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Have you ever observed people with dry skin applying oil on their skin? We believe coconut oil to be a natural moisturizer from ancient times. Coconut oil still  tops the table among various moisturizers. You need not do any salon treatments to get a shiny look on the skin. Just apply a few drops of coconut oil and get instant results.  Coconut oil not only works for the skin but also for hair.

The oil extracts of coconut acts as a protecting guard to your skin from any external or internal attack. If you dig out the benefits of coconut oil, there are plenty of benefits. In order to find the best natural coconut oil, it is very important to know how it works on the skin. Fetch the best one that fits the best for your skin.


Best Coconut oil brands for skin

There are numerous brands that can give high-quality coconut oil. But you must read out the key features of each brand you come across to find the best product that suits you. Since coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, you might have a misconception that any brand can produce the results you expect. But in reality, each brand has its own merits and demerits.


Let us explore some of the best coconut oil brands available in the market.


Top coconut oil brands on the market


1. Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil







            Viva Naturals organic coconut oil has multipurpose functions. You can use either this coconut oil as a moisturizer or hair conditioner. They are effective in both ways. Since it is a fractionated oil, it can be used along with other beauty products. You can pour the oil in a staple and use it for your daily routine. This oil can moisturize your dry skin and add shine to your skin.

The core-plus of the Viva natural coconut oil is that it can maintain the liquid state at any temperature. So, you need not heat it up. Moreover, the oil is quick absorbent and non-greasy.

Even a lesser quantity can eliminate the dryness of the entire body. The lightweight formula of coconut oil helps in relaxing the stress through massage treatment. The color and mild fragrance of the coconut oil will not affect the fragrance of other oils when mixed up.


  1. You can use the oil on the skin as well as the hair
  2. 100% organic and natural
  3. Recommended oil for massage purpose
  4. Dual property (used as essential or carrier oil)
  5. Suitable for dry skin



  1. Since it is a fractionated oil, it cannot hold the nutrient content for a longer time.



2. Annmarie Skincare coconut body oil




While other coconut oil brands are busy providing organic natural oil, Annemarie comes up with coconut oil that can treat some skin diseases. It is a blend with any herbs that can penetrate deep into the skin and heal the disease. A special feature of the oil is, it gets quickly absorbed into the body.

The ingredients like milk thistle, calendula, and other herb extracts keep your skin and hair healthy. The mild fragrance of lavender gives a relaxing feel throughout the day. Most importantly, this coconut oil is free from parabens and alcohol. The ingredients included in the oil are 100% natural. We recommend using on the dry and clean skin after taking shower for good results



  1. The product is a mixture of coconut oil and herbal extracts
  2. Good results for both skin and hair
  3. Contains no paraben and alcohol
  4. Pleasant lavender fragrance.


  1. Not suitable for cooling purposes.


3. Coconut Oil for skincare



One of the top brands known for their best coconut oil is the Skincare coconut oil. The highlight that makes everyone’s eye towards it is the “affordable price”. When the oil penetrates deep into the tissues, the antioxidants supply enough nourishment to the skin. Not only for moisturizing purposes, this also will also act as a medicine for treating the acne on the face.

Coming to its contribution to the hair, this oil can penetrate into the scalp and promotes hair growth. The pleasant fragrance and soft texture of the oil make it an irreplaceable liquid for massage sessions.

The manufacturers guarantee that the product really works for both skin and hair and claims a 100% cashback offer if you are unsatisfied. Obviously, the product is purely fractionated. You get amazed seeing the effectiveness of the oil.



  1. No added artificial flavors and colors
  2. Promotes hair growth
  3. Acts as a full-body moisturizer
  4. Easy to use
  5. Organic ingredients


  1. The oil does give a strong coconut scent


4. Carrington Farms Gluten-free coconut oil


Carrington farm gluten-free coconut oil can satisfy all your body needs when little drops apply throughout the body. This oil is made in the Philippines and the manufacturer says that a considerable amount of profit from the selling of the product goes for charity. The oil is cold-pressed and the mild fragrance and taste are recommended for cooking purposes. It consists of natural ingredients that can add additional taste to vegetarian food.

The extracted oil undergoes four types of filtration processes for getting pure oil at the end process. Most importantly, the oil is free from hexane.



  1. Blended with natural ingredients
  2. Recommended for daily use
  3. Good for cooking purpose
  4. Cold-pressed pure oil


  1. Unlike other oils, it takes time to melt.


5.Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut oil



The fractionated oil from Majestic is safe to use on the skin. And also, this fractionated oil is rich in antioxidants due to the presence of capric and caprylic acids. These ingredients can heal skin-related issues by providing moisture to the affected area. This raw coconut is used for multi-purposes like lip balm, deodorant, hair conditioning, massage, and cooking. The super blending factor of the oil helps to mix up the oil with other essential oils. It is very common in massage sessions and acts as an important ingredient in aromatherapy recipes.

The manufacturer warns to apply a small amount of oil at the elbow region for any allergic symptoms. If you don’t detect any allergic reactions, you can go with the product. This oil is not for consumption so keep away from children. Pregnant women must consult a doctor before using the product.



