Best hair tool holders

Have you observed a table of a woman who is obsessed with beauty products? It is a mess entirely. When the styling tools occupy more space on the dressing table, it is pretty uneasy about searching and finding other beauty products. Definitely, you must have a beauty kit to hold your makeup items. So far, you might not be aware of the holders for hair tools. 

A hair tool holder makes your daily routine relatively easy. Women put makeup in the neck of the moment and struggle to style their messy hair. Hairstyling tools deal with heat, and it takes time to calm the hair. So, it isn't easy to carry these tools, and probably you might end up using only a comb. 

So, we have a set of hair tool holders to help you greatly manage your hair styling products. Read the entire article to get clarity on hair tool holders and buy one that suits your products.

Top 12 hair hod tools available in the market

1. Polar style station

If you're looking for a hair tool holder that can hold your hair styling tools safely? Polar style station is the solution. This hair tool holder has multiple storage options to store all the hair tools like flat or curling irons, brushes, and combs. The three oversized compartments will hold the hair tools of any size so comfortably. This product has a silicon base that is high heat resistant. The main advantage of this product is, you need not cool the hot irons as the stainless steel mesh will circulate air from outside to cool the styling irons. The design of the polar station is safe and neat so it is perfect for storing in  counter, tower bar or drawers. People prefer this product for its versatile functions.


  • It not only works as an excellent storage option for hair styling tools. It has a separate compartment to hold the power cord, a basic necessity for heating the hair styling tools. So, you can pull out the power cord without any mess.  
  • The compartment never says no to hair styling tools of any size. The design of the containers is carefully made to occupy any size hair tools.
  • The holder is made of strong silicon inner base and stainless steel. You need not worry about the damage of the style station while holding hot irons.


  1. Oversized compartments
  2. Thermal resistant
  3. Versatile properties
  4. Made of high-quality materials


      1. Avoid placing very hot straightening tool inside the compartments

Bestseller (lists)

Polder Style Station Home & Kitchen

  • OVERSIZED OPENINGS fit most styling tools: hair dryers,curling irons, straighteners, brushes and more. Center blow dryer opening is 3” diameter, side curling iron and straightener openings are 2" diameter
  • HEAT-RESISTANT MESH AND SILICONE BASE let hot styling tools cool down quickly and safely after use
  • REAR BIN keeps cords neat and out of the way. Rear cord storage pocket with plug notches keeps cords neat and out of the way
  • VERSATILE DESIGN works as a f... Read More

2. Saloniture Hair iron holder

If you search for a stylish hair tool holder, a Saloniture Hair iron holder is worth buying. The product has a convenient design that can hold hair accessories like curling hair irons, heat irons, and blow dryers. Saloniture hair iron holder is highly portable, and even you can take to meetings to give a professional look. 

The quality of the hair tool holder is damn good with premium-grade materials. The black finish adds a rich look to the holder. The anti-slip ring keeps the holder steady and can bear heavy-weight hair styling tools. 


  • Along with an anti-slip ring, the solid and sturdy base will keep the accessories safe and comfortable without slipping. 
  •  The product is made of A-grade materials of which act as heat resistant. The black finish to the products gives a class and sleek look to the hair tool holder.
  • This portable hair styling station will occupy only a tiny space on your dressing table. 


  1. Perfect holder for hot ironing tools
  2. Portable and durable
  3. Ergonomic design that occupies minimal space


       1. This holding stand doesn't fit some vanities

Bestseller (lists)

Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder - Salon Appliance Stand w/ 3 Outlets Health & Household

  • Organize all of your salon & hair appliances in one place
  • Made from high-grade steel in a beautiful black, powder coat finish
  • Space saving and portable; it can be used anywhere ... Read More

3. ELVANSE Wall mount organizer for hair styling tools

A good hair tool organizer designed to place in a bathroom is the ELVANSE wall mount organizer. If you want to save time by quickly dry blowing the hair, this product helps you a lot. The ELVANSE hair tool organizer has many properties like heat resistance, corrosion-free, and abrasion-proof. The coil s made of superior quality aluminum that is free from rust. 

The plus of this wall mount organizer is that it is meant for holding the hairdryers and bears everyday items like toothpaste and toothbrushes. This dual property of this product makes your life so easy and comfortable. 


