Top 6 Best Hair Relaxers 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Calming your hair might be a difficult task, especially colored hair. It is also hard to achieve radiant shine if you want to have it throughout the day.

All these are possible with the hair relaxers that help maintain straight hair all day long with intense shine. Not just, it helps to keep the same effect for up to 6 to 8 weeks without reducing it.

With this, you can concentrate on your other hair routine like nourishing, hydrating, grooming hair as you'll achieve the shape you want. Your hair can feel relaxed the entire day, and so you'll have a more relaxed hairstyle for a longer time.

Like other products, you can find more options on hair relaxers. In order to make the process easier for you, here we have covered the top best hair relaxers on the market today.

Without a doubt, you can trust all the listed products as they come from trusted brands. We also researched the products to ensure the quality and its benefits, and all these are more popular in the salon field and professionals recommended.

Hair Relaxer Characteristics

Usually, the hair relaxers are for curly hair, and it helps to change the person's natural hair texture, especially the curly hair.

In order to make the process more effective, they are formulated with some chemicals like sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, which are great at switching the curly texture to straight.

The hair relaxers are characterized differently and vary from one another with their base or no base, Lye or no Lye, and other ingredients.

Base: This is a base, a protective cream used before hair relaxing treatment.

No base: There is no separate base; it's inbuilt with the formula

Lye: The hair relaxers that includes sodium hydroxide

No-Lye: The hair relaxers with the ingredients like calcium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide.

Other ingredients like proteins, moisturizers, and vitamins are added to the hair relaxers for hair protection from chemicals.

There is a thing for sensitive hair and scalp users. They need to use neutralizing or clarifying shampoo or conditioner to avoid hair damage caused by chemicals from hair relaxers.

Best Hair Relaxers 2021

1. Softsheen-Carson Optimum Care No-Lye

The hair relaxer by Softsheen is one of the most popular around the world, and It has no Lye formula, so it doesn't damage your hair much.

This is one of the perfect and safer options for someone who is new to hair relaxers. The Optimum hair relaxers have been on the market for over 110 years, ensuring product quality.

What we like

Besides its high quality, this is affordable and comes with a pre and post-treatment product to encourage the complete cycle.

The company alone promised that it has a 90% less breakage formula printed on the box, leaving your hair soft, smooth, firm, and healthy.

Lye or No-Lye

Not only does it come with 90% less breakage, but also it literally has no lye. The products that contain Lye can wash out faster, while the products without Lye include calcium hydroxide, which is excellent for someone with a sensitive scalp.


What's great about the product is it contains coconut oil and ceramides as the base ingredients, together moisturizing and strengthening the hair after going through the hair relaxation treatment.

The coconut oil is added to help the fatty molecules to be regenerated that the hair lacks. But many products don't contain this formula, making the product great for a long-term hair relaxing solution.

The ceramides alone, on the other hand, are good at preventing hair from split ends, reducing hair breakages, and ensuring healthier hair.

So, the Softsheen-Carson Optimum hair relaxer is ideal for both normal and semi-fine curly hair.

Price and Extras

The Optimum hair relaxer features a lot, and each one would vary from its price, but there are many products out there with the same features but pricier than this hair relaxer.

It comes with five more different items to complete the six-step relaxing treatment and a six-page booklet to guide you with each and every step accordingly.

Besides that, it includes protective pre-treatment cream, an activating relaxer cream, a reconstructor cream, a neutralizing shampoo, and a leave-in moisturizer and strand-booster.

The product guide might be hard to follow, but there is a video to help you make the treatment properly.

When it comes to the quantity, it can last for complete treatment and a couple of retouches.


  • Comes with five more items to complete the treatments
  • Coconut oil is for restoring the fatty molecules the hair needs
  • Ceramides ensure no hair damages and split ends
  • Instruction manual for guiding you in the process
  • Leaves the hair moisturized, hydrated, and healthier
  • Ideal for normal and semi curly hair


  • The instructions aren't clear in the manual, so you need to check out the YouTube video before the process for better results.

