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Are you worried about having grey hair? You can find premature grey hair due to stress, anxiety, depression. Moreover, shampoos with harmful chemicals can also be a reason for grey hair. Worries apart, we have many solutions to hide grey hairs. But, you hesitate to use hair dyes because of their chemical concentration. Probably, the best alternative to hair dyes is Henna. This complete organic hair coloring powder fetches you better results than a hair dye. 

Henna hair dye is extracted from the Lawsonia inermis. The natural chemicals in Henna will nourish the dry scalp and promote hair growth. In addition to this, the antimicrobial properties of the Henna will prevent the scalp from any fungal attack. Henna contains long-lasting properties than any other dyes. The coloring process with Henna takes up to 6 hours. But, the bold color lasts longer for about eight weeks.  Fine powdered henna is better than coarse henna sice it is very easy to mix and apply.

This article helps out the people who are hesitating to use chemical dyes. We are here to introduce a range of henna hair dyes that can create wonders on hair. Let us have a look at the top 10 henna hair dyes.

Top 10 Henna Hair dyes

1. Godrej Nupur Natural Mehndi henna

Godrej Nupur Natural mehndi henna consists of the goodness of nine natural herbs. The formulated blend of Henna Mehandi and Bhringaraj nourishes the hair and promotes healthy hair growth. The product is completely natural and is free from harmful chemicals. People with dull black or grey hair can use this Henna to turn their hair color into a dark burgundy shade.

The Henna comes in powdered form. So, you can mix it with water to make a thick paste. Apply on hair to get a long-lasting thick burgundy shade.


1. Contains only natural herbal ingredients

2. Promotes hair growth

3. Soothe the scalp and nourishes the hair strands

4. Bold burgundy shade


1. The results are effective only for dark-colored hair

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  • 100% chemical free all natural herbal henna
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2. The Henna Guys Chemical free hair dye

The Henna Guys come with a hair dye that is exclusively for covering grey hairs. The premium quality ingredients like pure henna powder, indigo powder, extracts of amla and neem are extremely safe to use on your hair. The highlight of this hair dye is its long shelf life. The powder is wrapped in airtight aluminum foil. The perfect blend of henna hair dye contains no color developers, fillers, and harmful chemicals like parabens.  

Please note that this hair dye is for people with light hair colors. The formula of the hair dye can only convert the light color to thick dark color. So, avoid this product if you want to color your dark hair. Most importantly, this product is hypoallergenic and is free from any harmful chemical ingredients. This Henna will soothe your scalp and protect your hair from irritation. 


1. Hypoallergenic

2. Do Not contain any artificial flavors or colors

3. Contains natural herbal extracts

4. Soothe the scalp

5. Irritation free

6. Cruelty-free


1. Lot of color is washed away while taking a head bath

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  • Chemicals & Metallic Salts Free Hair Coloring & Conditioning
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  • May only give Red Undertones on black / dark hair
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3. Nisha Natural Henna Based Hair color

Are you fed up coloring your hair frequently? Here comes Nisha Natural Henna to sort out your problem. The infused natural ingredients like Amla, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, and Shikakai will give you a long-lasting, deep black color to your hair. The high-quality ingredients will strengthen each hair strand and protect the hair from breakage. 

Generally, hair dyes contain ammonia for instant results. But you don't have to worry about using this product. Nisha natural henna contains only fine herbs and doesn't cause any damage. In addition to this, this henna powder will give a uniform color to all hair strands. So, your grey hair appears to be natural black hair. We strictly advise you not to use this Henna for coloring your eyebrows. It might cause skin irritation. People who have highly sensitive skin can have a sensitivity test before using the product. Mix a cup of powder with seven cups of water to get a thick consistency so that the paste sticks firmly on the hair. 


  1. Ammonia free
  2. Gives smoothness and shine to the hair
  3. The color can last for about two months
  4. Promotes healthy hair growth
  5. A perfect blend of natural ingredients


  1. The Henna is not so pure and might cause allergy on sensitive skin
  2. Not recommended to color eyebrows

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4. Rainbow Research Henna Persian Copper hair color

All though people prefer traditional brown color henna, there are many freaking fans for copper-red color. It never goes out of style. Rainbow Research assures that you can get a vibrant copper color with 10% natural ingredients. These ingredients nourish the hair and add strength and shine to each hair strand. 

