Best facial hair removal cream

We know that women are always obsessed with hair. But does anyone like to have hair on their face? Definitely, you are not willing to bear hair on your face. That is the reason why you are here. Facial hair growth depends on various factors like genes, hormonal imbalance, and unhealthy diet routine

We are running out of time to stop the unhealthy lifestyle and restart a new routine. To sort out this inconvenience, we have many creams for facial hair removal. These creams will loosen the keratin in the strands. So, the hair is removed when you swipe down the cream using a spatula. 

We have shortlisted the top 15 facial hair removal creams based on the ratings and reviews. 

Top 15 Facial Hair removal creams

1.Nair facial hair removal cream


Nair facial hair removal cream is one of the well-known products among people. You get an instantaneous hair-free face without any pain. The ingredients like almond oil will soothe the skin and provide nourishment. This cream is not meant for use on sensitive skin as it contains artificial flavors and mineral oil. Apply the cream on the hairy areas like the upper lip, chin, and eyebrows. We recommend using a spatula to remove the hairs.


  1. East o use
  2. Painless
  3. Soothes the skin
  4. Acts as exfoliator


Not recommended for sensitive skin

2. Sally Hansen Cream Hair removal kit


Are you worried about the post effects after using hair removal cream? Sally Hansen cream is best for giving your irritation-free skin. This cream calms down the skin that underwent hair removal treatment. The infused ingredients like Vitamin E, Pumpkin seed extracts, and willow bark extract will soothe the skin and reduce dryness.

Since the cream is laboratory tested, we recommend using ultra-sensitive skin too. Most importantly, this product is rich in antioxidants. So, it helps to reduce the overall hair growth. 


  1. Calms down the skin irritation
  2. Dermatologist tested
  3. Suits to sensitive skin
  4. Antioxidant-rich properties
  5.  Reduces skin inflammation



3. Surgi -Cream Facial Hair removal cream


 If you want to remove the coarse, thick hair existing on the face, use Surgi-cream Facial hair removal cream. This cream is so effective and can show magical results within six minutes after application. Very importantly, you feel no pain. The product does not contain any unpleasant smell. Most hair removal creams are formulated with chemicals and smell bad. But, Surgi-Cream Facial Hair Removal Cream is an exception. 

It consists of too many advantages that make people buy this product. For easy and convenient use, a gliding tool is provided along with the cream. 


  1. Removes coarse, thick facial hair without any pain
  2. Quick results
  3. Do not smell bad



4. Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin

Applying Veet hair removal cream can dissolve the deep-rooted hair within 5 minutes. The fast absorption formula of the gel moisturizes the skin. Infused ingredients like Vitamins and aloe Vera can minimize the growth of facial hairs. This cream is dermatologically tested and is recommended for any skin type. For best results, apply this cream in areas like the face, underarms, and legs.


  1. Painless hair removal
  2. Quick absorption formula
  3. Reduces the ingrown hair
  4. Suits any skin type


. Sometimes, it causes breakouts

5. NEUD natural hair recover from unwanted body parts


NEUD Natural Hair inhibitor cream will penetrate deep into the facial hairs and prevent further growth. Since this cream is crafted from natural ingredients, it suits well to any skin type. On consistent usage, you can prevent hair growth within 10-12 weeks. Say goodbye to frequent waxing and shaving. You need not worry about periodic hair growth. 

When the hair growth stops, the skin pores open. So, NEUD cream can supply enough moisture deep into the skin, thereby reducing skin irritation.


  1. Stop hair growth at the follicle level
  2. Calms the irritated skin
  3. High moisturizing properties
  4. Suits any skin types


  1. Expensive
  2. The cream comes in a minimal quantity

6. Nair Hair removal cream with a moisturizing formula


Will you decline a product that removes the facial hair more effectively than shaving? Definitely not. Nair Hair removal cream is one such product to use. It is composed of natural ingredients like Argan oil and orange blossom that give moisturizing effects to the skin. This product is used for removing coarse, thick hair without any pain.  

