Best Hair Dryers 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Hair plays a vital role in an attractive look, which is difficult to maintain, especially for women. Everyone loves their hair a lot, but there is some trouble in maintaining it. There are different types of hair, and each will require different care. But the hairdryer gives a temporary solution for all hair types. It is possible to change hair that suits you with a hairdryer, such as straight, curl, etc.

When you decide to buy a hairdryer for your hair, you'll find a lot of choices. So, selecting the right and the best hair dryer can be a challenging task. Along with the immense care, your hair will also need the best hair dryer. We are here to help you choose the best hairdryer. We have listed the best hair dryers after consulting together with hair professionals and beauty experts.

1. Jinri Blow Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology

Jinri Blow Hair Dryer is ideal for curly hair and gives a complete solution in 5 minutes. It includes an Ac motor to dry out the hair 45% faster than other similar dryers.

Jinri is known for making silky textures within a short time. The latest 1857 W Tourmaline Ceramic properties in the Jinri Hair Dryer protect your hair from damages and frizziness up to 60%. Another is its advanced ionic technology gives smooth and silky curling hair. There are three heat settings, and two-speed levels allow you to make hairstyles as per your desire.

There is a cool button that helps you shape your hairstyle by releasing the cool air. The best part of the dryer is its diffuser and concentrator nozzle, which allows you to lift the wavy hair and gives the shiny hair texture. It also features a long power cord (100-120v) for safer usages so that you'll have an experience of a salon at home.

Key Features

  • Quick-dry in 5 minutes
  • Ideal for curly hair
  • It comes in black color.
  • Lightweight
  • Ceramic property (1857w)
  • Two speed and three heat settings for easy styling
  • One diffuser and concentrator nozzle for a shiny texture
  • An extended power chord accompanied (100-120v)
  • Easy to handle


  • It helps in drying hair quickly and gives smooth and silky hair.
  • Protects the hair from frizz and damages
  • It allows you to make professional hairstyles at home.
  • Features a cool button to keep curls right


  • Overheating is its drawback after usages of a specific period.
  • The hairdryer design could have been better.

Bestseller (lists)

1875w Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Salon Hair Blow Dryer, DC Motor Light Weight Low Noise Hair Dryers with Diffuser & Concentrator Beauty

  • Professional DC motor,1875w ultra strong wind let your hair dry within a few minutes,less noise light weight hair dryers.
  • Negative Ion Tourmaline function,which smooth hair and lock in moisture,protecting against heat damage.Helps to create smooth, silky hair and eliminates frizz.
  • 3 Heat/ 2 Speeds settings and Cool Shot Button for complete drying and styling flexibility.
  • High quality matte material and ergonomic design make it more comfortable to hold, agile to ope... Read More

2. Wazor Blow Dryer Professional

Wazor Blow Dryer Professional works amazingly on curly hair as it has the latest AC motor. It protects your hair from frizziness and other damages, keeping effect up to 4 times longer. The negative ions on the Wazor help in shining and smoothing hair and work 100% efficiently than other similar hair dryers.

One of the best aspects of the Wazor Blow dryer is protecting the hair cuticle from being damaged by optimizing the heat. It includes a professional 1857w ceramic and airflow speed of 90km/hr, making hair soft and smooth within minutes so that you can choose your hairstyle as your wish.

There are three blow-dry attachments: diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and a wind comb for shining hair texture and maintaining them as like for a long time. It also features a removable lint filter for proper air circulation throughout the dryer, making you clean the dryer quickly. Another feature of its power cord is for leakage protection.

Wazor Blow Dryer is lightweight and safe. The different speed and heat settings help in drying hair quickly without damaging hair.

Key Features

  • Sleek design
  • Salon fashioned AC motor
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Technology
  • 1857w ceramic
  • One diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and wind comb
  • Includes removable lint filter
  • Anti-leakage power cord plug


  • Dry and smooths hair in a less time
  • Speed and heat settings let you make different hairstyles every day.


