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 As a woman, you love to adore your nails. Are you looking for a professional manicure? Honestly, it will burn your pockets. But, you will get a perfect finish. You can't create art on nails with your regular nail polish. It will often lead to chip, break or peel. Well, we have the best alternative for the nail manicure. Have you heard of gel nail polishes? It is thicker and comes in opaque nail polish bottles. In this article, we have narrowed down some of the top-class gel nail polishes available in the market. Give a glance at the brands we list down to pick the best for your gorgeous nails.

Table of contents

  1. Modelones gel nail polish with LED dryer
  2. NYK1 Bronze brown gel nail polish
  3. Lavender Violets gel nail polish kit with 18 color combinations
  4. Beetles gel nail polish kit with six colors
  5. MEFA gel nail polish kit with 20 different colors

 Best gel nail polishes available in the market

1. Modelones gel nail polish with LED dryer


Are you a beginner in the field of manicures? Definitely, you have to research a lot to get the proper tools for a manicure. No worries, Modelones offers you a nail kit with everything you need for. It comes in six vivid colors. Each bottle holds 0.24oz with a soft brush to glide over the beautiful nails. In addition, they provide glitter nail polish, a matte topcoat (10ml), a base coat (10ml), and a glossy top coat (10ml). Apart from this, you get a 48W gel nail lamp and a set of sophisticated manicure tools.

An advanced 48W nail lamp comes with 21 LED lights, and the voltage ranges from 100-240V. This lamp is one step ahead of a 6W nail LED lamp and makes the drying process even faster. Since the light source deals with your skin, it is extremely non-toxic and vegan. So, it will not harm your nails, skin, and eyes at any cost. Plus, there are three light-setting modes (30s, 60s,90s). So, you can switch between the settings as per your convenience.

The vegan-friendly formulation of the gel will stick firmly on the nails. The long-lasting effect will bring you confidence with any fear of chip or peel. When it comes to glitter gel polish, it uses non-toxic formula and gives a super glossy look on the nails. This nail gel is truly easy to apply and is cruelty-free. Remember to apply a top and base coat for a professional finish. Use the nail LED dryer lamp for an instant cure.

What we like in Modelones gel nail polish with LED dryer

  1. This kit consists of six nail gel polishes, a 48w LED dryer lamp, glittery nail polish, top coat, base coat, and a glittery nail gel polish
  2. It comes with advanced manicure tools for shaping the nails
  3. You can set the LED lamp settings (30s,60s,90s)
  4. The nail gel is formulated with vegan ingredients
  5. It is odorless and is cruelty-free
  6. It lasts for at least two weeks when maintained properly

2. NYK1 Bronze brown gel nail polish


One of the top-notch nail gel polishes that supports exploring the manicure world is NYK1 Bronze brown gel nail polish. The super long-lasting formula of NYK1's top and base coat will amaze you with awesome output. The gel nail polish stays without any peel or chip for about two weeks. This universal NYK1 gel nail polish is compatible with other top-going brands like Elite 99, Halo, Gellex, and so on.

This premium-quality gel nail polish comes with a chip-proof formulation and gives a smudge-free effect for long days. You can dry your nails using LED nail lamps and UV nail dryer lamps. Like other nail gel polish brands, NYK1 guarantees you a perfect Salon look for two weeks. This brand's highlight is that it comes in a wide range of colors. So, you will be left out with disappointments. The company displays the color chart for your convenience. The colors in the chart are very close to the original shade. Hence, you can choose your favorite without any doubt. This nail gel polish is suitable for girls of all stages.

What we like in NYK1 Bronze brown gel nail polish

  1. This gel nail polish comes with a chip-proof formulation
  2. It gives a smudge-free flawless effect
  3. You can refer to the color chart for varieties of colors
  4. It is compatible with nail polishes of various brands
  5. This gel nail polish is suitable for beginners as well as experts

 3. Lavender Violets gel nail polish kit with 18 color combinations

 Are you planning to make a decent investment in gel nail polish kits? Then, it is better to choose a kit that comes with a sheer range of colors rather than a kit with manicure tools. Obviously, you will have the LED nail lamp at home. Lavender Violets gel nail polish kit comes in 18 different attractive colors. In addition, it consists of a base coat, matte topcoat, and a no wipe topcoat. With these many options, you can make your nails beautiful in your own ways.

The transparent gel nail polish bottles tell you the exact color inside. So, it is quite easy for you to choose the best from the kit.

These gels come with high pigmentation and display a long-lasting effect on the nails. You will never see a chip or break even after a bang. The non-toxic formula keeps the nails and skin safe from any allergies. In addition, these gels are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Note that you have to dry your nails under a UV lamp or LED lamp for a flawless finish.

What we like in Lavender Violets gel nail polish kit with 18 color combinations

  1. The kit contains 18 different colors and comes at a budget-friendly price
  2. You can try out different nail look with glossy and matte top coatings
  3. The highly pigmented gel last for at least 14days
  4. It has a vegan formulation and is cruelty-free

4. Beetles gel nail polish kit with six colors

Many people go only with products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Are you one of a kind? Here come Beetles to fulfill your dream of achieving perfect nails with the vegan formulation. This kit comes with beautiful six different colors. You get shades of Maroon, Brown, golden glitters, etc. These gels are formulated with nine non-toxic ingredients. So, it is extremely safe for nails and has a low odor. But, we advise you to keep the gel nail polish away from kids and pregnant women. All the gels have high pigmentation and provide a long-lasting effect on nails. Especially, the blue, navy, and pink shades can last for more than 21 days without chipping. You can dry your nail under a LED nail dryer for about 2-4minutes.

Each gel nail shade comes with unique color codes. So, it is easy for you to choose from the kit. Importantly, you have to purchase the top and base coat separately. If the gel gets accidentally applied on the skin, we warn you to rinse immediately.

What we like in Beetles gel nail polish kit with six colors 

  1. It is environmental-friendly and cruelty-free
  2. The kit comes with six different gel nail polishes
  3. The high pigmented nail colors like blue, pink, and navy lasts long
  4. It has low odor is non-toxic

5. MEFA gel nail polish kit with 20 different colors

If you are looking for an ideal gift for your girlfriend, buy MEFA gel nail polish kit for a creative surprise. This kit comes with 20 different shades and a smooth gliding brush. This box is lightweight, portable, and completely easy for gift wraps. It has 20 gel shades, a topcoat, a matte coat, and a base coat. So, you get a complete package of everything for a manicure. Therefore, you can try out different nail looks. In addition, you can blend the nail color with the outfit with a wide range of gel shades. Talking about the quality, all the gel nail shades are chip-proof, smudge-free, and non-toxic. So, it lasts longer for many days. Use a nail dryer LED light to dry your perfectly polished nails.

What we like in MEFA gel nail polish kit with 20 different colors 

  1. It comes with 20 different shades
  2. The gel's non-toxic formula is safe on skin and nails
  3. High-pigmented gel last for more than 21 days
  4. It is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day

Final Words

We hope that you have a better idea on gel nail polishes. Unlimited color shades will match perfectly with any outfit you wear. A base coat and topcoat will protect your nails without peeling or chipping. In addition, the non-toxic formula is safe for sensitive nails and skin. Apart from this, the gels are vegan and cruelty-free. You can place your orders at ecommerce sites for the best offers.

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