Bestseller (lists)

Softsheen-Carson Optimum Salon Haircare Optimum Care Defy Breakage No-Lye Relaxer, Regular Strength for Normal Hair Textures, Optimum Salon Haircare, Hair Relaxer with Coconut Oil Beauty & Personal Care

  • Optimum Care by SoftSheen Carson Care Defy Breakage No-lye Relaxer, Regular Strength for Normal Hair Textures, Optimum Salon Haircare, Hair Relaxer with Coconut Oil, 1 Kit
  • SUPREME CONDITIONING: Infused in every step with Strengthening Ceramide and Coconut Oil Optimum Defy Breakage Relaxer Kit helps replenish moisture for smooth, healthy looking hair before during and after relaxing
  • 6 EASY STEPS: Protective Pre-Treatment, Conditioning Relaxer Cream + Activator, Neutralizing S... Read More

2. Avlon Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp

Avlon is a company that has been on the market since 1984, serving different hair products. This is one of the well-reputed brands across the world for its quality products. So, the Affirm Fiberguard hair relaxer has no exception.

The Avlon Affirm Fiberguard hair relaxer meets both professional and DIY-ers with its adjustable formula. This is a product popular for offering results in less time with its quick-reacting formula.

So, if you want to grab effective results with no hair damages in a short period, then, there is nothing left to beat this result.

What we like

As its name implies, this is ideal for sensitive scalps with normal to medium hair, including color-treated and damaged hair.

It helps repair the damages on your hair that are left due to chemicals from its hair relaxers.

Not just that, it is also easy to rinse the leftover oil and other residues on your hair. But it doesn't include neutralizing shampoo and reconstructing serum, so you have to purchase them separately to make the hair cuticle to get realigned to look more substantial and shinier.

But the notable fact is it's cooperative with any neutralizing shampoo, not only Avlon Affirm shampoos.

Lye or No-Lye

The Fiberguard hair relaxer by Avlon has no lye formula and contains calcium hydroxide for damage-free straight hair. Since this is Lye-free, it is ideal for sensitive and chemical-treated hair.

The calcium in the formulation protects hair from all hair damages and leaves them smoother and firmer.

The hair relaxer comes with neutralizing shampoo, but it is necessary to use chelating shampoo on your hair to remove all the chemicals buildup after the relaxing treatment.


The Fiberguard Relaxer kit includes polymer to eliminate frizz and make the hair soft to touch and more manageable.

The products have a patented formula, ensuring the quality of the products. Without a doubt, you can achieve damage-free straight hair with this product.

Not just that, it offers effective and lasts longer results without stripping hair's natural oil. Unlike other treatment products, it covers hair follicles from damages and helps retain moisture during and after the treatment.

Price Range and Extras

If you aren't concerned about budget and are searching for the best hair relaxer, look no further. The investment includes a liquid activator with a measuring cup, nine pre-measured single application cups, mixing bottles, and pair of gloves for safety purposes.


  • Ideal for chemical or damaged hair
  • Comes for nine different applications
  • The measuring cup ensures the right amount of product
  • A reputable and brand with a quality product
  • Fragranced sweet and fresh
  • Makes your hair soft to touch, smooth, and shine


  • The price is higher than others on this list
  • It excludes reconstructing serum and neutralizing shampoo, and you have to purchase them separately.

Bestseller (lists)

Avlon Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer 9 Kit Beauty

  • Restores moisture, shine and body.
  • Ideal solution for relaxing color-treated or damaged hair.
  • Hair retains significantly more tensile strength and elasticity.
  • Item Package Dimension: 20.040cm L x 20.294cm W x 26.67cm H ... Read More

3. Hawaiian Silky Relaxer

Are you looking for the best hair relaxer with no base at an affordable price? Then, the Hawaiian Silky Relaxer has no exception.

Since it is Lye and no base relaxer, suitable for all hair and scalp, includes vitamins and oils to make the hair stronger and healthier.

What we like

This is one of the best choices for grabbing soft, shiny, and smooth hair even after hair treatment.

The hair relaxer is ideal for damaged and color-treated hair, ranging from regular to super-strength options.

It perfectly gets the job done with its formulations of mink and jojoba oil, protects hair and scalp from any damage during or after the treatment than others on this list.

Lye or No-Lye

The Hawaiian Silky hair relaxer has a lye formula. The difference is it contains lithium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide, so its pH level is high (between 12 and 14, which is the maximum). The more the pH level is near the hair's pH, the more healthy hair would be!

