9 Best Flat Irons For Curling Hair 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Making curls with a flat iron may sound like it will be difficult, but when you come to know the benefits of flat irons on curling hair, you will be impressed!

The flat irons alone can impart a variety of curls that you are looking for!

Do you want to know more about flat irons and their benefits? Then, don’t forget to read below.

When it comes to the flat irons, there are plenty of options out there. So, choosing the best flat iron among them can be a difficult task.

We are here to help you choose the best flat irons, and we have done your job and here listed the top 9 brands of flat irons on the market today.

All these are compact, easy to handle, capable of serving you with versatile hair styling within minutes, and are professionally recommended.

Lists of Flat Irons for Curling Hair

  1. RUSK Engineering Heat Freak
  2. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Flat Iron
  3. ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener
  4. KIPOZI 2-in-1 Hair Straightener
  5. NITION Professional Salon Flat Iron
  6. HSI Professional Glider Straightener
  7. ghd Gold Flat Iron
  8. T3 – SinglePass Luxe Styling Iron
  9. FURIDEN Hair Straightening and Curling Iron

9 Best Flat Irons for Curling Hair Reviewed

1. RUSK Engineering Heat Freak – Best for Curling

The Flat iron by RUSK is one of the preferable ones in the salon field as it works best on the fine with long hair.

This leaves your hair a charm and gorgeous elegant curls within minutes that can last all day long.

The flat iron is designed with ceramic and tourmaline plates, making it work super-fast with far-infrared heat to minimize unnecessary damages to your hair.

Besides, it helps precise ionic for consistent and zero frizz results.

This is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design with a cool handle, ensuring your safety while handling the tool.

What’s great about the product is its adjustable heat dial, which means you can adjust the temperature according to your hair needs ranging from 235°F to 450°F.


  • Intended for regular and heavy use, and styling enthusiasts
  • Can adjust the temperature with its heat settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Travel friendly
  • Comes in handy with its ease control options
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Ideal for elegant and gorgeous curling


  • Excludes auto shut off

Bestseller (lists)

RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Iron, 1-1/2" Premium Beauty

2. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express – Rounded Flat Iron for Curls

The flat iron by Paul Mitchel is a versatile and fast-acting hair styling tool that can be used to both curl or straighten hair or the way you want to style your hair.

This is designed with a 1.25-inch cushioned ceramic plate, which can heat about 410°F within a minute and cool down in 5 seconds.

What’s great about the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express is it utilizes advanced Ion Complex technology to lock the moisture level and claims to impart soft, smooth, shiny, and frizz or tangles-free hair.

The digital display, on the other hand, helps you set or monitor the flat iron temperature level on your entire styling session and allows you to adjust the temperature according to your styling needs.

What’s more, this is lightweight, compact, easy to carry, and is a packed dual voltage function.


  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Compact
  • Elegant design and durable
  • Can be used on any hair length
  • Digital display for adjusting the temperature
  • Ion Complex technology for frizz-free, shinier, and healthier hair


  • Quite pricier

Bestseller (lists)

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron, Adjustable Heat Settings for Smoothing + Straightening Paul Mitchell Beauty & Personal Care

3. ghd Platinum+ Flat Iron Curler – Premium Pick

The ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener is worthy enough to make various hairstyles with its innovative functionality. This is made with entirely advanced features, and the lavish design is one of its uniqueness.

The significant fact about this styling tool is it has predictive technology to adjust or monitor the temperature that your style requires. Its wishbone hinge function ensures the plates are aligned to achieve the perfect kind that you wished for.

When it comes to the floating plates, it makes your hair smoothen faster, curls the hair effortlessly with its built-in roller barrel, and imparts gorgeous waves and ringlets.

The notable features of this styling tool are its sleep mode and shut-off option that ensures your machine’s safety by automatically shutting down when not used for over 30 minutes.


  • Advanced features
  • Predictive technology for distributing the heat evener
  • Ceramic plates for flexible handling
  • Shut off mode
  • Suitable for any hair types and length
  • Comes with three-year warranty


  • Expensive, but worth buying for its unique and advanced features

Bestseller (lists)

ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Black Premium Beauty

4. Kipozi 2-in-1 Flat Iron and Curler – For Long and Frizzy Hair

The Kipozi 2-in-1 model is considered a multi-tasker as this is capable of imparting fantastic curling and straightening.