 Nair facial hair removal cream quickly reaches difficult hairy areas and stops further hair growth at the root level.


  1. High moisturizing formula
  2. Easy to use
  3. Suits well for dense, thick hairs
  4. Dermatologist tested


  1. Not recommended for sensitive skin
  2. It might cause burns

7. Acorelle hair removal cream

Are you going to try out a facial hair removal cream for the first time? We guess you are scared of using chemical products in sensitive areas. So, we recommend Acorelle hair removal cream for safe and painless hair removal. This cream contains only natural ingredients and is dermatologist tested. The infused ingredients like neem and sesame extracts glide away the facial hair without irritating the skin.  

Since all the ingredients are plant-based, you will not sense any chemical smell. The product comes with a gliding tool for easy use. Moreover, this product suits any skin type.


  1. Organic ingredients
  2. Easy to use
  3. A gliding away tool is attached
  4. Contains no chemical smell
  5. Suits any skin types


It takes time to show better results  

8. Olay Smooth Finish facial hair removal Duo


Are you worried about the fine facial hair projecting above the upper lips? Here comes Olay Smooth Finish facial hair removal duo. It contains a simple two-step process. First, you must condition your skin using a skin guarding balm. Next, apply the Olay Smooth facial hair removal cream to wipe out the fine hairs above the upper lips without hurting the skin. You get fresh, clear, and irritation-free skin just in 8 minutes. We recommended this cream only for fine to medium hairs.


  1. An easy two-step process
  2. Removes the fine hairs without any pain
  3. Irritation free
  4.  Best for removing the fine hairs on cheeks, upper lip, and jawline


  1. Unpleasant fragrance
  2. Not recommended for coarse hair

9. Nad’s Facial Hair removal cream

A common problem why people hesitate to buy facial cream is its high price. Unlike other creams, Nad’s Facial hair removal cream is available at an affordable price. This cream creates magic within 4 minutes after applying to the sensitive skin. It is formulated with natural ingredients like almond oil and calendula to provide soothing effects on the skin. It is an ideal facial hair removal cream for upper lips, chin, and cheeks. Nad’s facial hair removal kit contains a facial hair removal cream and a moisturizing cream. It is very easy to use with the angular tip provided in the tube.


  1. Affordable
  2. Quick results within 4 minutes
  3. A moisturizing cream is added to the kit
  4. Suits any skin types
  5. Painless hair removal
  6. Easy to apply with Angular tip


  1. The results don’t long laster. 

10.  Avon Facial Hair removal cream

 Avon Facial hair removal cream creates wonder on the face within 150 seconds. The nozzle of this product is user-friendly and dispenses only limited quantities. The extracts of aloe Vera and meadowfoam oil boost the hydration level on the skin. And also, this cream seals the moisture barrier on the skin. 

We recommended using this cream on sensitive skin. Plus, it is very safe and soothes irritated skin. 


  1. Quick results
  2. Mild fragrance
  3. Suits any skin types
  4. Moisturizing properties
  5. Hydrating effects
  6. Cruelty-free


  1. The skin might face burns

11. LANXU Hair removal cream

LANXU Hair Removal Cream comes in fragrance-free design. This cream penetrates deep and dissolves the hair from roots. So, you sense no pain while removing the facial hairs. You can witness the clear and soft skin within 8-10 minutes. Apply a thick layer of the cream covering the small facial hair. Don’t apply the cream all over the body. It is always better to do a patch test. If you feel any irritation, immediately rinse with water. We recommended not to use the cream on ultra-sensitive areas like lips and brows. As a final touch, apply aloe Vera to soothe the skin. 


  1. Non-irritant
  2. Non-Sticky
  3. Recommended for both men and women 
  4. Allergy-free
  5. Moisturizing formula


  1. Unpleasant smell

12. Be In Beauty Mud Drop Body hair removal cream


 Do you need long-lasting hair-free skin? Be in Beauty Mud Drop Body hair removal cream works well for sensitive skin. This cream is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. These formulated ingredients will restore elasticity and increase the hydration level. The patented technology incorporated in the cream will remove hair and give a long-lasting effect.