  • Some experienced problems of overheating
  • Even it is lightweight, heavier than other similar products

Bestseller (lists)

Wazor Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser 1875W Tourmaline Blow Dryer Powerful AC Motor Quite Hairdryer with Comb & Nozzle, Cool Button Beauty

  • Far infrared heat has a longer wave length than conventional heat, enabling it to penetrate directly into the cortex of hair cuticles, heating from the inside out, the hair is heated evenly, and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage and give a protective barrier
  • PROFESSIONAL 1875W AC MOTOR FOR EXTRA LONG LIFE – The durable salon quality AC motor has an extended lifespan lasting up to 4X longer. With professional 1875w of drying power and airflow spee... Read More


3. Remington Hair Dryer Damage Protection

Remington Hair Dryer Damage Protection is perfect for healthy, nourishing hair. The well-equipped micro- conditioner technology in this dryer protects hair from common hair problems enhanced by regular hair dryers.

Another coating technology provides over 3x protection to enjoy the different hairstyles all the way. It also consists of 2 speeds and three heat settings to maintain the proper heat and balance the airflow.

There is a cool button in the Remington hair dryer that helps air ventilation and locks your hairstyle accordingly. It also includes removable air vents to make the hair dryer work efficiently, and it is easy to clean.

The Remington Hairdryer is embedded in 1875 Watt Max Power to dry the hair quickly. So, you can make different hairstyles for all special occasions. It also comes with a diffuser and concentrator for better hairstyling and adding hair volume in less time.

Key Features

  • Stylish design
  • It comes in purple color
  • Advanced coating protection
  • Features a ceramic and ionic technology
  • Tourmaline technology
  • Micro conditioner technology
  • Three heat and two-speed settings
  • 1 Diffuser and Concentrator, and a cold shot


  • It takes less time for drying hair
  • You can make different hairstyles every day
  • Offer bouncy look
  • Enhances your hair volume
  • Protects hair from overheating
  • Nourishes your hair effectively


  • Heat and speed settings regulations can be difficult for the customers

Bestseller (lists)

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer with Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology, Purple Beauty

  • Damage protection hair dryer for shiny, healthy hair
  • 3X more protection with advanced coating technology
  • Healthier Hair with Proprietary Micro Conditioner Technology
  • 1875 watt for fast drying power
  • Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Grill for Faster Drying with Less Frizz
  • Power: 60 Hertz; 125 VAC ... Read More


4. NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer Diffuser

The NITION Hair Dryer Diffuser is specifically designed for different curly hairstyles. It provides natural curl and waves in less time for a long period. The quality is its primary function, so you'll get thick and bouncy hairstyles.

It includes a 6 ft long, untangled power cord, making you use a dryer within a certain length. The powerful 1875w can be attached with a diffuser to dry the hair thoroughly and quickly.

You can increase the hair volume by expelling the diffuser from the dryer. The cold shot button releases cool air that helps in locking your favorite hairstyles accordingly.

Like the above hairdryer, this also includes two speed and three heat settings that allow you to customize settings depending on the hairstyle you prefer. The quick-dry technology in the NITION Hair Dryer dries hair even faster and helps you achieve shiny hair and texture.

Key Features

  • Provides bouncy hairstyle
  • Quick-drying option
  • Includes 1857 w ac power
  • Diffuser and cold shot technology
  • 3-heat and 2-speed settings
  • Features a 6ft untangled power chord


  • Dries your hair faster
  • Offer you smooth, silky, and bouncy curls
  • Easy to clean and use


  • It is suitable only for small and medium hair
  • The different setting doesn't function well at times

Bestseller (lists)

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser Attachment Ionic Blow Dryer Quick Drying,1875 Watt 2 Speed / 3 Heat Settings,Cool Shot Button,Lightweight,Champagne Gold Beauty & Personal Care

