Best Argan Oil

Argan oil is known for its endless benefits for the whole body. This oil is mandatorily available on the shelf of anybody who is so much concerned about their skin and hair. Argan oil creates wonders with its healing properties. 

For the past few decades, argan oil has been the town’s talk for its multiple uses. It can cure the disease related to the skin and repair the damaged hair. Since technology has developed many hair styling products, the argan oil performs its space by acting as a natural heat protector before the hair dryer or straightener trail. 

We have collected the top 10 argan oils based on the reviews and ratings. At the end of the article, you will be astonished after reading out the benefits of argan oil from different brands.

Top 10 argan oil brands in market 

1. Viva Organic moisturizing argan oil for skin and hair



Fed up with the frizziness of your hair? Viva Organic moisturizing argan oil gives your smooth and shines to your dry hair. The ingredients are 100% natural as they are extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan tree. Importantly, the oil is free from artificial colors, hexane, and other additives. For customer satisfaction, this product is the third party tested for ensuring safety. 

The oil’s hydrating formula adds smoothness to the hair when you slide down the oil from the roots to the ends. Viva organic argan oil can greatly reduce the split ends and promotes hair growth from the roots. 

The argan oil’s antioxidant properties supply essential vitamins like A and E to the hair and skin. Thus, your hair looks so smooth and healthier. You might feel so relaxed with its natural fragrance. 


  1. The oil is cold-pressed from the Moroccan tree to retains the natural moisturizing properties
  2. The oil is not adulterated with any artificial additives. Note, the oil does not contain hexane
  3. The antioxidant-rich ingredients add glow to the skin as well as the hair
  4. Third-party tested product for safety purpose


  1. Non-Sticky
  2. Natural aroma
  3. Promotes hair growth
  4. Penetrates deep into the scalp
  5. Hydrating formula
  6. Affordable price and quantity is more


  1. No fragrance except the natural scent
  2. The Pump is very hard to push down after use.

2. Foxbrim Organic Argan oil



 Feel the goodness of the organic made argan oil from the house of Foxbrim naturals. This product is carefully cold-pressed and virgin to provide the oil’s exact natural properties, such as the smalls and the color. Since this oil soaks well, it helps in taming the frizziness and flyaways.

Another amazing feature of the Foxbrim Organic oil is that it is recommended to solve skin-related problems like acne and pimple. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the argan oil prevent the skin from any external microorganism attack.

The oil is also used as a lip balm because of its hydrating properties. Also, this argan oil works well for erasing stretch marks and heals the damaged cuticles and hair follicles. This product is labeled with USDA certification.


  1. The dark color coated bottle protects the oil from direct sunlight
  2. The oil is natural without any artificial additives
  3. Product safety with USDA certification
  4. High nutrient content 
  5. The natural texture of the oil is undisturbed


  1. Soaks well into the hair and skin
  2. Keeps the skin hydrated
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Nongreasy
  5. Lightweight formula
  6. Natural fragrance


  1. It takes efforts to close the bottle

      2. The smell is not too good

3. ArtNaturals A class Cold pressed argan oil.


The natural moisturizing properties of the ArtNaturals argan oil tend to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the face’s wrinkles and fine lines. This oil is used for therapy related to skin and hair since it is Purely organic. You feel so satisfied all day with the 3 in 1 one formula (relax, health, and soothe) of the oil. 

You can restore the lost shine by applying a few drops of argan oil to your hair. The organic properties of the oil keep your scalp and hair away from irritation. The ingredients of this product control dandruff and detangles each hair strand. Continuous supply of hydration to the skin never gives an aging look. This argan oil gives proper nourishment to the nails. So, say goodbye to your pedicure. 


  1. Cold-pressed therapeutic grade oil
  2. Rich in antioxidant properties
  3. Free from parabens 
  4. Cruelty-free


  1. Nonsticky
  2. Hair feels so soft to touch
  3. Good Moisturising factor
  4. Easy absorption into the hair and the skin
  5. Comfortable bottle design


  1. Unpleasant fragrance

4. One n’ Only Nongreasy argan oil


The only argan oil that gives life to the damaged hair follicles. A coat of this oil is recommended to apply on hair before using styling irons. The infused ingredients contain high nutrients like omega fatty acids and vitamin E, thus maintaining the skin’s hydration level. 

The oil’s lightweight formula gives a nonsticky feel when you slide your fingers between the hair strands. You can step out of the house without the fear of any hair damage from UV rays.


  1. Availability of all essential nutrients
  2. Natural cold-pressed from a Moroccan tree
  3. Alcohol-free
  4. Nongreasy


  1. Nonsticky formula
  2. Hair becomes so soft
  3. Good fragrance
  4. Only a small quantity is required


  1. Not a satisfying packaging

5. Majestic Pure argan oil for hair, nails, and skin


With its high anti-aging properties, Majestic Pure argan oil is a very familiar product in the market. This argan oil can heal the scalp by providing hydration and grow healthy nails by supplying nourishment. Even you look very young with glowing skin. 

