Top 10 Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyes – Reviews and Buying Guide

Eyeliners are vital for women to highlight their eyes all the way. It helps them to achieve bolder, more significant, and more dramatic looks.

But there are wide ranges of eyeliners with different features on the market today. Some may dry or irritate the eyes if it's used longer.

It is because choosing the best eyeliners for your eyes is essential. But it is not a difficult task if you go through this entire article.

Here we have listed the best eyeliners worldwide that are ideal for everyone, even sensitive eyes, and contact wearers.

Best Eyeliners For Sensitive Eyes 2021

1. Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner

The Physicians Eyeliner has a high-tech Japanese formula to enhance the appearance of the eyes. Not just that, it also nourishes and conditions eyelashes. This has an innovative formula, easy to use, and allows you to apply the right amount on the lash base.

Do you want to make your eyelashes stand out? Then, the Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner would be the right choice.

What's great about the product is it contains serum to promote the growth of the eyelashes while leaving them with a dramatic look.

According to the reviews, there are more than 90% of women have achieved the look they preferred. Someone who uses this for at least one month can achieve fuller and longer lashes as it boosts lashes growth.

Why we like it

  • There are no harsh chemicals like paraben, and so, it is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • What's more, this eyeliner is water and smudge-proof, stays for longer, and only wipes it off when wet or rubbed heavily.
  • Another noticeable feature of the product is it comes with a brush tip applicator to deliver thin lines easily.
  • The eyeliners for sensitive eyes are more affordable than others come in three different shades: Ultra-black, black, and deep brown.


  • Easy to use
  • Deliver dramatic look
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Smudge and waterproof
  • Promotes lashes growth
  • Ideal for sensitive eyes
  • Budget-friendly


  • It has to be shaken well before every application to avoid globs.

Bestseller (lists)

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, Ultra Black Beauty & Personal Care

  • LASH BOOSTING EYELINER & SERUM: This high-tech 2-in-1 eyeliner & eyelash booster serum delivers the high-pigment, precision definition of a liquid eyeliner while nourishing & conditioning lashes.
  • ENHANCE & CONDITION: Create classic, bold looks with this jet black liquid eyeliner. Use the eyelash serum alone or under eye makeup day or night. Lash Boosting complex targets the base of lashes.
  • ENHANCE & CONDITION: Create classic, bold looks with this jet blac... Read More

2. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner

Are your eyelids susceptible to regular eyeliners? Then, the eyeliner by Maybelline might be the right choice!

The Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner is water and smudge-resistant, easy to use, and delivers a super thick line on the lashes.

This ophthalmologist-tested is highly suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Why we like it

  • The significant fact about the product is it won't get wiped off easily unless you rubbed your eyes. But it is easy to do with a mild cleanser.
  • So, there is no need to worry about skin irritation, itching eyes, or inflammation.
  • What's more, the eyeliner works best with eyeshadow palettes that come in five different shades: espresso, onyx, pewter, cinnabar, and sapphire. Cinnabar is a preferable shade among women, while espresso is a darker shade best for everyday use.
  • All other shades work best on different tones, so choose the one that does wonders on your look. This is smaller than other options but lasts more than a month depending on your use.


  • Available in so many shades
  • Water and smudge-free
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for sensitive eyes
  • Imparts dramatic look
  • Affordable


  • Smaller package

Bestseller (lists)

Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner Carded, Jade, 0.01 Ounce Eye Liners Beauty

  • Maybelline
  • Maybelline
  • Maybelline ... Read More

3. L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Liquid Eyeliner

The eyeliner by L'oreal is liquid-based, as simple as pencil eyeliner, delivering meticulously smooth lines and won't feather or smear.

The great fact about the product is its quick-drying formula. It dries faster than others on this list and offers a refined look that may last for 12 hours.

