.  Part your hair into two sections from the middle.

 2. Apply serum at the hair ends for heat protection. The ends of the hair should be very smooth or it might crinkle as it couldn’t withstand more heat

3. Roll your hair starting from the hair end and place it on the top of the head. Note that these rollers must be placed vertically not horizontally.

4. Set the hair and keep it undisturbed for a few minutes

5. Skip aerosol products like hair spray. Remove the rollers from the hair.

6. Gently, comb your hair using your fingers. Now your hair is all set to go.


Buying guide for hot rollers


Hair length

The size of the roller you choose depends on the length of the hair you have. Commonly, the roller sizes enclosed in the pack are Petite, small, medium, large and Jumbo. These rollers are named based on the length and the diameter of the barrel. The diameter of the barrel directly depends on the quantity of hair it can hold. Jumbo rollers are recommended if you have long voluminous hair. If you are obsessed with having curls than wavy hair, use medium rollers.


If you are interested to have tight classic curls, pick small rollers. These small rollers have the potential to hold the hair strong and tight. The end results are totally amazing. In fact, using hot rollers is a skill as it requires a lot of patience especially for long hair.


Still confused about choosing the hot rollers based on the diameter and barrel size. For your convenience, we have provided a tabular column that describes what hot rollers can give the curl on your mind.



Desired Hair Style Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
Big Curls 3.5 inches 2 inches / 2 ½ inches
Loose Waves 3.5 inches 1 ¾ inch
Beach Waves 3.5 inches 1 ¼ inch
Defined Curls of Body Waves 3.5 inches 1 ½ inch
Frequent Waves 3.5/ 2.5 inches 1 inch


With this above table, you will find it easy to achieve your dream curls. Check out the size of the rollers before adding them to the cart.



Additional Information on roller size for long hair


Commonly, the selling brands do not mention the size and diameter. So, it will be very difficult for you to choose the hot roller with the features that you expect. Get to know the diameter and length of the barrel based on which the classification of rollers is done.



Size Name Diameter of Barrel Length of Barrel
Jumbo 2 ½ inches/ 2 inches 3.5 inches
Large 1 ¾ inches/ 1 ½ inch/1 ¼ inch 3.5 inches
Medium 1 inch 2.5/ 3.5 inches
Small ½ inch, ¾ inch 2.5 inches
Petite 5/8-inch, 3/8 inch 2.5 inches



Hair type and technologies


An equally important factor to be considered as like the hair length is the type of the hair. Companies focus more on the length of the hair rather than the type. A number of technologies are embedded in hair rollers. While reading out the features, have a note on the type of technology incorporated on the rollers.


Actually, it is deep research. We don’t want people to get fooled by using rollers that do not fit their hair type. If you pick any type of rollers with the technology below, your hair is completely safe.




Type of technologies in hot rollers Suitable hair types
Tourmaline                 All hair types



Benefits of heated rollers

A long black is a crowning glory for women. They are more likely to spend more on styling products to maintain their hair without any crease. Psychologically, women with straight hair admire wavy and curly hair. Get your hair done in an instant with styling hot rollers. Let us check out some of the benefits of using hot rollers.


  1. Change the look you long for

You don’t know which hairstyle suits your hair. Definitely, you must go for a trial-and-error method. It is risky to go for permanent curling before knowing whether it suits well to your face.  Using hot rollers, try out your favorite hairstyle without any damage to the hair.  The main advantage of the hair rollers is that you can experiment with different looks and stick to one which suits you the best.


  1. Speed up the styling process

Even the flat or curling iron is effective, it consumes a lot of time. If you’re a busy woman, it is not a good option to style your hair in a hurry. Instead, using rollers utilize less time. Rollers get heated up in a few minutes. Roll the hair on the roller and set for 10 minutes. You are all set now. In short, rollers are time-saving.


  1. More voluminous hair

Don’t bother if your hair is thin and flat. Hot rollers can add more volume making it even more bouncy. Stylists often use rollers for attaining more voluminous hair.


  1. User friendly

No matter what heating device you use, har damage is unavoidable. However, you can minimize the damage with hot rollers. The temperature level of the hot roller is comparatively less than the curling or flat iron.

Also, multiple times you use the iron on the same section of hair for a well-defined hairstyle. This might lead to hair damage. But, with hot rollers, you subject the hair only once to set.



FAQs on hot rollers


Q1. Do hot rollers suit long hair?

Hot rollers suit best for long hair. The number of curls you get from long hair is more than short hair. Although styling long hair needs more patience, the long and bouncy curls of long hair add more beauty to your face.


Q2. Can hot rollers cause damage to your hair?

If your hot roller is employed with technologies like ceramic, titanium, ionic and non-ionic, then your hair is completely safe and free from any damage and fizziness. Since only a small level of temperature is applied to hair, your hair is protected from excessive heat.


Q3. Can you apply heated rollers directly on hair?

You can apply serum or spray before using rollers on hair. Direct heat application on hair can damage your hair.




Most of the women switched toward instant styling products like hot rollers. In this article, we have listed out all the types of rollers with which you can try out many awesome salon hairstyles. Unlike flat iron, these rollers are a lot more comfortable as you can mind your business with rollers on your hair. Take a note of the barrel measurements and buy a roller set that is best for you.  Get your dream curl in minutes.
















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