Acrylic Toe Nails

Women always want to look beautiful. They also don’t want to spend more money on beauty products. In such times an at-home pedicure, fake toenails are easy solutions. These packs come in various sizes to fit your specific nail shape. It makes you feel as though you’re indulging in a salon visit as it comes in different colors or French tip styles.


It comes with stickers or nail glue, so you can use them to stick your nails. Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets from forming. Then, align the nail with the cuticle. Hold it down for a few seconds. Just finish by pressing the tab down. Then up to remove. It’s one of the best self-care shortcuts we can buy, and it stays on for weeks.

How to apply acrylic on your toenails?

Applying acrylic nails cannot be tough, but it is easy; anyone can do it themselves with simple steps. It can be a replacement for your broken nails, or you can also nail extensions for your short nails. Plus, many salons offer acrylic applications for both fingers and toenails. If you are capable of doing it yourself, you can do it without anyone’s help since it comes with all the necessary accessories for applying fake nails. In addition, it comes with an application process instruction guide, which will be useful for beginners.

Is acrylic nail safe for toenails?

Of course, it is safe for anyone since it comes to the market after undergoing all safety measurements. However, there is a risk, and the acrylic nail kit isn’t a good choice for people who have infected nails or have ingrown toenails. Thus, if you have such a problem, try to avoid using acrylic nails at the time. However, if you don’t have any option other than applying these nails, we advise you to apply with proper care.

Durable & Long Lasting

Compared to regular nail polish, acrylic toenails are reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

How Long do Acrylic Toenails Last?

Acrylic Toenails can last for up to 4 weeks. Since your toenails grow much slower than your fingernails, they don’t need to apply as often as fingernails.

How long will your acrylic toenails last?

It differs based on

  • How well you care for them – keep them clean and dry.
  • Based on the activity – the nails last longer if you do less walking.
  • Based on length and shape: As per the review, shorter acrylic nails can last longer.
  • Based on the footwear you wear – To avoid infections, wear open footwear.
  • The acrylic toenails might peel off easily, so try to avoid using enclosed shoes while using them.

Can it be an option to cover broken toenails?

Yes. It can be used to cover up when your toenails are damaged as it can be used to extend the length of your toenails. If your toenail growth tends to be stunted or broken, these acrylics are especially useful.

The durable designs of toenails can be created just like your fingernails with acrylics. It makes all your toenails look uniform and neat. Each toenail comes with different appearances like shorter or longer, smoother or rougher, grown outward and inwards. Give focus to your toenail as the fingernails so that it lasts longer. Using acrylic makes your toenails look nice and neat.

Things to be careful when using acrylic toenails:

Fungal infection:

It can cause serious fungal and bacterial infections. Most fungi and bacteria are likely growing a lot in moist and warm environments. If the nails start to lift, moisture will be trapped in between acrylic and toenails. This creates a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. With natural sweat, heat, and moisture, bacteria and fungi breed upon and cause infections. This is not an issue with acrylic fingernails since they are always open so that they will dry easily. But the toenails are covered by shoes and it retains moisture.

An acrylic application process is somewhat hard, so you should be careful while applying it. Nail primer and dehydrators are made up of strong chemicals. This may damage your toenails. Our toenails are weaker, thinner, and grow slower than fingernails. Hence, toenails can be damaged easily but take a longer time to heal from excessive filing. It is exposed to harsh chemicals. Your toenails can be damaged seriously and in a bad state for months if the heavy-handed filling is used.

Ingrown toenails

Acrylic nails are hard, rigid, and not flexible, whereas natural nails can bend or flex easily. However, it won’t naturally flex like natural nails while we walk. Rather, they force our natural nails to go downwards and cause them to be ingrown.

Not comfortable

Long acrylic toenails can be uncomfortable when wearing shoes due to their rigid structure and lack of flexibility. Natural toenails will blend according to the nature of our walk, whereas acrylic nails cannot bend and damage easily. The acrylic toenails make you feel some disturbance on your toes, and it will be uncomfortable as they will stay in one outward position. However, some will adapt to this quickly, but others will feel the difficulty since it will not feel natural.

Harder to use 

It is more difficult to apply, especially when you do it yourself, as you need to bend over to get access to toenails. Therefore, applying acrylic toenails can be a challenging task even for experienced nail techs.


Acrylic toenails are more expensive than standard acrylic fingernails. As acrylic toenails need time, effort, and skill, to apply. It needs extra care when filling, and the normal application setup has to be changed to adjust for your toenails.

Top best acrylic toenails:

KISS Everlasting French Toenail Limitless Kit EFT01

KISS Everlasting French Toenail Limitless Kit is available in various sizes. The package includes many nail accessories, including gel glue, 24 French tip-style nails, a manicure stick, and a mini nail file. It is made up of ABS plastic. The best thing about the toenail kit is that it is labeled properly with numbers to help you find the fit easily every time you use it.


  • The melting point of the plastic is very low
  • It won’t fade or break easily
  • You don’t have to spend huge money on the product
  • It will last longer than a traditional pedicure.


  • This cannot be a perfect option for those with large feet.

Bestseller (lists)

KISS Everlasting French Toenail Limitless Kit EFT01 False Nails Beauty & Personal Care

  • 28 French tip nails, pink gel glue net wt. 0.07 oz (2 g), mini file, manicure stick
  • 1 PACK... Read More

Poliphili 24 Pieces Pure Color False Toenails Full Coverage Fake Toe Nail Multicolor Summer Design

Another pick is Poliphili 24 Pieces Pure Color False Toenails. It comes in 12 different sizes. The kit includes a set of 24 with six different shades, a sheet of stick-on designs, and a mini nail file. You don’t have to worry about its quality since it is made of tough ABS plastic.


  • It lets you have your nails in different colors
  • Available many shades
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • You will have to buy nail glue separately

Bestseller (lists)

Poliphili 24 Pieces Pure Color False Toenails Full Coverage Fake Toe Nail Multicolor Summer Design (Green) Beauty & Personal Care

  • Color Green
  • Material Abs,Plastic
  • Brand Poliphili
  • Pattern Solid
  • Coverage Full Coverage... Read More

Fstrend 24Pcs Rhinestones Fake Toenails

Our last pick is Fstrend 24Pcs Rhinestones Fake Toenails. It comes in 24 different shades of a red hue. Since the kit is non-toxic and safe for everyone, even for sensitive nails, since it comes with silver crystals, it lets you use it as a base for a glamorous look.


  • There are stickers for fake tips
  • It comes with mini nail file for adjustment
  • It can last for up to 1-2 weeks.
  • It is easily removable whenever required by soaking nails in warm water.


  • There are no more color options.

Bestseller (lists)

Fstrend 24Pcs Rhinestones Fake Toenails Glitter Silver Full Cover Acrylic Fake Nails for Toes False Nails Press on Toe Art Tips for Women and Girls (White) Beauty & Personal Care

  • Color White
  • Size 26 Piece Set
  • Material Acrylic
  • Brand Fstrend
  • * Style Art Deco... Read More


Choosing the acrylic toe nails can be challenging, so you need to be careful when choosing the acrylic toe nails for you. Before choosing an acrylic toe nail, you have to know about your products and its outcome. Though it lasts for up to weeks, it is important to give importance to the quality and durability of acrylic toe nails. Get the best acrylic toe nails from our list and change your style for the better. Place your orders now for the best deals.

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