2. Restores the skin elasticity

3. Contains no mineral oil

4. Works well for sensitive skin

5. Instant results


  1. Unpleasant smell

13. Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair removal cream

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair removal cream is a single-step process with a twisted applicator. The infused ingredients are rich in soothing properties. This cream is formulated with rich fragrance. We warn you not to use the cream on sensitive areas like breast nipples and genital organs. For allergy-free results, avoid using soap before and after the hair removal. Don’t exceed the treatment after 10 minutes. Avoid applying the cream on an oily or makeup face. 


  1. Fresh fragrance
  2. Painless
  3. Botanical complex ingredients


  1. It feels heavy and harsh on the skin

14. Neomen Hair Removal Cream


If you want painless and flawless skin after the hair removal? Neomen Hair removal cream is the best product that answers your doubts. This cream gives flawless skin within 10 minutes. It has undergone laboratory tests and is safe for sensitive skin. The perfect blend of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and baby oil keeps the skin nourished and moisturized. The formulated cream comes in a portable tube with a twisted applicator for easy dispense.


  1. User friendly
  2. Long-lasting effects
  3. Easy to dispense
  4. Quick results within 5 minutes
  5. Dermatologist tested




15. AIRASSI Hair removal cream

AIRASSI Hair removal cream can remove ingrown hair effectively. The kit contains hair removal cream, a hair inhibitor repairing cream, and a spatula. The use of an inhibitor is to prevent facial hair growth for an extended period. Apply a thick layer of cream using a spatula or fingers. Wipe out the cream within 5 minutes to see the fantastic results. Do a patch test to detect any allergic reaction on the skin. This cream suits well for the face, arms, and legs.


  1. Quick results
  2. Inhibits the growth of fine hairs
  3. Gentle formula
  4. Cruelty-free


Not recommended for ultra-sensitive skin

Reasons for Facial Hair Growth

 There are numerous reasons for facial hair growth. The main idea of including this section in our article is to give confidence to all women who are worried about unwanted hair growth.

Let us discuss some natural causes of facial hair growth.

Disorder of Adrenal gland

A significant reason for hair growth is the adrenal gland. These glands are located precisely above the kidneys. Where the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands are not in proper proportions, hair growth occurs. 

Hormonal Imbalance

Testosterone is an important hormone secreted in women. But, when the testosterone is secreted more than the required quantity, it greatly affects the women’s menstrual cycle. So, this is the reason behind facial hair growth. Along with this, women face many other problems like abnormal weight gain, infertility. All these problems are collectively called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome( PCOS).


 The first two problems are pretty natural, and we have no other treatments except using creams or hair removal tools. But, there is a human-made cause of facial hair growth. When you intake certain medicines, it leads to hair growth. 

We have listed down some of the medicines causing hair growth. Avoid intaking those medicines to prevent hair growth. 

  1. Minoxidil: a known tablet prescribed for BP(Blood Pressure) patients
  2. Testosterone: injecting testosterone to compensate for the lack of testosterone cause hair growth
  3. Anabolic steroids: an alternative for testosterone results in hair growth 
  4. Cyclosporine: a drug used before any organ transplant cause facial hair growth
  5. Cushing syndrome: medicines prescribed for curing this rare hormonal disease cause unwanted hair growth

Factors considered for facial hair removal creams / Buying guide

 It is not easy to filter out a facial hair removal cream just by looking at the appearance. You must look into certain factors to buy the best facial hair removal cream that suits your skin. We have listed common factors that you should keep in mind for better clarity on products.