  • The ceramic coated air outlet grill is also infused with nano silver,argan oil,tourmaline.Leave the hair more smooth,shiny,healthy and anti-static.
  • Lightweight 1lb,compact size. Comes with 3 Attachments(Diffuser,Comb,Concentrator).
  • 3 Heat Settings(Low/Medium/High) & 2 wind speed settings(low/high).One Cool shot button(constantly press down to activate cool blow).Easy to control the temperature and wind speed to make your favorite hairstyle at home.
  • Powerful 187... Read More

5. Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Ceramic Black

Babyliss Pro Hairdryer has a 2000 W porcelain ceramic design, giving you smooth and volumized hair in a professional way. Unlike other dryers, it comes with six heat and speed settings that let you customize it according to your hairstyles.

One of the best aspects of this hairdryer is to give shiny and smooth hair in a lesser time.

Key Features

  • Feature porcelain and ceramic-based design
  • It gives volume-bounced hairstyles.
  • It comes in black color.
  • Six heat and speed setting
  • Control its frizz


  • Get shiny and silky hair in a few minutes.
  • It is handy and lightweight.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Features 3 heat and speed settings
  • Professional styling in lesser time


  • It is quite pricier

Bestseller (lists)

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer Premium Beauty


6. Devacurl Hair Dryer Ionic with Diffuser

Devacurl Hair Dryer Ionic with Diffuser is one of the award-winning products extremely suitable for all hair types. It also reduces hair frizziness and gives a shiny hair texture to your hair.

It features a unique hand-shaped Devafuser, regulating airflow 360 degrees on each curl till the root of the hair. So, you'll get a natural curl and waves and excellent volume to the hair.

There are three heat and 2-speed settings for heat generation according to the style you do, and its cold hot button releases cool air to lock the hairstyle. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle for hairstyle customization.

Key Features

  • Regulates airflow 360 degrees
  • Provides a thick curl and waves
  • Lifts the air volume effectively.
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Awarded product
  • Ionic technology
  • Diffuser accompanied


  • Different curly hair types can be benefitted from this product.
  • The ionic technology is used for heat transmission evenly.
  • The diffuser can maintain the curls and styles effortlessly.


  • Expensive than other similar dryers
  • Only provides a temporary solution

Bestseller (lists)

DevaCurl DevaDryer; Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser Premium Beauty


7. John Frieda Hair Dryer Frizz-Free

The ionic technology in the John Frieda Hair Dryer gives you frizz-free shiny hair all day long. A lightweight, powerful AC motor helps in drying hair faster.

Another of its best features of titanium ceramic coating makes you get a professional salon look by spreading heat uniformly. There are three heat and two-speed settings that help in customizing different hairstyles. For example, you can lower the temperature on heat and speed settings for soft hair and increase the temperature for thicker hair.

There is cold shot technology for regulating the cold air for styling the hair accordingly. It also includes one diffuser and two concentrators to enhance the curls and their volume. John Frieda Hair Dryer is user-friendly and easy to clean.

Key Features

  • Lightweight AC motor
  • Titanic ceramic coating
  • Ionic Generator
  • Three heat and 2-speed setting
  • One diffuser and two concentrators
  • Dries hair faster
  • A cold shot technology


  • It allows you to customize your hairstyles as per your desire.
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It also allows you to straighten your hair.


  • Durability is one of its drawbacks.
  • A bit expensive than other similar dryers

Bestseller (lists)

Conair INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Pro Performance Frizz Free Hair Dryer, Silver Beauty

  • Get frizz-free shine with Advance Ionic Technology
  • Lightweigth AC Motor and 1875 Watts for powerful, quick drying
  • Titanium Ceramic Coated Grille for even heat distribution
  • 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings for custom styling pllus a cold shot button to lock in style and all-over fullness
  • Includes 2 concentrators for more body in targeted areas and 1 diffuser to enhance curls and volume ... Read More

8. Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic

Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic is attached with a high-speed digital motor that helps dry hair faster and gives healthy shiny hair by protecting them from damages. Dyson is not a time-consuming hairdryer since they have a high-velocity airflow technique. This is not only faster the drying process but also eliminates frizziness from the hair immediately.