Why we like it

  • The eyeliner from Loreal Paris is a drag, skip, smudge-resistant. However, someone who has oily eyelids may experience smudge but very rarely.
  • The eyeliner is available in three different shades: black, brown, and gray. Since it dries out quickly, make sure the cap is closed tightly after every use.
  • Are you the one new to liquid eyeliner? Then, simply go with L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Liquid Eyeliner as it is easy to apply.
  • It comes with an ultra-fine felt tip, making you draw incredible lines on the lashes. So, this eyeliner is perfect for a more subtle look.


  • Easy to apply
  • Imparts soft and smooth line
  • Easy to wipe off with water
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Super-fine felt tip for thinner lines
  • Comes in three different attractive shades


  • This is not water-resistant and so not suitable if you live in humid or rainy places.
  • May easily smudge on oily eyelids.

Bestseller (lists)

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner, Ultra-Fine Felt Tip, Quick Drying Formula, Glides on Smoothly, Black, Pack of 1 Beauty

  • Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner: The Super Slim longwear ultra fine tip liquid eyeliner gives you total control for precise lines that last up to 12 hour; Create a sleek sophisticated look with this 0.4 millimeter eyeliner pen
  • Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pen: With an ultra fine felt tip, this longwear eye liner glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow; Skip proof, drag proof and smudge proof, and stays for up to 12 hour of wear
  • Create you perfect eye makeup look with our col... Read More

4. Maybelline New York Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner

Are you looking for eyeliner with long-lasting effects? Then, the eyeliner by Maybelline New York would be the best choice as it can last throughout the day.

This delivers a dramatic look with only one stone, so go with this for instant results.

When it comes to gel-based liners, they can't stay over 12 hours and start to fade away, but the Maybelline eyeliners can last beyond that and boast incredibly smooth and shinier texture.

This is packed with a triangular cardboard box containing pot gel eyeliner weighted 2.5 gram and a slim flat bristle brush for grooming the lashes.

Why we like it

  • The Maybelline New York Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner is gel-based, comes with highly concentrated pigment to highlight the eyes and leaves you with a lasting impression.
  • This is waterproof, smudge-proof, and oil-free, delivering long-lasting results for up to 24 hours. However, it is easy to remove with mild oil or cleanser.
  • This product comes in four different shades: blackest black, brown, charcoal, and eggplant, allowing you to choose any based on your skin tones, hair and eye colors.
  • These are dermatologists, and ophthalmologists tested, ensuring it is safe and ideal for any type, even sensitive eyes.
  • What's more, it is allergic free, reliable, durable, and affordable. This is the eyeliner perfect for bigger and bolder lines than thin or fine lines.


  • Leaves velvety texture on your lashes
  • Smooth and shine eyelids for longer
  • Can dry faster
  • Smudge and sweatproof
  • Powerfully works to create thick and smokey eyes
  • Includes soft-bristled brush for a defined lash look
  • Comes in four different shades for a dramatic look


  • It is pretty pricier than others
  • Not the one for creating wings or sharp lines

Bestseller (lists)

Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner, Blackest Black, Waterproof, 0.106 Ounce,Pack of 1 Eye Liners Beauty & Personal Care

  • Ophtalmologist, dermatologist and allergy tested creamy gel formula was specially designed to last up to 24 hours
  • Highly concentrated pigments of the gel eyeliner intensifies your eye makeup for a lasting impression
  • Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner delivers intense color that lasts all day for natural or dramatic eye makeup looks
  • Gel pencil eyeliner available in 10 super-saturated shades ranging from Smooth Charcoal to Lustrous Saphire
  • Read More

5. Music Flower 2-in-1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner

The Music Flower Gel Eyeliner is another top pick as this is ideal for sensitive eyes. This is perfect for the one to achieve a bolder and fuller look.

This is available in two different shades: black and brown, making you choose the shades you wish.

As its name suggests, it is two-in-one gel eyeliner; both the black and brown shade come as a complete set. So, there is no need to choose the shadows between the two.