The 3D floating plates, on the other hand, are shaped, rounded and are designed with nano titanium, making you adjust the appliance position to compress hair tightly to distribute the heat evener. This temperature ranges from 122°F to 450°F, heating the tool within 30 seconds.

Thanks to its digital LED display, it helps monitor or adjust the temperature according to your styling needs.

Another great feature is its 1.5-inch plates, which are wider than others on this list, making the tool one of the best all around the world and allowing you to style any hair length and type, even long and curly hair.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Can style longer hair in less time
  • Auto shut off for safety purposes
  • Compact
  • Travel friendly
  • Comes with 30 days return policy
  • Digital LED display for adjusting the temperature


  • May snag on the hair if not used properly

Bestseller (lists)

Hair Straightener, Titanium Flat Iron for Hair, Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 with Salon High Heat 450℉ Dual Voltage, Rose Gold Beauty & Personal Care

  • Twist & Unlock Your Beauty - With just a pull and twist the V7 flat iron hair straightener gives you gorgeous hair; get strands that are silky, smooth, and impeccably straight. Twist your way to confident-glamor with the V7 professional hair straightener and curler 2 in 1.
  • Smart Style with Smart Control (230℉-450℉) - The PTC smart temperature twist-heat-system gets hair straight in a snap and ensures a constant temperature, while toning, reducing moisture loss, and never resul... Read More

5. NITION Professional Salon –For Curling Thick Hair

The NITION Hair Straightener is a fabulous tool for styling hair with a smoothening and shinier finish.

This is mostly recommended for professional salon fields as this effectively styling the hair within minutes. The flat iron is ideal for long and thick hair with its 1-inch of wide floating titanium ceramic-coated plates.

The titanium plate ensures fast heating with no tangles and frizz, smoothening and healthier hair even after multi-use with its mixture of argan oil and nanosilver.

This is designed with simple turn on/off and heat settings with universal voltage compatibility, ensuring it is easier to use and handle.

The NITION flat iron comes with heat-resistant gloves, a travel bag, salon hair combs and clips.


  • Sleek design
  • Comes in handy
  • Floating plates for longer hair
  • Comes with 5 in 1 heating plates that comprised of ceramic, argan oil, titanium, nanosilver, and tourmaline
  • Can shut off automatically when not used for over 60 minutes
  • Can operate the ironer by rotating the handle


  • Need to more careful while handling as it has no physical buttons so that you may switch to other settings accidentally

Bestseller (lists)

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium Straightening Flat Iron for Healthy Styling,LCD 265°F-450°F,2-in-1 Curling Iron for All Hair Type,Gold,1 inch Plate Health & Personal Care

  • Innovative Healthy Styling:The 5-IN-1 Ceramic coated Heating plate is also infused with Nano Silver,Argan oil,Tourmaline & Titanium.Those great elements do benefit the hairs by locking in natural moisture and transforming frizzy,it avoid pulling or damaging hair while styling, leaves hair more shiny,sleek and healthy,anti-static.
  • Simple One Step Operation without any buttons:the revolutionary design allow you to operate by simple revolving the end of straightener.Rotate clockwise ... Read More

6. HSI Professional Glider – Best Budget Ironer

As the name suggests, the HSI hair flat ironer is ideal for styling hair with a professional finish.

The plates are slim and rounded at the edge, making you straighten the hair with no frizz and flyaways and leaving your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

The fast-heating feature, on the other hand, makes style your hair quickly and effortlessly. This plate is made with ceramic that aids in minimizing hair damages and leave your hair with an enhanced shine.

This is designed with eight innovative micro-sensors to allow you to adjust the temperature settings, ranging from 140°F to 450°F so that you can achieve the result that you are looking for within minutes. This is lightweight, compact, dual voltage, and allows you to carry wherever you go.


  • Sleek design and glossy finish
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • heat balance micro-sensors for protecting hair from unnecessary damages
  • Comes in handy
  • Intense shine
  • Affordable


  • Excludes auto shut off and digital display

Bestseller (lists)

HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener | Straightens & Curls with Adjustable Temp | Incl Glove, Pouch, & Travel Size Argan Oil Hair Treatment | Packaging Varies Flattening Irons Beauty

  • STRAIGHTENS, FLIPS & CURLS: The HSI Professional Glider creates dramatic results on even the frizziest coarsest hair; to quickly straighten, flip, and curl with minimal effort. Simple & fast.
  • MICRO SENSORS PREVENT FUTURE HAIR DAMAGE: High quality ceramic plates use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature & evenly distribute heat so fewer passes are needed on your precious hair.
  • CERAMIC & CRYSTALS TO CREATE SILKY RESULTS: The Glider's plates ar... Read More

7. ghd Gold – Curling at Safe Temperature

This Hair Straightener is another pick from ghd as this is affordable than ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener. This is sleek and rounded at the end and comes with luxurious all-black.