  1. Treats sunburns
  2. Suits well to any skin type
  3. Good moisturizing properties
  4. Power-packed with antioxidants
  5. Capable of blending easily with other carrier oils
  6. Availability of medium-chain fatty acids




  1. Not a long-lasting product


6. Garden of Life Raw Extra Virgin Coconut oil


Are you obsessed with organic products? This is the one you are looking for. The unrefined coconut oil is enriched with healthy fatty acids. This coconut oil is much recommended for cooking as it can help in weight loss. The natural medium-chain fats can penetrate deep into the hair and provide excellent nourishment. It consists of antibacterial properties that can treat acne and heal the skin. Along with this, the presence of capric and caprylic acid gives a soft texture to the skin.



  1. USDA certified
  2. Provides a soothing effect
  3. Supplies moisture to the skin
  4. Non-hydrogenated



  1. It takes time to remove the oil from the skin


7. Now Solutions Liquid Coconut oil


Will you miss coconut oil that has endless benefits?  Now solutions Liquid coconut oil increases the hydration level and nourishment on the skin. This oil can shield the skin from dryness. You needn’t worry, the oil is extremely free from harmful chemicals. The non-greasy formula of the oil will protect the skin from sun damage. And also, vitamin E adds to the effectiveness of the oil by providing the essential moisture thus leaving a bright glow.



  1. Nongreasy formula
  2. No added color and flavors
  3. Quick absorption
  4. Available in massage centers and hair care salons


  1. The consistency might be too watery.



8. COCO & CO. Purest Virgin Coconut Oil



Are you very much concerned about using high-quality ingredients in the products you buy? Definitely, COCO & CO is the right brand to choose for healthy skin. The included ingredients like Vitamin E provides everlasting nourishment to the skin. Other ingredients with rich fatty acids can fade out the black spots, wrinkles, and acne. For best results, use this oil daily. After a few weeks, you will get bright, clean, and glowing skin. Moreover, the silky consistency of the oil is extremely nongreasy and contains no strong fragrance.



  1. 100% vegan
  2. Contains no gluten
  3. Free from Paraben and sulfate
  4. Added chemicals are non-toxic
  5. Lightweight formula



  1. The oil might lose its natural aroma after eating.


9. Anjou Coconut Oil for skin


Anjou Coconut oil is absolutely free from hexane or bleach content. The manufacturer says that this product is very healthier compared to other branded coconut oils. One example, considering the healthy features of the oil, it is used for cooking.

You can maintain your hair by using this coconut oil as a hair mask. Apply and massage the oil on the scalp so that the nutrients penetrate into the hair roots.

Anjou coconut oil plays a vital role in making different aromatherapy recipes. This oil acts as the best alternative for butter and vegetable oil for cooking healthy recipes.



  1. Used for supplying nourishment from hair to toe
  2. Consists of only natural ingredients
  3. The ingredients are rich in saturated fats
  4. Available at an affordable price.



  1. Unpleasant fragrance


10. Sky Organics Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil


If you are struggling to find out +what texture your skin possesses? No more confusion. Get Coconut oil from Sky organics that suits all skin types. Applying this product provides you all the essential nutrients and moisture. It is made from handpicked coconuts aiming for the best results. It not only suits all skin types but also all hair types. The intense moisture penetration into the cell tissues regenerates hair growth.


  1. Full and full vegan
  2. Contains organic ingredients
  3. Cold-pressed and USDA certified
  4. Good hair mask suited for all hair types



  1. Greasy


11. Sports Research Organic Coconut Oil


Do you love to have long-lasting hydrated skin? Sports Research Organic Coconut oil gives promising results. This product is crafted with natural ingredients to give effective nourishment without causing any side effects. There are no added colors and flavors and it has USDA certification. You can feel your silky-smooth skin after frequent use of this oil.



  1. Multipurpose product
  2. Helps in achieving soft skin
  3. Free from artificial color and flavors
  4. Acts as a carrier oil



  1. Strong fragrance

12. Okay 100% Pure coconut oil



Okay pure coconut oil gives you acne-free, healthy skin within a few months of usage. The extracts of fresh coconut milk will give essential nourishment to the skin. The oil consists of high vitamin E content that can enhance the production of collagen. Along with this, the antibacterial properties of the oil prevent the skin from any external infections. The highlight of this coconut oil is that it can give anti-aging effects with rich antioxidant content.



  1. Adds brightness to the skin
  2. Hydrates the dry skin
  3. Silicon and paraben-free
  4. Cruelty-free
  5. Antibacterial and antifungal properties



  1. Watery consistency


13. Handcraft Blends Fractionated coconut oil


If you want feel-good skin then try out the amazing coconut oil from the house of Handcraft bends. The countless benefits of coconut make it an unavoidable product for maintaining the skin and hair of humans and pets. The lightweight formula contains a unique blend of fatty acids with medical values. Thus, making it a healthy oil for moisturizing the whole body. The powerful properties of antioxidants help in promoting hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles. This USA-made oil is completely free from chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and alcohols.