Why we like it

  • The Music Flower 2-in-1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner is smudge, sweat, and waterproof can last all day which means up to 24 hours.
  • This also comes with a set of eyeliner applicators, reducing your searching time for the makeup brush to line up the eyeliner.
  • As this is resistant to water and sweat, it won't smudge or go off quickly even if you are sweaty or find yourself in the rain.
  • This is the one for grabbing intense color and won't fade off easily at any cost!
  • Another best aspect of the eyeliner is it comes in handy, so easy to use and remove with the makeup remover. All you need to do is take a small cotton ball, apply a mild cleanser, and gently run it onto the eyelids.


  • Non-blooming effect
  • Comes in two different shades with two applicators
  • Doesn't wipe off unless removing with a mild cleanser
  • Smudge and water-resistant
  • This is ideal for supple texture


  • Drawing sharp and defined lines can be challenging with these applicator brushes
  • It should be stored properly; otherwise, it may dry faster

Bestseller (lists)

Music Flower 24H Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Beauty

  • Waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-oil coverage. 24 hour eyeliner ... Read More

6. Almay Intense i-Color Eyeliner

Are you looking for a dramatic look without bold lines? Then, going for the eyeliner from Almay might be the right choice.

This is specifically designed to stand out with dramatic tones. It is smudge and fading resistant, ensuring it stays all day long.

This is easy to apply, boasts a soft and smooth texture, and glides easily onto the lids and around the eyes, leaving your eye color pop for longer.

Why we like it

  • The eyeliner comes with rich contrasting shades like blue, brown, hazel, and green to deliver the eye color pop. The built-in sharpener, on the other hand, ensures the error-free application, stays clean and sharp, and protects from adulteration with other products.
  • Do you prefer stunning and shimmery effects? Then, go with this eyeliner. It is allergic-free, smudge-free, and irritates the eye or eyelids.
  • The Almay eyeliner is dermatologist tested, so it is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.


  • Comes in four different shades
  • Smooth and shine texture
  • Fading and smudging resistant
  • Can stay for longer
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Hard to draw precise lines
  • Expensive

Bestseller (lists)

Almay Intense i-Color Liner, Black Amethyst [001], 0.009 Eye Liners Beauty & Personal Care

  • non irritating
  • natural looking
  • Long lasting result ... Read More

7. Mia Adora Liquid Gel Eyeliner

Are you looking for eyeliner at an affordable price? Then, the Mia Adora Liquid Gel Eyeliner is the right choice for you!

This is the best to draw the perfect cat eye, comes in handy, and each to use.

What's more, the eyeliner is capable of staying for longer means throughout the day. So, there is no need for the retouch up.

Why we like it

  • Like others on this list, the Mia gel eyeliner also smudges and sweat-free, allergic-free, and waterproof. This helps you achieve various looks in single eyeliner.
  • It comes with a smooth glide, retractable, and high-precision tip, allowing you to create both thicker and thinner lines.
  • What's great about the product is it comes with a sharpener to make the liner sharpen when it's required. This also helps you to keep the eyeliner clean and neat.


  • Dermatologists tested
  • Easy to wipe off with mild cleanser
  • Smudge-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Causes no allergic reactions to the eyes
  • Lasts longer in all weather conditions
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Preservative and cruelty-free


  • Only available in black shade

Bestseller (lists)

Best Cruelty Free Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil with Sharpener - All Day Smudgeproof Wear - Easy to Use & Perfect Eye Liner for Your Cat Eyes & Waterline - Immovable by Mia Adora Makeup (Black) Beauty & Personal Care

  • SMUDGE PROOF & BUDGE FREE – Immovable by Mia Adora lives up to its name with infallible, unstoppable color that resists smudging and smearing when you touch or rub your eyes. Enjoy the absolute best eyeliner with an ultra clean, move-for-nothing foundation.
  • ACCENTUATE YOUR WATERLINE - The waterlines are the areas where your eyelids meet to close your eyes. A touch of eyeliner to your waterline is a quick way to add extra allure & definition to your eye makeup. Darken smo... Read More

8. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

The Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeliner is one of the best and preferable ones as it features excellent. This is aimed to provide high-quality eyeliners at an affordable price.

Are you looking for liquid-based eyeliner? Then, choosing the Maybelline eyeliner might be the right decision.