This hair dryer comes with simple detachable magnetic attachments. There is also a diffuser to spread the heat evenly on every ringlet of the curls. The high-velocity compressor nozzle in the Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic helps regulate air and maintains the hairstyle for a long time.

It also comes with three heat and four-speed settings for natural and fast-drying and styling. This dryer is extremely lightweight and looks stylish. Though, the advanced motor situated at the handle doesn't make any typical sound.

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Dries hair faster
  • Detachable magnetic attachments
  • Three heat and 4-speed setting
  • One diffuser and concentrator nozzle
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Damage control


  • User-friendly
  • Helps in different styling hair
  • Looks stylish


  • Not much durable
  • Expensive

Bestseller (lists)

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia, 1200W Home & Kitchen

  • Nullify
  • Made in USA
  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine; Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control
  • Ultra fast drying; For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow. Rated power 1600watts
  • Includes: Magnetic attachments Dyson smoothing noozle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
  • Lightweight and balanced; We've turned convention on its head and put the motor in the ha... Read More

9. Centrix Hair Dryer Ceramic Salon Quality

The Centrix Hairdryer is more stylish and lightweight. One of the dryers' main aspects is that it is quieter as the motor is specifically designed with a fabulous fan. So, the dryer will not make any noise while drying hair.

There are also two fast-speed settings that manage airflow based on your hairstyle. The cold shot button in the dryer regulates air and locks your hairstyle efficiently.

It also dries hair faster and gives you a smooth and shiny look in minutes. The high-quality motor of the dryer makes them a favorite for the salon industry.

Key Features

  • Two-speed settings
  • A cold shot buttons
  • Dries faster
  • It gives smooth and shiny hair.
  • Superior quality motor
  • Ionic ceramic technology
  • Concentrator accompanied
  • Excellent handle
  • Lightweight
  • A long cord included
  • It comes in white color.


  • Quitter
  • Stylish look
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Ideal for professional salons


  • If the motor is damaged or stopped working, it makes huge noise while using the dryer.
  • Less durability

Bestseller (lists)

Centrix Q-Zone Hair Dryer Health & Personal Care

  • Insanely Quiet technology greatly reduces salon noise pollution.
  • CERAMIC TOURMALINE for healthier looking hair, shine and moisture.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and ERGONOMICALLY designed for styling comfort.
  • COLD SHOT DUAL POSITION button allows activation from handle or barrel grip.
  • Professional Salon Quality ... Read More

10. Conair Hair Dryer With 2 In 1 Style

Conair Hairdryer comes with the 2 in 1 folding style for perfect styling. The ceramic technology and the 1875-watt power Ac motor protect your hair from being damaged by distributing heat equally.

Another natural ionic technology of the dryer can help fight against frizzy hair. The two-in-one Conair Hairdryer has three heat and 2-speed settings to aid in customizing different hairstyles. Like other dryers, it also comes with a cold shot button for proper air regulation to provide a perfect finishing hairstyle.

The sleek design of the dryer makes it look more stylish. There is also a handle that helps you to carry the dryer anywhere without risks. It is incredibly lightweight, featuring two different attachments diffuser for drying hair faster and adding volume to the hair, and its concentrator for locking any hairstyles accordingly.