  1. This product has multi features to hold all the required items in a compact organizer.
  2. You can use this hair tool holder for keeping toothpaste and other cosmetic brushes also.
  3. ELVANSE hair tool organizer is lightweight but supports heavy hair holding tools


  1. Corrosion-resistant
  2. Lightweight
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Thermal protection properties


  1. It is not a portable product once you fix it to the wall

Bestseller (lists)

Hair Dryer Holder, Wall Mount Organizer Shelf Rack for Bathroom, Wall Mount with Comb Makeup Brushes Cup,Bathroom Washroom Shower Accessories Storage Organization Aluminum Set Home & Kitchen

  • Durability and longevity assured - Durable and exquisite, high temperature resistance bathroom storage, rust proof and scratch proof.
  • Made of high quality space aluminum material, the solid rack is durable, light weighted and anti-rust.
  • Multi-function storage device, tidy up the bathroom. Holds toothbrush, comb, hair brushes, cosmetics makeup brushes, hair dryer, toothpaste and other bathroom tools to keep your bathroom clean and tidy - space saving, perfect bathroom accesso... Read More

 4. MDesign Metal Countertop hair tool holder

Are you looking for an innovative tool that can hold all your styling products within the allotted space? MDesign metal hair tool holder compacts the area of the hair styling tools with its impressive design. The product has two sections: the upper section will hold the flat and curling irons and the blow dryers, whereas the lower area is for keeping the cosmetic brushes and combs.

You have no restrictions to place a hot flat ironing tool on the stand. The steel wire is very much capable of bearing any temperature. The product is very compact and occupies minimal space. This hair tool holder is also durable and perfect for bathrooms and dressing tables with less space.


  1. The high-quality steel wire is rust-free, so it is very easy to clean the stand with a damp cloth.
  2. If you are running out of space to store the hairstyling accessories. MDesign countertop hair tool organizer help you to come out of the inconvenience 
  3. The steel ring in the upper region gives a firm hold to the hair blowers and the flat irons.
  4. The freestyle design of this product will keep your tools well organized and provide a neat look.


  1. Organizes all the hair styling tools perfectly
  2. User friendly
  3. Heat resistant
  4. Durable


  1. At times, the stand might be shaking due to the uneven legs

Bestseller (lists)

mDesign Metal Wire Cabinet/Wall Mount Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer - Bathroom Storage Basket for Hair Dryer, Flat Iron, Curling Wand, Hair Straightener, Brushes - Holds Hot Tools - Bronze Home & Kitchen

  • HAIR CARE STORAGE: The wall mount organizer keeps all your hair care tools separated, organized and easy to find; Generously sized so that you can store hot styling tools and your combs and brushes
  • STORES HOT TOOLS: 4 compartments hold hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and brushes, while the bottom large basket helps to corral cords; The steel wire lets you store tools even while they're still hot
  • EASY INSTALLATION; Easily installs on bathroom or cabinet walls with the ... Read More

5. CHRUNONE Hair dryer stand

Are you fed upholding the comb and the hair blower at the same time? Here comes the CHRUNONE's hairdryer holder that dries your hair effortlessly. You can dry your hair with a blower kept at a distance. The stand comes with a 360-degree rotation with an adjustable height. There is no need for screws to tighten the strap as the bracket clamps the blower firmly. The Velcro strap can hold hair blowers of any size. 

Although the stand weighs about 2.2 pounds, it is easy to install and portable. Moreover, the stand can hold hair dryers of 3 pounds.  


  • The height of the stand can be adjusted from 21 inches to 3 inches using a retractable rod. So, at any age, people can use this hair dryer stand. 
  • Your hands are let free as the stand can clamp the blower firmly. You can enjoy drying your hair from a distance.
  • It is a perfect tool to keep in tight areas. 
  • It is safe for children and pets as there is no risk of and danger.


  1. Handy and portable
  2. 360-degree rotation
  3. Lightweight
  4. Adjustable stand


  1. This tool cannot hold hair dryers weighing more than 3 pounds

Bestseller (lists)

CHRUNONE Hair Dryer Stand, 360 Degree Rotating Lazy Hair Dryer Stand Hand Free With Heavy Base, Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder Countertop, Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Holder Beauty & Personal Care

  • 360-Degree Rotation - This hand-free hair dryer stand is made of stainless steel rods, 360-degree rotation, provides the proper angle and height for drying hair.
  • Adjustable Height - The height can be adjusted from 21 inches to 33 inches with the retractable rod. It is convenient to adjust the height of children or pets.
  • 2.2 pounds Heavy-duty Base - The easy-to-install hair dryer bracket can bear hair dryers weighing less than 3 pounds.
  • Bendable Neck - After upgradi... Read More

6. Wall35 wire rack bathroom organizer

Are you the type of person who loves a well-organized room? Can organize only the hair styling tools make a room look neat and clean? Use the Wall5 wire rack bathroom organizer to arrange all your everyday items in a kit. Plus, You need not waste the nails to hammer on the wall. 