This makes a great impact on your eyes with its dramatic look and is doing all these without irritating eyes.

What we love

  • The Maybelline eyeliner comes in three different shades: black, brown, and blue, allowing you to choose the base as per your preference.
  • This is the perfect one for a bolder look, pocket-friendly, and brightens your dull face effectively.
  • What's more, it is water-resistant and smudge-proof and delivers precise lines in just one stroke. This is office-friendly, leaving your eyes professional and composed.
  • It comes with a shaped grip, ensuring it is comfortable and convenient to hold and draw a line.
  • With its great control, you can easily make a steady and ultra-thin line. Its lining tip pen is more comfortable than a brush tip pen, making it perfect for those who are new to liquid eyeliners.
  • This eyeliner glides on the lashes effortlessly, so you don't have to layer more repeatedly. Another good thing about eyeliner is its staying power. Since this is waterproof it can remain for about 12 hours on your eyelids.
  • It makes the eyeliner suitable for long days at work or nights out. But it won't be a choice for the people with oily eyelids or who live in humid places as it can smudge or fade quickly.


  • A perfect option for beginners
  • Can make elegant look in a single stroke
  • Waterproof
  • Infused without allergic causing ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Not the right one for oily eyelids and humid weather conditions
  • Not great for oily eyelids and humid conditions

Bestseller (lists)

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner, Black, 0.034 Ounce Beauty & Personal Care

  • No Smudge Black Liquid Eyeliner: This waterproof eyeliner features an ultra fine tip that delivers defined, precise line and stays put for up to 12 hours with whatever look you're working
  • Define Your Eye: Get precise, sharp lines and long lasting intense color with no smudges; Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested, fragrance free, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • It's All in the Eyes: Subtle lines, smokey vibes, custom brow looks, classic tones or a sh... Read More

9. Ecco Bella Natural Soft Eyeliner Pencil

Are you very sensitive to chemicals? Then, the eyeliner by Ecco might be the right one for you. The notable fact about the product is its colors. The Ecco Bella Natural Soft Eyeliner comes in six different elegant shades, while its eye pencil is available in seven different colors, including luxurious violet and stunning royal blue.

What we love

  • There are no toxic, infused natural ingredients, and cruelty-free. Together, making the eyeliner more effective to give an enhanced eye look.
  • This is an excellent choice if you prefer bold eyes. The texture of the eyeliner will not sting or irritate the eyes, so it is safe for all. The eyeliner leaves your eyes a smooth velvety finish that can stand out for longer.
  • What's more, the eyeliner has a fast-drying formula to dry out the eyeliner faster and makes it stay on the eyelids for the entire day. Since the eyeliner comes in various shades, go with the natural shades than vibrant for everyday use.
  • You can use this eyeliner as an eyebrow pencil for a stunning look. You need to add more lines for a bolder look as a single line is transparent or invisible, especially on darker tones.
  • This eyeliner is made from natural, vegan ingredients and is preservative-free. Hence, it saves you the risk of applying harsh toxins to your skin.


  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Stays for longer
  • Vegan
  • Chemicals free
  • Comes in seven different bold colors
  • Suitable for all, especially the sensitive skin


  • Neutral colors aren't darker enough
  • Neutral shades aren't dark enough

Bestseller (lists)

Ecco Bella Natural Soft Eyeliner Pencil (Violet) Eye Liners Beauty & Personal Care

  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE EYES: These eyeliner pencils were created with the sensitive-skinned in mind. Created with a formula rich in palm kernel glycerides, these eye liner pencils draw a smooth and flawless line without pulling or tugging.
  • ALL-NATURAL: This beautiful violet eyeliner pencil was created using only ingredients from mother nature. A mixture of vegetable waxes and ultramarines was used to create these eyeliner colors.
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE: This product is 100% free of ... Read More

10. Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner

Are you looking for the best eyeliner for sensitive eyes? Then, the Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner is for you. This is gentle on the eyelids and adds elegance to the eyes. As its name implies, you can apply this effortlessly, delivering a stunning look that stays all day long.