Additionally, other ingredients in the hair relaxer help balance the pH level and offer excellent results on your hair. So, it is capable of breaking down the hair texture without compromising its health.


The lithium hydroxide in the product is compatible with other ingredients like oils, protecting hair and scalp, and nourishing hair effectively!

The essential oils of mink and jojoba oil are great at rejuvenating hair, especially with lye formula on thin hair.

Price Range and Extras

The hair relaxer by Hawaiian Silky would be the best choice if you are very concerned about the price but want to grab effective results without any hair damage.

It is not only effective but also ensures the health of the hair even with lye formula. However, you can purchase this product at a more reasonable price when you go for a large container.

So, there is no need to worry about the products running out too soon, especially for long hair users.


  • Affordable
  • Lye with effective and safer results
  • Essential oils for ensuring the healthier hair
  • Comes in a large container for more extended hair options
  • Leaves no frizz and tangles on your hair
  • Makes it soft and smooth
  • Faster results
  • Opts for any hair types and scalps


  • Excludes Neutralizing shampoo, so you have to purchase them separately
  • When deciding to buy a big one, check out the leak as it may get leaked while on shipment

Bestseller (lists)

Hawaiian Silky no base relaxer, super, Beige, 20 Ounce Beauty

  • Contains olive oil blends for stronger hair
  • Recommended for medium to coarse hair
  • Quantity: 20 Ounce
  • Formula: super
  • Improves shine and scalp health ... Read More

4. ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection

The term olive oil makes us remember hydration and nourishment on the skin and health products.

The ORS is a completely oil-based product, ensuring it provides effective results on hair relaxing treatment without damaging the hair.

As the hair relaxer contains olive oil, without a doubt, it nourishes hair from its roots. So, the hair doesn't get damaged or dry even if it's overly processed. So, this is considered the perfect one for fine to medium hair.

What we like

This has no lye formula, is effectively compatible with olive oil, and leaves it moisturized and healthier after the hair relaxes.

This comes with neutralizing shampoo, conditioning treatment, and mousse, making it one of the best products for hair relaxing treatment.

It comes in two different options: normal to the extra length.

Lye or No-Lye

The hair relaxers with the Lye are not only great on the curly hair, but the ORS also can, but the incredible fact is it has no lye.

As this is no lye formula, it contains calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate. Together, it lifts the hair's pH level up to 11, which is significantly easier to process hair without causing any hair damage. Usually, the normal or unprocessed hair's pH level is around 7, so it doesn't increase the pH too high, and there will be no damage to your hair.


Olive oil is its primary ingredient rich in fatty acids and vitamins, which are well known for nourishing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating.

Here, the fatty acids help treat the hair strands as they may dry out after the treatment while the vitamin E makes the hair stronger and healthier, and together, prevents hair from various damages like dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Other ingredients like Brazilian Pequi oil and African Shea oil, on the other hand, aid in the hair's hydration and scalp's moisturization.

Price Range and Extras

When it comes to the price, the ORS Olive Oil Built-in protection hair relaxer may fall in the mid ranges.

But what makes the products worthier to buy is its additional items. It comes with aloe vera or olive oil-based neutralizing shampoo, a conditioning treatment, and mousse for setting hair.

Apart from that, it also contains a pair of gloves, a mixing stick, and an instruction manual as a video to make the process easier for you.


  • Ideal for black and mid curly hair
  • Don't dry or damage the hair and scalp
  • Comes with a deep conditioning treatment, neutralizing shampoo, and setting mousse
  • Olive oil for soft, smooth, and more manageable hair
  • Instruction manual for a more straightforward process
  • Leaves your hair soft and smooth


  • Excluded pre-mixed option
  • Might damage the hair if not used properly, so be mindful and read the manual carefully before the process

Bestseller (lists)

ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection Full Application No-Lye Hair Relaxer - Normal (11098) Beauty & Personal Care

  • Helps protect hair from damage during relaxing.
  • Features nourishing boost of Exotic Oils including Mediterranean Olive, African Shea and Brazilian Pequi Oils.
  • Delivers stronger, smoother, silkier, softer, shinier hair. ... Read More

5. TCB Hair Relaxer

The TCB relaxer has been on the market since 1975, which is a more popular and reputable brand around the world. If your hair can deal with Lye, then the product has no exception with its no base formula.