The copper-red is a perfect mixture of light blonde, brown, and red. You get an additional vibrancy to look at your hair. No worries, this Henna is free from harmful chemicals. Plus, there are few more shades available from the brand Rainbow Research 


  1. The dye hides your grey hair
  2. The powder is made of only natural ingredients
  3. Damage-free
  4. Vibrant look
  5. Red color lasts for about eight weeks


  1. Not a satisfying packaging since the henna powder is wrapped with a low-quality plastic

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5. Silk & Stone pure henna powder

If you want a traditional black color, Silk & Stone pure henna powder is a good choice. The main ingredient, Lawsonia inermis is perfectly crushed in a healthy environment without any added pesticides. The product is purely made from the fine leaves of the henna plant. Please note that the stem and root are not included to give a smooth texture to the powder. Silk & stone guarantee that the henna dye can give intense black color with its organic ingredients.

Moreover, the henna powder is free from any color developers, additional flavors, parabens, and pesticides. And also, this henna power strengthens the dull hairs. Unfortunately, this henna dye fails to give a uniform color tone to grey hair.


  1. Pure and fine henna powder
  2. Contains only natural ingredients
  3. Adds shine to the hair
  4. Available at an affordable price
  5. Pesticide-free
  6. Contains no parabens and artificial additives


1. The powder only adds color to black hair.

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  • Made with Dried Crushed henna leaves(no stems, roots, or other parts of plant used), triple sifted fine powder for making smooth paste.
  • Preservative free, no chemicals, no parabens, no PPD, no metal... Read More

6. Jamila Pure and natural Henna powder

Jamila hair care product brand is famous across the globe for its pure henna powder. This powder's specialty is that it can perfectly blend with other ingredients like amla, indigo, etc, to give other amazing shades. One thing to notice here is, you don't need to waste money to buy different dye colors. All you have to do is, mix with the right proportion of ingredients to get the respective dye color.

Another important factor in this powder is, you can apply this henna powder on chemically treated hair. It causes zero side effects. We recommend Jamila Pure and Natural Henna Powder to people of all age groups. Moreover, it is very safe for use and covers all your grey hairs. 


  1. Features customized colors by mixing 
  2.  Appropriate ingredients
  3. Covers all the grey hairs
  4. Long-lasting properties 
  5. Easy to use
  6. Cruelty-free


  1. It seems uncomfortable for beginners since they are not aware of the right proportions of the ingredients

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7. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder

Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder is a perfect solution for premature grey hairs. The formulated blend of Mango Kernel and extracts of the Arjun tree will nourish your scalp and give an even brown tone to your hair. This natural coloring product contains no chemicals and brings softness and shine to the hair. 

Natural ingredients like henna leaves, Burberry, and soap nut condition the hair without damaging the hair's natural texture. This product is 100% safe to use and contains no chemical agents. We recommended this henna powder for regular use as it can greatly prevent the growth of grey hairs.


  1. Hides all the premature grey hairs
  2. User friendly
  3. Smoothen your hair 


  1. The color doesn't long last more than four weeks

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  • Quantity: 90g; Perfectly ground powder of pure henna leaves I Package Contents: 1 Hair Color
  • Mango kernel and the bark of arjun tree. I Helps condition your hair, making it soft and manageable.
  • It works wonders on those dull tresses
  • These exotic ingredients nourish and enlighten hair with rich brown color and shine
  • 100% Pure Natural Henna(Mehandi) Powder
  • Gives natural conditioning to hair and neutral color effect
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8. Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix

 Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb mix can color and straighten the hair. The premium quality ingredients like Amla, Neem, and Shikakai will detangle hair strands. The formulated blend conditions the hair and adds smoothness, and protects the scalp from dandruff.