You can hand the Wall35 tool organizer on the wall and clean the messy table. 

A set of hooks are provided to hang items like bags, baskets, combs, and brushes. So, you get all your things from this wire rack instead of wasting time searching. 

Fix this wall rack near a power socket as you can comfortably charge the hair styling tools. This product can be used in any place like a kitchen to store kitchen accessories. 


  • It contains a perfect wire rack kit that helps to store any accessories. 
  • Wall35 Amalfi basket comes with its fitting hardware like screws and hooks
  • This product is very easy to install on the wall
  • It is highly space-saving in places like the kitchen, bathrooms, and dressing table.


  1. You can place many accessories with the help of hooks
  2. Easy to install
  3. Saves space
  4. Your wall looks decorative and stylish


  1. Nonportable

Bestseller (lists)

Wall35 Amalfi Bathroom Organizer Wall Mount Hair Products & Tool Storage Basket with 10 Hooks, Black Home & Kitchen

  • Hair Tool Organizer: Wall35 wire rack offers you a decorative way of storing all your hair care tools.Use it as a hair dryer holder and hang your combs and brushes to be more organized in your bathroom!
  • Stylish Space Saving: Enjoy the farmhouse touch in your bathroom decor while saving space. Hang it on your empty wall and clean the mess while using your Wall35 basket as makeup organizer, toilet paper storage and more!
  • Easy Installation: Wall35 Amalfi storage basket comes wi... Read More

7. JackCubeDesign Hair product holder

Doesn't it sound good if the hair tool station can hold hair care products along with the styling irons? Why wasting time and effort carrying an additional bag to put all the hair care products? JackCubeDesign Hair product holder comprises holding properties of all the accessories meant for hair styling. The holder comes with two medium-sized and one large-sized compartment. An empty rectangular space is used for storing the hair care products or a power adapter for easy charging the hair tools. 

The sleek black look of the holder works well in any background. 


  • The product is designed in such a way that it is very easy to detach. A hole at the bottom helps to drain the water after cleaning.
  • The three compartments can hold the hair styling products very safely.
  • It is made of stainless steel for its durability and rust resistivity.


  1. Detachable compartments
  2. Durable stainless steel
  3. Sturdy


  1. Cannot occupy more than three hair styling tools

Bestseller (lists)

JackCubeDesign Hair Dryer Holder Hair Styling Product Care Tool Organizer Bath Supplies Accessories Tray Stand Storage Bathroom Vanity Countertop with 3 Holes(Black) – MK154C Kitchen & Dining

  • PLENTIFUL SPACE - Contains 4 different compartments to organize your favorite hair tools most effectively!
  • TIP-TOP QUALITY - Produced with premium synthetic leather for long-term durability!
  • IMPROVED CONVENIENCE - Additional front storage space for extra hair and beauty products!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Matt Black design for home or professional use!
  • SIZE - 12 x 7.5 x 5.3 inches ... Read More

8. Saloniture Tabletop hair tool holder

The convenient design of the Saloniture Tabletop Hair tool holder helps to organize the heat irons neatly. The product is portable to showcase this hair tool holder in client meetings to get a professional outlook. 

The easily detachable compartments can fit hair styling tools of any size. The standard quality stainless steel acts as heat resistant and lasts longer.


  • The durable strength of the holder doesn't damage by heat.
  • The rectangular shape of the holders are highly space-saving
  • You can hold plenty of hair styling tools using the Saloniture Tabletop hair tool holder


  1. Good finish
  2. Worth buying
  3. Good drying power


  1. The compartment allotted for the curling iron is compact

Bestseller (lists)

Saloniture Tabletop Hair Iron & Blow Dryer Holder - Salon Appliance Stand Beauty

  • Organize all of your salon & hair appliances in one place
  • Made from high-grade steel in a beautiful hammered finish
  • Space saving and portable; it can be used anywhere ... Read More

9. Lmeison Wall-mounted hair tool holder

Lmeison wall-mounted hair tool holder is best for holding the tools like hairdryers, curling irons, and perfumes. This wall hangs hair tool holder consists of two cylindrical cups made of aluminum, especially for keeping the flat irons. A spiral hair dryer holder comes with a 360-degree flexible rotation. Plus, at the end of the spiral holder, an L-shaped slot is seen where you can place the power cord safely without any damage. 