This works great on curly hair, especially on thick and coarse hair.

The notable fact about the product is not a kit, but a tub of cream with few additional items that offers effective results that exactly you are looking for.

What we like

The TCB No Base Crème hair relaxer is protective cream with built-in options, which means nothing is required to induce the chemicals to unseal the relaxing properties. It's all set to use right after you make your hair ready for the chemical intake.

It only takes around 7 minutes to make the hair straight, and you can rinse off hair after minutes.

Lye or No-Lye

This hair relaxer contains Lye a part, which means its pH is very high and easy to change the hair texture. You can also rinse off this cream hair quickly, and its residue doesn't stay on your hair for too long.

And it shouldn't damage any hair type when appropriately used as per instructions. However, be sure you'll remove the cream in time as they can damage your hair on improper use and overtime.


The TCB hair relaxer has no base formula that contains protective cream made up of petroleum jelly, reducing the cause of hair and scalp damages. So, you'll never have any burning sensation, an itchy scalp, etc.

The infused natural oils help smoothen the hair while the African plant protein extracts repair hair strands and strengthen its roots.

Price and Extras

The product is more affordable than its counterparts. But you'll need to buy more items separately to complete the kit. Because the hand glove is required for the application process, and the neutralizing shampoo is for rinsing the hair.


  • Worthy to buy
  • Affordable
  • Built-in protective cream
  • Nothing is required for stirring
  • Pleasant smell
  • Don't dry or damage the cream
  • Shines and smooth your hair


  • Need to buy gloves and neutralizing shampoo separately
  • Provided instructions could have been better

Bestseller (lists)

TCB No Base Creme Hair Relaxer with Protein and DNA Super 15.oz Beauty

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: 815155
  • Item Package Dimension: 3.49999999643" L x 3.399999996532" W x 3.299999996634" H
  • Item Package Weight: 1.0802650838 lb ... Read More

6. Miracle's New Growth Thermaceutical

The hair relaxer by Miracles is one of the best for natural hair curls. Still, it is recommended for someone who is already familiar with hair relaxers as it might be tricky to obtain its effective results. So, the familiarized can know how to grab its full effects.

What we like

The product is easy to use and can-do wonders on new hair growth. The infused vitamins and oils help lock the moisture and strengthen the hair stands while treating the hair.

This can be used alongside neutralizing shampoo, conditioner, and even moisturizing the mask by Miracle to make the hair healthier.

The product would be perfect for one who wants to straighten their hair with a lye-free hair product.

Lye or No-Lye

The hair relaxer by Miracle is a Lye-free product. What's great about the product is it treats the hair and scalp deeper than many others, so the result would be better and more effective without any doubts.


The hair relaxer has no breakage formula, which means it is entirely safe for both the hair and scalp. So, there is no need for specific vitamins and oils. This hair relaxer contains more effective ingredients, and each one plays its role when the time comes.

Soy protein strengthens and moisturizes the hair, while aloe vera prevents the scalp from corrosion. The tea tree, on the other hand, conditions and nourishes the hair, and vitamins like C, B, and E strengthen the hair and scalp and make them healthier.

Price and Extras

The hair relaxer is more affordable and perfect for retouch up hair. You can apply the product to give a straight finish to regrowth hair. It comes with a moisturizing mask after shampooing the hair for smoothening and healthier hair.


  • Vitamins for strengthening hair
  • Ideal for short and touch up hair
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Effectively straighten the regrowth hair


  • Comes in a small package, so you need to purchase multi packages depending on your hair thickness.

Bestseller (lists)

Dr. Miracle's New Growth Thermaceutical Intensive No-lye Relaxer Regular Kit Beauty

  • For silky, soft and healthy straight hair.
  • Detangles and helps straighten natural curls.
  • Anti-breakage, no-lye formula. ... Read More


The hair relaxers are the best solution to switch curly hair to a natural straight one. Go for the hair relaxers that don't contain Lye if you have dry and damaged hair. However, all the listed products are tested and safe for all hair and scalp. Pick the right one according to your skin type and needs.

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