Key Features

  • Two in one look
  • It comes in pink color
  • Sleek design
  • Folding handle
  • 1875-WATT Ac motor
  • Ionic technology
  • Three heat and 2-speed settings
  • Cold button
  • Lightweight
  • 1 Diffuser and concentrator


  • Provides perfect hairstyles in less time
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • The chord might be overheated depending on the usages.
  • Expensive

Bestseller (lists)

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning , Black / Chrome, 1 Count Hair Dryers Beauty & Personal Care

  • Full Size Hair Dryer: Featuring Tourmaline ceramic technology plus frizz fighting conditioning ions for less damage and more shine, this hair dryer provides uniform heat for fast drying and less damage
  • Superior Function: A Cool Shot button locks hair styles in place and rocker switches make for easy handling; Includes 3 heat/2 speed custom dryer settings for different hair types; A removable filter prevents lint buildup, extending motor life
  • Ionic Conditioning: Natural ion o... Read More

Aspects of Being Considered When Buying a Hair Dryer

What we generally consider during the purchase of a hairdryer is its price, simply because we are not aware of different types of hair dryers. Apart from the price, there are a lot of things to consider. Let's break them one by one.

1. Wattage

Wattage describes the hairdryer's electrical power and should have a power rating that is needed for different types of dryers. Generally, the dryer's electrical power should be around 1000 to 1800 watts for drying thin hair. For thick hair, it needs more power, around 3600 watts. Though these watts of dryers may be expensive on the market, they are effective for different hair types.

2. Speed Settings

Various hair dryers have different speed settings, but three-speed is standard for every dryer. They are high, medium, and low-level speeds. These levels would be used on the hair and styles you need it. This will have to adjust with the heat setting for better results.

3. Heat Settings

Like speed settings, this will also feature various heat settings, but three is common among all the dryers. But there are also some dryers that come with four heat settings. You can adjust the heat levels depending on the requirements.

For example, a low to medium level is enough for the curly hair to have hairstyles without any frizziness.

4. Technology

In the past days, there was a one and only hairdryer option for all hair types. Now, it is totally different because we have hairdryers according to the hair types due to technological development. The dryer for thin hair doesn't work well on thick hair. Various advanced technologies like ionic, ceramic, or titanium have been installed in many hair dryers.

We recommend you choose a dryer depending on the hair type. If you have thick hair go with titanium, medium and thin hair can look good in a ceramic or ionic hairdryer.

5. Cool Shot Button

There is a cool shot button on the hairdryer, and you can see this option in every dryer available today. After you dried out hair with heat temperature, it is necessary to cool them down with its cool temp to avoid unnecessary hair damages. It will also help your hairstyle stay for a long time. So, we suggest you use this option after you dried hair completely. This is because the hairstyles are set best when it's cool.

6. Design

This is also another factor many will consider. Different types of hairdryers come with various designs. While some have a vast bottom holding stand, some will have a thinner structure of stick type.

On the other hand, some dryers need to be attached with an artificial hand glove to hold the dryer correctly. So, select the design of a hairdryer that perfectly fits your hand.

7. Attachments

Specific attachments come along with the hairdryer, and they are handy during times of need. Such one amazing common attachment is the nozzle that helps regulate air evenly top to the root of the hair so that you'll have smooth and shiny hair entirely.

Another attachment is called a diffuser, which is ideal for curly hair that evenly spreads out the airflow of the blow dryer.

8. Technical Support

How can you choose a good hairdryer? The one that is user-friendly and provides better support technically. We advised you to select a hairdryer that states in simple terms. So, it is crucial to consider the specifications of the hairdryer before buying them.

9. Brand

When you look for a durable hair dryer, you need to give importance to their brand. Generally, a well-reputed brand will always offer a quality product, which would be applicable for hair dryers. So, go for the one that is more popular and recommended by the professionals.

10. Regional Settings

When you decide to buy the hairdryer from abroad, it is significant to check out the dryers' regional electrical settings, such as voltages and wattages. It must be because they will make a hairdryer with their humidity level, and that might not work adversely in the place you use. This is because it is important to pay attention to regional settings when you buy them from somewhere.


Shining, smooth, and healthy hair is every girl's wish, but only some hairdryers only work towards it. Here we have given the best hair dryers that are more popular across the world. So, know your hair type and select the one that works well for your hair.

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