Since this hair tool holder can hold all the everyday needed items like toothpaste and toothbrushes, we recommend using in a bathroom for space-saving. Space is seen between the cups and the spiral hair dryer holder, utilizing that space for keeping hair sprays, shampoos, serums, etc.


  • The holder contains enough space to carry all the hair care products.
  • The aluminum-made cups and the spiral hair dryer holder are incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant. 
  • The simple and elegant design of the hair tool holder looks decorative.
  • The power cord's slot prevents damage. By the holes way, the cups circulate optimum heat and have good drying power.


  1. It can hold all type of hair tools
  2. Easy to install
  3. Multifunctional
  4. Lightweight
  5. Presence of holes for ventilation
  6. Slot for a power cord


  1. Sharp edges
  2. Nonportable

Bestseller (lists)

Lmeison Wall Mounted Hair Dryer, Bathroom Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer Storage Basket, Aluminum Hanging Rack Organizer with 2 Cups for Flat Iron, Curling Wand, Hair Straighteners, Brushes Home & Kitchen

  • 【Wall Hairdryer Holder for Bathroom】Lmeison wall mount organizer keeps all your hair care tools separated, organized and easy to find. Easy to install, keep your Bathroom Or Washroom clean and tidy, save space
  • 【Hot Tool Holder Wall Mount】The blow dryer holder hold your skin care products and perfume; spiral hair dryer holder place your hair dryer or straightener; W / L-slot is for plug and power cord; the two cylindrical cup put your comb or brush collection. Buy one item get ... Read More

10. ROLOWAY Wooden hair tool organizer

When your table fails to give space to accessories, the best solution for arranging all your hair tools and hair care products is to use ROLOWAY Wooden hair tool organizer. When you are concerned about organic products, ROLOWAY surprises you with its long-lasting wooden finish. This product has several compartments that can hold hair care products and styling tools of any size. 

The three easy detachable aluminum cups are heat resistant and meant for holding the styling irons. This product can hold hair care products on the front case. For its versatility, the ROLOWAY Wooden hair tool organizer is a perfect gift on special occasions. 


  • This wooden made product adds beauty to the table and gives a traditional touch
  • The heat resistant containers can hold the hot hair tools and cools them very safely
  • Front section is specially designed for holding the hair care products which are used before and after the hairstyles. 


  1. Wood construction
  2. Compact
  3. Heat resistant
  4. Large storage capacity


  1. It can't hold a hair dryer with concentrator

Bestseller (lists)

ROLOWAY Wooden Hair Tool Organizer - Blow Dryer Holder - Curling Iron Holder - Flat Iron Holder - Hair Styling Tools & Accessories Organizer - Bathroom Vanity Countertop Organizer (Torched Brown) Kitchen & Dining

  • [VERSATILE BATHROOM ORGANIZER - 6 COMPARTMENTS]: ROLOWAY hair care organizer is the Perfect Solution to Clear Up your Counter Space. With TOTALLY 6 COMPARTMENTS, we offer MORE convenient design to better SORT and HOLD your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, hair straightener. Meanwhile, it’s not just a hair tool organizer! It can also keep your styling and makeup products, like cosmetics, lotion, brushes, combs well organized and easy to take.
  • [SAFE HOT TOOLS HOLDER - 3 STEEL ... Read More

11. Unistyle Rustic hair styling supplies holder

Unistyle Rustic Hair styling supplies holder is crafted from solid wood that has a Rustic white surface. The edges are molded very smoothly so that your hand doesn't get hurt during the pick and drop of hair styling products. It consists of three thermal resistive cups made of high-quality stainless steel.

Unistyle Rustic hairstyling supplies station can hold all the necessary hair care products in the space allotted in the front. 


  • The exterior is coated with a white surface and states an impressive slogan, "hello gorgeous."
  • This product gives a smooth edge finish to ensure your safety while handling the hair styling products.
  • A hole at the side of the bottom case helps in easy cleaning. Also, used to put the extended cord of an adapter.