  1. Adds shine to the hair
  2. Long-lasting effects
  3. Pleasant fragrance


  1. It takes up to 3 to 4 to set the color

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Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix 100G Beauty & Personal Care

9. VLCC Natural Herbal Henna powder

VLCC is a well-known brand for hair care and skincare products. It is particularly famous for its henna powder. VLCC henna powder will give you lustrous hair with a shining effect. Natural ingredients like Musk root, Vitamin E, and C will soothe and nourish the hair scalp. And also, the infused extracts of Margosa contain anti-inflammatory properties. 

The key ingredient is Amla that helps to promote hair growth. In parallel, it also prevents the premature greying of hair. Unlike other henna powers, this henna powder takes very little time to blend. Apply thoroughly and rinse your hair after 30 minutes.


  1. Powerpack of natural ingredients like Musk root and Amla
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Vitamins will add nourishment to the hair


  1. Expensive

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VLCC Natural and Herbal Henna, 120g Beauty

  • Enriched with Margosa which helps fight scalp infections & Indian Gooseberry adds shine & luster
  • A unique blend of Henna with precious Indian herbs help that nourish hair roots, promoting hair growth.
  • Mix the desired quantity of henna with water to make a thick paste. Apply to dry hair, leave it for 1-2 hours and rinse thoroughly. ... Read More

10. H&C Natural and Pure Henna Powder

 H&C presents you with henna powder that suits all age groups. Other than coloring, this henna powder maintains the health of the hair. The infused ingredients will soothe the scalp, repair the damaged hair and maintain the pH level on the hair. In addition to this, this product can strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair fall. 

The powder is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the scalp from any external microbial attack. The formulated blend of organic ingredients can seal the moisture barrier and promote hair growth. The fine powder is easy to mix with water. Apply on hair and leave it for half an hour to achieve effective results.


  1. Chemical-free
  2. Natural brown color to grey hair
  3. Nourishes the hair 
  4. Seals the moisture


  1. Highly-priced

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  • 100% Natural henna powder, give natural color, shine and conditioning to hair.
  • Made from Organically cultivated Henna Leaves.
  • Does not contain any chemical or PPD.
  • Safe to use for all ages.
  • Triple sifted powder makes it easy to mix with water and application. ... Read More

Benefits of Henna

Now, we are in the most important session of the article. We hope you have gained clarity on the features of various henna brands. Can Henna can only cover your premature grey hairs? Is this the only reason to prefer henna powder over other dyes? No, henna powder has many benefits that can impress you with its multitasking abilities. Let us see one by one.

Healthy hair growth

On consistent usage, Henna can restore the lost health of your hair. The natural ingredients in the henna powder will maintain the pH level on the scalp. Unlike shampoos, Henna is recommended for regular use for promoting healthy hair growth. For best results, mix the Henna with amla water for two hours and massage gently on the scalp. 

Covers grey hairs

If you want to enjoy colored hair without any chemical touch, Henna is the only solution. As we told you earlier, Henna is a complete natural coloring product. It doesn't contain any added chemicals or flavors. The highlight of Henna is, it can give a natural look to the hair by covering all the grey hairs. The Henna can give a uniform intense black color, thus enhancing the beauty of the hair.

Prevents dandruff

Basically, Henna contains anti-fungal properties. Henna soothes the scalp and prevents the attack of dandruff. It reduces the itching on the scalp. A mixture of henna and fenugreek seeds fights against dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth.

Conditions the hair

Henna will condition your scalp and reduce the irritation. It supplies the essential vitamins and nutrients to each hair follicle and stimulates the growth of healthy hairs. On regular use, Henna will seal the moisture without stripping the natural texture of the hair.

Side effects of Henna

Although Henna is a natural hair dyeing product, it has certain disadvantages. You must be aware of its side effects also to alert yourself to excessive usage.

Messy and difficult Henna 

Henna leaves are finely grounded in a controlled environment. The powder comes in airtight packets. You have to manually add water to the power and make it into a paste. When applied, the thick consistency of the Henna will stick firmly on the hair. Some Henna brands require staying time for about 8 hours to get better results. Within that time, the Henna dries on your hair. You have to put in a lot of effort to rinse it off completely.

