Best Ammonia Free Hair Dyes 2021 | Buying Guide

Hair dye becomes necessary in everyday life. It helps cover grays or highlights hair with different colors. By doing so, it will improve the appearance of the person.

However, this might be unsafe and unhealthy with its harmful chemicals like ammonia.

Surprisingly! People around the world are aware of this fact. So, most people prefer hair dye with ammonia-free hair color.

Since it is pretty pricier than ammonia dye, it is 100% safe and doesn’t harm your body at any cost!

However, there are a lot of ammonia-free hair dyes to choose from. Do you find yourself difficult in choosing the best one? If yes, you are at the right place. Here we have listed the top best ammonia-free hair dyes on the market today.

What makes them differ from ammonia hair dye besides its price? Do you want to understand more about ammonia-free hair dye? Then, don’t forget to read the entire article.

What Is The Difference Between Ammonia And Ammonia-Free Hair Dyes?

Before getting into the differences, learn about the importance of ammonia in hair dyes.

Ammonia is an essential ingredient in hair dye to open up hair cuticles and make them absorb the color well. Since it retains the dye for too long, it lightens the natural hair dye gradually. So, this is not safe for natural hair.

Ammonia-free hair dye, on the other hand, still contains certain chemicals but does not affect the natural hair as much as the ammonia hair dye does.

However, it won’t deeply penetrate the hair, so it’s long-lasting is shorter than ammonia, but 100% safe for you and your hair. Therefore, you’ll never have health problems or any side effects.

What are the Benefits of Ammonia-free Hair Dye?

There are six different reasons why choose ammonia-free hair dye. Here are some of the benefits of ammonia-free hair coloring.

Gently dye: This is gentle on the skin, can be used even in sensitive scalp and hair. That said, it is on the safe side, but it’s necessary to do a patch test for sensitivity analysis before applying the entire hair.

Protection: As it has a gentle formula, it leaves no dry effects on the skin. So, you can feel nourishment on your hair even after coloring.

Shine: What does healthier hair mean? Obviously! The hair is softer, smoother, firmer, and of improved quality. By using this dye, you can have both the shiner and healthier hair for a more extended period.

Grey coverage: The ammonia-free hair coloring is used as a permanent color, offers 100% grey coverage. This means it is ideal for covering white or gray hair. Apart from that, it enhances the appearance of thin hair to thicker and healthier.

Natural Look: These days natural finish is trending popular. This is why the colors like blonde, bronde, and ash browns are the most common. You are able to avail these trending colors with ammonia-free coloring as well. Unlike ammonia dye, ammonia-free hair dye will leave your hair to look more natural even after using this. Odorless:

One of the most unlikeable features of ammonia-based hair dye is its odor, which is strong than all other coloring options.

But the ammonia-free hair dye doesn’t smell heavy, taking hair coloring to a new level instead!

Top 15 Ammonia-Free Hair Colors to Buy in 2021

1. L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss

L’Oreal Paris is one of the most popular ammonia-free hair dyes on the market. This is semi-permanent, gently colors hair, and leaves it with a natural look. The formulas in the dye offer a 100% gray coverage into the deep hair fibers.

This is specially formulated to make your hair shiner covering grey hairs with hazelnut, hazelnut, goji extract, and honey.

Not just that, it also adds a luscious fragrance to your hair.


  • Makes your hair shiner and glossier
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Enhances hair texture
  • Easy application
  • The product comes for long
  • Effective formulations
  • Includes natural extracts
  • Covering hairs efficiently


  • Coloring starts fading in a shorter period


2. Garnier Olia Brilliant Color

The ammonia-free hair color from Garnier is blended with 60% natural oil with natural; fragrance and has a non-drip velvet formula. This formulation helps rejuvenate the damaged hair and leaves them shinier and healthier.

It comes in 34 different shades, ranging from lustrous blacks to luminous blondes, making your hair three times smoother and shinier with long-lasting effects.


  • Nicely fragranced
  • No artificial substances
  • Adds nourishment to the hair
  • Makes them shinier for a longer period


  • This last longer effect is a bit less than others on this list.


3. BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour

The BBLUNT is more popular among salon industries and mostly preferred by Bollywood celebrities. It comes with a tonic that should be mixed with developers and colorants for shiner hair.

Silk proteins, on the other hand, are infused with this hair dye, imparting a natural and tremendous shine look.

This hair dye is drip-free and offers a pleasant fragrance.

However, it has not to be applied on color-treated hair, but it would be darker if used. All you need to do is apply the dye and leave it for 30 minutes and wash with mild shampoo for better results and nourishment.


  • Lasts too long
  • Fades gradually
  • Lasts up to 8 weeks
  • Fast absorbing abilities
  • 100% gray coverage


  • Includes some chemicals that might not be suitable for some


4. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color

This is formulated with fast-absorbing coloring technology for maximum gray coverage. So, this can color hair in just 5 to 10 minutes.

The Revlon hair dye is infused with ginseng extracts and pearls, making hair smoother, shinier, and more radiant.