  1. Environment friendly
  2. Compact
  3. Multi-purpose holder
  4. Extended cord opening


  1. Shallow metal cup hence challenging to hold long flat irons

Bestseller (lists)

Rustic White Hair Dryer Holder Countertop Hair Tool Organizer Storage Hair Tools and Styling Supplies Organizer for Vanity/Bathroom Blow Dryer Holder Vanity Caddy for Accessories, Makeup, Toiletries Kitchen & Dining

  • 【VERSATILE HAIR DRYER HOLDER FOR COUNTERTOP STORAGE 】: Strategically designed with multiple organizational compartments, this hair tool organizer can also be used to store your shampoo, body lotions, shaving cream and cologne. It lets you easily sort and access your hair and beauty products, perfect solution to clear up your counter space.
  • 【RUSTIC YET ELEGANT HAIR TOOL ORGANIZER】: Designed with rustic white surface and cute HELLO GORGEOUS saying, the hair dryer holder organize... Read More

12. Richard's Homewares hair styling storage chest

A unique product that occupies less space but can hold more hair tools and hair products is the Richard's Homewares hair styling storage chest. No assembly is required for this product. Like other hair tool holders, Richard's Homewares hair styling storage chest contains metallic cups of three different sizes. A drawer is available at the bottom of the holder to keep your comb, clips, and other accessories. Above that, a self is partitioned into sections for sorting and easy use facilities.  

The design is crafted in such a way that even if you can accommodate all your available accessories, there will be some space left to welcome new products. This hair tool holder is portable and can switch from one place to another.


  • Th ultra-modern design of the holder gives a classy look and a blend with any background.
  • The product is made of solid wood, which is 100% eco-friendly. The white finishing ideally add a royal appearance to the place where it is kept
  • There is some more space left even after accommodating all the available styling tools
  • It is effortless to clean as the container size and the drawer size is large.
  • You can turn the drawer to keep your emergency items like medicines.


  1. Durability
  2. More space is available 
  3. Can hold multiple hair tools and hair care products
  4. Portable
  5. A special drawer for storing important and valuable items
  6. Eco friendly


  1. No defined space is allotted for placing power cords

Bestseller (lists)

Richards Homewares Personal Hair Styling Storage Chest, Black (986650) Home & Kitchen

  • CONTROL HAIR STYLING CLUTTER- The solution to Organize any counter top instantly. Easily consolidate all the clutter on your counter into this Hair Styling Storage Chest. It has a small footprint but large storage capacity. Almost instantly you will see the difference in how tidy your bathroom looks. There is a place for everything. Three round metal containers hold flat irons, curling irons, hair dryer, hair spray, brushes and combs. Two compartments and a drawer can hold dozens of items inclu... Read More

Buying guide for choosing best hair tool holder

Before buying any products, there are specific points to be remembered. Read the subheading below and get better clarity on how to choose a hair tool holder.

Fixation type

 First, select the area for fixing the tool. If you want to carry the holder everywhere, choose a portable one. If you are okay with setting the holder near the bathroom tub, buy a fixed one. Please note that this permanently fixed type holder cannot hold heavy hair tools. It might damage the walls. 

Don't forget to fix the hair holder near a power socket. It helps to charge the curling or flat iron quickly.


Next, you should be conscious of the material that a holder is made of. Mostly, we use blowers in wet hands. At that time, you must go for option line shock-resistant materials. Significantly, people prefer to place the hair tool holders near the bathtub. There is a risk of getting the tools wet which might result in rust. So, whenever you buy hair tool holders, ensure that the tool is abrasion-proof and rust resistive.

Ensure that the cylindrical cup is made of heat-resistant materials like stainless steel and aluminum. So that you can prevent the damage of those cups as well as the hair styling tools.

Shape of the hairdryer holder

Last but not least, line up all your hair styling tools and go for a hair tool holder that can hold all your typing products. A common mistake people make is, they give importance to the look of the hair tool holder. When you purchase only, you must look into the dimensions of each cup. These dimensions can help you to put the correct type of hair tool holder. Some cylindrical cups are not deep enough to hold a long flat iron, whereas some blow dryers don't fix the cups' holes.  

Next, if your need is a hair blower stand, check the bower's weight and the weight that a blower stand can withstand. Most of the brands carefully mention the withstanding capacity of the. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money. 


As a sum up, we say that hair styling tools literally save your time. All the styling hair tools deal with heat, and we can't handle those tools like others. Good maintenance can increase its lifespan. Ensure buying an apt hair tool holder that can take care of your tools. 

Look for all possible safety features in the hair tool holders. If you want to use it on children and pets, go for stand-type hair blowers. Get your hairstyles done with excellent hair styling tools. 



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