The ceramic floating plates, on the other hand, ensure no hair damages and leave your hair with an intense shine.

It comes with dual-zone technology, meant for two different heat sensors per plate, allowing you to monitor the temperature effortlessly for the entire session.

When it comes to the heat settings, it has 365°F that is considered optimal temperature by the manufacturers, which is complete enough for good styling hair without aiding in any damages.


  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive design
  • Ideal for both curling and straightening hair
  • Claims to style hair without pinching or snagging
  • Dual-zone technology for monitoring temperature
  • Works great on any hair type and length


  • Affordable than ghd Platinum+ Flat Iron, but expensive than others on this list

Bestseller (lists)

ghd Gold Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler, Black Premium Beauty

8. T3 – SinglePass Luxe – 2-in-1 Curler for Fine & Damaged Hair

The T3 Hair Straightener is versatile and works great on fine, damaged, and frizzy hair. This is perfectly suitable for any hair length and type and curling or straightening hair effortlessly with its dynamic features.

The plates are coated with ceramic and tourmaline to prevent any hair damages while styling the hair. This is lightweight, compact, and made with an elegant design.

The significant fact about the flat iron is it comes with a power button to make you adjust the heat setting according to your styling preference, and it’s positioned well, so don’t change the temperature automatically during the process.

The temperature setting is initiated with five, ranging from 260°F to 410°F, and you cannot see the temperature on display but as a numerical value instead!


  • Versatile
  • Leaves your hair a smooth and shiny
  • Five different heat settings for various styling and hairs
  • The microchip claims to maintain the temperature until the process
  • Can shut off automatically after 1 hour of non-use


  • Quite pricier

Bestseller (lists)

T3 - SinglePass Luxe 1 Inch Professional Straightening & Styling Iron | Digital Tourmaline + Ceramic Flat Iron with Adjustable Heat Settings for Straight Smooth Hair, Waves and Curls Premium Beauty

9. FURIDEN Titanium Flat Iron – Best for Novel Users

The Titanium Hair Straightener is one of its latest and successful models from its manufacture based on the buyer’s reviews and feedback.

The FURIDEN Flat Iron is durable, affordable, and easy to use with its heat settings that range from 265°F to 450°F.

All these make the ironer more reliable and effective to style hair. The hair straightener is suitable for fine, medium, and thick hair with its fast-heating feature. This can heat up within 30 seconds and takes only 10 seconds to switch temperature settings between the 5.

The titanium plates are 1-inch wider, which is complete enough to style any type and length of hair.

This doesn’t snap on your hair, and its tip stays cool any time, so it won’t burn your hair at any cost. Besides that, it has no physical buttons and is made with a rotating handle instead!


  • Five different heat settings to adjust the temperature
  • Auto shut off for preventing any damages
  • Intuitive design for better styling experience
  • No physical buttons
  • Affordable


  • Many passes may require an enhanced straightening look.

Bestseller (lists)

Professional Hair Straightener Titanium Flat Iron for Hair FURIDEN Hair Straightening and Curling Iron 2 in 1 with 1 Inch Plates, Thin Flat Iron for All Hair Types with Dual Voltage, Black Beauty

  • 【 EASY STYLING 】FURIDEN human-factor engineering designed shape helps you relax your arm when you styling your hair, mirror face titanium plate would release negative ions when heating up to moisten your hair and transform frizzy, dull hair into gorgeous shiny and sleek looking.
  • 【 TIME SAVER 】FURIDEN best flat iron with Titanium and mirror face 4.7" extra long Plate. This flat iron curler heats up quickly in 30s, Save Energy, More Durable, Lasts Longer, significantly redu... Read More

Best Curling Flat Iron Buyer’s Guide

There are no shortages for hair styling tools on the market today, and the Hair Straightener or Flat Ironer is one among them.

Like others, the flat ironers are also more, but not all the products are reliable and easy to use and handle.

However, some of them may hold the features that you are looking for. It is because you need to consider some essential factors before going for it. Here we have listed the essential considerations to make during the purchase.

1. Temperature settings

The first and foremost consideration would be the heat settings, and if you are new to the flat iron, you should consider them without fail.