Another important point is, you are clueless whether you have covered all the grey hair. And also, the Henna can stain your skin or clothes. Don't forget to put gloves on your hands while applying Henna. Since Henna needs at least a day to color your hair, we advise you to cover your head with a cotton cap to avoid stains on pillows and bedspreads. 

Uneven coloring

A major drawback of Henna is its thick consistency. A watery gel can penetrate deep into the roots. But, Henna with mud-like consistency will remain on the hair's surface and result in an uneven coating of grey hair.

Henna is experimentation. Yes! It reacts according to the natural hair color. Some of the Hennas are not recommended for dark hair as it does not show any color change.

If you didn't mix the right proportion of other extra ingredients, it might not show effective results.

Color correcting is difficult

If you didn't achieve desired results from Henna, you could not correct your uneven hair color. Commercial dyes cannot react with Henna-treated hair because the Henna covers the hair strands and does not allow the commercial dyes to penetrate the hair strands. 

Moreover, it is highly dangerous to apply commercial dye on henna color hair. These commercial dyes contain ammonia. When ammonia comes in contact with natural hair strands, it might cause potential damage to the hair. You can witness the hair damage when ready-made henna powder reacts with commercial dyes. 

Darkens hair over time

Frequent application of Henna gives an uneven tone to your hair. New grown hair tends to have lighter color compared to the existing natural hair. It is better to massage the Henna at the roots first, following the hair strands. 

Buying guide for Henna

Before buying Henna, you must consider certain factors to shortlist the products. We have gained knowledge on the highlights of each branded Henna powder. Now, we are in the buying stage. So, it is very important to choose the best product that suits you. 

We are here to discuss some of the mandatory factors that help you pick the best one. 


You are very clear that Henna is good for your hair. But, some of the vendors use metallic salt to preserve the natural color of the Henna. So, it is very important to check whether the Henna is pure or mixed with some preservatives for long shelf life. 

Staying time

The staying time of each branded henna powder varies based on the infused ingredients. We have mentioned the staying time of each branded henna powders. Certain products might take half an hour, whereas some involve a two-day process. So decide for yourself. If you have urgent work and are running out of time, choose henna powder with instant results. For long-lasting results, buy Henna that requires 48 hours of staying time. This type of Henna takes time to fade its color, and you don't have to dye your hair periodically.


You are clear that Henna is a natural coloring agent. It is well known for its cooling effects. Some of Henna might have some color changes due to color developers. Strictly avoid those kinds of henna powder. Buy Henna that is free from parabens, ammonia, pesticides, metallic salts, and preservatives. Check out the table of ingredients mentioned in the packet. Cross-check whether the Henna contains chemicals.

Easy to use 

Some of the Henna shows desired reflective colors only when mixed with additional ingredients. So, if you don't have time, you can go for ready-to-use henna powder. If you want to experiment with different colors on your hair, you must add respective ingredients in the right proportions. Obviously, it consumes a lot of time. 


Henna is available from low to high price. It doesn't mean that quality products are tagged with high prices. Even Henna available at an affordable price can create wonders on hair. You can surf the net and read about the product reviews to clarify price and quality.

Finely sifted

Prefer buying finely graded henna powder. Generally, henna leaves are crushed and formulated into powder. It is very easy to mix the powder with water. On the other hand, coarse henna powder contains dirt. It is very difficult to filter out the pure Henna from sand or dirt.


 Overall, Henna is highly recommended for hair than other counterparts. But, it has side effects too. If you have sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist before applying Henna. You must be very careful while applying the Henna as it can spoil your hand and dress. 

Henna covers all your premature grey hair, but it cannot lighten the dark hair. You must take the factors mentioned above into account. These factors will give battery clarity and avoid confusion while selecting the product. Beware of ingredients as well. Before buying the product, list down your expected features. Know well about the properties of each ingredient. Choose the product only if it satisfies your expected key features.

Moreover, patience is very important. You can switch to another product if the Henna fails to show effective results. Although Henna is natural, you should not believe everything the vendor says. 

You must properly verify by reading the reviews or have a word with your friends. You should select a product for which you never regret later. 

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