Skin type

Firstly, you must be aware of your skin type. Identify whether your skin is normal or sensitive. There is a simple trick to find your skin type. Do a patch test using a facial hair removal cream. If it causes you any irritation but doesn’t react to others’ skin, you have sensitive skin. So, look for a cream that is only meant for sensitive skin. Or, it is wise to consult a dermatologist.


We cannot assure you that all the hair removal cream is made of natural ingredients. Some of the creams are organic, and others might contain specific quantities of chemicals. Although natural products take time for effective results, we recommended using hair removal cream formulated with organic blends for no side effects.  

Chemical-based cream might affect the skin and cause skin tampering. Avoid creams that contain Mercury as they can have unrecoverable side effects on the skin. 

Hair texture

Hair removal creams are designed for fine, medium, and coarse hair. So, you must know the hair texture before buying the cream. Hair removal cream meant for fine hair won’t work well for coarse hair. For better results, buy cream based on your facial hair texture.

Skin issues

Check whether your skin has a cut or wound. When you apply the hair removal cream, this is a risk of skin irritation. The chemicals present in the cream might irritate the wounded areas. Be careful while choosing the hair removal creams. 


 Some of the hair removal creams have a foul smell. It is due to the blend of chemicals. So, if you are a person who is allergic to the product smell, you can choose odorless facial hair removal creams. To your surprise, most hair removal creams are fragrance-free. 

Side effects

Every product that contains little quality of chemicals causes side effects. Skin redness, peeling, irritation are the common side effects seen on the skin.


Whenever you buy facial hair removal creams, look for post effects on the label. After applying the cream, the clear and hair-free skin must be kept hydrated and moisturized. The ingredients must be capable of boosting the hydration level on the skin. 

Waiting interval

People prefer using creams for facial hair removal for their quick results. Most of the cream shows instant results within 4 to 10 minutes. Buy a cream that can show effective results in less time. Most importantly, if a product takes more time to show the results, you should not wait for the results. When a cream stays for more than 10 mins can damage the skin. So, you must change the product immediately.

Benefits of using Facial hair removal creams

Painless method

Shaving or using wax strips to remove the facial hairs cause unbearable pain. Moreover, tiny hairs start to grow again after a few days. But, a cream can inhibit hair growth for an extended period. Facial hair removal creams dissolve the hair from roots and cause no pain during the hair removal.


When you undergo hair removal treatments like Laser removal or Electrolysis, it might be costly. In contrast, the hair removal cream is quite affordable and contains a two-step process. Moreover, it is very safe for use. You have many alternative brands if your cream doesn’t work out. 

Skin maintenance

 You know that you remove from ultra-sensitive areas like upper lips, chin, and cheeks. The ingredients infused in the hair removal cream must exfoliate the skin, supplies moisture, and enhance smoothness. Barely a facial hair removal cream fails to maintain healthy skin. Your skin must be prepared to face the subsequent hair removal treatment with the creams in simple words.


 If you plan for laser treatments for hair removal, it consumes a lot of time. You must consult a dermatologist for appointments and undergo a series of processes to remove facial hairs. But, the creams are available readily in shops. All you need to do is, read out an article to know the best cream that suits you and buy one. 

Ease to use

 Under many products, we have mentioned that the cream contains two-step processes. Yes, facial hair removal creams are very easy to use and fetch you effective results within seconds. People get attracted to these user-friendly creams as it produces instant wonders. Clean your face and squeeze the tube and gently apply to the skin. After a couple of minutes, wipe off the cream containing the facial hairs using a spatula. 


 We cannot prohibit something from happening in our body. But, we have alternative sources to prevent or minimize the cause. Likewise, excessive hair growth is a natural problem. Stop worrying and accept the fact. Next, look for the solution. The best painless and easy way to remove facial hair is to buy facial hair removal cream.

After reading out the top-rated facial hair removal creams from our article, you are now familiar with the features of a hair removal cream. Don’t forget to consider all the factors before buying the product. This buying guide helps you to choose the best product for which you never regret later. Get shiny, clean, flawless skin with amazing hair removal creams.


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