The eyeliner comes in seven different high pigmented shades, including Envy, Passion, Belgian Chocolate, Smoking Gun, Jet Set, Brown Sugar, and Blue Jeans. Each shade is unique and offers a matte feel, making the best one for those who love to grab a freak eye look.

However, it can smudge if you rub it hard, especially on oily skin, so try to avoid rubbing the eyes to keep them for longer.

What we love

  • The eyeliner has no harmful chemicals like gluten, paraben, artificial dyes, etc. This is PETA-certified, creamy in texture, and doesn't irritate your eyes.
  • Without a doubt, it is safe and completely perfect for sensitive eyes. It has a lasting formula to make them stay for longer, so it won't drag or pull along the skin. The Honeybee Gardens Eyeliner is very easy to apply with its gentle formula.
  • What's great about eyeliner is its multipurpose formula. This can be used as eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, or mascaras as this can be part of eyebrow filler and a wide range of mascaras. This means you can enjoy the three-in-one benefit with this product.
  • Overall, this is one of the best eyeliners with organic ingredients and is dermatologist tested and recommended.


  • Acts as an eyebrow filler
  • Three in one benefit
  • PETA-certified
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • No artificial dyes
  • Imparts a bold and stylish look


  • Might not be the one for oily skin as it smudges easily

Bestseller (lists)

Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eye Liner, Envy | Gluten Free, Vegan, Paraben Free Beauty

  • Our Effortless Eye Liner's long-wearing, gentle formula won't drag or pull skin
  • Glides on gently and fluidly from the moment you open it. Easy to apply for a perfect, long-wearing look.
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, PETA Certified Cruelty Free. Made in Germany
  • Envy: Rich deep emerald green, matte ... Read More

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Eyeliner

There are some factors to be remembered when looking for the best eyeliners. Here we have listed an essential factor for considerations.

1. Color

Choosing the right color of eyeliner is vital for a better and elegant look. Mostly, the neutral shades will be a perfect option for everyday use. If you want eyeliner for some special occasions, then go for the one that makes your eyes stand out. But if you are not sure about the shades, choose the one that suits your natural eye color.

2. Thickness 

We know there are different types of eyeliners with different formulas. So, each one delivers lines of various thicknesses. The liquid eyeliner claims to deliver sharp and thin lines, while the tip imparts in soft and thin lines.

When it comes to the pencil eyeliner, it will create thick or thin lines and soft or sharp lines, depending on the pencil that you choose. So, consider the thickness of the eyeliner and select the one that you prefer or desire!

3. Eyeliner Ingredients 

The next consideration should be the eyeliner ingredients. Susceptible skin users should notice this without fail.

Some eyeliners are infused with some chemicals to increase longevity and pigmentation. They will not be suitable for sensitive skin, so if it's used carelessly, you'll end up irritating or itchy eyes.

In this case, liquid eyeliner may contain more chemicals to maintain its texture. So, choose the eyeliner that includes no or fewer less harsh chemicals for your eye's safety purposes.

4. Waterproof 

If you want an eyeliner that stays all day long, then it is important to consider the durability of eyeliner. Features of waterproof and smokeproof determine the liner longevity. So, look for the one that is resistant to water and smudge, at the same time, it should be easily removable with a cleanser or makeup remover either.

Mostly, the eyeliners with waxes and oils are naturally waterproof and easy to wipe off.

Final Thoughts

The eyeliners are more important for an enhanced or gorgeous look. This helps you achieve the look that you want. But make sure whether you want a natural or dramatic or unique look before choosing them.

As discussed, always go for an eyeliner that contains no chemicals, toxins, artificial dyes and fragrances, etc.

Expensive eyeliner doesn't mean it's safe and doesn't contain chemicals, so be mindful while choosing the best eyeliner.

All the listed above are dermatologist tested, professionals recommended, and safe for any skin, even sensitive skin. Without any hesitation, choose the one from the above listed that suits your skin and fulfils your expectations.

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