The different hair straighteners have different heat settings, so choosing the one with the adjustable feature is a must. The different hair texture and length requires different temperatures for a better finish.

However, you are advised not to go for over 420°F ranges and hold for over 10 seconds on each strand as they may damage your hair.

Always choose to apply the heat protection cream before beginning the styling process with a flat iron.

2. Plate material

The next consideration would be the plate material of the hair straightener. There are different types of plate material. Here are some important three different material types.


The plate with titanium is great in every aspect to expect its price and can heat up faster and reach a high temperature within seconds. This also can maintain the temperature that you’re switched to throughout the session.

The titanium plate flat iron is easy to clean and use, and the most rounded hair straightener for curls is titanium coated. This is ideal for someone with coarse and thick hair and for longer use.


The ceramic coated plates are great for one with normal or fine hair. They may take more time to heat up than titanium but distribute the heat evenly and preserve it well to the whole process. However, it is pretty pricey, worthier to buy due to its excellent aspects.


The tourmaline is one of the best options to style on frizz and unmanageable hair. It penetrates the hair follicles and keeps them calm, nourished and leaves no unnecessary hair damages.

3. Overall Size and Shape

Are you looking for a flat iron with versatility? Then, the hair straightener with rounded plates would be the best choice.

There are many sizes and shapes, but the round shapes are coupled in most of all flat irons as they can make your hair straightened with a smooth and shiny finish and leaves no kinks and creases on your hair further.

The square-edged irons, on the other hand, are good enough for straightening but not the one for curling hair.

4. Extra frills

There are so many cool features on different flat irons, but your needs and budget determine what you’ll need to buy. Here are some other features and considerations.

5. Far infrared technology 

The iron technology aids heat hair from the inside out and leaves no hair damages on your outer layer of hair. The floating plates claim to impart a good grip on your hair, leading to distribute the heat evenly until the entire process.

The dual- or tri-zone sensor technology also ensures whether the heat is distributed evenly at all times. The auto shut-off option turns off the ironer automatically when it’s not used after a certain period. So, it is likely to cause no accident even if you forget to switch off.

The dual voltage, on the other hand, helps to reduce the need to carry voltage converters everywhere. So, you can carry the flat iron with this option wherever you go to style your hair.

Curling Your Hair with a Flat Iron: Step-by-Step Guidance 

Are you a beginner? Then, this is the guide for you. With this, you can learn how to curl the hair with flat irons. And if you practice more after knowing this, you can grab salon-grade curls with flat irons.

First, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and apply a heat protection cream or spray on your hair to prevent hair damages due to overheating.

Before starting, comb your hair without tangles and partition your hair that you want to curl. Clamp the hair section about its mid-length to make a perfect curl.

Curl any one of the side sections right at the hairline first and then repeat it for another side.

Massage the roots to break down the curls into small and if you want to add a homogeneous look, comb your hair with a boar bristle brush to get the job done.

Finally, use a setting or fixing spray on your curls to make them stay for longer.

Mistakes To Be Avoided While Styling Your Hair

Always choose the right barrel size because the bigger one does not work great on shorter hair. So, go for the flat iron with 1-inch-wide barrel size for small and medium and 1.25 wide size for longer hair.

Try to avoid any hair oil on your hair before curling hair, as it may weigh down your style or locks. Also, don’t use the straightener on the damn coat.

Don’t go for the high temperature on your first step. Gradually increase if you must require or try to avoid unnecessary hair damage, especially on dry or chemically treated hair.

Ensure you are keeping the tool on each strand for only less than 10 seconds for safety purposes of the hair.

Best Curling Flat Iron FAQ

In this section, you can find more relevant questions about flat irons for curling hair. We hope these will clarify your doubts about the flat irons.

  1. Is titanium or ceramic better for curling hair?

Choosing between the two completely depends on your hair type and length. The titanium flat ironer works excellent on coarse and thick hair, while the ceramic is the best for fine and chemical treated hair.

  1. What should I put on my hair before flat ironing?

Applying hair protectant before styling hair with a flat iron is crucial to prevent hair damages. You can also use a setting spray like thickening mousse is better after styling to make them last longer.

Final Verdict

Flat ironers are a multitasker tool, incredible in handy, and worthy of buying. If you are new to curling with a hair straightener and want to learn it easily, I would prefer the flat iron by RUSK. It is durable, reliable, affordable, more manageable, and style your hair faster than others.

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