  1. Free from harmful chemicals
  2. Good carrier oil
  3. 100% organic and natural ingredients
  4. Rich antioxidant properties
  5. Suits for aromatherapy



  1. Greasy



14. Pursonic Pure and natural fractionated coconut oil

Good moisturizing coconut oil that has ultra-anti-microbial properties is the Pursonic fractionated coconut oil. This nongreasy oil will unclog the pores and nourish the skin. It consists of 100% natural ingredients and the lightweight formula of the oil makes it easy to apply all over the skin and hair. You can blend this oil in other products like toothpaste, coconut shampoo, and shaving cream. Since this oil is fractionated, it gives a perfect blend with other essential oils.



  1. Nongreasy
  2. Treats sunburns
  3. Retains the smoothness and shine in the hair strands



  1. Might not be long lasting



What’s in Coconut oil?

The extracted fat from the “kernel” of the coconut is the coconut oil. The oil is available in both refined and unrefined form. To get healthy extracts, the coconut undergoes many filtration processes.


The medium fatty structure of the coconut oil consists of 6 to 12 carbon atoms thus making the coconut oil very healthy to use. The presence of lauric acid benefits the skin with its antibacterial properties


How to use coconut oil on skin?


  1. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil in your palm and rub them to heat
  2. Spread over the face, next and other parts of the body
  3. Remove the residue sticking on your skin with a soft tissue Avo using cotton balls as cotton might stick up with the oil
  4. If you’re going to leave the oil face overnight, use only a minimal quantity to avoid excess oiliness
  5. After coming home, you can use coconut oil to remove your makeup as it can wipe out hard sticky makeup base


Factors to consider while choosing coconut oil for skin



Based on the types of filtration process undergone, the coconut oil types vary. They include virgin, extra virgin, unrefined, refined, and fractionated. If you’re looking for pure and long-lasting coconut oil, check out the terms like virgin, unrefined and extra virgin on the bottle label. These are the pure form of oils that hold the nutrient content for a long time without any chemical treatment. On the other hand, refined and fractionated oil has the tendency to lose nutritional value within a short span of time. These types of oil are recommended for massage sessions


Taste and fragrance

If you don’t like the smell and odor of oil, prefer using refined or fractionated coconut oil. This is because the refined and fractionated oil is chemically extracted from the source thus losing its natural aroma and taste.


Cold-pressed foam

Go for oil that has a special mention on the label as “cold-pressed”. This term indicates that the contained oil doesn’t include any chemical or heat application during the entire extraction process. Most importantly, cold-pressed oils are rich in nutrition content and antioxidants.


Advantages of Coconut oil on skin


Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can prevent any allergies occurring on the skin. Apart from that, people prefer using coconut oil for the following reasons


Reduce inflammation

The major reason for choosing coconut oil to treat skin allergies is its anti-inflammatory properties. Even the skin products prescribed by dermatologists don’t produce such fascinating results as coconut oil does. Since coconut oil is friendly with skin, this oil is recommended for removing wax from the ears.


Acne treatment

Everyone will come across acne and spores once in a lifetime. Coconut oil with its anti-inflammatory properties can heal the pores on the skin. Most of them are not aware that coconut oil gives the best results than other skincare oils. Another interesting fact about coconut oil is that it acts as a great pain reliever. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil will cure acne.


Treat wounds

If you apply coconut oil to the scars, it heals fast. Many of them have the misconception that coconut oil can act as a moisturizer. But the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the coconut oil will protect the wound from any external microorganism attack. Note, if you want to get heal the wounds use virgin or unrefined coconut oil


Good replacement for hand creams

 Most of them use sunscreen lotion to shield the body from cold winter. Instead of that, use coconut oil at least once in a day. The coconut oil not only protects the skin but also gives a shiny and soft texture.

Makeup remover

 Have you seen women struggling to get off their makeup? Use natural coconut oil to remove the sticky and waterproof makeup base. Some of the chemical-based removers can harm your eyes. Replacement of these harmful chemicals with coconut oil can prevent your skin from irritation.

Coconut oil instead of body butter

Once you start using coconut oil for moisturizing your body, you will never touch body butter. Coconut oil gives satisfying results than body butter as it contains saturated fats. Use this oil to massage your head to relax your stress. Deep penetration of nutrients of coconut oil into the scalp promotes hair growth.





Coconut oil has endless benefits. We could read your mind’s voice. You would be definitely amazed after knowing its health benefits. Unlike other products, you don’t have any side effects after using coconut oil. Most of the brands in this article have high ratings. Read out the features and stick to the product that suits you the best. Nothing to fear, this natural healer will not irritate your skin. And by the way, some of the oil is edible too. When you are done with your skincare routine, you can add a few drops while cooking healthier recipes.

Do you ever miss a product that can heal all your skin-related problems with minimal investments? Not at all. Then why a wait? Go and explore the best suitable coconut oil that suits your skin and hair. We assure you, your skin going to thank you!.




































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