The natural ingredients with nutrients enrichment can give a solution to all your problems. The highlight of this argan oil is that it is recommended for beard growth. Using the oil daily can tighten the skin, thus giving a fine shape to the face.


  1. The bottle package protects the argan oil from the heat 
  2. Cold-pressed and extracted from the nuts of the Moroccan tree
  3. A filler for easy use
  4. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids like omega 3 and 6


  1. Penetrate deep into the skin
  2. Soft texture
  3. Long-lasting
  4. No residues are left


  1. The filler might not hold the big oil drops

6. InstaNatural argan oil for hair split ends and stretch marks



 If you want to remove the stretch marks with ease, use argan oil for InstaNaturals for the first and finest results. Postpartum depression is due to visible stretch marks and hair loss. You can easily get depression by applying a few drops of argan oil under the stomach and hair roots. 

This product creates miracles on the nail cuticles by restoring the lost shiny look. The penetrating power of the argan oil repairs the damaged hair and nourish the skin cells.

InstaNaturals argan oil is USDA certified and is free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives. 


  1. Cold-pressed organic oil from the nuts of the Moroccan tree
  2. USDA certified
  3. Chemical-free


  1. Light and nonsticky on hair
  2. Soaks well into the skin
  3. Apt for sensitive skin
  4. Natural and mild fragrance


  1. It is difficult to press the Pump down

7. Pure Body naturals sulfate-free argan oil 



If you want to maintain your hair’s natural texture, use Pure Body naturals and argan oil. It is better to use this oil for healthy, smooth, and shiny hair than using three types of hair care products. The nutrients extracted from avocado heals the scalp and nourish each hair strand. 

Unlike other argan oil products, the enriched honey and vanilla essence gives a pleasant smell. The antioxidant-rich formula gives a shiny coat to the hair and the skin. This product is truly harmless and is highly recommended for sensitive skin.


  1. Pure oils extract from Moroccan seeds
  2. Allergy-free and sulfate-free
  3. The ingredient like avocado nourishes the split ends
  4. High nutrient content


  1. Pleasant aroma
  2. Nongreasy
  3. Gives a soft texture to the hair
  4. Dandruff control


  1. Time delay for lather formation

8. RejuveNaturals argan oil for effective hair conditioning


Confused about picking up the right product for your skin and hair? Here comes RejuveNaturals argan oil that suits any skin type. This product is 100% natural as the cold-pressed technique employed during the extraction retains the oil’s natural texture like the small and the color. 

You can blindly trust the ingredients as they are highly nonirritant on the skin. The infused ingredients with anti-aging properties give a youthful look to the skin. The high nutritional content will add shine and glow to the skin. You can apply it to the face to reduce the irritation caused by acne and pimples. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of the argan oil keep the skin away from any bacterial or fungal attack. Give deep moisture to your dry hair by applying oil on the hair scalp. Moreover, this product will help to tame the flyaways and frizziness.


  1. Pure form 
  2. USDA certified
  3. Free from chemicals like parabens and sulfates
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties
  5. Antioxidant-rich ingredients


  1. Easy to spray
  2. Deep nourishing formula
  3. Eliminated the dryness
  4. Quick absorption



9. Poppy Austin A class argan oil for skin and hair nourishment



A 100% organic natural argan oil obtained from the finest Moroccan tree. It is completely raw, and there is nothing to remove or add to the oil. The oil does not contain any harmful chemicals irritating the skin. 

The quick absorption formula of the oil penetrates deep into the scalp and gives moisture. The hydrating properties of the argan oil keep your skin lively and healthy. The oil doesn’t contain parabens and artificial flavors. You can treat your itchy face and get rid of diseases like psoriasis. 


  1. Pure and cold-pressed
  2. All the essential nutrients are available
  3. The product is free from Parabens and colors


  1. Gives a soft and smooth texture to the hair
  2. Nongreasy
  3. Mild fragrance
  4. Only minimum quality oil is necessary 


  1. Expensive

10. PURA D’OR Organic High quality moisturizing argan oil


PURA D’OR Organics is one of the top brands that is known for its best body care products. This product protects the body from daily pollution. The antioxidant-rich nutrients prevent the skin from excess heat exposure.  

You can retain your natural black and silky hair with hydrating properties of the argan oil. You feel so soft when you glide your finger down on the hair. The infused ingredients will soothe the scalp and control oil production. 


The anti-aging effects of the argan oil will heal the skin irritation and treat the facial blemishes. And also, this oil will unclog the pores existing on the face.

You can use this argan oil to moisturize your whole body. The penetration of all the essential nutrients will give rebirth to the skin, hair, and the nails.


  1. Natural moisturizer
  2. Premium quality ingredients
  3. USDA certified
  4. Free from harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens
  5. Wrinkles and fine line reduction


  1. Anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Leaves no residue on hair
  3. Gives smoothness to the hair


  1. It is hard to press the pump lid.

Benefits of an argan oil

 Since the oil is cold-pressed from Moroccan trees’ natural nuts, the oil is highly rich in antioxidants, fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, and vitamin E.