This color can cover and condition the hair from root to tip, preventing hair from dryness.


  • Speed up color technology
  • Do not fade easily
  • Leaves your hair with no side effects
  • Makes hair silkier and shinier
  • Process quickly


  • No stain resistant


5. Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

The ammonia hair dye by Clairol’s Natural Instincts leaves your hair stronger and healthier. Besides coloring hair, it protects hair from surface damages. This is ammonia-free, has a no-drip formula, and imparts maximum coverage, and boosts dark hair color.

It comes with a conditioner with hydrating properties that includes coconut oil for healthy nourishment and hydration.

Clairol’s Natural Instincts hair dye keeps and maintains your hair away from frizz and roughness after post coloring hair, making them soft and smoother instead!


  • An excellent one for dull and dry hair
  • Easily blends with natural hair color
  • Eliminates frizz and roughness
  • Stays on the hair too long
  • Includes coconut oil


  • It is quite pricier


6. Schwarzkopf Essensity Ammonia-Free Permanent Color

Though Schwarzkopf Essensity is one of the best ammonia-free colors, it is the first permanent hair dye formulated with phytolipid technology for multi-tonal reflections of the hair.

This offers 100% gray coverage with its oil-based formula, protecting hair from drying out for the long term.

What’s great about the product is it has grapeseed oil that contains hydrating properties to keep the hair hydrated post coloring.

There is no ammonia and harmful chemicals, and it comes in 58 different shades, allowing you to choose the color according to your preferences.


  • Lifts color up to 4 levels with its developer
  • Available in 58 different shades
  • Do not dry the hair and scalp
  • Softs and smooths hair
  • Oil-based
  • No artificial substances


  • Excludes developer need to be bought separately


7. HJL Hair Color Ammonia-Free 

The ammonia-free hair dye by HJL’s Color imparts 100% gray coverage with a natural look.

This helps leave your hair five times shinier post-coloring.

This is gel-based with golden gel formula, protecting and preserving hair shaft, ensuring the color reaches even hidden gray strands and remains your hair soft and silky.

Without a doubt, this can offer full gray coverage with its jet-black pigments, and the color lasts up to 6 weeks.


  • Fades gracefully
  • Pigmented highly
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Improved hair texture
  • Shiny and glossy finish
  • Imparts natural look
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Limited shades of only four


8. Indus Valley Organically Natural Gel Hair Color

Indus Valley Gel Hair Color is formulated with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, wheat germ oil, and jojoba oil to moisturize and nourish your hair.

This also includes some natural extracts like henna, honey, basil, orange, amla, and sunflower for a clean and clear scalp as they eliminate dandruff and other impurities from the scalp.

Are you worried about your gray coverage? Then, this is the right and perfect hair dye as it helps cover all the stubborn gray strands effectively.

Besides covering, it also helps reduce the occurrence of the new gray hair.


  • Quick absorbing formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides maximum gray coverage
  • Strengthening hair strands and roots
  • Boost’s hair texture


  • It is good to do a patch test before applying straight onto the root or hair if possible.


9. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour

The Godrej has improved its formulation for a multi-application pack. It provides maximum gray coverage, allowing you to use this pack multiple times.

This is blended with natural ingredients like aloe proteins to nourish and condition the hair for a longer period post coloring. So, there is no need to worry about hair dryness.

It comes with two conditioner sachets, making your hair incredibly soft and smooth.

There is no ammonia, and other harmful chemicals, so don’t damage your hair and its strands. This comes with five different impressive shades, which add a natural look to your colored hair.


  • Allows you use multiple times
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting effect
  • No side effect to the hair and scalp
  • Hydrates and conditions the hair


  • Though it fades gracefully, it wouldn’t be evener.


10. Shahnaz Husain Colourveda Natural Hair Colour


The ammonia-free hair dye by Shahnaz is the best option for maximum gray coverage. Are you looking for hair dye with natural formulas? Then, this would be the right choice.

This is highly pigmented and excellent on darker skin tones.

This is considered an Ayurvedic hair dye as this contains organic plant extracts.

This ammonia-free hair dye is vegan, safe for the hair and scalp.

The Shahnaz contains the ingredients like catechu, indigo, and henna, preventing hair from various damages and prematurely graying hair.

So, this is an ideal hair dye for covering maximum gray hair.


  • Nourishes hair
  • Boost’s hair growth
  • Volumize the hair
  • Adds shine to the hair


  • Might not be great for some tones.


11. Dabur Vatika Henna Hair Colour

Dabur Vatika’s hair dye is another pick as this is an ammonia-free and plant-based formula. It contains ingredients like olive and walnut, strengthening hair strands and adding vitality to the hair.

This helps nourish and hydrates each strand while imparting a radiant and natural look to the hair.

This hair dye comes in four different shades: black, natural brown, dark brown, and burgundy.


  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Excellent on gray hair
  • Strengthens hair strands and roots
  • Available in four different shades


  • Rare to find


12. L’Oreal Inoa Ammonia Free Permanent Colour

The L’Oreal Inoa is an ammonia-free permanent hair dye that contributes to hair and scalp protection. This comes with Oxydant Rich 20% Developer for a brighter and natural finish.