The multitasking potential of argan oil is the major reason for its demand on the market. Instead of trying high standard moisturizers, you can switch to this naturally made argan oil to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. 

Let’s check out the different roles performed by the argan oil on the whole body.

Hair growth moisturizer: Massaging your skin with few drops of argan oil can stimulate hair growth from the roots. Days after, you feel the soft texture and thickness of the hair. 

Natural moisturizer: Soaking the hair follicles in the argan oil for at least an hour a day can detangle the hair strands, reduce the split ends and tame the dryness.

Heat protector: Using a coat of argan oil before stepping out of the house can protect the hair from environmental pollution.

So far, you have better clarity on the multiple uses of argan oil. But before selecting any product, you must have a list of factors to be considered to pick the best product that suits you and worth buying.

Factors to Consider while choosing the best argan oil


Check whether the oil is in its pure form. Anyhow many of the brands claim that their product is pure. The simplest way to find out the purest argan oil is to check out the label pasted on the bottle. If you find any term like virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed, etc., it is completely raw and natural.

 These terms indicate that the oil has not lost its natural properties like aroma, color and free from any additives. 


You must come across the sentence “dark bottle packaging” in this article. This term indicates that the argan oil might get oxidized and must be kept away from direct sunlight.

Keep in mind to choose an argan oil that comes in dark bottles. 

Color and aroma

 The natural cold-pressed oil will have a nutty smell that later goes off when applied to the skin. 

If your oil has a mild fragrance, then it must be adulterated with artificial flavors. Coming to the color, the oil must be in light yellow or golden color. You can find out that the contaminated argan oil if its color slightly varies from the standard golden color.


Another symptom that helps to find out the virgin argan oil is the texture of the oil. The pure argan oil is neither too thick nor too thin. It should exactly lie in the middle of the spectrum. 

After applying, the hair should not be greasy and heavy on the hair. The unrefined argan oil will have high penetrating power into the skin. 

Price range

Last but not least, price is also a major factor to be considered. The price rate might be high for premium A-class argan oil. Argan oil is available in all price ranges. The cold-pressed method of extracting the oil without retaining the natural texture is very difficult. This method of extraction is the reason behind the price hike of branded argan oils. If you are looking for budget-friendly argan oil, be conscious of the ingredients used in the product’s manufacture. 

How to apply the argan oil on hair

1. Massage

 Take the optimum level of argan oil based on the hair length. Massage well with your fingertips throughout the scalp. Take extra care on the hair ends and roots to reduce split ends, thereby promoting hair growth. 

2. Overnight moisturizer

Cover your oiled hair with a towel and leave it undisturbed overnight. The infused ingredients of the oil penetrate deep into the scalp for soothing purposes. On the next day, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You will feel the softness when you touch the hair.

3. Anti heat protective serum

           Argan oil is used before and after the hair wash to maintain the hydration level on the hair. On the other hand, it acts as a natural protectant from excessive heat and pollution. 

4. Daily conditioner

Argan oil is recommended for people who use numerous styling products. There is a risk of losing the hair’s natural texture when too many chemicals and heat are applied to the hair. Wet hair in argan oil can give instant soothing effects to the itchy scalp. 

Can argan oils be refrigerated?

            You can refrigerate the oil for extended use. The cooling temperature might change the texture of the oil. No worries, you can restore the natural texture by leaving it at room temperature a few minutes before use. 

Does applying argan oil on your face cause any side effects?

No, not at all. Applying natural argan oil doesn’t cause any side effects. It is the best remedy for all skin-related issues. The argan oil ingredients are rich in Vitamin E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. The healing properties of the oil will reduce wrinkles, acne, pores, and blemishes. 

The fast-absorbing tendency of the oil keeps your skin hydrated for long hours. 

Can argan oil help hair to regrow?

 The natural phenols of the argan oil promote hair growth from the roots. Argan oil can repair the hair split ends and is strongly recommended for color-treated hair. 

How to identify the quality of the argan oil?

For fast and effective results, you must use superior quality argan oil. As we discussed earlier, the color, aroma in the containers are the deciding factors of a quality argan oil. Look for argan oil that comes in dark bottle containers. And also, premium quality argan oil has a natural smell and light golden color.

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Use the argan oil to moisturize your whole body, but it is not recommended for daily routine. Don’t forget to use good quality argan oil to deal with sensitive parts of the body like skin and hair. You feel itchy scalp and skin irritation with low-quality oil. We suggest a change of the product when you don’t find effective results. 


Argan oil is completely safe for external use and ingestion. You should not get fooled by its natural healing properties. Some of the low-grade argan oil can cause side effects like rashes, acne, nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. To avoid this, you must test on a small portion of skin and wait for the reaction. 

People prefer this unrefined natural moisturizer over other standard moisturizers. Although most of the argan oil is costlier, it is worth the money. The endless benefits of argan oil help get glowing skin, shiny nails, healthy hair, and a youthful look.   


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