This hair dye leaves your hair radiant and conditioned until the next coloring and keeps your hair fresh and shiny while providing 100% gray coverage.


  • 100% gray coverage
  • Reduces drying out
  • Don’t smell heavily
  • Shines your hair
  • Lasts too long
  • Comes in various beautiful shades


  • None


13. Vegetal Bio Colour

Vegetal Bio Color is a super brand for natural gray coverage, which controls dandruff and hair fall, and rejuvenates damaged hair.

This is infused with natural and botanical extracts to keep your hair nourished and hydrated.

The coloring ingredients like henna, indigo, coffee, and manjistha are included in this dye.

Medical herbs, on the other hand, like amla, shikari, Brahmi, catechu, and bhangra, are added for a natural and intense shine finish.


  • Stops hair damages
  • Single tube goes a long way
  • No preservatives
  • Makes your hair shiner


  • Takes time to attract the color


14. Naturigin Permanent Hair Color

Naturigin Permanent Hair Color is blended with natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil, kernel oil, soya, aloe vera, and shea butter extract that are certified

So, it doesn’t damage hair but coloring it effectively!

This also nourishes, hydrates, strengthens and improves the hair and scalp.

It comes in 19 different shades, allowing you to choose according to your preferences!


  • Get conditioner with this product
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Cruelty-free
  • Makes hair healthier


  • Quite expensive


15. Nisha Creme Hair Color No Ammonia Cream 

Nisha is one of the best and professional brand ammonia-free hair dye, which adds excellent intense shine to the hair.

This hair dye lasts up to 8 weeks as it is enriched with nourishing ingredients like keratin, cocoa oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil.

Besides long-lasting effects, it also helps protect from hair damages, breakages, and split ends. This also revitalizes and replenishes your hair while nourishing hair.

With all these facts, making your hair softer, shinier, and healthier.


  • Quality ingredients
  • Hair and scalp friendly
  • Don’t damage the hair and skin
  • Strengthens hair


  • Hard to find

The listed above are some of the top-rated ammonia-free hair dyes. However, there are some essential factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best hair dye for your hair.

Here are few important factors about ammonia-free hair dyes that should be considered for the best product.

Things To Consider When Buying An Ammonia-Free Hair Color

1. Ingredients

Since ammonia-free hair dyes are safe for all hair types, they are not completely hypoallergenic. These also contain many chemicals to color the hair, so they may cause some allergies to some scalp and skin such as redness, burning sensation, itchy scalp, irritation, etc. It is because you need to consider the ingredients of the products before buying them.

By doing so, you can prevent any risks caused by hair dyes. This is essential if you have a sensitive scalp.

2. Shade

The next consideration should be shades of hair dye. The ammonia-free hair colors come in various shades, so it is necessary to choose the right shade that opts for your hair and natural skin tone.

We advise you to go for the hair dye that is closer to your natural hair color. When you go for the different shades, make sure they opt for your face skin complexion.

3. Long-Lasting 

The ammonia-free hair dyes are not only safe for the skin but also have long-lasting effects.

Not all ammonia-free hair dye is the same, formulated with various ingredients, so their staying power might be varied from each other.

All the hair dyes on this list provide complete gray coverage in one application and can last longer for up to 5 weeks.

Why Ammonia Free Hair Color?

This is one of the most common questions among people. We know that ammonia is an essential ingredient when it comes to coloring. If it is the case, how can we grab the color without ammonia?

But actually, we can! When you use ammonia hair dye for longer, that may affect your hair and health, too, as it is a common allergen to the health.

You may have the side effects like irritating eyes, an itchy scalp, burning skin, etc. It is because using ammonia hair dye on your hair is dangerous for your health. Hence, the ammonia-free hair color would be the best choice for coloring and staying away from such damages.

1. Less chemicals

The ammonia-free hair colors contain less harmful chemicals that won’t affect the health much. Besides that, it also helps to make your hair softer, shiner, and smoother. The significant fact about ammonia-free hair dye is it doesn’t smell strong like ammonia hair dye.

2. Less damage

The ammonia-free hair dye contains monoethanolamine (MEA), high in alcohol that acts as pH adjusted in the hair colors.

The less concentrated MEA is mixed with emollient oils before adding them into the dye, reducing the hair damages.

3. Safe

Ammonia-free hair dyes are really safer for the hair than ammonia. It won’t affect the hair and its texture at any cost and leaves no frizz and roughness.

Final Thoughts

We hope any of the listed above products will be great on your hair. All hair dyes are different from each other, so choose the one that exactly suits your hair.

The given consideration will be beneficial to you when choosing the best ammonia-free hair color.

Though they don’t contain ammonia, some chemicals like MEA, PPD, or AMP may be allergic to some scalp.

So, make sure that you are resistant to such chemicals before using them straight into the hair. It might also be a good option to go with hair dye with essential oils to avoid damages.


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